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PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE What does AIESEC mean to you? “Hi! My name is Dorota. I’m 21 years old. I’m an AIESECer. When I introduce myself third sentence about me is about being in AIESEC. Does it mean anything? Since I was little girl I was attending for different additional classes. I played piano, I was a part of dance group, it might be a surprise if you ever heard me singing, but I was also in choir. All those things gave me a feeling of happiness but only for a few months. I’m in AIESEC for 16 months. 16 months of meeting new people, taking new challenges, self development on highest level I ever had. 16 months of doing something that gives me satisfaction and gives me knowledge. 16 months of having impact on society, changing livesmine and others. 16 months of faith in others, this organization and myself (finally). It’s also 16 months of successes and failures. Successes that gave me proofs that I can do something well. Failures that gave me kicks to do more, kicks to change my attitude, kicks to be better. I also believe in people. People are my main motivation. I want to be a part of group of people that want to change world. I want to be a group that appreciate moments, groups that wants and know how to change someone’s life. I believe that this is the best way to develop myself and to be happy. So yes, it’s mean a lot when in third sentence of introduction I say,

that I’m an AIESECer.” This words I wrote in my EB application. It’s exactly one year after I wrote those words and I can still sign below it. Even though I think that it is a little infantile what I wrote I still believe in those words. During this year changed one thing change the most concerning AIESEC. I appreciate team more than any time before. Before I had my team and I appreciate it a lot however I haven’t got an occasion to be a part of real team. Right now AIESEC is additionally a team for me. After 28 months in AIESEC I know that I create my own, great team. Team for which I can pass my AIESEC meaning. This is what I strive for. Strive for excellence. Also excellent team.

Why haven’t you apply for LCP in first round of elections? What was the main reason and motivation to apply now? Firstly I need to emphasize that even though I haven’t apply for LCP in first round of elections I was planning to connect my future with AIESEC organization. I was decided to apply for MC member in Poland. The reason why I need to point it

out is that I love this organization and for that point in my life I cannot imagine my future without being in AIESEC. When application for LCP was released I was thinking for a very long time if I should apply. I made my final decision two days before New Year Eve. I spend dozens of hours to make this decision. I talked with many people, including my family. Decision which I needed to undertake was between great opportunity and great opportunity. This what should decide is answer for a question “What is better for me right now?” This is a part in which I need to confess to my personal failure: I decided because of ordinary causes such us not paid job, lack of accommodation, being too old. Those small things brought me to a place where I forgot about my development and actual “why” of our organization. I realized that it was wrong decision at General Assembly while first round of elections. The vision of not using this amazing opportunity which I have in the back of my head since I joined EB made me terrified and decided to apply no matter those small things.

How do you understand the role of LCP? How will you shape LCP role in 2013/2014 in order to maximize on your term? First what comes to my mind while thinking about LCP role is setting direction based on vision in which Local Committee will aim. I believe that it is a pillar of building anything else in Local Committee. Starting from building EB team, through guiding LC, LCP role itself as role model, other leaders and finally ending on the culture of LC. Without having a clear vision for LC everything can collapse as it happened in the past in our LC. From my perspective other important role of LCP is connecting mentioned direction with direction of AIESEC Poland and AIESEC International. LCP is a bridge between LC and MC. The role of LCP is to build this bridge and making it as solid as possible. Next thing is creating and leading EB team and assuring them working conditions, high performance and personal development. Creating EB team culture and awareness of the responsibility of role models in LC. Shaping Middle Management and its role in next extremely important point of LCP role. By creating it and transforming to members we can be calm about understanding of the role of our organization and transparency connected with EB and Leaders work. Role of the LCP is to be actual role model by himself. Giving the inspirations to others, motivating and being truly responsible leader. Being LCP also means to me creating and being a representative on local events, among AIESEC Poland and internationally. I believe that the most crucial in upcoming term is creating clear vision which connects all the elements of LCP role in one consistent, great working body which is Local Committee.

