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Espresso, please!

I always look on the bright side of life.

I’ve driven the length and breadth of Australia to explore my country. The Australian Outback is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been all my travels.

About Jake

I am Australian

I studied philosophy and history at Sydney University

I value aspiration, audacity, curiosity and humility I play Beach Volleyball and Squash

I believe the world would be a better place if it were more open and collaborative.

I love the philosophy of Peanuts comics

I ‘m a regular blood donor

I’m teaching myself to play the piano

I’ve led and been part of teams that are culturally, philosophically and academically diverse.

Sydney is my home

My favourite brands are Moleskine, Google & the ABC

I’m a trained barista

I’m 26 years old

I’m at my best when I have an important question to explore.

I’m driven by a will to impact the world

I’ve travelled to 28 countries across 6 continents. I’ve worked in and managed virtual teams I’ve lived and worked in Australia, Latvia, the Netherlands and Uganda

My homepage is Wikipedia

A lecture by Edward de Bono first inspired me to explore innovation and creativity.


MY BACKGROUND & EXPERIENCE Within a few weeks of starting university I’d found a home at the School of Philosophy. I was instantly drawn to the big questions, the quest to question, to understand and to connect. My study of philosophy has trained me to make connections between ideas at both a conceptual and practical level. This allows me to see the big picture and valuable emerging outcomes. Philosophy has been an education in connecting the big picture.

I supported an international network of young people to co-create, design and launch a mid-term organisational vision, utilising collaborative social technologies and implementing design thinking methodologies. My AIESEC Experience taught me how to lead through collaboration.


At university, I joined AIESEC, where I developed hands-on experience in managing a social business. I worked at a city, national & international level to provide enriching membership experiences.


MY BACKGROUND & EXPERIENCE At 15, I started work at my local McDonald’s store, serving on the front counter and in McCafe. In my 6 years, I enjoyed making people feel welcome and comfortable in our store, which was recognised by my customers and managers. My experience included customer and internally facing roles, giving me practical grounding in how to manage systems and people to deliver exceptional customer experiences. My career at McDonalds was an education in customer service.

Working with and trusting groups of my peers, I learnt to rely on my intuition, face challenging and frightening situations and to appreciate the wonder and beauty of the natural world.

My life as a Scout taught me to be resourceful and independent.


For 12 of my first 18 years, I was a Scout. From an early age I would trek the Australian bush, building a sense of adventure, a strong independent streak, and a willingness to tread unknown paths.

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About Jake  

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