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CALLING ALL INTERNS! “Interning at Speak! magazine has been so much fun. I’ve written articles on a range of topics and I feel it has broadened my knowledge. I also learned so much about journalism, the importance of networking and how to overcome procrastinating on work (you need to avoid it to keep up!). One of the best aspects of interning is covering fun events that I wouldn’t have access to otherwise. Anyone who enjoys writing and is outgoing will fit right in. Plus, the flexible working hours aren’t so bad!” Darleen Dumaguin, 18, Speak! Intern

Here’s your chance to join the Speak! team. We are seeking bright, talented and motivated young writers to be part of our magazine’s editorial team! You will get the chance to write, and also learn the ins and outs of putting together a youth magazine at Indonesia’s leading English-language media. To apply, send your CV and a sample of your unedited writing, in English, to Don’t forget to tell us why you’ll be an amazing addition to our team.

Look forward to hearing from you!




Looking Back

nd of t he the glo year is alway s o But if I’ my vibe that an emotiona l time fo m bein co m e s g hone me r me. I with th like to st, it is ec I get to nostalgic. put m ostly b ooler, rainy thinkin and ba Decem it down to e g c a a u b se the out all d, and ber w end of th Ir happe the ye eather. ned w ealize how t e stuff I expe ar mak ime pa ill prob r ie (don’t n ce d es s ably n cr y e ever h ses by so quic over the pas Well, m ver ybody!). a t k p y ly p e e . a A n r, emor n d h ow both g again, oppos ood and th a ite; th ies don’t ha at kind ll the things So that ey should b ve to be dep t h at o f m a e r essing kes me reason can mo ’s what we’re like tha for ce sad ve on t d t. In fac o the n oing this mo lebration! mome t , t hey sh n t h : ce ext. In nts fro ould b m the lebratin markin (page 2 e the past g th g th 4 (page 6 ). A few stude 12 months (p e end of 201 e end of one 3, we t nts also 6). c age 22 h a p te r alk ), share t We are heir be as well as th about some so we most fa s e pivo t with th p a e n o d wors miliar e t exper ple behind t tal with S (Before big voice. Bu p hem ie e n a c k es from !’s Dec t Foreve ember college r) singe read our exc We als c lu r o s a v native o have a cybe nd you’ll see ive inter view er star Sher ina sh ta r w adjustin lks about th sitdown with e’s much mo ith the Sebelu as the girl re than e bigg MT V ’s g to life m Sela r e a e manya st crow sident pop cli in Sing Speakin V c d a h J p é (pa h A g o e la re o f m ov n has ev Orlean ing pla (page 56). er face Wong. The C ge 28). s and ces, Lid a d (15,0 takes u M at a h ya S 00 peo lifornias b ar i ple!) a to stay Kesadaran in eyond the c ophiani reme nd safe ity ’s vest mbers her brie We tha and sober on igates the pe soulful sou f n v r n d is il N k s s of pa it to N ew Yea all our (page withou r tying, e r ’s Ev rea t and sh 46). Meanw w plenty you guys! W ders for stick e (page 60). a hile, r e s impo e hope of excit ing wit r tant tip ing th you a h us th If there s is past is anyt ings in store ren’t bored y hi afte e a h w n r in it e – g you xt year. h us ju r the lo w e ’r e wa nt t st yet, n ng holi us a lin o get becaus othing da e e we g photos on Facebook ys, send an e off your che ot mail to st, or if w (Speak m See yo ith us on Ins s u in 20 tagram ag) or Twitt peak@theja you just wan k 14, pee er (sp3 t (Speak XOXO, akmag ar to say ps! magz)! z). Don , or dro ’t forge p t to s h are Natas ha Ish ak



13 ER’ B EM DEC / #17


Memorable Moments

Eleven memorable happenings that defined 2013.

Intro 12 YouthSpeak Four students share their pearls of wisdom from this year’s highs and lows.

14 Real Talk Alanda Kariza channels her favorite song in braving her fears.

16 What’s On A look at highlights from the small screen.

Pop Culture 20 Settle Down In this month: a superhero, self- reflection and a funny take on death.

46 The Big Easy Enjoying the lively vibe and delicious food of New Orleans.

56 Man About Town MTV VJ Alan Wong is playing a new tune.

28 6

Getting Creative

Teen idol Sherina Munaf sheds her pop-princess image to show her quirkier side.

Jl. Palmerah Barat no. 142 – 143 Jakarta 10270 Telphone: (+62 21) 5300476, 5300478 Fax: (+62 21) 5350050, 5306971 Email:

Lifestyle 33 Clean Slate Acne problems? Maybe you’ve been using the wrong facial cleanser.

41 Old and New A quirky take on a vintage-

inspired look.

44 Preppy Fun Anabela Verda of Argyle & Oxford lets us in on the brand’s fashion cred.



It’s a Party

Try these gorgeous outfit ideas for the year’s big bash.

60 Party Animal A little party never hurt

nobody… really?

62 Love All Around How to be a good girlfriend while being a good girl friend.

64 Greener Pastures Golfer Marcella Pranovia shares her secret for staying on par.


Our favorite parts from CNBlue’s Jakarta concert; you don’t wanna miss this!


48 In the Pan

Two foodie joints for a spoonful of fried rice.


behind the scenes T E A M The Jakarta Post

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ON THE COVER Sherina Munaf Wardrobe: Top Rad, Necklace House of Jealouxy, Jacket and Pants Kle Photographer: Ifan Hartanto Assistant Photographer: Adrian Prasetya Hairstylist: Bhiemo Shaliem (081932300303) Make-up: Darwyn Tse (081806272417) Intern: Suka Junin Editorial Assistant: Hanna Nabila Location: KARE Indonesia Senayan City Mall, 6th Floor Jalan Asia Afrika Lot 19, Jakarta Selatan 10270, Indonesia Telp: (021) 7278 1222, Fax: (021) 7278 2270 Email:


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Lessons Learned


KHALISHA, 15, Global Jaya International School This year, I had the chance to deal with a problem that I’ve been struggling with for a while – my self-esteem. It’s something that has always bothered me, and something happened this year that made me realize I was more than what people said and thought about me. It was great, to realize that it really doesn’t matter what others think. I think this was an important lesson for me because I now look at life and myself in a much more positive light.

NICOLE D. FERNANDES, 17, Durham University EMILY JOHNSTON, 14, Highfield School My biggest lesson this year has got to be my deeper understanding of life itself, after a bitter experience with heartache. It makes up for all that’s gone, and now, I’ve completely accepted everything that has happened. I mean, why should we fear change? Change is part of nature! And nothing that accords with nature can be bad, yes? Anyways, looking back, 2013 is pretty chill after all. Namaste!

This year was my last year of high school. I graduated school with grades that I would consider pretty good after months of studying, and as a result, was accepted into my dream university. But I’d overworked so much that I fell sick during my finals. One thing it taught me was that if I worked hard enough and put in enough effort, I can achieve anything, and that school and grades do matter! But another thing it taught me was to take care of myself and prioritize my sacrifices, and to have fun with things as I go.

VIKAS MOORJANI, 18, Tarumanagara University I’ve definitely learned to be more responsible academically because I have a pretty heavy workload. I’ve learned to work efficiently in groups, to finish my work quickly and enthusiastically, and just assume a lot more responsibility in general. And then I also feel that I’ve become more independent by choosing my friends wisely, the right friends to work with and whom I can depend on since this is all a new environment for me. I guess the idea is that I’ve just become more independent, and studious as well. 12



Risky Business With the end of another year upon us, Alanda Kariza shares the most important lesson she’s learned in 2013.


s I write this, Sara Bareilles’ “Brave” plays in the background. One of my favorite verses from the tune goes something like this: “Say what you want to say/and let the words fall out/Honestly/I wanna see you be brave.” This beautiful song pretty much sums up my 2013. This year has certainly put a dent in my life and was admittedly one of the toughest years I’ve had to go through. The year’s events in a flash include me finishing university, getting my heart broken, meeting with failures and facing up to lots of insecurities, not to mention dealing with the fact that most of my friends were starting new journeys and taking different paths in life. But if 2013 has taught me one 14

Photo: Andra Alodita

good thing, it would be bravery. Throughout my 22 years, I have always been rather indecisive. Believe me when I say I’m not the spontaneous type; I rarely have the courage to take risks and make big decisions. For most of my life, for every decision I make and everything I do, I have always had to calculate the risks, costs and benefits. However, this year I learned that life doesn’t always work like that. Being an adult means having the courage to face the multiple options and consequences that lie ahead – many of which are unpredictable and out of my control. After a series of breakdowns and low points, with the help of my loved ones, I finally found the

courage to start making those big decisions in life. I’ve learned to move out of my comfort zone, to fall in love again, to write a thesis about things I am most passionate about, to sample the rat race and to hit the brakes every once in a while … the list goes on! It’s amazing what can happen when you find the courage to take risks. I believe courage is one of the most important things in life for us to hold on to. It is the foundation that allows us to create an extraordinary life for ourselves. And what better way to wrap up the year than with a newfound philosophy to live by? As the late Bruce Lee once said, “The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.” How would you like to be remembered?