What does the success of the term 2013/2014 mean for you as for Local Committee President Candidate? How are you going to measure it? To have a feeling of satisfaction because of term 2013/2014 as a Local Committee President I would like to see Executive Board which will be proud of the year they spend in AIESEC. People who will be satisfied with the work they did, results they achieved by realizing plans of Local Committee, pipeline they left. The thing which will be the most important for me as a Leader of Local Committee since I won’t assess my cadency as a success if my team won’t be a group of successful, personally developed people which relation between them will be special and magical. The relation that survive and will last not for months but for many years. Those people will be a leaders of the extremely motivated and highly educated people- Leaders of LC Wrocław UE. Leaders whose project will be changing lives with the highest quality of reception and the greatest experience we can offer. Those projects will be also successful, self-financing and personal developing. The success will occur when new members will be getting excited because of the AIESEC, the opportunities it gave them. people building great values. As a success I mean realization of our plans, especially in OGX area. What is more- I won’t be able to asses my cadency as a success if me and my team won’t realize priorities for our cadency. By achieving those goals I’m sure that we will not only success in terms of members and organizational development but also will deliver the most quality services to all of our stakeholders. My key measurements will be retention rate and number of exchanges realized according to a plan.

TEAM PERSPECTIVE Present your philosophy of Leadership. Use 5 expressions describing yourself as future Local Committee President and explain your choice. Strength of character. From many others really important features, having a strength of character from my point of view is essential. Being honest, persistent, reliable , consistent- those are key points about being a leader. However you cannot have any of those characteristic without having strength of character. Let’ try to imagine a leader who is not honest- as soon as people find out that his leader is not honest they will not consider him as an authority. I believe that the same refers to each place of work- also (especially) with EB and LC members. Without being persistent we won’t achieve any goals in our LC. All of those characteristics makes a good leader. Handling in crisis situation. Ability to make quick, right decision is also indispensable. Local Committee is a place where things are change extremely fast. LCP as a leader needs to rearrange their ideas up to reality. And those ideas has to be good enough for others to be able follow them.

Ability to communicate with others effectively. Good leader has a vision, goal. But this is only the base. Skill to present it to group and to convince them, that your ideas are valuable- this is main point of being leader. LCP needs to present his vision to EB team and others members of LC. Each sides needs to understand their role in Local Committee. Both sides also needs to accept their roles. The point is not to interrupt each other and not to get into others competency. Ability to analyze ideas. Leader is a person who is making decisions but it is significant to take into account others ideas. Leader in EB should accept that others may have better ideas than his owns. Self development and submission. To become better leader we need to have a lot of humility in our character. If we have a submission we will strive for self development. And this is what LCP needs- striving for excellence. During transition and than during whole cadency it is essential to become a good leader for LC. All those features are getting leader to the point in which he/she realize and strive for expression:

Practice what you preach. What will be the Executive Board 2013/2014 characteristics if you are going to be elected for the LCP? How will you build such a team? As I mentioned before, I want to strive for excellence. Excellence in any of my action. Excellence especially in building my team and managing this team. For a very long time I was thinking how my team should look like. Even though that for some short period of time I was decided to apply to MC, meanwhile, in back of my head, I was thinking about my perfect team and what will be its characteristics. First of all my Executive Board will be a team which will: Activate leadership. We will be inspiration for other people by our actions and work we are making. We will aim for development of other people by responsible steps we will take. We will also activate leadership among our team as a group of people which development will be my first priority. Demonstrating integrity. We will be consequent and transparent in our actions. Our direction will be consistent with our values and vision. Living diversity. Among our team there will be a lot of individuals which we will be working for whole year. We will be able to do that because my team will be a team which appreciate diversity and will learn from it, also among whole LC. Enjoying participation. This year for my team will be not only year of hard work but also a year of great satisfaction, fun and engagement. Striving for excellence. My team will follow for sure one characteristics of 2012/2013 term: “Being ready to give up the good for the great�. Acting sustainably. Our actions will be undertaken with awareness that those decision will influence next terms.

My team will be also open, supportive for themselves, eager to act, inspiriting. I could discuss all those words but in my opinion it will bring us to one conclusion:

My team will live AIESEC values. I will do everything to make those values the most clear and accurate for all of EB members.

