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Management Software: Integration from A to Z From an offender’s Arrest to their ZIP code upon release, these software programs keep track of offenders at all times and places, throughout the criminal justice ecosystem.

INFORMATION IS KEY— providing staff with the information they need, auditable reports and activity tracking, leads to more efficient management, says Robert Chadwick, president, Endur ID Inc. “Our goal is to eliminate labor intensive and tedious activity tracking and make it easier to produce reports about the activities of a particular inmate so their stay can be effectively managed.” This past year Endur ID has introduced two new software applications to accompany and enhance the ID Management Solution. IDMX software manages all the individual demographics, collects and stores pho20 CORRECTIONS FORUM • MAY/JUNE 2017

tos and specific alerts and warnings in regards to the individual, he says. The software then configures and prints wristbands to a standard color laser printer. Handheld wireless scanners operated by their Secur Max Tracker application scan the barcodes printed on the wristbands to track activity and movement. “This information-gathering software allows the staff to create Roll Call Reports, Attendance at Classes and Meetings, Pass Through Commissary Records, Medication Management and Departure and Destination Records,” he furthers. With a color printer the software allows for color coding of bands and

alerts customized to the inmate. “For those whose processes either use monochrome bands or have additional classification processes, the color-coded Secur Loc Clasps can be used,” he adds. Gone are the days when someone had to remember everything and if they didn’t, things fell through the cracks, notes John Lowry, senior product manager, Product Management at GTL. Today’s management solutions allow for immediate notification of potential issues and/or for the need for additional data collection, he says. “More accurate data collection on the front end promotes accurate reporting on the back end.”


May / June 2017  
May / June 2017