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Piano Lessons Lady Gaga, Elton John, Alicia Keys, and Billy Joel-what do these singers have in common, aside from being the chart-toppers of their respective generations? Well, yes, they are also songwriters, but more than that, they are piano players. And they have started their successful musical careers by playing the black and white keys on the piano. If you happen to idolize any of these famous musicians, then the more reason you should take up piano lessons. There are many opportunities that may knock on your door if you happen to be a piano player, and the best way to achieve these great chances and use them to your advantage is by investing on formal lessons. What are the perks you can get from piano lessons, anyway? Among are a few that you may find handy: You learn to read notes and chords. The piano is the most versatile musical instrument, and not the guitar. If you happen to know how to play the piano, the more capable you become in playing different instruments because you are able to read the chords or notes, depending on where they are applied. The easier would it be for you to play the guitar, flute, harp, and even the mandolin.

You also learn to provide musical accompaniment to singers. Like guitarists, pianists lead the music, but instead of setting the rhythm, they establish the melody of the piece. Also, you can stand alone in playing the piano, unlike in other instruments in which they have to be accompanied by rhythm and beat. Guitars need percussions to sound more melodious, but in the piano, you provide complete and satisfying music without the supplemental arrangement. You are able to understand chord-melody playing without the guide. While most piano players look at a music score as a guide, they use the sheet just to see where their melody is going next. However, they can still play the song without the guide, as they understand its chord-melody arrangement. You can follow the same manner of playing, but it would take years to practice if you intend to study on your own. By undergoing piano lessons, the learning curve would be smoother, and the more skilled you become in the chord-melody playing method. The more capable you become in composing songs. It is easier to compose a song on the piano, instead of the guitar, practically because you can apply the lyrics on each individual

note and hear their harmony right away. The piano offers you to listen to each note, each tune, and see which lyrics to set on them in order to create a beautiful song. By being a trained piano player, you become exposed to different stints in the music industry. You can help in composing and arranging songs for artists and musical projects. Meanwhile, if you’re also a singer, playing the piano can just push your career to greater heights. For More Information About Piano lessons Visit

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