POP coloumn March 13

Cult hit Veronica Mars successfully gains financial support from fans through online fundraiser Kickstarter to take the series to the big screen. In less than 11 hours, the campaign, started by creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell, surpassed the US$2 million benchmark. The movie is set for release in 2014 – seven years after the TV show’s sudden cancellation.

November 23

Following the revelation in August of the newest and 12th Doctor, UK cult series Doctor Who airs its 50th Anniversary special with former leads David Tennant and Billie Piper making an appearance.

October 13


et’s face it: The film offerings this year have been a bit disappointing, especially when you compare them to last year’s marathon of hits (The Dark Knight Rises, The Hunger Games, The Avengers… the list goes on). From the disappointing young champion stories, such as The Host and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, to superhero flops, like The Wolverine and Man of Steel, it seems that 2013 was not a good year for blockbusters (with the notable exception of Iron Man 3’s multiple record-breaking stint pre-summer). But what we missed out on in movies, we got in television. Let’s take a look at this year’s major small-screen highlights. 16

May 13

In its season eight finale, popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother reveals the all-mysterious “mother” character (played by Cristin Milioti) whom hopeless romantic Ted Mosby has been talking about for so long. Finally!

July 1

UK drama Skins comes back with its seventh and final season centered on the show’s three most popular characters: Effy Stonem, Cassie Ainsworth and James Cook. The series takes on an even darker tone as the characters enter adulthood.

September 29

The award-winning crime drama Breaking Bad says goodbye to its fans with the series finale. The final episode, titled “Felina” (an anagram of Finale), gets the highest rating of the series. Rumors of a spin-off are floating around, although nothing has been confirmed.

August 2

The highly anticipated third season of BBC’s Sherlock, starringStar Trek: Into Darkness’ Benedict Cumberbatch, generates immediate online buzz after the release of a 20-second teaser. The kicker? An official season premiere date has yet to be announced (hang in there, Sherlockians!). + Darleen Dumaguin

Photos: PBS, CBS,, CW,

We rewind to remember the biggest times of this year’s television.

The Walking Dead attracts 16.1 million viewers for its season four premiere, making it the most-watched drama series telecast in basic cable history.




Brian and Dhony challenge each other to a healthy round of pop culture trivia.


Time: 30 seconds I Prize: Bragging rights

(DS), 17, Dhony Sutriesno Geneva Art School of Decorative


What is the name of Lady Gaga’s new 2013 album? BK: Artpop DS: Artpop

Where does the sci-fi thriller Gravity take place? BK: International Space Station 7 DS: In space

K-pop songstress Lee Hi was a runner up on which reality TV show? BK: Running Man 7 DS: Sorry, I don’t know! 7 Correct answer is Survival K-Pop Star

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is the new superhero spin-off TV series of The Avengers. What does S.H.I.E.L.D stand for? BK: Some Heroes I Encounter Love Dogs? 7 DS: It’s a long one! 7 Correct answer is Supreme Headquarters, International Espionage, Law-Enforcement Division

The much anticipated movie The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug premieres this month. Who is the author behind the popular fantasy story the movie is based on? BK: J.R.R Tolkien DS: Pass 7 Which famous DJ collaborated with Paramore’s Hayley Williams on the single “Stay the Night”? BK: Zedd DS: Zedd Which Indonesian actor plays founding president Sukarno in the newly released biopic? BK: Tio Pasukadewo 7 DS: Dunno 7 Correct answer is Ario Bayu


Brian Koh (KB), 18, Boston University

Who plays the character of Jessica in the Indonesian comedy Manusia Setengah Salmon (Half-Salmon Human)? BK: I got no clue 7 DS: I don’t know! 7 Correct answer is Eriska Rein Fergie and Josh Duhamel had their first child in September. Was it a boy or a girl? BK: A boy DS: A baby boy Actress Victoria Justice got her start in acting on the TV series Victorious. On what US channel was the show aired? BK: Nickelodeon DS: Nickelodeon

Brian : 5 Dhony : 5


hot stuff



This month’s top choices include a thief, a god and an album of self-reflecting tunes. Read on for what to check out this December.

Read The Book Thief by Markus Zusak Set in Germany during World War II, The Book Thief takes on the issue of dealing with loss with the help of none other than Death itself. That’s right – Markus Zusak’s heartfelt writing turns Death’s persona into a poetic and observant narrator with (surprisingly) sympathetic and funny insight on an otherwise tragic set-up. We love leading lady Liesel Meminger’s naive

See Thor: The Dark World Chris Hemsworth does not disappoint as everyone’s favorite hammer-wielding god in this second installment of the franchise. The story picks up after Thor returns home from New York with his troubled sibling Loki, brought back by the ever-charming Tom Hiddleston. Although we adore older and wiser Thor, his new found restraint

Photos:, MTV Network, MARVEL

Hear Prism by Katy Perry Katy Perry’s follow-up to 2010’s Teenage Dream opens with the radio-hit “Roar”, yet the rest of the album doesn’t sound much like its opening track. Still, all are very Katy: simple tunes that are easy to digest and incredibly catchy on repeat. Prism carries a more vulnerable tone than her previous party jams, with the use of soft rhythms and light beats

curiosity and take-charge attitude and the wonderful friendships she has with Jewish refugee Max Vanderburg and schoolmate Rudy Steiner. Even if you are not a fan of historical fiction, this book definitely deserves a shot; it will make you laugh, cry and everything else in between. Read the book and see how it compares to the on-screen adaptation, which premiered last month. Rating: 5/5 and controlled demeanor kind of has us missing his old rough-and-tumble days. Nevertheless, there is still tons of comic relief between all the action with the return of Jane Foster (played by Natalie Portman) and her kooky science gang, as they become frenemies (friendly enemies) with Loki to fight evil forces that wish to takeover the universe. Rating: 4/5

(reminiscent of artists like Ellie Goulding and Florence Welch). Although some of the lyrics can be borderline cliché, moodier tracks, like “Dark Horse” and “Walking on Air” are still worth a listen. So while the record doesn’t do much to impress, there are a few nice tracks to check out during some much needed rest and relaxation. Our top track: “This Moment” Rating: 3/5



main feature

Heroes & Fortunes were made and broken in 2013.

Last seen on our annual “25 Under 25 List” in the September issue, Malala continues to amaze us with her strong beliefs and perseverance in advocating education and women’s rights. She has traveled across the globe to speak on behalf of her female peers, including before the United Nations and at Harvard University. She’s also making waves by meeting with world leaders such as Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II and US President Barack Obama. But her most astounding achievement this year has got to be her Nobel Peace Prize nomination – and to think she’s only 16! It is only right we include the Pakistani teenager as one of this year’s inspirational heroes.

When it comes to local heroes, who better to name than Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo, known by the people as Pak Jokowi? In his first year of office, Jokowi made some major improvements to our capital. Not only did he impose stronger laws, but he also followed through with the enforcement of those laws. Let’s recap: he initiated the construction of the long-overdue MRT, cleaned wild vendors off the streets and slashed the city’s budget while seeming to get twice as much work done. Jokowi is also a man of the people – he pushes for community-driven events, such as the recent Jakarta Marathon. We have high hopes for Jokowi’s administration and can’t wait to see what other developments he has planned for our beloved city.

