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TA B L E O F C O N T E N T S Introduction................................ p.3 Architectural Renderings................p.4 Digital Design.............................p.5 Perspective Drawings................... p.6 Landscape Site Plans....................p.7 Demographic Analysis..................p.8 Contextual Analysis......................p.9 Connectivity/Circulation Analysis... p.10 Urban Park Design.......................p.11 Residential Model........................p.13 Commercial Model......................p.14 Devou Park................................ p.15 -land use -topographic, suitability -street layout Devou Park Housing Development.. p.18 -conceptual master plan -mixed use plaza -community park -neighborhood, street sections Thank You.................................. p.22


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INTRODUCTION In this portfolio you will see a wide variety of design skills that are relative to planning design, urban design, landscape design, and architectural design. In this portfolio I outline my hand drawing abilities, GIS mapping abilities, and my design process. The work to your left is a detailed site plan that was an experimental exercise to see how different surfaces like wood, brick,and stone work with each other.


ARCHITECTURAL RENDERINGS high school work (2009-2010)



graphic phone renderings (2010) The following are graphic phone renderings done in Adobe Illustrator using only the pen tool and gradients.


P E R S P E C T I V E D R AW I N G S Perspective drawings are essential to the final designs of plans. It is important that the client has a sense of place when looking at the final designs. Perspective drawings give your work life and allow the client to see your designs through their perspective. Shown above is a perspective drawing done from photographs of a street view in Clifton, Ohio. The rendering to your right is a study of a commercial building in downtown Cincinnati.


LANDSCAPE SITE PLANS Depicted in great detail on this page are three residential landscape designs. The design in the far right corner is an experimental study of how different surfaces and materials are rendered together. In the bottom right corner we have a landscape design for architecture professor David Lee Smith. Professor Smith desires a front yard where he and his wife can sit and enjoy their beautiful vegetation. My design incorporates windy paths from their front door, side door, the street, and the driveway. In the residential design directly below I incorporate a pool, hot tub, and a shaded area on the east side of the property. I designed a dramatic walkway that slowly escalates up to the home’s entrance for pure aesthetics.



university heights

University Heights is a small district in the city of Cincinnati. The University of Cincinnati makes up most of University Heights along with a business district, a high school, a hospital, and several blocks of residential housing. Here we have a demographic analysis of the area with maps showing the ranges of density, race, vacancy, and tenure. South of the University is the most densely populated area but also has the highest levels of vacancy and lowest levels of tenure.


C O N T E X T U A L A N A LY S I S university heights

Based on the contextual analysis of the area, you can conclude that the University’s campus dominates the area and acts as an anchor for the surrounding businesses. The land use map depicts how concentrated the business district is compared to the size of the University’s campus. To the west of the university is a hospital and a high school. The large number of vacant properties in the middle of the business district adjacent to a college campus raises safety concerns. With this analysis, we can figure out what possible design solutions can make this area safer and lower the levels of vacant properties.


C O N N E C T I V I T Y A N D C I R C U L AT I O N A N A LY S E S university heights

The map below shows the connectivity of University Heights. The nodes show the hot spots of pedestrian activity. The green arrows show the flow of pedestrian activity throughout the day; which happen to be college students. The blue arrows show the flow of automotive activity. The landmarks include McMicken Hall, an icon for the University of Cincinnati and Hughes High School. This map shows how the educational buildings, the football stadium, the commercial corridor, and public buildings connect with the surrounding student population.

This circulation map makes distinctions between the different types of streets in University Heights. Within this radius, there is constant circulation, both pedestrian and automotive. Moving forward with the design process, the objective is to bring more pedestrian activity through the business district. 10

U R B A N PA R K D E S I G N university square master plan This two person group project focused on redesigning a strip of land that would improve a communities connectivity. We believe this plan solves many of University Heights issues. The GIS map on your right shows the selected area for development. This strip of land is located just across the street of the University of Cincinnati and could be utilized in a more successful way to better the communities safety and connectivity. This strip of land is currently vacant and poses safety issues for students crossing over to walk home at night from campus. This area is known for its crime and I believe the proposed site plan shown below would bring connectivity to the area all year around. This new design incorporates two well-lit public parks on either side of the plan, a movie theater, a putt-putt course, a small scale mall, and a business corridor in the center that opens up to a beautiful, pedestrian courtyard. This design focuses not only on bringing college kids into the area with a movie theater and putt-putt course, but also be a family-friendly area with two parks on either side of the design.


U R B A N PA R K D E S I G N detailed master plan

Here we have a further detailed representation of the University Square Park Design. This color enhanced plan pieces together the details of our vision for this muti-use/transitional development. Below are three screen shots of a 3D model that was done in Google Sketch Up of our design. These 3D views show in further detail our putt-putt course and a small amphitheater on the east side of our design. We in vision a space that is family-friendly during the day with our public parks and commercial shopping. At night time we in vision this space becoming a hub of activity for college kids with night-life and a movie theater. Having the shops open from both the street and the inner courtyard creates a public space away from the busy street for better social interaction. This design would bring people in from all around University Heights and create a functional, social, and safe gateway between the University’s campus and the residential homes.


RESIDENTIAL MODEL Here we have a Google Sketch Up rendering of the typical homes in the subject community, Clifton, which abuts the University of Cincinnati. These renderings quickly communicate the architectural style, character, and lifestyle of Clifton, Ohio. Two-story residential homes like this one can be seen all throughout Cincinnati. These renderings readily communicate the lasting affect that architecture has upon a residential neighborhood.