What can Executive Board members expect from you as LCP and what will you expect from them if you become leader of this team? My Executive Board members may expect that I will to my best to create a group of people with different, composing characters with a great ambition and motivation. In everyday life of EB 2013/2014 they can expect me to be supportive and demanding, always honest and pushing them out of a comfort zone to support they development. EB members may count on me that I will do everything to inspire them to work by my hard work and ambitions. They can also be sure that EB members will be united by a special relation which will be support for them. The last but maybe even the most important- we will follow the vision and direction we will undertake. What I want to see in my EB team? Obviously a passion and engagement in action we are taking. Responsible actions, I want to see innovations with will lead us to development. I want to see a people open for discussion and people with “no excuses” attitude. People who are infecting others with passion and enthusiasm. People who are able to give honest feedback and take it. Who are talking openly about problems (challenges? ) and actively looking for solutions. People who are seeing a goal and striving for it. Together….

…we will develop by responsible actions. How could your strengths and weaknesses as a team leader affect Executive Board? Point at least 3 on each side. One of my strength is inspiriting by hard work which I’m doing. I really passionate about the organization and I can scarify a lot for it. But the only thing why it is this way is that nothing bring me greater satisfaction than this. Satisfaction of meeting great people and working on interesting projects, JD. So I do strongly believe that my team will be also a team of people who are inspirited by passion and hard work and will be those inspiration for others in our LC. There is also other side of this passion. Sometimes I promise to do something in short period of time which I strongly believe I will do this and I’m not fulfilling my

promise. The problem according to this feature is that I really believe that I will do this even though it is not possible according to time resources I have. Through year in EB team mostly I learned how to measure my will on possibility, however sometimes I still need critical voice from someone from team. I will look for someone in my team who will be able to be critical to my declaration. I consider myself as a great listener. I love to listen to people, to talk with them and to find a solution from each situation. I know that other people also consider me as an excellent person to talk with, to share with them experience. My friends know that they can always rely on me and my advice. I’m sure that person who can listen carefully, with respect is essential in any team. Especially in team that you’re a leader. I have a skill to handle in crisis situation. I always keep cold blood. I can make my decision quickly but not rashly. I’m giving all my decisions under my own criticism and choose if the decision was right or wrong. I can also implement my solutions quickly. Being a stubborn person may settle my team in difficult situations. When I’m sure about something I will push my idea as longs as it needs everyone to agree. As you may imagine- those idea are not always right one. I hope that each member of my eventual team will read this and if my dreams will come true, make me remind about it. The last of my weaknesses that may make my team lives difficult is being chaotic. All around me is in the mess. The mess that is only for me easy to find in. Since my new year resolve is to change that I’m working on it.

How do you want to shape and work with Middle Management in term 2013/2014? What would be the main focuses for you? We are at a very crucial point of history of our Local Committee. We finally have enough human resources to be satisfied and to provide a growth we want to achieve. However, definitely the point in which we are right now needs good leaders. Leaders who will be able to achieve goals we settled. How to find them? First of all: Recruitment process need to select the best possible candidates who will be motivated, resulted oriented people. People who will be aware of the responsibility they are taking for someone’s development and experience. People responsible for they own development. To ensure this I will make sure that recruitment process will be highly valuable experience for candidates and gives a lot of information towards LCVP TM. Secondly: Transition process. Currently it is a component of strategic project that EB 2012/2013 is undertaking. Me, as a person responsible for this project, will make sure that transition process during the closest leaders induction will be on highest possible level. It will also consist Middle Management Seminar which will include a knowledge “How to be a good leader” in a nutshell. Eventually leaders will get to a point when they will be able to plan projects. During whole term of leaders I will provide Leaders Commission which will unite leaders in our LC and give them possibility to share knowledge, successes and failures. It will be a place of finding support. I will also invite VP TM to coo-provide

Commission. The main role of Leader Commission will be creating a culture and implementing it into the LC. Culture of responsibility and development. I will also keep to area commissions which in my opinion has a potential to built alignment between projects and its members. To summarize: I strongly believe that we are at a good track of leaders management. We got experiences-

we need to take a lesson from it.