Losing a loved one is difficult for anyone, but to go through it in the public eye – that’s a whole other story. Life’s been tough for Glee star Lea Michele since the fatal overdose of her fiancé and co-star Cory Monteith in July. She makes our list of Heroes because she handled herself with grace despite her traumatic experience. Instead of hiding away and spiraling into sadness, she chose to surround herself with positivity and keep moving forward, including when Glee’s tribute episode to Cory aired in October. We can’t imagine how hard it must have been for Lea, but she pulled through; the heartfelt performance maybe her strongest on-screen show to date. 22

& Zeroes

Here are our picks for the best and worst figures of the year.

Her crazy antics may have died down some, but nobody can forget the headlines this young actress made over the past year. Amanda’s long list of faux pas include bashing other celebrities on Twitter, multiple hit-and-runs, alleged drug abuse … and don’t even get us started on her latest fashion choices (cheek piercings and bright wigs? Sorry, Amanda, but it’s not working for you). We’re hoping the former Nickelodeon star will turn over a new leaf come the new year. Let’s pray her New Year’s resolution is to sober up and steal back the limelight in a positive way.

Early this year, rapper Chris Brown was involved in a public disagreement with fellow rapper/singer Frank Ocean over a parking space. Although no charges were laid, it’s said Chris threatened to kill Frank. In October, Chris went into rehab to deal with his anger issues after being jailed in Washington, DC for allegedly breaking a man’s nose. Chris is currently on probation, and there have been talks about a possible judicial order to make him serve his suspended four-year prison sentence for beating his then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, should he violate said probation. + Suka Junin & Darleen Dumaguin 23

Photos:P.J. Leo, AP, AFP, Reuters

Miley is all grown up and back with her latest album Bangerz, but her wild tongue-parading displays and twerking may be a little too much for everyone’s taste – and all the more so after her outrageous performance at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs). She was widely criticized and mocked for her performance ,in which she made obscene gestures while on stage alongside Robin Thicke, husband of actress Paula Patton and Miley’s senior. We can’t blame Miley for expressing herself freely, but you can’t blame us for listing her as one of the year’s biggest disappointments. And all that “artistic freedom” may have come with a price, as news of the end of her engagement to Liam Hemsworth broke soon after her VMA performance

Speak! lists 11 memorable moments of the past year.

November INDONESIA INCREASES MINIMUM WAGE When: Nov. 15 Where: Jakarta, Indonesia The Jakarta Remuneration Board sets the minimum wage to Rp 2.2 million a month, up from the previous Rp 1.5 million, following demonstrations by workers demanding the pay increase.


MESSI WINS THIRD BALLON D’OR When: Jan. 7 Where: Zurich, Switzerland Argentinian soccer star Lionel Messi wins the award for best player at the 2012 Ballon d’Or gala for the third consecutive time, making him the sole recipient of the honor since the award’s inception in 2010. Can Messi win another at this year’s Ballon d’Or? We’ll see.

POPE BENEDICT XVI RESIGNS When: Feb. 11 Where: Vatican City Pope Benedict XVI shocks the public after announcing his resignation as pope. This makes the 85-year-old the first pope to resign from the position since the Middle Ages! Pope Francis was elected to take up the papacy on March 13.





US GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN When: Oct. 1 Where: Washington, DC, USA The US government shutdown most of its activities and federal agencies for 16 days after Congress failed to approve the budget for the 2014 fiscal year.

APPLE’S MAJOR RELEASES When:Sept. 18 Where: Worldwide Tech geeks rejoice as Apple launches the new iOS 7, its latest operating software for iPhone that takes a very minimalist design and approach compared to its previous OS. Oh, did we mention Apple released the iPhone 5S and 5C a week after the software update?

main feature

AP, Bloomberg, Nurhayati, Antara, AFP,

KOREA’S MUSIC BANK INVADES THE CAPITAL When: Mar.9 Where: Jakarta, Indonesia Popular Korean network KBS brought the K-Pop wave to Indonesia in the 2013 Music Bank in Jakarta. The highly anticipated shebang featured performances from eight top K-acts, such as SHINee, Beast, 2 PM and Super Junior, making it the country’s biggest Korean spectacle of the year.

BOSTON MARATHON BOMBINGS When: Apr. 15 Where: Boston, Massachusetts, USA Two pressure cooker bombs explode during the Boston marathon, killing three people and injuring an estimated 264 others. The bombing suspects were later identified as Russian immigrants Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who were reportedly driven by extreme Islamist ideals and the US war in the Middle East.

JOE TASLIM REACHES HOLLYWOOD When: May 17 Where: London, UK Joe Taslim does Indonesia proud as he steps out at the Fast and Furious 6 red carpet world premiere in London, becoming the first Indonesian actor to appear in a Hollywood blockbuster. The film grossed more than US$780 million at the box office.







MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS When: Aug. 25 Where: Brooklyn, New York, USA Source of many of pop culture’s most talked about moments, this year’s VMAs did not disappoint. This year’s memorable moments include Taylor Swift thanking the ex-boyfriend who inspired “I Knew You Were Trouble” (winning her Best Female Video), a surprise ‘NSync reunion, and the, ahem, unforgettable performance from Miley Cyrus featuring Robin Thicke.

BIRTH OF BRITAIN’S ROYAL BABY When: July 22 Where: London, UK The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, aka Prince William and Kate Middleton, welcome a bouncing baby boy (and heir to the British throne), Prince George of Cambridge, at St. Mary’s Hospital in London.

REPEAL OF DOMA AND PROP 8 When: June 26 Where: Washington, DC, USA The US Supreme Court rules that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and California’s Proposition 8, which oppose same-sex marriage, are “unconstitutional”. This was an important milestone for the lesbian and gay community and advocates in the fight for equality.


More than Words Blogging is more than just posting pretty pictures, says Mitha Komala, who runs fashion blog Letters to Juliet.

what’s yourinbag Which came first for you: the blogging or the passion for fashion? I think it was the passion for fashion, that’s why I started blogging in the first place. I love to shop and mix and match, and I want to share that with other people, with a hope of inspiring them – so I thought a blog would be the best platform for it. As a fashion blogger, do you feel pressured about what you wear on a daily basis? Yes! Because most of my friends know that I’m a fashion blogger, sometimes I don’t feel good about not dressing up, especially when I go to malls – I’m afraid that I might meet someone from the fashion industry. First impressions are important, after all, and fashion is something I’d like to pursue in the future, so I always try and put in the effort when I can. How has blogging benefited the people around you? We bloggers just did a garage sale, with 40 percent of the revenue to be donated to an orphanage. I guess that benefits a lot of people – we kept the stuff relatively affordable so that other people can enjoy all sorts of styles from the many bloggers involved, and it’s always nice to give back to the community! You’re always shooting on location, both indoors and outdoors. What are some items that you always have inside your bag? My trusty DSLR is always on me; I believe that a good camera will create great pictures. I also always have my eyeliner and red lipstick with me, just in case it fades away because Jakarta’s weather can be really hot! What is the hardest thing about being a fashion blogger? In the beginning, it was rather difficult to get people to visit my site. I adjusted my blog a lot before I finally got a regular audience. To have a lot of viewers and gain sponsors is the best recognition a fashion blogger can receive, after all. And then, dealing with the anonymous hate mail that you get online is a constant struggle.



cover story

Strokes Sherina made her name as a singer but she is building a whole new world for herself, Natasha Ishak finds.