COMMERCIAL MODEL Here we have a Google Sketch Up rendering of a commercial building along the business corridor of University Heights. Here we see a building that has architectural elements that are Italian in origin. This building is an excellent example of Cincinnati’s deep tradition of Italian influence. Preservation of the Italian influence maintains a link with the past while providing an architectural base for future design.


D E V O U PA R K land use analysis

This two person group project focuses on redesigning a portion of Devou Park in Covington, Kentucky. The first step of our design process was to contextually analyze the surrounding area. Shown on the right is a hand-drawn location map depicting the surrounding counties and major roads leading into the park. The map below depicts the land use of the surrounding counties. The area surrounding Devou Park is primarily residential. The goal of this project is to come up with a new-urbanist design that is sustainable, respects the park’s natural topography, and brings life to the community.


D E V O U PA R K topographic analysis

suitability analysis

Devou Park is very organic with its natural terrain and windy roads. The map below depicts the levels of elevation of Devou Park. The highest points of the park are rendered the lightest color and the lowest areas are rendered the darkest color. The ridge lines and swales tell us which areas are hazardous and most prone to flooding. The park is scattered with plateaus, making it home to breath-taking views of downtown Cincinnati.

Devou’s extreme topography presents several questions on how and where to develop. Our topographic analysis led us into finding the most suitable areas for development. The map below depicts a range of suitability. The flattest and most suitable areas for development happen to be the parks plateaus. Our suitability map closely mocks our topographic map because the areas of lowest elevation are hazardous and prone to flood.



current street layout Devou Park’s current street layout is concentrated on the east side of the park due to the more level terrain. The street map below shows the highway, the major arterials roads which run through the swales of the park, the smaller collector roads, and the even smaller local roads. As you can gather from the topo lines, all of the roads follow the natural organic flow of the terrain. Moving forward with our own street design, it is important that we act as stewards to the land and follow the natural topography, similar to how these current roads are designed.

proposed street design


The map above shows our vision of what a new street network would look like the if park was turned into a giant subdivision. In order for our new street design to be sustainable and not damage the parks natural terrain, our streets took an organic, web-like shape. Neither a traditional grid or radial street pattern would work with this terrain. The grid street pattern is evident in the flatter parts of the park. We in vision the park to have several neighborhoods that are isolated from one another in order to avoid congestion. At the same time these neighborhoods would be connected through an extensive system of walking/biking trails. The streets are designed to be cohesive with not only a traditional subdivision but also the natural beauty of the park.

D E V O U PA R K H O U S I N G D E V E L O P M E N T conceptual master plan

Legend Mixed Use Plaza Single Family Homes -Small: S1- S11 -Medium: M1- M8

This conceptual master plan focuses on a specific strip of land on the west side of Devou Park. The housing development is centered around a mixed use plaza. The plaza spans two blocks of mixed use L-shaped apartment complexes that enclose green space for public use. This plan has designated areas for off-street parking for the recreation center, the mixed use plaza, and the public green space. The residential single-family lots are shown in yellow.

-Large: L1- L10

Townhomes - T1- T23 Park/ Open Space Forrest Recreation Center Parking -On Street


Site Area: 2,591,200 ft. sq. Total Parking Spaces: 130 Townhomes: 23 Large Lots: 10 Medium Lots: 8

Small Lots: 11 Parks: 3 Areas of Parking: 5 Recreation Center: 1 Mixed Use Plaza: 1

On the west side of our design, is a complex of townhomes rendered in brown. These townhomes are designed around a public green space and a recreation center. Adjacent to the plaza is a public park, which is located in the center of our single family development.

D E V O U PA R K HOUSING DEVELOPMENT mixed-use plaza design Our Devou Park housing development is centered around a mixed-use plaza that would serve as the center for activity for the development. To your right you see a further detailed representation of what we in vision this plaza to look like. This mixed use center serves as a residential, public, and commercial multi-functional space. The plaza would have small local businesses on the first floor and have apartments on the second and third stories. As for parking, there are on and off-street options. The on-steet parking spans all the way around the plaza. The off-street parking is located right off of the south complex. The plaza encloses brick pathways that open up into vegetated green space. The plaza’s multifunctional properties draw people in and overall connect the residents with the surrounding area


D E V O U PA R K HOUSING DEVELOPMENT community park design Shown in detail to your right is the main public park of our housing development. The central location of this park and its functions makes it a hub for connectivity. Located adjacent to the mixed use plaza, it is a perfect place for public events. The pavilion on the east side of the park is the highest point and gives the residents a great view of their new community. The park slopes down to the west where there is a stage. This slope serves as great seating and provides the perfect environment for the stage to be utilized for concerts or other public events.


D E V O U PA R K HOUSING DEVELOPMENT neighborhood design Shown in great detail to your right are typical single family housing blocks of our design. There are a variety of small, medium, and large lot sizes because we intend to attract homeowners with different levels of income to our development. We make it a priority to include pocket parks every few blocks of development to give our residents a public open space to share with their neighbors to encourage a socially connected community. The organic grid pattern of the parcels and streets is evident in this design. Below is the typical street sections of our development. Our large arterial roads have bike lanes to encourage an active and healthy community. The goal is to design a sustainable neighborhood that fits the needs of our residents without destroying the integrity of the environment.



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