LOCAL PERSPECTIVE Evaluate the performance of LC Wrocław UE in last three terms (2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13). Point out crucial failures and successes of each term. What factors did cause them? What are the main learning points for you? 2010/2011 Success: OGX management Promotion of TMP and OGX Increasing revenue Development in customer service among companies Decreasing costs generated by LC iGCDP innovations Failures: Coaching system implementation, Strategy of iGIP management Lack of new iGIP TN takers, Low leadership retention rate

2011/2012 Successes: Increase in number of exchanges in iGCDP, Good ICX area management High performance of EB members Good education management (MMS, highly suitable to needs PEC) Customer service of companies on high level Failures: High expenditures of EB members, High costs of iGCDP, Decrese in iGIP, OGX Cost of cadency higher than incomes Low retention rate, Low knowledge management in LC (especially transition process), Resignation of LCP IG Opole expansion strategy

2012/2013 Successes: Finance sustainability growth Process optimalization, tools implementation TMP promotion recruitment Retention rate increase High level of Local Conference Cycle and education delivering Cooperation with LC Katowice Increase in leadership pipeline Failtures: Decrese in number experiences delivering Lack of connection exchanges plan to people allocated Middle Management Management DK Lack of OGX structure

Make SWOT analysis of LC Wrocław UE current state. What are the main conclusions? Strengths  No. of members in Committee with clear JD  Retention management system implemented:  career paths system for leaders and newbiees,  R&R system,  coaching and mentoring system,  High level of education in LC  Implementation of innovative way of educating: Development Training Week, Local Trainers Team,  Cooperation with LC Katowice  Know-how of members recruitment promotion  Increased awareness of iGIP in LC  High retention rate from last recruitment: 89,3%  Developing Information Management system  Working on all of GLE elements  Capitalizing on MC delivered knowledge and tools  Well provided sellers motivation system  High usage of sales management tools  Capitalizing on National Projects  Increased no. of people working in selling comparing to march 2012  Most of TLP members attended TtT conference  Direct know-how from BD and TM area according to being a part of National Working Groups  Know-how concerning customer service  Partnership with Credit Suisse  Taking part in high number of networking event  Effectiveness of members: No of X realized / 1 TMP = 2,65

        

          

Weaknesses Wrongly located human resources (not based on exchange realization plan) Low retention rate from March recruitment: 36,4% Low skills Low results of employer branding projects Overloaded BD position in EB Wrongly provided Market Reaserch Lack of differentiation of iGCDP project financing Lack of ELD programs evaluation Newbies allocated in iGIP selling project (they needed to be educated for too long comparing to timeline of a project) Low engagement of members in LC promotion Lack of integration of members in LC Lack of synergy Too late of R&R system implementation Comparatively to last year low income from BD activities Low realization rate in iGIP (besides from Ustronianka) Low number of delegates on National Conferences Reception Not integrated MM Lack of promotion of iGCDP forms Lack of evaluation of OGX processes

 

          

Opportunities Potential of cooperation with NGO sector (development of iGCDP and iGIP programs) With human resources we have and keeping the same effectiveness of members we will achieve our goals Project based on exchange plans Higher awareness of iGIP project and increase in human resources in program Changing structure of EB structure, especially BD responsibility Adapting ICX JD in iGCDP projects New OGX products launched by MC Increased human resources in OGX Diversification of oGIP an oGCDP projects Hosting families as a project Specialized Unit in Opole (growth in OGX) Strategic project implementation Changes in members in Leaders Commission

       

Threaten People wants to achieve quick, intensive experience because of division studies on Bachelor and Master degree Lack of diversification of LC financing- small amounts of new partnership Lack of experience in reallocation members from TMP to TMP position Reception High number of EB candidates Low retention rate Lack of leadership culture Lower performance during passing cadency RB-EB Lack of know-how about providing specialized project separately for oGIP and oGCDP

At the beginning of 2013 we are in the point when lots of efforts of cadency 2012/2013 bring some level of stability of resources in LC that we have nowadays. We have visible improvement concerning human resources (both, members and leaders), financially the costs of expenditures were cut, the financial stability is constantly growing. iGCDP are not bringing so much of expenses. Those factors gives a good perspective for upcoming cadency 2013/2014. The threaten in our SWOT analysis shows only that its need to be focused on those to make out of it our opportunity. That is why I believe that our focuses for next term are: OGX area strategy improvement Long-term leadership strategy creation and implementation Strategy for retention rate maintaining

