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INTRODUCTION Milda Cergelyte always knew that she belongs to the world of fashion. Hard work, willpower and boldness to take risks put her designs on a fashion map. “There are no other dreams in my life than to create beauty”, assures Lithuanian designer, who presented her first collection, when she was only 14. Following that the designer has presented her collection at a first virtual fashion show in her country, later screened in ‘The Big Screen Project’ in New York. After few more productive years, Milda made a decision which helped to fulfil her dream. The young designer packed her luggage and moved to London. “My creative style has always been a bit specific. It is different from the Lithuanian perception of fashion. That made me thinking about the possibility to continue my studies at London College of Fashion”. Milda moved to London same time she received an award for best young designer in Lithuania, in a year she won another award for same title in London. Photo: Neringa Rekasiute

THE BODY Fashion director: Milda Cergelyte

Photographer: Ausra Osipaviciute Make Up: Greta Babarskaite

Model: Indre

There are numerous differences between the normal female figure and the figure you use for fashion illustrations. Unfortunately the real women bodies are much more different and the main task for a ladies designer is to feel his client most elegant person. It is not enough to observe the real life figure, but also you have to know how to change what you see with the clothes you create.

INSPIRATION Fashion drives women to feel sexy and loved. It can be the most conceptual dress ever created, but if it is not flattering the woman’s body, she is not going to wear it. Fashion makes us dream that we are going to feel happier after looking beautiful. "Glamour doesn't just happen, people don't wake up in the morning glamorous." – Virginia Postrel once said. And this is totally right. Dressing up and presenting yourself to the public is a beautiful self-expression which happens every day. Milda Cergelyte is inspired by women who do make the effort to look elegant and fashionable and not even that – intelligent as well! Crochet top: Milda Cergelyte Styled by Michelle Helen

Albert Einstein

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.�


Pre-Fall 2014 photography: Aleksandra Kingo Hair & Make-up: Neringa SutkutÄ— Model: Gerda Fashion design: Milda Cergelyte Pre-Fall Demi Couture Location: The Sanderson hotel

London based designer describes her capsule collection ” Jewellia ” , sophisticated, elegant and reflecting the rich history of London’s night life, where she skillfully juggles ‘ blitz – kids ‘ movement style and dive into the men’s tailoring deconstruction given expressions . The muse behind collection is the legendary London DJ, magazine ID reporter and icon of 80s ‘ blitz kids ‘ movement Princess Julia . This woman is extraordinary multiplicity personality and a great fashion Icon. Milda created bright, shimmering costumes, all these combinations carefully embroidered by hand. Silhouettes – at first glance strict and moderate, influenced the Second World War’s era fashion, when it was forbidden to use luxury fabrics and applications, were even forbidden consumption of fabric. After passing the moderate jacket’s silhouette , designer boldly broke the rules and costumes richly decorated by jewels and embroidery, brought out the pockets.


Drapery and clothing. Who and what is covered by drapery and clothing? How do they both give a form for a source of light? Drapery – loose-fitting fabric trimmings accompanied mankind since ancient times. Drapery (French d r a p e r i e ) were used in modern interiors and fashion. Clothing for women is made to fit the female body and soul in a perfectly light way . These garments give the woman’s form a beautiful expression of freedom. In what way is drapery used for light, that is this clothing for a woman. Pleats, floating silk and ways of draping fabric give movement to women, offering more than just a static fashion. It offers a woman freedom from the present and connects her to the past and the future.

Photographer: Gertruda Varnaite Model: Agne Make Up: Ieva Grigalaviciute Designer: MIMI.C – Milda Cergelyte

S/S 13 Ichi kila

Photo: Ausra Osipaviciute

Fashion: Milda Cergelyte Spring Summer 2013 Model: Lina

„Prestige“ Hong Kong magazine editorial, styled by Dillon Pasterski

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„Coture is above all a marriage between shape and material“ , Christian Dior used to say. Lets imagine Paris, beautiful and shiny fifties. Imagine a woman rushing to the 30 avenue montaigne studio in Paris, where mister Christian Dior is preparing his another Haute Couture collection. The workshop is full of busy workers, there are more than twenty sewing artisians, the pieces are being carefully made, there are hundreds of cliends waiting for the new collection. What makes Couture “Haute“? Haute Couture begins with strong, innovative design – the couturier‘s ability to interpret the mood of the time for the mode of the world. Whether clasically styled or exaggerated...The garments, fistly drawn from hundreds of sketches, carefully chosen by the artistic director, then sampled on few toiles or the suggested fabrics. Then sewn entirely by hand including hand made embroidery and personalised buttons. All this work requires hundreds of hours... Tempted by dozens of materials in dazzling colors, the designer often had to make a difficult choice. One of his workers is seen at the door of the elegant studio, bringing in one large sample of material, while the designer examines another. One of the designer‘s hands seems to be feeling the weight of the material, while the other is sensing the texture, both elements as important as the color itself. Would mister Dior would have ever imagine, that the Haute Couture empire will be only a tool to sell licensed products such as perfumes and make up? Photo: Neringa Rekasiute Fashion: Hand made couture embroidery made by Milda Cergelyte for her S/S 14 collection

So should the 21st century be called the death of couture? What happened to craft of making flattering garments? Today, couture is considered the engine that pulls the train as the most successful houses spin off lucrative licenses for ready0to-wear clothing, fragances, cosmetics, fashion and home accessories, chocolates and even automobile interiors. Haute Couture becomes even less affordable: Although supported by bigger and more profitable business operations, haute couture is still an art form practiced by a few creative men and women and a small group of skilled artisans. Wheater classic in style of playfully outrageous, the designs that emerge from couture workrooms influence women’s fashions throughout the industrialized world.

Photo: Neringa Rekasiute Fashion: Hand made couture embroidery made by Milda Cergelyte for her S/S 14 collection





For centuries, clothing and fashion has been one of the most defining aspects of culture, society and time. Women today are a lot freer to have their style be a reflection of personality and identity. With the television and Internet giving access to global trends and fashions, women in the 21st century are not restricted to the clothing available to them in their immediate communities. Milda mainly gets inspired by making luxurious garments for the naturally elegant woman who knows exactly what she wants and who never hesitates to reach out and take it. Photo: Carlotta de Risky Fashion: Milda Cergelyte

How you choose to dress each morning reflects how you feel about your job – that you take your position seriously, that you are ready to work and that you pay attention to detail and know what you expect to encounter that day. You wouldn’t go to a construction site in your favorite four-inch stilettos, right? Of course not, you’d go in a hard hat, because it’s appropriate for the situation. What 21st century woman should wear to reflect her interest in fashion? It's a win-win situation when you invest in a stylish suit or wear interesting garments but do not forget to style them with classic pieces!


Photo: Neringa Rekasiute Make Up: Miyuki Miyachi Styled by: Anastasya Siyanina and Christina Soru Fashion: Milda Cergelyte

Mimi c final  

MIMI C. Brand portfolio (editorial design)

Mimi c final  

MIMI C. Brand portfolio (editorial design)