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HUMANS IN THE OCEAN An exploration in the emergence of the human (society) in blue-chip nature documentaries


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“our ocean”

Common Critique:

Blue-Chip documentaries typically portray nature as nonh

human. Humans are absent; nature is untouched.

Liminal Animals:

• Free-living nonhuman animals in human societies. • Not “wild,” not domesticated. • What does justice look like for them?


• How might our depictions of nature be doctored, altered, edited, and constructed in unnatural ways?

Speciesism in Media:

• Even in documentaries where humans are absent, they are still represented as saviors and ideals.


To examine the progress nature documentary epi between human and non to understand how they portrayals of nature as u or spieciesist and coloni as saviors for nonhuman dominant species on the

sive steps made in these isodes to close the gap nhuman animals and maintain either false untouched by humans, ialist ideals of humans n animals and as the e Earth.

Nonhumans in Cities  
Nonhumans in Cities