What are the three biggest challenges in front of LC Wrocław UE in the upcoming 3 years? How would you like to prepare LC for them during your term? We are in extremely important point of development of our Local Committee. Currently we are at the time when we are able to develop fast with the resources we have. Because of that I think that the biggest challenges are: Assuring high quality of experiences we are delivering. It concerns all of ELD programs. By having so big structure as we are have we need to focus on delivering the highest quality possible by assuring professional and personal development. We need to properly assess how much we can use our members to provide at the same

time enough work for members, not to bore our members and not too much to overdose, exhaust our members. This quality is also essential for exchanging programs. Our goal is to provide the highest quality in this area together with the growth. The biggest challenges according to this is to connect all of programs by synergic work of each EB and MM member. The solution for this challenges is planning according to exchanges and capacity we have. Striving and achieving quick growth. We need to prepare exactly each growth we want to achieve by aligning human, time and financial resources. Frequently we are forgetting about those three component elements. Because of that we achieve growth by the cost of two others. With the position which we have nowadays we cannot afford for making mistakes in this area. To enable those growth I will make sure to built team which will carefully take care of this not only by the knowledge they have but also by characteristics they have. I believe that the best direction we should undertake is to expand our activities for other cities.

Building alignment to organization and Local Committee. High number of experiences delivered, striving for quick growth are two main reasons that provide me to one challenge- assertion that experience we are delivering is not only personal or professional development but also changing the world for a better place. It’s extremely important to build awareness of goals in terms of whole organization- propagation of our vision: “Peace and fulfillment of human kind potential”. In everyday work sometimes we are forgetting about big picture we are transforming to the world. I want to be sure after my term that all of our members sees simple connection between “numbers” we realize and actual lives we are changing.

What are the 3 main challenges for the LC Wrocław UE that arise with the Ambition 2015? How are you going to manage them in order to maintain LC consistency with the organizational direction? First of all we need to realize what is Ambition 2015 in terms of our Local Committee. We as AIESEC Poland have an ambition to realize 8000 exchanges in 2015. This mean that, concerning we want to have at least 10% of contribution to this ambition, we need to realize 800 exchanges in 2015. This is a huge challenge. For sure the greatest challenge in terms of realizing Ambition 2015 will be improving the condition of OGX area in our LC. Right now there is a time for improvement this area. I strongly believe that as a part of cadency 2012/2013 we will give a proper pipeline in terms of application for next cadency. However, I’m also sure that we won’t be able to implement all process standardization to this area. Here comes the time for cadency 2013/2014. We need to leave our cadency with tools, structure and skills that will make strength out of our OGX area. Secondly we need to assure financial stability. We won’t be able to grow without proper financing. Especially in iGCDP area. This is still a huge bottleneck in

exchange realization. According to Member Committee plans we will change financial model and as soon as it comes out we will use it. To realize Ambition 2015 of AIESEC Poland we need to assure microexperiences. Our role as Wrocław UE is to deliver it on highest possible level.

Please evaluate current state of each ELD programs in LC Wrocław UE adapting such measures which in your opinion reflect program’s performance and impact in the most appropriate way. What are the main conclusions you can draw from this analysis for the term 2013/2014? Team Member Program Keep increasing retention rate comparing to March recruitment. Comparing to march it was 37,5%, than from May recruitment it is 56,4% and finally from October is 89,3%. High level of induction after October recruitment, however process of induction for TMP program needs to be more structured and improved by better coordination of TM. Recruitment process provided on high level. On the other side it was occupied by overloading with work VP TM. It’s obvious that for next term TM will need support from a structure. Communication in program organized by mentors (VP responsible for the area) by commissions. Commissions (ICX, ER, MRK, OGX) are using different channels to communicate among members: gmail google groups, facebook groups, regular meetings, workshops with knowledge which is needed to provide area in project. Engagement members on TMP position to Strategic Team which ensured better planning process because it includes all perspective of members with different perspective. Local Committee Meetings- monthly organized meetings of whole LC enable people to be up-to-date with information about LC which cause better understanding of organization. It allows also members to better understand roles in LC not only on TMP positions but also TLP (updates from EB members and OCPs and Managers of different projects). It also ensure EB transparency. New initiatives that also allows members to be closer to information from LC is Newsletters. This opportunity to be on track for those who couldn’t attend LCM, General Assembly or any other event organized in LC. Other interesting initiative organized for TMP members were Development Training Week provided by Local Trainers Team, members of EB , Alumni and our partner Active Strategy. There was recruited 85 members in October which is a big treathen concerning retention rate. Because of that coaching and career path system was

