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Polycom Telepresence Communication Services Businesses all over the world are taking advantage of the services that Polycom Telepresence offers. For a reasonable price, companies can collaborate with other branches and conduct meetings with potential clients without ever leaving the office. Polycom Telepresence works with your company's existing standards-based video systems so that you can make the most of your current high definition and legacy video investment. Back in the old days, companies would have to send representatives all over the world in order to conduct business. If you wanted to speak to potential investors in China, you would have to spend money on travel, lodging, and food. While this way worked fine throughout the years, it is not a very cost-effective way of doing business. When a business meeting is unsuccessful, all of the money spent on sending representatives to the meeting is simply gone. But with the services of Polycom Telepresence, you can literally save thousands of dollars for your company. The system can sound complicated for people who have never used teleconferencing, but the premise is actually quite simple. Companies which take advantage of what Polycom Telepresence has to offer can host meetings with up to 28 people per site. This allows companies to increase their productivity and ensure proper collaboration. There are six different options that you can choose from when it comes to Polycom Telepresence. Number one is Polycom ATX, which allows companies to use multi-codec telepresence systems over a variety of customer environments. An industry leader when it comes to cameras, codecs, and microphone arrays, the ATX is known for creating outstanding HD picture and sound during your meetings. The second option is the Polycom OTX 300, which allows your workers to interact effectively over long distances. This is a great way to increase your company's productivity. And thanks to the high standards of Polycom Telepresence, the OTX 300 also natively integrates with best-inbreed unified communications environments and tools. The Polycom OTX 100 is a great asset for companies that don't have large offices or meeting rooms. Four participants can sit in front of a video recorder positioned on the table, making this a perfect option for small businesses. The OTX 100 Compact, which doesn't come with a table included like the standard OTX 100, is also available for businesses that wish to use their own furniture. The fourth option offered by Polycom Telepresence is the Polycom TPX HD 305 M. With this version, companies will be able to conduct meetings with the best audio, video, and collaboration technologies available. Very user-friendly, this reliable format is designed with Polycom HDX high-definition Ultimate HD visual communications solutions. This means your company will be able to do business using HD video, HD voice, and HD quality content. Another option is the Polycom RPX HD. This package comes with amazing StereoSurround audio and high resolution content, as well as remarkable, cinematic high-definition video. You will be able to enjoy teleconferences in an environment that is immersive, making it a great choice for holding meetings with executives from other companies, no matter where they are located in the world. The sixth available option is Polycom Telepresence m100. This version is great for mobile and

desktop users, as it allows employees to do business in HD quality from pretty much anywhere. With the m100, your company can utilize industry standard protocols that make it easy to seamlessly connect to any room or immersive telepresence system in use around the world. With this option, you can perform one-on-one meetings or connect to multiple other people using a video bridge. No matter what size office you are working with, Polycom Telepresence has a system to meet your needs. Why waste money sending workers around the globe on business trips? With Polycom Telepresence, you can achieve the same results while saving your company a significant amount of money. You can learn more about Polycom Telepresence Communication Services at http://

Polycom Telepresence Communication Services  
Polycom Telepresence Communication Services  

Businesses all over the world are taking advantage of the services that Polycom Telepresence offers. For a reasonable price, companies can c...