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Jacob J. Shilling Creative Planner Digital Strategist

Creativity requires risk, investment, and dangerous optimism

Tanner Goods Consumers are no longer satisfied with simply wearing logos. At their heart, most brands can be assigned a set of values. These value sets allow customers to truly connect with a brand because they are able to reflect their persona in a vastly new way. Some brands are persuasive enough to dictate their values, but most are dependent on their target audience to do this for them. Tanner Goods is a Portland-based leather tannery that handcrafts belts, wallets, and bags. The process and tools Tanner uses to create its products are the same that have been used for hundreds of years. Tanner’s products clearly reflect the values of authenticity, craftsmanship, and heritage. It is not a brand built on mistique or intrigue, but rather a brand that is known by the quality of its product.

In the spring of 2010, strategic writer Gabe Toth-Fejel and I created a brand book for Tanner Goods. This consisted of a photographic look into how Tanner belts truly mirror their owners.

New Agency Model Advertising agencies shoud look to Open-Space Technology (OST) to reinvent the creative process. OST is an approach for hosting meetings and conferences focused on solving a particular problem —but beginning with only an overall purpose or theme.

OST works best when four criteria are met: 1. A complex issue which no single person can solve alone 2. A highly diverse group of skilled individuals 3. Real conflict stemming from genuine care about the issue 4. A high level urgency

Issue related topics are discussed in small groups with genuine want for contribution by all members. This open call for participation breaks down typical barriers to communication and allows ideas to flow freely and efficiently.

Initial confrence held with open invitation c N pl om ot e a n pi s a n e le r b rs d a e r i be nd g in ef

Strategy is defined and brief is comleted ip o h t rs ef nd e d ri co a b e e L es e s me us cid he t de C re t ex e ati st ec am ve ra u te tes gy

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Second conference held, strategic invites only

Agency pitches Agency acquires completed new work or work client

BIC BiC Lighters are seen as dangerous objects that are more trinket than tool. BiC will rekindle humanity’s relationship with fire by reminding them that fire is man’s ultimate utility. Our execution of this strategy will empower people and demonstrate what it means to Carry the Flame. BiC will give citizens the ability to Carry the Flame to families across the U.S. by raising money for the National Fuel Fund Network.

Is a living room livable when it’s

This winter 36,000 Chicago households won’t be able to afford heat utilities. Help keep these homes warm by visting

Or TXT “BIC” to 51210 to donate $5 right now


BiC will finance the installation of heaters in branded public transitstops in some of our coldest urban environments – Chicago, IL; St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN; and New York City, NY. BiC provide outdoor heaters near cold places that people congregate, such as outside bars and along heavily trafficked sidewalks. This work, a collaboration between strategic writer Gabe Toth-Fejel and I was originally displayed at the One Show student exhibit as a brand process poster.

Dark Horse Comics In the spring of 2010, I participated in a Mobile Media Development class at the University of Oregon. Our group was tasked with creating an application for Dark Horse Comics, the third largest American comic book publisher. One of Dark Horse’s biggest competitors, Marvel Comics, has created an app that is a selling point for Apple’s iPad. Dark Horse, known for its indi vibe, is continuing to fall behind by stumpling through transition to the digital era. This app solves that problem while continuing to increase loyalty and readership.

The home screen works similarly to iBooks. Your purchased and created comics are available to read with a simple tap. A revolving banner provides quick access to additional experiences with the DH brand.

DIY Dark Horse provides

fans with a platform to participate in the stories they love. Users drag characters, settings, and objects into frames, place text bubbles, and build stories using the numerous canons of the DH universe.

Jacob J. Shilling


Creative Planner Digital Strategist

University of Oregon Journalism: Advertising, June 2010 Minors in Business Administration and Multimedia Arts Creative UNconference, New York City, NY Participant + Note-Taker, May 2010 • Discussed the evolution of multiple schools of creativity with industry members and educators • Introduced to the concept of “Open-Space Technology” 72andSunny Workshop, Portland, OR April 2010 • Collaborated with students from Product Design and Digital Arts on two creative briefs presented by Glenn Cole of 72andSunny Allen Hall Advertising, University of Oregon Account Director, Sept. 2009 - June 2010 • Assembled a creative team tasked with building a brand culture for the UO Baseball team • Conducted focus groups, research visits and interviews with various stakeholders • Facilitated communication between disparate athletic and academic departments FLUX Magazine, University of Oregon Executive Publisher, Sept. 2009 - April 2010 • Redirected FLUX brand from an annual print magazine to a continuous online publication through the use of social media and interactive content • Produced all marketing efforts for the publication, including publicity events World of Warcraft, Azeroth Level 80 Tauren Shaman, Sept. 2005 - July 2009 (on and off) • Devised and implemented highly succesful tactics in order to overcome incredible odds • Utilized a group of highly-motivated individuals to accomplish tasks none could complete alone JOBS The Home Depot, Eugene, OR

Sales Associate, Jan. 2007 – June 2007, May 2008 – June 2009

Napa Auto Parts, Wilsonville, OR

Sales Associate, June 2006 – Sept. 2007 (summers)

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