implemented to this program. It will allow members to understand the difference between TLP and TMP position to choose the best. It will also ensure retention rate. Team Leader Program Constantly increasing number of application for TLP program is a sign that experience delivered in this program is improving. Conference cycle delivered especially for leaders was well planned and provided. We decided to provide Kick OFF conference and deliver knowledge from team management, project management and motivation. There are also implemented tools used for project management in which each leader can easily track members of a project and assess the realization of plan of his project. There is provided coaching and mentoring system. Each member of TLP position has one coach who is responsible for his development, his team and work on career path with leader. While one leader may have two or three mentors. Mentors are LCVP from areas which consist a project. For example P-box project has 3 mentors: VP ICX, VP MKT, VP BD. It allows quick communication and as a result quick case solving. Career paths and coaching which allows people to use this experience with maximum scale of its opportunity. It also allows to create pipeline for next TLP position, also reallocation for TLP. Transition process is improved comparing to last year, more structured however it still needs a lot of improvement. Individual Project Work is a time after Transition process in which Leaders plan their projects. It also needs improvements however what Is important- leaders are not left with this process alone- mentors are helping them by saying what in each project should happen in specific area. Meetings with LCP- by the end of the year TLP members had an opportunity to meet with LCP to solve burning issues in their project and educate. Commission Leaders- was provided through most of the time only for OCP of projects so only half of members who are actually on TLP position. The goal of those meetings were to share experiences and get educated.

Incoming Global Community Development Program Program is the most effective out of all exchanges program in LC because we are realizing the highest number of exchanges . We have good knowledge, high level of human resources allocated in this program and high experience in providing this area however we have also have some of bottlenecks: o o o o

Wrong structure and division of responsibility, wrongly created JD Not diverse sources of projects financing Lack of standards of matching and delivering processes Not using Non-governmental organization sector

I believe that creating a booklet with a clear information “How to make a Pbox” which will explain step by step what has to be done to provide successful project is the easy solution to make this area more clear and more effective. VP iGCDP will have a huge challenge to drive this area in structured, well organized direction. I also strongly believe that as AIESEC Wrocław UE we should provide project based on HIV education among youth since in Lower Silesia we have the highest percentage of infected people. This will make us closer to achievement of goal- being relevant in our local society according to thought: “Think globally, act locally”. Incoming Global Internship Program In this term iGIP program was pushed in right direction. We increased awareness of this program in our LC. We explored it in the best possible way- by being a part of Working Group specialized in creating solutions for this area. We implemented targeted products (Business Top Talent and Information Top Talents). Level of education of our products increased. We also still have some bottlenecks: o o o

Lack of Market Segmentation Weak brand on the market Education and knowledge management in area

We should follow the direction which we have and start to implement Strategic Project iGIP Development Program which assumes segmentation market on subproducts, analysis of market, analysis of promotion channels, creating marketing strategy for GIP products.

Outgoing Exchange This area is not strong in our current situation. Difficulties with sharing position, two transition VP to VP during 4 months, small amount of applications for march recruitment and weak structure during whole year brought us to the point in which we have: o o o o

Lack of analysis and promotion preparation Wrong structure and division of responsibility, wrongly created JD. Lack of standardization of customer service Lack of evaluation of quality of experiences delivered

This problem bring only one conclusions: it needs to be focus for us in upcoming year. We have to change OGX area from the very beginning and rebuilt it once again.

