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Jalal Sammour Architecture Portfolio

Work Experience Oct.2017 - Jan.2018 : Teacher's Assistant German Jordanian University

Jalal Sammour

Architecture Student

About & Contact Name: Jalal Sammour Address: Amman,Jordan Email: Mobile :+ 962790366957 Date of Birth : 30.12.1995 Place of Birth: Jarash, Jordan Nationality: Jordanian

Education German Jordanian University Amman , Jordan |4th year student

29Jan - 23Feb.2017 : Intern Bilal Hammad Consultants

Software Skills Architectural Software Skills AutoCad Revit 3D Max SketchUp Rhinoceros Lumion

Editing Software Skills Photoshop Illustrator InDesign M.Office

Languages Arabic | Mother tongue English | Excellent knowledge German | Good knowledge

Table of Content Mixed Use Urban Project


Marka Housing Project


Marka Recycling Center


Landscape Project


Computing Project


Fundamentals of Design Project


Freehand Sketches


Art’s Appreciation




Internship Project


The aim of this project is to design a multi use urban complex that offers a place for living, entertainment, leasure, and commercial shopping centers. This includes accomidation facilities in the form of hostels, and service buildings such as cafes, gyms, restaurants, and libraries. Site Plan

Section B-B

1st floor plan

The idea of the concept of this design is to create a space that meets the basic needs of the urban fabric existing in Jabal Amman. Also to provide a place for foreigners to lodge during their discovery of the old city of Amman.

3rd Floor plan

6th Floor Plan

Section C-C

8th Floor Plan

Section D-D

The design takes into account the mountainous views of Jabal Al-Weibdeh without blocking the view from any direction.

9th Floor Plan

The swimming pool is located on the upper floor of the building in order to insure privacy as well as having the best view of the surrounding area.

Redesigning The Jubile Housing Project, Marka. The aim of the project is to create organized living units in a chaotic and over-crowded community surrounded industrial buildings. This project focuses on sustainability as well private living spaces with a connection to the surrounding neighbours.

The heart of the recycling center is reflected in the building materials and green roof system, "sustainability", eco friendly, GREEN. An introverted private green space in a crouded area. A shared yard with your close neighbors/extended families.

Site Plan

Site Plan

Front Elevation

Under Ground Floor

Ground Floor

In the ground floor plan there is two entrances, one of them from the backyard lead directly to the staircase for the privacy. And in the Under Ground Floor Plan, there is two Bedrooms and a Private Living Area for privacy in case there is a Guest.

The main openings in the project was put on the courtyard to not allow the users to expand and build in the courtyard,to keep the green theme.



Section B-B

_ +0.0

Section A-A

Recycling Center Jubil Housing project, Marka The aim of this project is to solve the Jubil neighborhood problems. This recycling center aims to relieve the waste and reduce the amount of garbage in the area . The location of the center is stratigically placed in an area currently used as a dump by the neighborhood. The green rooftop also preserves the path the children take to school .

(This project is still in Process) . This is not the final phase, we will continue working on this project next semester in a workshop with Lund university . Site Plan scale




Floor Plan scale A

The main function is to collect the recyclable garbage using holes around the walking path , so that kids can throw away their garbage on the way to school .

Front Elevation

East Elevation

West Elevation

Back Elevation

The green roof system was used to introduce the eco-friendly system to this community.especially in a chaotic and overcrowded community surrounded by chemical manufactories.

Section A-A

Section B-B

Multi-functional Park Landscape Group Project, Amman. The Site is located in a mixed-use district in Jabal Amman - Jordan, Which contains a various types of users and accommodates, in addition to different events and activities.

The Project was designed in a way to adapt with the surrounding events in the Area depending on Users, Time and Day.

A Place that offers an institue where people can get the chance to design and build their own living space (the both in the Market, the Book shelves, the Chair for the movie night and the Canopy for the cars).


Market On Fridays, The whole Day

Section A-A

Parking Weekdays, working Hours (10 am.5- pm.)

Street Library Weekdays, At Night (5 pm.12- pm.)

Film Screening During The weekends, At night (7 pm.12- pm.)

Section B-B

The Fibonacci Sequence This three dimentional model explores the Fibonacci Sequence. Starting with a two-dimentional grid system, and transforming it into a complex three-dimentional model.

The seconed project is based on the connection of points between a horizontal grid and a vertical grid. The grid systems are 1x1centimeters and rendered in gray-scale . The seconed project is based on the connection of pointsbetween a horizontal grid and a vertical 1x1 cm grid. The grid systems are and rendered in gray-scale

2D composition based on basic shapes and design principles From the two-dimentional compostion, we extracted a three-dimentional model

These are my freehand sketches for some famous buildings in the islamic era from my portfolio that I have submitted for a course .called Islamic architecture

This Art project is the final project from the Arts’ appreciation course. The aim of this project was to represent an art piece from the modern era from recyclable material. This Art pice was made from 886 screw and colored with acrylic paint.

Internship Summer House in Dead Sea ,Jordan

Redesigning an existing summer house in the Dead-Sea, Jordan. The project constraints was the built size. The program of the 2 story house included 3 bedrooms, a large living room, kitchen, dining room, and maid’s room.

Education German Jordanian University Amman , Jordan |Third year student

Software Skills Architectural Software Skills AutoCad Revit 3D Max SketchUp

Editing Software Skills Photoshop Illustrator InDesign

Languages Arabic | Mother tongue English | Excellent knowledge German | Good knowledge

Jalal Sammour German Jordanian University Amman , jordan +962 79 0366957


Architecture Portfolio  
Architecture Portfolio  

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