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Nissin Cup of Noodles Brief: Started in 1948 Japan as a small family business, Nissin quickly grew into an international sensations. The simple yet popular food staple grew based on its low price point and ease of preparation. Initially seen as a bad investment in its early days of operation in Japan, Nissin now has 21,900 employees, enjoys net sales of over $3.2 billion per year, operates 29 plants in 11 countries, and its products sold worldwide.

Target: The target market has generally been low income households, college students and young single adults. While the product price-point would allow us to continue to target these markets, a new – higher quality package design would allow us to move the product into middle income households as well as gaining some ground with busy business professionals.

Plan: I feel that to differentiate itself

from other ‘inexpensive’ noodle meals, Nissin should focus on its heritage in both packaging and in product naming. If slight recipe alterations are needed to emphasize the Asian history of the company, those recipes should be represented in the flavor name. Also, the outer case and inner Styrofoam cup should be combined in some way to minimize on packaging waste. Colors overall should be simplified to blacks whites with single emphasis colors; outside of the product image itself. The Nissin logo is effective, a noodle bowl with the Nissin name printed on the front, but needs to be updated. Lastly, no preset icons or shapes should be used (the ‘scroll’ in the upper right corner is an example of this). Again, to represent the idea of the companies Asian heritage and history, the big idea will be; “2000 years, 8000 miles in 30 seconds…” Signifying some of the history of noodle dishes in Asia (Japan) the distance to travel from middle America to Japan, and the time it takes for your Nissin Noodles to cook.

Font: Berlin Sans FB Demi: Bold Use for titles, logos, and headers.

Bell MT Use for body text and general use.

Sizing should be appropriate for the media where the font is present. Consistent use of font, following these guidlines, will allow for a cohesive design that is solid on all fronts. New copy will be used to promote the flavors of the Nissin product. Product packaging will reflect this new direction.

Colors: Spicy Red

R|G|B : 217|37|4 C|M|Y|K : 9|97|100|2 Pantone: DS 60-1 U Hex: da2605

Sour Green

R|G|B : 142|255|14 C|M|Y|K : 38|0|79|0 Pantone: DS 294-1 U Hex: 98ff72


R|G|B : 0|0|0 C|M|Y|K : 75|67|68|90 Pantone: Process Black U Hex: 000000


R|G|B : 164|173|172 C|M|Y|K : 37|25|29|0 Pantone: DS 326-6 U Hex: 9facaa

Logo: The logos will use both Spicy Red and Sour Green to represent the two primary flavor lines. Simplicity is the goal with both the design and the new packaging. The logos will appear once on packaging and once on any advertisments (the two flavor lines will be advertised in a “YingYang� fashion). The logo may be over-sized, but must wrap to show the whole logo. For any letterhead printing or printing that does not allow for color, a greyscale logo may be used.

Old Logo:

The logo may also be used flipped vertically or horizontally as the name of the brand reads the same no matter the direction.

New Logos:






A class project redesign, Nissin is a brand that though widely recognized, is in need of an update. A new logo, new packaging, and a shift i...


A class project redesign, Nissin is a brand that though widely recognized, is in need of an update. A new logo, new packaging, and a shift i...