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DEJA VU X2 TEAM SERVERÂŽ Emphasising the most advanced information technologies, our work utilises the translation assistance CAT softwar bt ATRIL company. The core of this system is creating translation memories, which contain earlier translated texts, as well as their translations, in a central database (TM), and retrieve relevant segments while working on new texts to faciliate translation and increase its coherence.

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External executives

Translation Efficient cooperation with external executives Effective use of large-volume translation memories Server solutions' high scalability and flexibility allows quick adaptation of efficienty in case of increase of orders' volume Easy migration of data from traditional translation memories Cost reduction (translations from 19 zł/page). Large issues in short time (up to 250 pages/day).

Preservation of language and terminology (creation of lexicones and terminology databases). Preservation of file format (e.g. XML, HTML, SGML). A possibility of automatic translation import to DTP software (Adobe In Design, Quark) Format preservation Conversion of PDF files to editable formats

Construction of dedicated translation memories Possible use of client's translation and terminology databases.

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Tłumaczenie na zadanie nr 6

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Tłumaczenie na zadanie nr 6