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Jacob Brown University of Oregon, B.ARCH Expected Graduation: June 2020 01.13.20

Indonesian Pavilion


2017; Vertical Design Studio

Finley Wildlife Refuge Center


2018; Vertical Design Studio

Urban Grit in Springfield


2019; Vertical Design Studio

Structural Exploration of a Truss


2018; Structures Project

Swansong School of Architecture


2018; Vertical Design Studio

Urban Design in Barcelona


2017: Study Abroad Program

JO + OZ Elevation Matrix


2016; Summer Internship

Lents Pedway Diptych 2016; Summer Internship


Jacob Brown Certified Passive House Consultant and Architectural Designer 503-729-7135 Portland, OR 97232

Work Experience Managing Lab Assistant | Baker Lighting Lab, University of Oregon Eugene, Oregon

1/2018 - 6/2019

Teaching Assistant | ARCH 222 Digital Design Media; Prof. Speranza Eugene, Oregon

4/2019 - 6/2019

Event Support Crew | Scheduling and Event Services, Erb Memorial Union Eugene, Oregon

6/2018 - 6/2019

Canoe Rental Assistant | Northwest Canoe Tours Eugene, Oregon

6/2018 - 9/2018

Summer Intern | Ankrom Moisan Architects Portland, Oregon

Summers of 2015, 2016

Education University of Oregon: Bachelor of Architecture; Minor in Planning, Public Policy and Management

Class of 2020

GEO Urban Design in Barcelona Professor Philip Speranza

Summer 2017

Central Catholic High School Portland, Oregon

Class of 2015

Extracurriculars AIAS University of Oregon | Historian Kitchen Sync Magazine | Design Editor A.C.E. Mentorship Program | Portland, Oregon Summer Architecture Academy | University of Oregon Soccer Referee | PYSA, OPL, OYSA

3/2017 - 3/2018 12/2017 - 12-2018 12/2013 - 6/2015 July 2014 7/2011 - 12/2016

Indonesian Pavilion; La Biennale Di Venezia Bamboo is bent, fluted and joined to create flexible pavilion spaces reflecting the spatial organization of the vernacular Batak architecture of Northern Sumatra. i: section through small gallery; ii: section through main gallery; iii: cross section

descending from the main gallery

1i: arrival at the secondary gallery ii: rising into the main gallery

1i: first floor plan ii: second floor plan

Finley Wildlife Education Center; Corvallis, Oregon Organized around an overlook, a set of three buildings allow students and visitors to learn, experience and enjoy the wildlife and protected nature on display at the reserve. i: dining hall section looking west ii: dining hall section looking south

i: dining hall plan

i: dormitory first floor plan ii: dormitory second floor plan

i: dormitory cross section looking north

Pioneer Parkway

t r ee t MIill S

B Street

A Street

Main Street

S A Street

SITE PLAN SCALE: 1/32” = 1’

Mixed-Use Residential in Springfield (in progress)

Springfield is on the rise. Cultural and economic forces are driving a renaissance along the once sleepy Main Street. This mixed-use CLT development would offer office, retail and residential units adjacent to the Willamette River. SECTION A

scale: 1/8” = 1’-0”

i. site plan ii. site forces diagram

Structural Analysis of a Truss The truss was designed to clearly express the distribution of forces as well as come together with clean and simple connections that concentrates attention on the crossing of the 2x6 douglas fir chords and the 1/2� steel tension cables. i: exploded axonometric expressing truss assembly

Swansong School of Architecture The new school of architecture looks to create an urban gateway on the University Street corridor. Sunken corridors and narrow wings provide a light filled environment and flexible outdoor spaces for faculty, students and visitors alike. i: sections moving from North to South showing the variety of vertical space created

program diagram i. the basement level is penetrated by sunken courtyards providing a quaint atmosphere for research under the bustle of university street. ii. the ground level places galleries and gathering spaces along the street students are pulled into the double height openings and through these social spaces and multi-level courtyards to make their way to class. iii. the third, fourth and fifth floor look to juxtapose open plan studios with faculty offices to enhance the ever-lasting dialogue between faculty and student

Urban Design in Barcelona Barcelona’s Superilles pose an interesting idea on how we can reallocate our city spaces to serve people first. Through data collecting and studying Eixample blocks, the pilot superille and plazas in Granada we came up with a parametric urban design tool to respond to the existing attributes of the city. i: urban design tool methodology ii: Urban Environment data map iii: test superilla area

i: Granada study plazas ii: map of the Granada plazas in the Albacin district iii: iterations of Granada data maps

JO + OZ Elevation Matrix A complete series of elevations were created for the design development of the JO + OZ mixed use housing development in NW Portland. 1st row: overall elevations showing both buildings side by side 2nd & 3rd row: exterior elevations showing the buildings individually 4th & 5th row: interior courtyard elevations with buildings poched in grey

Lents Pedway Diptych Two renderings weere produced from opposite sides of a proposed pedway to express the potential use and feel of the space. Included in a package for design review.

Jacob Brown 503.729.7135

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Jacob Brown Portfolio of Selected Works  

Work completed between 2016-2019. Current B.ARCH student at the University of Oregon.

Jacob Brown Portfolio of Selected Works  

Work completed between 2016-2019. Current B.ARCH student at the University of Oregon.