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Richmond bbq This is basic 3 step method I use on how to grill a rib eye steak. First I start with a nice size steak. I came across these 2″ thick rib eye’s at whole fooods the other day and just couldn’t resist. They offer a nice aged beef with a welfare rating system that I appreciate. You get a better idea of where their beef comes from instead of a typical stockyard where beef is subjected to very stressful situations to say the least.

Part 1 How to Grill a Rib Eye Steak Once the steak is down to room temperature I rub it with olive oil and crushed garlic. Then I season it with salt and cracked pepper for optimum flavor.

Rub steak with olive oil and garlic and salt and pepper The grill is preheated to 500 degrees or more and I turn off the middle burner and let the two outside burners continue at near high temperature. Somewhat indirect heat. When I first put those steaks on the certainly sizzle! I close the top and let a thick steak like these cook for about 6 min a side. for med rare. I always let my steak rest about 5 minutes before cutting. So I anticipate additional cooking of the meat during this time.

The finished steak ready to rest Here’s what the finished rib eye’s look like. They were delicious! See more at Richmond bbq

richmond bbq  
richmond bbq