Photos: Ifan Hartanto


herina Munaf was the child prodigy who hit the big time in the late 1990s with the tune “Andai Aku Besar Nanti” (When I Grow Up). Fourteen years later, Sherina, as she is simply known, has graduated from teenybopper to singer-songwriter and is in the middle of reinventing her art. “I don’t regret anything I’ve done musically,” Sherina says, her selfconfidence plain. “If I could travel through time, the only advice I would give my 9-year-old self would be to embrace mathematics – I used to hate the subject so much in school.” Numeric disdain aside, the soon-to-be student at the University of Sydney plans to take time out from the spotlight to focus on her long overdue academic pursuits and complete a Bachelor’s degree in science. Sherina’s new album Tuna is her latest – and last – musical feat before shipping off to college. The album features eight original tracks (all penned by Sherina) that reveal a softer, more subdued side to the usually fiery and opinionated youngster. “I focused more on relationships and love in this one; that is probably why it sounds a lot less angry than my previous work,” Sherina says. “I wanted to create something simple and bring out the string arrangements a lot more this time around. I think the title describes it [the album] best: it’s whacky, simple and unexpected. I put in a lot more work and


cover story

Dress Kle, Necklace House of Jealouxy Kle THE FOUNDRY no. 8, Kawasan Niaga Terpadu, Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 52-53, Jakarta Selatan FB: Klethelabel Twitter & Instagram: @kle_thelabel Web: House of Jealouxy THE FOUNDRY no. 8, Kawasan Niaga Terpadu, Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 52-53, Jakarta Selatan FB: houseofjealouxy Twitter: @HOJealouxy Blog: 30

Top Rad, Necklace Kala Rad THE FOUNDRY no. 8, Kawasan Niaga Terpadu, Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 52-53, Jakarta Selatan Twitter & Instagram: @RAD_jakarta Email: Web: Kala THE FOUNDRY no. 8, Kawasan Niaga Terpadu, Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 52-53, Jakarta Selatan

collaborated with different artists on this one.” On the album, Sherina performs duets with heartthrobs Afgansyah and Vidi Aldiano on tracks “Demi Kamu dan Aku” (For You and Me) and “Apakah Ku Jatuh Cinta” (Am I in Love), the latter recently released as her new single. Sherina is certainly a creative soul, and her creativity extends well beyond musical notes. The Bandung-born star, who confesses she feels more comfortable in the studio than on stage, hopes to build a new career out of her latest passion: storytelling. “I am always bursting with ideas and I always love a good story. Whether it is film, song or in a book, I want to be part of bringing them to life,” she says. She opens a blue binder full of sketches and storylines for the fantasy worlds she’s conceived. “I’ve been putting my ideas on paper a lot this year,” she adds. “My work is still in its early stages, but I enjoy the reaction I get when I share my tales with others and they seem curious to know what happens next – I love it.” Her literary crush is none other than Eiichiro Oda, the mastermind behind Japanese manga One Piece, from which she draws plenty of inspiration. When she’s not letting her creative juices flow (“I get my best ideas in the middle of the night – I’m definitely a night owl!”), she makes time for a social life. The young musician even hints at a new romance, but is coy about spilling the identity of the special someone. “I’m definitely not single,” is all she says. “Let’s just leave it at that.”


cover story

Sherina Says

Childhood idol: Sherlock Holmes Biggest pet peeve: Pseudoscience I always carry my: MP3 Player! Deal breaker: Guys who can’t carry a conversation One fact about you: I always question rather than blindly follow 32

e h t n O

surface Dry skin

Does your face often feel like the Sahara desert? That means your skin needs a facial wash that will reduce the dryness and is gentle enough for daily use. Clean & Clear’s Deep Action Daily Pore Cleanser can effectively wash all the dirt away thanks to the micro-beads within its cleanser. It also leaves the skin moisturized and super soft.

Sensitive skin

Having sensitive skin is sensitive business. You’re restricted to certain products because others contain ingredients that are too harsh for your skin. Girls with this kind of skin could try Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser, which is free of known skin allergens and irritating essential oils. Definitely a safe pick for those with sensitive skin.

groo ming With so many facial products available out there, what’s a girl to do? The key is to pick the right product for your skin type. Here are some facial cleansers to best suit your skin type.

Oily skin

When the surface of your skin feels greasy at a touch, it can be quite annoying (and unattractive). The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash can get rid of excess oil in an instant. Use it daily to remove the excess oil without over-drying the skin. Bonus point: your skin feels fresh and smells amazing all day long!

Normal skin

Those of you with normal skin: I’d say you’re lucky! You don’t need to deal with zits or flaky dry skin but nevertheless, it’s still important to choose the right facial wash. Biore Facial Foam Double Scrub Bright maintains your skin with the help of its combination of bright and black micro scrubs to create a nicely balanced skin formula. + Suka Junin

Acne-prone skin

Dealing with breakouts can be the worst and using the wrong facial wash doesn’t help either – it can even add to your breakouts! But with Garnier Pure Active Scrub on your side, sudden acne can be prevented. This facial wash visibly fights six signs of acne before you even notice it, making this product your new best friend.



Party Princess

Nothing says ‘ode to yesteryear’ than a fabulous retro look! A delicate lace dress and glam faux bob (easily done with a few hair pins and plenty of hairspray) is the way to go. But don’t be afraid to mix it up with quirky pieces, like a cute veil or feathery necklace, for a playful touch to this classy get-up.

It’s a Celebration Dress to impress at the party of the year with five different looks to celebrate the start of a new beginning.


Lady in Love

Show your ladylike side with a neutral-colored choice, like this sophisticated cream dress. The key to understated elegance is eye-catching elements, and a showstopper necklace and bright red lips will definitely do the trick.


Dancing Diva

Cool & collected not your thing? Then get flirty with an 80’s-inspired strapless frock in a fun hue (fuchsia is so in right now). Minimum accessories and a pulled-back ponytail keep the look fresh and modern. 37

Trend Setter

Don’t play it safe – this is the time to shine! Try the color-block trend for a one-of-a-kind style fit for the New Year. Complete your look with a unique necklace and a pair of pumps to avoid turning casual. 38

On the Edge

Keep your mystiques wearing an edgy bodycon dress, another great choice for the year’s end. Let the stunning details of your dress command attention by keeping everything else simple – natural make-up and loose curls are best.

Photographer: Arief Ointoe, Model: Suka Junin, MUA: Andi Andalusia (081283245789) Editorial assistant: Hanna Nabila, Location: Kunstkring Art Gallery Jl. Teuku Umar No. 1, Menteng, Central Jakarta Telp: (021) 3900899, Wardrobe by Bebe 39

how to do

on Wood



What you need



Fancy string, Wooden beads: at least 10 small ones and one large one, Small connector rings, Bracelet pendants or charms


Scissors, Small Plier

ne different kinds Be creative! Combi ants for a one-ofof beads and pend a-kind bracelet.

What to do

1 2 First, take the fancy string and measure it against your wrist to get the proper length for your bracelet. Be sure to leave at least 10 cm of extra string on each end before cutting it. Once you’ve got the string in place, start threading on your wooden beads. Don’t line them up too tightly; you want to leave room for the connector rings that you will add later for your charms.


3 Next, cross the ends of the string so they overlap each other and use a larger bead to lock the ends together. Adjust the beads to make sure they stay in the center.

At each end of the string, a few centimeters away from the large middle bead, slide on a smaller bead and lock it in by tying a knot in the end.

Slide all the beads to the middle of the string and tie a knot at each end of the row of beads to hold them in place.

5 Insert a few connector rings amid the row of beads. Use the pliers to link the charms to the rings. Make sure your connector rings are tight enough to hold the charms.

KIMILATTA SHOP FB: I Twitter/Instagram: @kimilatta 40

Vintage Flair


Dress Thrifted

The Spin

Photo: Picasa

The Look

Shoes Zara

Alexa Chung at he r It book launch in New York City.


