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Monday September 21 1632 me, my shipmates and god are on a voyage to find a new and fast route to Asia to trade spices, silks and jewels found in the countries there. Most of my crew are religious girls; I hope we get there soon because I’m getting a little sea sick.

Thursday November 8 1632 we found a new route not just to Asia but now to New France and start a new colony here. Me and the other boy Jesuits are going to teach the young French and Aboriginal boys and Marie de l’Incarnation also her nuns are going to teach the young French and Aboriginal girls. Marie de l’Incarnation is the leader of her nuns and I am the leader of the Jesuits.

Tuesday December 12 1632 me and the others that came on the ship to New France were not prepared for winter. We did not know that winter was so cold here but it is not that cold in France. Several of us died because of frostbite, hypothermia and scurvy. The aboriginal people were not so happy that we took most of their land by the St. Laurence River because they were there first, but France needs to start a new colony.

Tuesday December 24 1632 the good thing here is that me and the other Jesuits are learning the language of the aboriginal people and there learning the language of New France so we can interacted with each other. The aboriginal people weren’t so happy when we first got here but now we’re all getting along so far.

Friday March 3 1633 some of the money that was going to the government back home in France went to me and the other Jesuits for our church to spread and tell god to others. There hasn’t been much conflicts with us and the aboriginal people but we have learned there language but it’s pretty hard to speak in it. They did learn our language fast more then we learned there’s. So far, there is nothing going wrong with us and the aboriginal people and I wish that it stay’s like this. There is nothing to really talk about in my next journal so whoever is reading this I will write my next journal if something exiting or important goes on.


New France