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Navigation Nation


courtesy of Infax, Inc.

Digital signage and interactive mapping are changing how courthouses are navigated.


nowing exactly where one is at any given moment has become somewhat of a craze. As one walks down the street Google Maps can track your every move— from getting you cross country or cross county to finding you the closest place to enjoy a latte. Nearly everyone has a navigation system in his or her car in some form or another. And, if a GPS device isn’t enough… Garmin USA offers a

mobile app for $50 for your iphone, Waze Inc. offers the Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic app whereby drivers in your area can share local traffic info, and for $.99 per month, the MotionX-GPS Drive app gives directions just like a GPS yet with maps that are always up-to-date. We live in a navigation nation, where we can pinpoint our location by latitude and longitude even if we find ourselves in the remotest corner of the world, as this writer did several years back while lost on a Navajo

Indian reservation in Arizona. It comes as no surprise then that we want to be in control in the courthouse, a place traditionally stressful and often labyrinth-like—and some newer technologies are keeping patrons in the know. While its Docket Call digital docket display is its largest product offering, the company Infax, Incorporated has been getting a lot of requests for wayfinding kiosks, both from new RFPs and existing clients whom already have digital signage but want

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