Polkadot tights Topsho

Style notes

Elisabeth Paramita Blog: http://voguishdoodles. Twitter: @voguishdoodles Instagram: @lizelisabeth

Alexa Chung carries this modern vintage get-up with ease. Here are a few pointers to help you pull it off too: 1. Get dressy. If you can’t find a collared dress, you could wear any simple knee-length dress then add a detachable Peter Pan collar to it. I kept things simple since my green dress already had an accessory itself but don’t be afraid to play with different textured collars for a bit of flair. 2. Connect the colors. Alexa color coordinated her dress with the rest of her outfit: it’s important to stay away from color blocking for this look. Remember, keep it simple. 3. Make it your own. There really isn’t need for any accessories because the focal point of the look should be your dress. But an important part of putting together an outfit is making it your own. I wanted something edgier, so I chose to mix things up with my spiked flat shoes instead of plain old mary janes. 4. Follow the dress. Alexa has on a very loud dress, so she kept the rest of her outfit subtle. If you’re wearing a regular dress with no details, it’s best to try and incorporate patterned or lace tights to spice it up. 1

dress Cotton On

s top Stradivariu

a Bangsa Sch

Whantd’s in aat’s wh outthe on S T E E R T S

l ), 17, Bin Clarine (rightan (left), 17, Bina Bangsa Schoo Vidia Karl

street fashion

bag Chanel


shorts Bershka

bag Herera

top Topman


shoes Mango

shoes Aldo

sweater Lilmiss


Buana Unive

shoes Adidas

min, 24, Mercu

Erich Al A

jeans Topman



n On

skirt Cotto

pants Guess


Natasha Wahy udihardjo, 20, Bina

0, Mala

ianto, 2 a Khog

Nusantara Unive



top Forever 21

top from mom

bag Pull & Bear

shoes Charles & Keith

shoes The Little Things She Needs




sakti U

, fresh g

ri la, 18, T

Sasa, 22



ter Z



ever 2

ce For


leggings Zara

bag Charles and Keith



shoes S

boots Aldo


behind the brand

Verda & Anabela



Offbeat Garb ehind Indonesian label Argyle & Oxford’spreppy dungarees and eccentric sweaters are long time pals Anabela Verda and Rebecca Billina, who have been working long and hard to bring their distinctive and playful design ideas to life. The pair launched the label in 2010 after realizing it was time for a change; they wanted to make one of their lifelong dreams come true. Their Spring/Summer How did you come up with the name Argyle & Oxford? Anabela: The name and idea of Argyle & Oxford are based on argyle sock patterns and oxford shoes, which when worn together create a classic yet quirky look. That is just how we want the brand to be seen. What would you say is the line’s trademark style? Anabela: It’s classic with a twist. We love basic pieces like button-up shirts, tailored trousers and so on. But we also like to play with details, patterns and treatment. Basically we just combine those two.



2014 collection, which features sweet and sporty pieces, such as jerseys with cute embroidery and fruit motifs, is strongly influenced by the healthy lifestyle that young urbanites have started embracing. “People are changing their habits,” Anabela says. “Being healthy has become cool.” Speak! chats with one-half of the creative duo to find out more about the brand’s origins and the young designers’ take on fashion.

Which designer has influenced you the most and why? Anabela: Lots! But just to name a few: Christopher Kane, Tsumori Chisato and Phillip Lim. Apart from them, we also love to see new and upcoming designers, especially from Japan and London. They always have interesting new designers to see. What has been the proudest moment for your brand or your career? Anabela: Seeing our clothes on the runway in Jakarta Fashion Week for the past couple of years was quite surreal. But sometimes our proudest moments come from simple compliments from our customers.

Name three things every girl should have in her wardrobe! Anabela: A classic white button-up shirt, trousers that fit perfectly and a damn good outer piece. Last but not least: what do you think it takes to start a fashion brand? Anabela: It takes courage, time, good ideas, a lot of effort and a character for the brand. Most importantly, you have to be 100 percent committed for it to survive. ARGYLE & OXFORD Web: FB: argyleandoxford Twitter: @argyleandoxford


minD yourEnglisH



FURTHER VS. FARTHER The difference: Further serves figuratively, while farther is used to describe literal, physical distance. How to use: If you have further questions, feel free to ask. Can you run farther than me? IMMIGRATE VS. EMIGRATE The difference: To immigrate means to settle in or enter a country that you are not native to, while emigrate is to leave your home country to move to a foreign place. How to use: My Indonesian parents immigrated to the United States not long after I was born. Her French grandparents emigrated from France to come join their children in Indonesia. RISE VS. RAISE The difference: Both words refer to the action of “getting up”. But rise is used to refer to one’s self, while raise is used to refer to something other than one’s self. How to use: In desperate times, we are often scared to rise above the situation. The math teacher raised concerns about students cheating on the final exam.

EMINENT VS. IMMINENT The difference: The definition of eminent refers to the description of something or someone as “outstanding” or “famous”. On the other hand, imminent is used to describe an event that is about to occur. How to use: That book about the giraffe is my favorite, the author who wrote it is quite eminent. The two children swimming in the sea were in imminent danger of being swept by the current. SHOULD HAVE VS. SHOULD OF The difference: This is a tricky one! “Should have” is used to refer to a missed opportunity or chance. However, “should of” is actually an improper term that is commonly misused to replace “should have”. How to use: I should have brought an umbrella with me when I saw the gray sky. LOATH VS. LOATHE The difference: Loath is an adjective, which means reluctant or unwilling, whereas loathe is a verb that means ‘to hate’. How to use: My sisters and I were all loath to go out to dinner last night. I loathe fast food joints because I tend to binge when I eat there. + Darleen Dumaguin & Suka Junin


z z a J it Up





itting beside the Mississippi River in the US state of Louisiana, the city of New Orleans is most famous for two things: its rich musical history and its annual Mardi Gras festival. During my short visit to New Orleans with my host family while I was an exchange student in the USA, I was instantly charmed. The city, also referred to as The Big Easy, is very lively, probably thanks to its vibrant music scene. Musicians from across the country have been known to come to New Orleans in search of a place to express themselves. It’s easy to see why: everywhere we went, there was always live music! Someone was always jamming something, and that kept us in good spirits throughout the day. New Orleans also has a rich cultural history. When our group arrived, we went to the French Quarter. Once a colonial city, New Orleans gets its foreign feel from its French founders (in case

you’re wondering, its French name is La Nouvelle-Orléans). The city was also ruled by the Spanish for a brief period of time, which explains the distinctive architecture. The beautiful terraced balconies were the first things to catch my eye – a mix of classic French with a Spanish twist. I recommend sampling some French doughnuts, called beignets, at Café du Monde. The pastry shop can get a bit crowded during the day, but it’s open until midnight so you can visit them for a late night snack. Take a short walk down the road and you will find the French Market, which is the best place to get a feel for the “real” New Orleans. Here, you can find cute little knick-knacks for souvenirs and a few food stalls serving up local cuisine. Since the prices here were a lot lower than stalls around the French Quarter, of course I did a bit of shopping. I even snagged a free bag of beads from a friendly vendor at the end of the market road – score! There is a good time to be had anywhere you go in New Orleans, but try heading to the Market Café just in front of the French Market to try some of the city’s famed dishes, such as gumbo and muffuletta.

On the second day of our visit, we decided to check out Jackson Square, the proclaimed center of the city’s artsy vibe. Located on the perimeter of the Andrew Jackson monument (Jackson was a US president and general who conquered the city during the Civil War), this place also functions as an open art gallery for aspiring artists. It also seems to be the must-beseen place where all the magicians and dancers in town perform on the streets. While you’re there, be sure to stop by the iconic St. Louis Cathedral for a quick history fix. After a long day of music and art, we headed to Muriel’s Bistro, arguably one of the best eateries in town. I personally recommend the house special: Jambalaya. Sooo good. With the tons of fun we had during our first two days, I didn’t think anything could top it – I was wrong.

New Orleans is famous for its celebratory attitude – the city has more festivals than there are weeks in a year! – but the Mardi Gras takes the cake. The festival was introduced by the city’s French rulers and has since become the pride and joy of New Orleans. Each year, people from all over the world crowd the streets to see the extravagant floats. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch one or two necklace beads given away by dancers aboard the parading floats. The beads are believed to be a source of luck. If you’re not in town during the day of the festival, don’t worry. You can still go through all the props at the Mardi Gras Warehouse on Port of New Orleans, and even get a sneak peek at the floats for next year. There’s no better way to say goodbye to this lovely city than to board the SS Natchez, one of the famous steamboats that still chug along the Mississippi River to this day. We hopped on board to enjoy the beautiful city skyline while listening to lively jazz and sampling tasty treats, a perfect way to end a fun-filled trip. 47


FURY Darleen Dumaguin roams the streets in search of a great bowl of fried rice.

