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ani e. hassan jalalian | undergraduate portfolio university of arizona

bachelor of architecture business administration minor

[1] senior thesis [2] studio samples [3] architectural models [4] resume

[1] contemporary art museum | antalya, turkey

| cultural identity vs the west |

turkey has begun to build a strong rise in the contemporary art scene which has become a ciritcal influence in turkey’s transformation. the art boom has been embraced in the international realm, providing opportunities and recognition in europe and in the u.s. along with the emerging art scene of emerging cities, antalya has rapidly grown into one of the most desirable tourist attractions in turkey. people travel to the new ataturk cultural park to attend turkish film festivals and participate in events in the cultural center. however, aside from a few independent galleries, there are no programs that permanently house contemporary artwork. the contemporary art museum of antalya will provide this space as well as further contribute to the art culture in ataturk park.

ground floor

rooftop mezzanine

second floor

|program| ground floor lobby/reception office/meeting room gift shop mechanical storage gallery mezzanine

indoor/outdoor cafe

second floor

open gallery



folding away or into elements surrounding the site allows the building to protect and expose itself to certain physical or environmental features. major physical features include the major freeway to the north, the park, and the large parking lot and the cultural center to the east. major environmental features include the mediterranean climate and the beautiful scenery of the park below.

[2] studio samples | eco tower + phenomena

|eco tower| university of arizona campus

the university of arizona’s science mall is currently a barren space in which a high traffic of students travel through daily. the university’s planning department proposed to turn the space into a landmark featuring a natural desert landsape to educate visitors on the unique sonoran ecosystem. the project was to propose a design element that would enhance this educational experience. the eco tower serves as a symbol for the new science mall as well as provides visitors with an opportunity to study the landscape from a different perspective. education through observation.

|phenomena| tucson, arizona

this project entails an old abandoned train platform that is to be turned into a space for ‘play’ through the phenomena observed on and around the site. whether it is mimicking the sound of a car engine or extending out their arms for flight, children can bring inanimate objects to life by simply using their imagination. the tunnel allows children to become the train simply by running through. the vibration of the metal floor, the change from light to solid is all controlled by the pace of the child as he/she travels through the tunnel. aside from a place of play, the space also allows for gathering and public activity, thus bringing the old platform back to life.

[3] architectural models

[4] ani e. hassan jalalian | 150 brentwood ave san francisco, ca 94127

tel | 415.310.9724 email |

education | university of arizona 2011 bachelor of architecture business administration minor

work experience + activities

undergraduate experience + activities

kotas pantaleoni architects san francisco, ca | jul 2012-present project manager for a local residential and commercial architecture firm. responsibilities include conducting site visits and taking measurements, assisting in schematic design phases, drafting and preparing construction documents, obtaining permits, product research, 3D modeling and rendering, and preparing presentation boards.

freelance design consultant tucson, az | jun-sept 2010 assisted client in developing a conceptual design for a children’s museum in antalya, turkey. work currently in progress.

nova designs + builds san francisco, ca | dec 2011-jun 2012 in-house intern for local design-build firm. drafted and prepared construction documents and shop drawings for high-end residential homes. made frequent site visits and directly worked with contractors and sub-contractors throughout construction phases. responsible for researching and selecting finish materials and products. directly worked with clients during design phases. kravet showroom intern san francisco, ca | nov - dec 2011 intern for the kravet showroom at the san francisco design center. assisted interior designers and clients with the selection of different fabrics and materials armenian general benevolent union san francisco, ca | feb 2012-present vice-chair of non-profit organization responsible for providing social and networking opportunities for members throughout the bay area while raising money and awareness for sponsered charities

solar decathlon re-assembly project tucson, az | may - aug 2010 participated in the relocation and re-assembly the university of arizona’s solar decathlon house. structure to be re-used as a faculty meeting space. this was an initial step to revamp the campus’s science concourse. fabrication shop monitor tucson, az | aug 2008 - 2009 supervised both wood and metal shops at the college of architecture. kotas pantaleoni architecture san francisco, ca | may - aug 2011 undergratuate intern for a residential and commercial architecture firm. assisted architects with drafting, site visits, and presentation boards.

skills skilled experience in archiCAD, autoCAD, photoshop, illustrator, google sketchup, hand drafting experience in revit, indesign, artlantis [references available upon request]

Ani Jalalian - Undergraduate Portfolio  

Undergraduate Portfolio - University of Arizona College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

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