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Dixon Butt Welder: Best welding machine for polyethylene pipes Butt welding is a particular welding technique used to connect the two parts which are almost parallel and obviously don’t overlap. Butt welding is a typical method for jointing two parts without any additional use of other equipment or other supply of material. Butt welding is done by the simply process of heating up the materials in the two weld ends using a weld plate and then performing the fusion of the two ends under a certain level of pressure. One of the best names in the world of butt welding machines is the Dixon Butt welder. Dixon industries is famous for designing and manufacturing of the top class welding machine which are the best choice for the welding of the polyethylene pipe in different projects of the gas, mining, telecom, water and civil. The Dixon Butt welder machines are known under the trademark name ‘FUSIONMASTER’. Fusionmaster machines are considered as the best one for the works in poly fittings or in the welding works of the polyethylene pipe. Dixon Butt welder has a lot of special features. It is extremely easy to set up and operate perfectly in the poly fittings jobs. This brand of welder machine is completely robust and even it is said that this machine is bomb proof. The low maintenance cost and the two years warranty provided by the manufacturing company are another to economical advantage of the Dixon Butt welder.

The diameter of the polyethylene pipe used in the poly fittings jobs vary in a large extent. The diameters of the polyethylene pipe used in the industrial or infrastructural fields can be as low as 1 inch and as high as 1200mm. Dixon Butt welder has this greatest advantage of being available in a huge number of models to fit for the poly fittings of the pipes having the lowest diameters or the huge ones. The smallest model of Dixon Butt welder is the MV70 Rural Welder, which is suitable for all types of poly fittings jobs which uses pipe range from 1” to 63mm. This one is the best welding tool for domestic usage. Above this domestic level, the Dixon Industries has 9 welding machine models (e.g. LF 110-32mm, HF 225-63mm, HF 350-110mm etc) which are suitable for using in welding works of different sizes of polyethylene pipe. The largest among the Dixon Butt Welder models is the HF 1200-710 mm which is suitable for welding jobs of the pipes having the diameter in between 710 mm and 1200mm. The best feature of the Fusionmaster welding machine is the quickly changeable non-sticky heater surface which can be easily replaced during the poly fittings works in case of any damage. Dixon Butt welder models of 350mm or higher diameter series have a perfect pipe alignment mechanism which enables the user to align the polyethylene pipe quickly and easily. Models like 225, 350 & 450 are provided with a fast action self centering fitting chuck which enables to set up the weld stud ends much easily. Dixon Butt welder has

another great advantage of the use of Teflon wherever possible to minimize the need of lubricating the machine. For More Information About Butt Welder Hire Visit

Dixon Butt Welder Best welding machine for polyethylene pipes  
Dixon Butt Welder Best welding machine for polyethylene pipes