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Dog Cologne Is A Lot Better Than Baths For Pungent Dogs Any pet owner can tell you that sometime their dogs will get a smelly odor about them that is less than appealing which can be noticed even when the canine is out of the room. Many pet parents find it aggravating and problematic when their beloved pooch smells so strongly they don't enjoy them as much as they could but there are simple approaches to this particular problem. After making sure that the dog is healthy and does not have underlying issues, you may want to choose a dog cologne instead of opting for frequent dog baths. While people don't identify with smells like a dog does, they do notice when something unusual is going on and the smell is less than pleasing. A dogs paws and hair follicles commonly emit a light perspiration that gives them a particular aroma that people tend to notice if potent. Dogs with healthy skin and hair have that due to the oil their body produces which does have a slight scent and the ear glands also emit a slight aroma. When a dog's system is not working effectively or when bacteria or fungi is found on the canine, an agonizing smell emerges. Ear infections for instance will produce a strong odor and so will anal glands that are not draining effectively. More prevalent for dogs that have folds or rolls of skin, skin infections can occur on any type of dog and they do smell more often than not. Retaining too much moisture, the folds trap microorganisms and cause mild to severe itching which can bother the skin leading to an infection. Some dogs have skin allergies that can make them itch and scratch until an infection gets started. The smell for the dog may ultimately create a problem not only for the dog but for people as it can easily upset the balance of the home. If the dog is healthy and nothing physical is happening, it can be tempting to wash the pet frequently but this is not usually advisable. Not only is it challenging to wash some pets, the potential for health concerns for the canine increases significantly. Skin infections and other issues can result when bathing the dog too often which increases the itching and the irritation. Extreme bathing can also lead to an imbalance of the skin oils, which could cause more odor issues along with making the dog uncomfortable. Rather than over-washing your pet, you may want to check into the possibility of dog cologne. Best of all the dog's skin and coat is healthier while removing some of the more annoying odors which can spread around the home without much effort. Dog cologne could be sprayed on not only the dog but is safe to use on household furniture, dog beds and carpeting. It's very important to choose a cologne that is nontoxic and will not upset the stomach or cause respiratory issues because dogs often lick their fur or scratch making use of their teeth and nails. Pay special attention when reading the product labels of the oil and alcohol contents as well as any preservatives that might be included that can be harmful to the pet. Rather than tolerating unpleasant odors or having to wash your pet often, go with a cologne that will make Fido and the home smell good which will make you and your four legged buddy a whole lot happier. At Chloe Cole Pet Couture, you could purchase great dog cologne for your furry best friend. For Chloe Cole Pet Couture

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Dog Cologne Is A Lot Better Than Baths For Pungent Dogs  

At Chloe Cole Pet Couture, you could purchase great dog cologne for your furry best friend. For lots more info on Chloe Cole Pet Couture, pa...