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Inevitable Dilemma From experience, some of us have the unique ability to spot bad things before they happen. We can see the signs knowing it is just a matter of time before things fall apart. Sometimes even though we see bad coming there is no way we can stop the train. The situation has deteriorated so much that anything we do would be futile. Often these are the most frustrating moments of our lives. The train is going full steam ahead and about to derail but we can't stop it; we just have to sit and watch it happen. This is what I call the "inevitable dilemma", we really would like to change the situation or solve the problem however it is either not within our power or out of our reach. We could contemplate all day thinking how things got that bad but the fact is it is already there so now we have to clean up the mess and put things back together. Enduring an episode of "inevitable dilemma" is nerve wrecking, we find ourselves getting preoccupied with the instance because we feel responsible for correcting it. We rather die trying than not to try at all. Though the situation is out of our control, we often feel guilty for not being able to intervene and change the course. Maybe these cases are indications that we need to refrain from meddling, allow others to do their job, and hold them accountable. Sometimes we think we have to possess the answers for every situation likewise feel compelled to take responsibility for everyone else's issues. No wonder why things go bad; we relieve people of their responsibilities, therefore as long as we are around everything runs okay but when we are absent things fall apart. "Inevitable dilemmas" ought to teach us something; they tell us we are not paying close enough attention, following up after delegating, holding people accountable for their actions, and putting emphasis where it is needed. In some cases these predicaments make apparent inadequacies, ignorance, and complacency, identifying places and people in organizations that need extra focus. Like most people, I do like having control over situations I am involved in however sometimes it is not possible nevertheless I always learn something from the experience. I realize areas that I can improve and opportunities I can exploit. There is good in seeing an "inevitable dilemma" play out; it is a wakeup call for most of us. These circumstances expose our vulnerabilities and identify areas for improvement but at the same time give us a second chance to get it right highlighting our determination, passion, and leadership.

Inevitable dilemma  
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