Rumah Makan Bumen Jaya 2

On the menu: Nasi Goreng Kambing Ingredients: Fried rice with lamb and emping crackers Location: Jl. Pejompongan Raya Rt. 07/05 No. 9, Jakarta Pusat Price: Rp 25,000


umen Jaya 2 offers only two kinds of fried rice – chicken and lamb – but its specialty range of lamb dishes, from noodles to soup to satay, is reason enough to check out the restaurant. Bumen Jaya 2’s location Location: HHH H also means it is a popular eatery for Hygiene: H H HH university students and office workers Decor: HHH alike. Plenty of celebrities like to drop Hospitality: H H H H in too, so it can get pretty crowded Taste: H H H H during lunch hours. Price: H H H The dish I ordered, lamb fried rice, was simple and generous, with its lamb taste well at the fore, although the seasoning of the fried rice itself was nothing special. I wouldn’t say this was the best fried rice I’ve ever tasted, but the lamb sure was good. The service in this humble diner is decent and, while waiting on your order, you can nibble on the deep-fried tofu they serve when you enter. The tacky orange and green décor and the price of the dish (considering its offroad location) are the main low points for me. However, it is a pretty good option if you’re running low on dough. 48



Nasi Goreng Babat khas Semarang @ Eat and Eat On the menu: Nasi Goreng Babat Ingredients: Tripe fried rice with egg and pickle Location: Eat and Eat in Gandaria City Mall, 2nd Floor Price: Rp 35,000

When I first stepped into Gandaria City’s Eat and Eat, I was a little put off by how crowded the place seemed. The food court is huge, nicely decorated and scrubbed clean from top to bottom, but the place just seems to be packed all day long (especially during weekends!). However, the size of the place also means that there are plenty of culinary choices. I’d heard about the Nasi Goreng Babat from a couple of friends and decided to check it out – and I am pleased to say that the long wait is totally worth it. The simple dish took quite some time to prepare, but the taste of the well-cooked tripe pleased my tongue, as did the nicely seasoned fried rice. The enough-for-two portions weren’t bad either, given the dish’s relatively high price. Definitely a must-try for foodies!

Location: H H H Hygiene: H H H H H Decor: H H H H H Hospitality: H H H H Taste: H H H H Price: H H H H


gEEky news



hether you like to play, or simply enjoy watching your friends duke it out on screen,you can’t deny that 2013 was a big year for video games. From the return of the iconic Grand Theft Auto franchise, to the two most popular gaming consoles hitting the market, we list this year’s most exciting releases.

Grand Theft Auto V The release of the fifth installment of Grand Theft Auto, popularly known as GTA, from Rockstar North in September was one for the record books. Not only has it gone down in history as the bestselling video game in 24 hours, it also earned the highest revenue for an entertainment product in one day. With killer graphics, an impressive track list (240 songs!) and five years of development time, GTA: V is also the most expensive video game ever made. 50

British model Cara Delevigne lent her voice to the highly anticipated game. Hear Cara’s hosting skills in action as a DJ in the game’s “Non-Stop Pop FM”.

tion 4 (PS4) Sony PlayStas. v box One ft Microso ’s X

The Sims 4 As one of the most anticipated gaming sequels this year, The Sims 4 is already generating buzz, even though its scheduled release date is in 2014 – not least because of teaser pics of the game going viral. Rumor has it the new installment will allow characters to have emotions, making them more human and realistic with new and improved visuals as well – a far cry from the choppy and stiff graphics of its 2000 debut. The game’s housebuilding features have been simplified, so players can focus more on their characters’ lives than the interior decorating. Fans can expect to see other new improvements in the game’s trademark crude humor (new ways to kill your sims, anyone?) and crazy “Simlish” lingo.

Beyond: Two Souls

The score also received Hollywood treatment: it was composed by Hans Zimmer, the man behind the critically acclaimed movie scores for Inception and The Dark Knight trilogy, among others.

Fans of actress Ellen Page of Juno fame were treated to a new kind of gaming experience with the release of Beyond: Two Souls in October, in which Ellen plays a girl with mysterious telekinetic powers. Although its plot and writing have been criticized, this supernatural thriller’s visuals are described as being on par with PS4’s amazing graphics. And with the star power featured inside (actor Willem Dafoe also takes part in the game), Beyond: Two Souls feels more like an interactive movie than a mere video game.

The announcement that PS4 was getting a new console system has got to be some of the biggest news in gaming this year. The company released news of the positive feedback it had received from gaming experts and critics on the console’s advanced graphics and hardware during beta testing. The testimonials were so good that more than a million orders had already been placed four months before its release last month.

Not to be outdone, Microsoft came out with its own next-generation console just a week after the PS4 release. News of Microsoft’s latest creation attracted plenty of questions and criticism, most notably about the privacy policies and high price tag (the new controls cost US$100 more than PS4’s). Critics also remarked on the company’s lack of innovation, and even poked fun at the company’s decision to name the console Xbox One, dubbing it “the Xbone” instead. Yet with eight years since Xbox’s last product, gamers and loyal devotees of the brand are still plenty excited.



Youunng G

to the With so much talent (and eye candy) bursting on on the screen, Darleen Dumaguin shines the spotlightyear . top breakout male acts to look out for next

Catch him in: This year’s remake of horror classic Carrie Why he’s on our radar: He may only have three film credits to his name, but this 19-year-old sure knows how to pick his parts. First, he snagged the role of Chloe Moretz’s unfortunate prom date in Carrie. He will also be starring in one of the most anticipated young adult book-to-screen adaptations next year, Divergent. However, his biggest role yet will most certainly be that of Augustus Waters, the main character in the film adaptation of John Green’s bestseller The Fault in Our Stars. Fans of the book may have their doubts about the newcomer bringing their favorite romance hero to life, but Ansel’s charming smile and mature onscreen demeanor has us rooting for him. Stay tuned.


Dane DeHaan Catch him in: The Place Beyond the Pines, Kill Your Darlings Why he’s on our radar: It’s been a good year for this American actor. He had a lead role in last year’s sci-fi fantasy Chronicle and a supporting role in the critically acclaimed HBO drama series In Treatment. And that’s just for starters. This year has quickly pushed Dane into the spotlight with a feature film role as Ryan Gosling’s troubled son in The Place Beyond the Pines and a positive review at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival for his performance as Lucien Carr, playing opposite Daniel Radcliffe, in Kill Your Darlings. His blond hair, blue eyes and obvious charisma have him often compared to a young Leonardo DiCaprio. His next role as Harry Osborn in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will certainly help push his career even further.

Photos: Roger Kisby, Reuters,,

Ansel Elgort

Maxime Bouttier

Michael B. Jordan

Catch him in: Refrain, Terbang Bersamamu

Catch him in: Fruitvale Station, That Awkward Moment

Why he’s on our radar: This 20-year-old’s handsome features are a sight for sore eyes (thanks to his Indonesian-French heritage), but he’s certainly attracting tons of attention for his acting, with supporting roles in big-screen hits, such as Kata Hati (What the Heart Says) with Kimberly Ryder and Refrain opposite Afgansyah Reza and Maudy Ayunda. He is currently the resident bad boy on the soap opera Terbang Bersamamu (Fly with You). Maxime also enjoys music, and is the guitarist and vocalist for his Bali-based alternative rock band, Zero Divide.

Austin Butler Catch him in: Spin-off series The Carrie Diaries Why he’s on our radar: Austin took several minor roles in various Nickelodeon and Disney TV shows while he was growing up and now he’s heating up the small screen as Sebastian Kydd in the Sex and the City prequel The Carrie Diaries, currently in its second season. Another blond, blueeyed scene stealer, Austin often appears with his alluring smolder and fit figure. Although we have yet to hear more about his next projects, his popularity from his Carrie success is enough to push him back into the public eye, a child star all grown up and looking as good as ever!

Why he’s on our radar: Michael moved critics and audiences in this year’s film festival favorite Fruitvale Station, a touching drama based on a tragic true story that has already set off a major Oscar buzz. Next is That Awkward Moment, a buddy rom-com about three best friends trying to stay single together, alongside fellow cuties Zac Efron and Miles Teller. Word has it that Michael is going to take on the role of Johnny Storm (also known as The Human Torch) in a Fantastic Four reboot from Marvel. There are also rumors of a possible role in J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars Episode VII. Whatever the outcome, we will definitely be seeing more from this Californian in the near future.