NATIONAL AND GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE Please describe current condition of AIESEC in Poland. List out positive and negative changes that 2012 brought to our Organization (at least three each). Currently AIESEC in Poland is on the 4th place in global ranking with the results of 1921 exchanges realized. Is it a big number? Yes definitely since it is not only a number- it’s 1921 people lives changed by our organization only by exchanges experience. But if we will take under consideration that our plan was to realize 3000 exchanges in 2012 we can easily count that we have 1079 GAP in realization. We missed our ambition for more than 1000. This force us to realize that we, as an AIESEC Poland doing something wrong. Maybe we settled to ambitious goal? It depend from which perspective we will look at it. From perspective of average organization realization of 1921 is extremely big number. However from perspective of 2219 members experiences (TMP and TLP) we delivered in 2012, growth of 7% should be nothing challenging. We should look from the perspective of young people who are striving for being global youth voice. The only program that we grew in all processes currently as AIESEC Poland is IC GCDP. Is it satisfactory? This facts gives us base to ask a question: What has changed in AIESEC Poland in last year. There were three initiatives in launched by Member Committee. National Focus Area created and implemented by both cadencies: MC Breakthrough and MC Shakers. Infrastructure & IT New Portfolio Creation New Financial Model The positive change concerning this process is that for the first time we had yearly plan which we created and implemented. The problem concerning this issue was that it was difficult to implement it among LC’s. From most of LC perspectives it occurs to be invisible project. Probably because of transition process and fact, that new EBs didn’t feel alignment to those NFAs. New EBs heard about it mainly on MultiTo conference and then there was no visible refreshment or tracking of this implementation among LCs. Second failure concerning this initiative is fact that New Financial Model hadn’t been implemented. It was mainly caused because of Audit Challenge of AIESEC Poland and allocating all the human resources to this issue. National Drivers were connected with choosing programs that we need to focus in this year. MC decided to choose iGIP and oGCDP. Definitely the idea of prioritizing two programs is great idea. We realize in this organization that having focus on everything is having focus on nothing and what comes after it- having relevant growth in nothing. I believe that the time of launching

this initiative was perfectly chosen- new EBs were in time of accepting (wchłaniania) everything much more quickly than in other time of cadency. That’s why LCs indicated the initiative effectively. I believe that so far we cannot assess this initiative since products created to develop those programs are to “young” or just a pilot (Global Citizen). Business Top Talents and others project with specific target needs more time of development. The last of the initiatives are: National Units. It includes 10 units working members of EBs and leaders with MC on new processes of initiatives. It brings high probability that processes and initiatives would be implemented in LCs because members who are working in those Working Groups are implementing immediately in its LCs. The other advantage is that processes worked out or implemented mostly by MC has perspective from LC so is more adjusted to it’s needs.

What will be the role of LC Wrocław UE at the National Plenary and in the Global Network in the upcoming term? How would you like to ensure that? In upcoming year AIESEC Wrocław UE has a special role in AIESEC PLAD. Our Committee is noticed as well educated, eager to share ideas, knowledge and experiences committee with great members who are real role models among others. On the other hand, LC Wrocław UE has a great humbleness, is eager to share its problems and issues. Members are willing to gain knowledge and different perspective not only from strong and big committees but also from those smaller. They realize that each committee has it strengths and weaknesses. They are capitalizing on their strengths (iGIP knowledge and skills, highly motivated and engaged not only in LC life but also contributed to National teams) We realize the contribution we have to realization of our AIESEC Poland ambitions and how does it connect with Global plans. We are realizing that we are a great part of changers life organization to our members and interns. Other committees are inspired by our commitment to organization and our LC. LC Wrocław UE organizes 365 exchanges and realizes plan “365 exchanges in 365 days of a year”. It means that our committee has a great contribution to realization of AIESEC 2015 ambition for 2013 year. To make this come true EB 2013/2014 are motivating members of our LC to highly connected them with the realization of this plan and engage others. We are performing well in implementation of EwA among high school students, other students organizations by providing workshops and people for who weren’t accepted to organization. We are also exploring NGO market since we are noticing that we have a huge potential to realize iGCDP and iGIP program. We are also committee that will be growing in next term in OGX program. To ensure that we are having well planned structures which is strictly connected with exchange plans of our LC.

LC Wrocław UE LCP Candidate 2013/2014  

LC Wrocław UE LCP Candidate 2013/2014

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