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Trophies Telford Developement Corporation Trophy Best Exhibit in Show Director’s Cup Best Exhibit Section 1 Dawley Hamlets Horticultural Trophy Best Exhibit in Section 2 The Presidents Trophy Best Exhibit in Section 3 Enid Follington Salver Best Exhibit Section 4 Daisy Walder Rose Bowl Best Rose Exhibit Percy Bullock Memorial Trophy Best Exhibit Sections 4 & 5 Garden News Shield for Dahlias Best Exhibit Section 5 Parish Council Steering Group Rose Bowl Best Exhibit Section 7 Barbara Bates Trophy Best Novice Exhibit Section 7 Meadowdale Trophy Best Exhibit Section 6 The Society Tray Best Exhibit Section 8 The Daisy Walder Trophy for Cookery Best Exhibit Section 9 C.B.C. Salver Photography Best Exhibit Section 11 The Alice Rickus Memorial Shield Best Miniature The Joe Goodall Memorial Shield Best Gladioli The Darlington Trophy Best Exhibit in Section 6 Class 6A The Joan Tarr Trophy Best Apple Pie All Trophies must be signed for upon receipt at the show. Please return Trophies to the Show Secretary (Mrs.Deborah Tovey on 07725212152) by end of July. Prizes First Prize Second Prize Third Prize

£3.00 £2.00 £1.00

Entry fee is 20p for each class. Entry fee for persons under the age of 16 at the time of the show is free. Please enter child’s age in the box provided on the entry form. Show vases must be used, a limited number of vases will be provided by the Show Committee. As in previous years, trophies will be awarded for the outstanding exhibit in each section.

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