Lee Jong-suk Catch him in: I Can Hear Your Voice, No Breathing Why he’s on our radar: After a supporting role in popular South Korean drama Secret Garden in 2010, actor Lee Jong-suk won a KBS Drama Award for Best New Actor for his work on teen drama School 2013. He also stole the limelight with a lead role in drama-thriller I Can Hear Your Voice, for which he won an Excellence Award in the 2013 Korea Drama Awards. He has also dabbled in modeling since 2005, and was the youngest male model in the Seoul Collection program. You can check out his latest performance in the sports feature No Breathing, released in October.


Rockin’ Blue Y

es, my fellow K-Pop fanatics, it is true: After having canceled their 2011 concert in Jakarta, Korean rock band CNBLUE finally made their way to our capital this



year! And the Boices’ (CNBLUE fans nickname) patience certainly paid off when the boys – Yong-hwa, Lee Jong-hyun, Kang Min-hyuk and Lee Jung-shin – entertained a full house at the Tennis Indoor Stadium

on Oct. 19. Whether you missed out on all the fun or were among the K-Pop fans at the concert (including yours truly), here are a few of the show’s highlights I will never forget:

#1 The lights, action and, of course, the rock ‘n’ roll

each of the members’ names, and responded by chanting a loud “Oetoriya” back. The chants were repeated several times in a song, sung by Boices all over the venue.

#2 The energy of the fans What made CNBLUE’s concert one of the best K-Pop shows to hit our shores is without a doubt the fan chants that echoed around the stadium. For those of you out of the loop, fan chants are when fans shout out together during an instrumental part of a song. Fans usually practice – even learn by heart! – chants for each song during particular parts of the tracks performed, mostly containing band member names or additional lyrics. So much fun! After band leader Yong-hwa sang “Oetoriya, oetoriya” (which literally translates as “I’m a loner”) during the song of the same name, fans started to chant

#3 The fantastic showmanship There was plenty of fan interaction from the boys during the show, such as Yong-hwa’s stage antics, including the moment he sat on the edge of the stage and let a few lucky fans touch his guitar. Not to be outdone, Jong-hyun entertained the crowd of adoring fans by playing his guitar while lying flat on his back. Even drummer Min-hyuk, at the back of the group, had some special moments in the spotlight; fans were delighted when his small drumming stage was moved to front and center.

#4 The connection between the band and the fans It’s always special when your idol makes the effort to appreciate the host venue and the

support of the fans. Pandemonium broke out when Yong-hwa changed some lyrics to follow the melody of the song “You’ve Fallen for Me” to “I love Jakarta. Make some noise!”. But it was Jong-hyun who stole hearts when he picked up all the fan gifts thrown onstage, playfully placing a teddy bear and other items on the stage’s sound system to show off. The band also threw a few pairs of drum sticks out into the crowd.

#5 The local flavor brought to the show Their ability (or at least their cute attempts) to speak in Indonesian several times during the two-and-ahalf hour concert was the icing on the cake. “Apa kabar Indonesia? Kami CNBLUE. Kami senang bertemu dengan kalian!” (How are you Indonesia? We are CNBLUE. We’re glad to meet you.) Yong-hwa shouted, while sporting a traditional batik jacket. He also had fun splitting up the left and right sides of the audience by shouting “kiri” (left) and “kanan” (right), to the delight of screaming fans.

Photos: W Productions

After four years in the K-Pop scene, CNBLUE is known for originality. The boys always perform live and have never lip-synched – including for their Jakarta concert. The concert, titled “2013 CNBLUE BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR”, is to promote their latest album Re:Blue, which reached No. 1 on Billboard’s World Albums chart. Synchronized dances and flashy costumes might not be their forte, but their offbeat fusion of J-pop and K-pop is something to take note of, especially when performed live. I was totally mesmerized during their performance of “Hey You”, “Where You Are” and latest hit “I’m Sorry”.



Hey Suka Junin chats with Alan Wong about the pros and cons of life as a VJ.

Photos: MTV Asia & Kevin Ou



s MTV Asia’s newest host, alongside partner in crime VJ Hanli Hoefer, Alan Wong is living the dream. Instead of the sporadic gigs he took on at the beginning of his career – mostly involving beauty pageants – Alan now has a stable job with the kind of exposure any aspiring actor would kill for. Earlier this year, MTV Asia announced the return of its original series The MTV Show, a weekly segment that covers everything pop culture, from celebrity news to top-rated music

Mr. VJ Hanli & Alan at the 2013 World Stage

videos. To complement its fresh format, which allows viewers to dictate the show’s content through active engagement on social media, the show scored two new hosts – Alan being one of them. Apart from the obvious perks of being a VJ (meeting celebrities, traveling and learning about other people), video-jockeying means being part of the channel’s major events, such as the 2013 World Stage, which Alan hosted in Malaysia in September. Dressed in a casual checked shirt with a mug in hand (coffee, we presumed), the 27-year-old opened up about just how amazing that

hosting experience was during a morning Skype chat with Speak!. “There were over 15,000 screaming fans present at World Stage; it was incredible,” he says. “If I didn’t have all my experience hosting small birthdays and get-togethers during the start of my career, I don’t think I would’ve been prepared to handle a crowd like that.” Growing up, Alan was a vibrant child with an obvious gift of the gab, which often got this Californian into trouble. “I definitely talked a lot as a kid. It got to a point where my father would tell me to shut up because I kept interrupting everybody,” he

laughs. It didn’t take Alan long to know that he wanted to work in front of the camera. His theatrical nature drew him to the stage, where his passion for acting was first sparked. Who would’ve pegged this statuesque cutie as a theater geek? “Yeah, I’m a huge theater geek,” he confesses. “I loved theater before it was cool, okay! I remember, growing up, kids my age would be singing along to artists like the Spice Girls or ‘N Sync. And then there was me, singing ‘Giants in the Sky’ from the musical Into the Woods.” At 18, Alan packed his bags and moved from his hometown San Jose to Los Angeles for college. Born to an American mother and Chinese father, Alan possessed a photogenic mug, and his natural charm and chatty personality opened the door to guest roles on shows such as Hannah Montana and Ugly Betty. As a part-time undergraduate, he also worked as a bartender and relief teacher, teaching algebra and theater to high school students (he 57



had his fair share of dealing with teen rebellion during those days). Now Alan is informing young people through a very different platform. Although he is happy to be working, Alan confesses that homesickness still gets to him. What else does he miss? The food – namely California’s Mexican food. Luckily for Alan, adjusting to life in Singapore has not been as difficult as he thought it would be. He’s even found new culinary bliss in Singapore’s mixed-heritage cuisine – except for that weird, smelly fruit called durian. “I just don’t like the way it looks like a dangerous fruit!” Alan says. So far, no one has been able to persuade him to try durian, not even his own leading lady. That’s right, girls, it looks like this funny guy is already off the market. Alan keeps the identity of his gal under wraps, but says she’s also in the business. “I can’t say much about it because it’s only in the beginning stages. So far, we haven’t had any real difficulties seeing each other despite our 58

busy schedules, but what we have is definitely worth a shot.” And what does Alan look for in a girl? “She has to be sincere and be 100 percent honest with me; I’m not into those dating games. Oh, and if she can make me laugh – like, really laugh – that’s a major plus.” With a bright career and blossoming love life, this Macklemore fan is ready to take on the new year. His ultimate resolution for 2014? “I want to have abs!” he laughs. “In all seriousness, though, I just want to make my way into a healthier lifestyle and treat my body as well as I should. If you think about it, our body is the number one possession that we have on us from the get-go, so we should definitely take more care of it.”

If you weren’t a VJ, what would you be? A teacher. I used to work as a summer camp counselor and a substitute teacher. I believe that good education should be entertaining, and good entertainment should be educational. Who is your dream interviewee? Bruno Mars. I’d love to hear about his career from Hawaii to Los Angeles. Name one fact most people don’t know about you. Wong is not my original Chinese last name. My actual surname is Leong. What’s your biggest pet peeve? I can’t stand fake or insincere people. I don’t have time for people who aren’t real with me. Got any guilty pleasures? Dim sum! I go with my best friends or family to eat dim sum, and usually order way more food than any human should be able to eat.

In The Know l The US government has had two other shutdowns in history. The first was in 1976. The longest shutdown, in 1995, went on for 21 days. l This year’s government shutdown cost US$24 billion, according to reports by Standard and Poor’s. l In the event of a shutdown, members of Congress and the president continue to be paid as usual.

