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A Comprehensive Discussion On Motivational Speaker & Navy Seal Training A motivational speaker is a person who delivers motivational and inspirational speeches on a specific subject to make his audience or people in general motivated or inspired. There are many motivational speakers, who have undergone the acid test of life, and finally become victorious. So, it is quite natural for them to share their experience with others to make them feel emboldened. A motivational speaker is aimed to assert the message that it is our thoughts and perceptions which have limitation, not our body and mind. Our mind and body epitomize enormous energy and power. It is essential to keep believing on himself despite failures. A motivational speaker is generally a successful entrepreneur or a writer or a renowned person from any field, who is keen on sharing his experience and views that have lead him towards success. If the employees of a company cannot fulfill the expected targets within given time and cannot get proper order then naturally they might get upset. Instead of firing some of the staffs several companies are taking another method of inspiring the dejected staffs by arranging a session or a workshop with an eminent motivational speaker. Arranging a session with a noted motivational speaker has become a quite common incident in the educational fields too. Being a successful personality is not only the sole condition of being a successful inspiring speaker. He must have gotten great oratorical power, as well. A proper combination of convincing power, knowledge about the subject a speaker is speaking on and a friendly attitude towards the audience are forte of an accomplished motivational speaker. Navy SEALS are known to be one of the most skilled and elite forces throughout the world. It is highly prestigious for an American youth to be selected for attending Navy SEAL Training. These soldiers are trained to be very much able to handle most complicated situations in the air, on the earth or underwater. The Navy SEAL training is considered one of the most challenging and rigorous training programs in the world as the young men needs to go through extreme physical exercises which are designed to burn body fat by increasing the metabolism rate. A person who is undergoing through rigorous training period of becoming a NAVY SEAL, gradually gains the power of great endurance. Apparently, the training schedule seems to be extremely hard, but this is just a trailer of the situations, a NAVY SEAL has to face in his career in the future. If a person does not have the ability to endure such pressure, he is not eligible for this prestigious post. In order to get selected as a member of Navy SEAL a man needs to appear for the Physical Screening Test or PST, which tests his athletic skills and physical strength. PST includes tests of swimming, running, pushups, sit ups, pull ups. There is a standardize goal which an aspirant has to qualify to be selected as an eligible candidate for Navy SEAL training. If a person has trained rigorously for getting into force for a long time, only then he should apply for the post.

A Comprehensive Discussion On Motivational Speaker & Navy Seal Training