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Business: Alaska based commuter airline Branding Goal: Strong state representation with powerful colors. New logo must have the flexibility to go on airplanes, hats, signs, T-shirts etc...

Business: National Real Estate Broker. Branding Goal: Fresh logo identity which represents prosperity Website:

Business: Established local Real Estate Broker Branding Goal: Redesign of out dated logo into something current and fresh to support a new recruiting effort.

Business: Football training system. Branding Goal: Create an energetic image to represent the training style of the Air One Football Academy team.

Business: Small community mortgage bank. Branding Goal: “New Light On Lending” a fresh perspective on mortgage banking. Website:

Business: Motocross Sport Facility & Apparel. Branding Goal: Combine corporate professional with grunge athletic.

Business: Family owned restaurant Italian Dining. Branding Goal: Fresh food look with symbolic “G” for signs, wine labels and local promotional materials.

Business: Professional photographer. Branding Goal: A reflection of the stone that inspired the name. A Tibetan Heaven’s Eye bead is an iconic symbol of the client experience. Website:

Business: Local law practice that specializes in personal injury and traffic violations. Branding Goal: Use the initials of the practicing partner to create a symbol for the practice. This symbol will help promote other fields of law.

Business: Residential Mortgage Bank. Branding Goal: Sydion branded operational technology. Use the Sydion color scheme and imagery to create SMART which brands their proprietary software. Website:

Business: Hill Renovations creates top of the line landscaping designs. Branding Goal: Create a logo and a symbol that represents the owner in a professional manner. Combine elements of water, rock, wood and foliage to depict their design creativity.

Business: The Pretzel Chef sells their product at community events and now in boutique grocery stores. Branding Goal: Illustrate the unique pretzel shape. Logo should have a feminine feeling to it.

Business: Deep 3 Sportswear sells basketball uniforms and casual apparel. Branding Goal: Hip, clean lines to attacked a young demographic. Website: Business: The Townsend Group is a division of Keller Williams Real Estate. Branding Goal: Team brand should represent top of the line homes and include the specialty black real estate sign.

Business: Dirty Boxer is a Mixed Martial Arts apparel and equipment brand. Branding Goal: Reflect the unique fighting style of owner and fighter Matt Lindland. Website:

Business: A new nightclub and lounge bar located in the city of Portland Oregon Branding Goal: Create a brand that is very sleek and sexy. Something that is similar to the nightclubs of Las Vegas.

Business: Heaven’s Eye Photography Specs: 2-sided, Full Color, Plastic Card

Business: Northwest Accounting &Tax Specs: 2-sided, Full Color, UV Coated 80#

Business: Envy Lounge Specs: 2-sided, Full Color, UV Coated on 1 Side

Business: Rinnovare Wellness Center Specs: 2-sided, 2 color, Matted 100#

Business: First Pacific Mortgage Specs: 2-sided, Full Color, UV Coated 80#

Business: Valuation Logistics Specs: 2-sided, 2 color, UV Coated 100#

Graphic Design Samples  

See what ProSource Marketing Solutions has done to enhance the image of many companies like yours.

Graphic Design Samples  

See what ProSource Marketing Solutions has done to enhance the image of many companies like yours.