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November 2010 Short’s Magazine

AMAZING INDIA The Taj Mahal is one of the of the seven magical wonders of the world.

The cool, moist

the Taj as the blazing

morning air gentle

sun rises into the

blew through the

cloudless sky. It is one

courtyard that leads

of the very few times

to the most wonderes

that you are so

place on earth. An

amazed that no words

early morning walk

can come to mind.

down to the Taj Mahal

Being located in Agra,

is like no other.

many other forts

Golden rays of light

become available for

descend from above

you to view as well.


Agra Fort A great cultural adventure to do just after the Taj Mahal. Being close to the Taj, tourist often do both trips one after another.

One of the most

areas have food that

famous forts in Agra

is not great for your

is Agra Fort. Being

stomach but if you

located about twenty

know where the right

minutes away from

places are, a high

the Taj Mahal you

standard of food is

could go to both

still served. It is

locations in a day. The

always good to have a

Persian styling of

tour guide though for

both wonders is the

they know which

Rafting, rappelling, hiking

main reason

restaurants have best

and biking are just some of

hundreds of

food and which don’t.

the trips they do when in

thousands of tourists visit them ever day.

If you are looking for

Indias rivers play host to hundreds of exotic animals


a cultural but also

Going to India in all is just an

The famous Indian

action packed trip

experience in itself. Every

cuisines make India

snow leopard tours is

day is a completely knew

one of the greatest

your best choice.

experience and there is

food destinations in

Offering great tours

nothing in the world that is

the world.

and memorable

quite the same as India and

Unfortunately there is

adventure trips they

its amazing culture. A one

famous saying called

will give you the real

time experience but a glories

Delhi Belly. Some

India experience.

and never forgetful trip.

Written by Jake Short. Jake Short is the lead writter and editor for the Short’s Magazine. He has traveled to almost every continet and has visted hundereds of countrys. He has a

SHORT’S MAGAZINE COPYRIGHT All pictures have been taken by offical SHORT’S MAGAZINE photographers.

unique aquierd taste for food and will try almost anything.


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Amazing India  

A holiday article about the beautiful country of India.

Amazing India  

A holiday article about the beautiful country of India.