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Samsung Galaxy S4 Innovative Details and Specs for a Life Companion Phone The rise of Samsung Galaxy series Samsung Electronics got the knack for offering phones with innovative features. This has been proven when the electronic company made a debut on Samsung phones that let people talk wirelessly and send messages over great distances. Samsung Electronics has for years modeled and made phones that could compete with the likes of Apple, LG and Nokia. It was then that when Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy series that their company became one of the fastest selling phone companies along with Apple and LG. The Galaxy series are series of phone with smart phone capability and full packed features which are ideal for work, business and study. The Samsung Galaxy S-4 Among the high ends Android smart phones of Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S-4 was unveiled to be the fastest selling phones of Samsung in the year 2013. It was unveiled on March 13, the same year and succeeded in contesting its predecessor the Samsung Galaxy S III. It was made available to 155 countries in April 2013 and made a staggering 20 million Samsung Galaxy S4 units sold within two months after its initial launch making it the first in the Samsungs history. Samsung Galaxy s4 specifications The Android smart phone has three parts hardware, software and the updates. Here are the specifications of the phone. Hardware Screen features 5inch PenTile RGBG Full HD Super AMOLED screen (441 px/inch) and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Internal Storage rages from 16GB, 32GB, or 64 GB with microSD card slot for up to 64GB supplemental Multiband LTE transceiver and infrared LED NFC connectivity, SIM Card and wireless charging MicroUSB port Keys for Volume, home button, and lock/power keys 3.6 mm headphone jack, infrared blaster and primary and secondary mic 13 megapixel camera lends and LED flash and loudspeaker Software TouchWiz Nature Eye tracking Smart Scroll, Smart Pause, Air View and Group Play Knox suite Updated features for camera which includes PinP effect, Sound Shot, Animated Photo and Drama. S Translator, S Health and S Voice Drive Software Update OTA updates Differences and variations in countries There are variations for every country and region in which the phone was displayed and distributed. One factor which affects the variation is the cellular operator taking hold of the dealership of the phone and the connection that these phones are capable of. In one variation, 2G and 3G vary much and while some do not have the LTE features.

Notable versions In the late July 2013, a Samsung Galaxys-4 was released featuring an Optical Zoom 10x with f/3.1 to 6.3 plus optical image stabilizer and xenon flash mode. It was considered a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini because of some short end capabilities. Another version if the Samsung Galaxy S-4 Active, an active variant of Galaxy S4 which is dust-proof, water resistant and held in a IP 67 case, hardware buttons and 8MP camera plus the same software as of the SGH-1337 on AT&T.

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Samsung Electronics got the knack for offering phones with innovative features.