The US Congress, made up of the House of Representatives (led by the Republican party) and the Senate (led by the Democrats– President Obama’s party), is responsible for passing all bills for government funding. The catch, however, is that the budget needs to be approved by both opposing parties. Now this is where the problem arose: a lot of House members are against the President’s new healthcare law, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare. This became the bargaining deadlock between the House and the Senate to approve the budget for the government’s 2014 fiscal year (which, unlike our daily calendar, takes effect from Oct. 1 until Sept. 30 the following year) by the appointed deadline. And

like anything else, a government can’t run without funding, right? This resulted in the US government shutting down for 16 days from Oct. 1. During the shutdown, 800,000 people were reportedly out of work. The good news is that, even though most federal activities and agencies came to a standstill, there were still a few self-funded sectors active, such as the country’s social security services. But that meant the 2 million other public workers who were still employed didn’t know when they would get paid. Yikes! The federal activities put on hold included paying out loans and processing permit and passport requests, so this was a pretty big deal. With no money from the government, a lot of federal agencies that were still open also had to tunnel resources

from other budgets to continue work. If this had kept on, it could have led to a major debt crisis. According to Brian Kessler, an economist from Moody’s Analytics, as quoted by CNN, a three-week shutdown would have resulted in a US$55 billion loss for the US government – ultimately affecting the world economy as well. Finally, Congress passed a law called Continuing Appropriations Act 2014, which the President signed on Oct. 17, and ended the shutdown. But the problem is not over yet; the law is just a temporary fix that allows government funding to continue until the two parties can come to an agreement. We’ll have to wait and see how everything pans out before the government’s debt limit date: Feb. 7, 2014. + Natasha Ishak 59

Photo: Bloomberg, AFP

In Lockdown

In October, the US government announced an official shutdown. What does that mean for the rest of the world? Speak! brings you up to speed.

Illustration: Felicita Goentoro

UP ALL Night

Matahari Kesadaran dives into the scene to find out why having a good time can get out of control. 60


magine this: it’s your first New Year’s Eve in college and you’re at the hottest club in town to celebrate with your friends. The venue is packed with a few hundred people, none of whom you know or recognize. It’s dark, except

for flashing lights. The mass of young party-goers fill the dance floor as the DJ plays the latest bass-thumping hits at deafening volume. Everyone seems to be having a good time — everyone, that is, except you. For Nur, a 19-year-old Indonesian



university student on exchange in the UK, this situation is all too familiar. As someone who prefers a quiet evening at home to being “up in da club”, it was not an experience she wants to relive. “During the first week of university, the student union organized ‘Fresher’s Week’, which is basically a week full of parties across the city. As a girl who has never touched alcohol, being in a packed space with people I barely knew was not interesting to me. It was a constant dilemma between not wanting to go and the fear of being left out,” she says. “I don’t feel very safe partying. I find people act very strange when they’re drunk – especially boys! Many of my friends have made decisions they’ve regretted while under the influence.” For Nur, moving to the UK was a big culture shock. Although not all students there are into partying, most of them do go out daily. And while Indonesia certainly has a party scene, it is less open. Most likely because of our society’s more traditional values, partying carries a negative stigma and people talk about it less openly. I learned this firsthand. Many of the Indonesian students I talked to refused to comment on the subject – most even deny being involved in any party activities. “Go to any club on any given night and you’ll find it packed with students,” Adit*, a party-going college student from Bandung, told me. “People hate to admit it, but I think the party scene is everyone’s guilty pleasure. The music puts you in a trance, and after a stressful week,

Wild at Heart With the holiday season approaching, keep these tips in mind so you can finish the year with a bang without going overboard.

Choose wisely. there’s nothing like seeing all those beautiful girls in one place.” As with any guilty pleasure, partying has its downside. Adit is quick to add: “Parties can get out of control. I can’t recall how many times someone has started a fight over a girl and had to be kicked out of the club. A lot of places don’t check for ID either, so underage partying is another problem.” Not to mention the illegal activities during these parties, such as drug abuse. It can be hard to distinguish between partying and taking drugs, especially when celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus seem to be endorsing drugs in their songs (the latter sparked controversy with mentions in two of her songs of “molly”, a drug that is gaining a reputation in the US party scene). So is it all just that, young people letting loose and having a good time? While it seems so, 40-year-old Jerry*, who’s vice was hard liquor, has learned a thing or two from his old party days, and reveals something deeper. “Today, many people fear being alone. They constantly seek entertainment in order to avoid facing their own issues, but in truth, sometimes we need to be alone. Solitude gives us time to reflect and find out who we truly are. It helps us grow as a person.” *name has been changed

If you’re a minor, avoid going to clubs or bars with an adult guest list. Even if you manage to get in, it would certainly be unsafe – who knows the kind of crowd you’ll meet and what kind of trouble they might offer up? Be smart about it.

Watch what you do.

There’s nothing wrong with dancing and letting loose, but be sure to do it responsibly. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do just because you want to look cool; remind yourself of the consequences of your actions before you prioritize your image over your well-being.

Stick together.

It’s always safer to go out with a group of friends rather than alone. Be sure to keep tabs on each other and have one another’s back throughout the night. Most importantly, never let a friend leave the party with a stranger.

Low key is underrated.

If you want to hang out with friends or that special someone, consider going to a cozy café or restaurant instead. You will be able to enjoy better conversations and have more quality time together without loud music raving in your ears.

Occupy yourself.

Finally, if you’re feeling down, perhaps what you really need is a good talk with someone you can trust, like a close friend or family member. Sometimes being with one person who truly cares about you is better than going out with a dozen friends you can’t share your real feelings with. All in all, be safe and happy holidays! 61

Illustration: Felicita Goentoro

Best of

Both Worlds


Secon dary



h, to be young and free. Sometimes, as a teenager, it seems there is never enough time in a day to do everything. From making sure you turn in your English essay on time, to making plans with your best friends for the weekend, it’s all a balancing act. For some, these busy days also include making sure you pay enough attention to your boyfriend. This last one can be tricky, especially when it comes to finding the right balance between hanging out with friends and having a one-on-one with your sweetheart. You could get too caught up in your romance and your friends might feel abandoned … but it can also go the other way, where your boyfriend takes a backseat to your friends. Here are a few easy tricks for being an awesome friend and the perfect girlfriend – all at once!

Check your priorities It’s always hard to be sensible when you are head over heels in love. And if you’re not the lovey-dovey type, it may be the other way around. The best way to keep yourself in check is to review your priorities every once in a while. These little “checkups” will help keep you on track: is your significant other taking too much

of your time, or is he actually not getting enough? If one party is getting more attention than the other, it’s time for a change.

Play party planner

Play party planner. Okay, so maybe you’ve been busy going on romantic dates every weekend, but that is no excuse to let your friendships wither. Then again, you don’t want your boyfriend thinking you’d rather spend time with other people. Why not spend time with both? Arrange a fun outing that your boyfriend and BFFs can all enjoy, like a fun bowling night or a barbeque party. This is also a good way to make sure your sweetheart gets to know your inner circle better, and vice versa.

Talk the talk

Talk the talk. The key to any relationship, whether with your boyfriend or with friends,

is communication. Make a habit of checking in with your friends once a week to know what they’re up to; has Diana made a move on the cute guy she was talking about in algebra? Remember, this goes both ways. If you’ve been hanging out with friends every day, a sweet text message or phone call to him will let him know he’s still on your mind!

Keep your promises

Keep your promises. If you’ve made plans to go out with friends, don’t cancel last minute because your boyfriend has free tickets to see a movie. If your boyfriend is worth keeping, he’ll understand that you have a life outside of your relationship, and he needs to respect that.

Make sure does the same Make sure he he does the same. It takes two to tango, so you’re not the only one who’s doing a balancing act here. Just like you need timeout with your girls, your boy should be making time for his boys too. Don’t freak out when he has plans to go out with his friends. Don’t you know absence makes the heart grow fonder? Use your free time for friends, or for some equally important “me” time. 63

living large



ometimes the simplest moments shape up to be the turning point in our lives. For Marcella Pranovia that day was the first time her father took her out on the driving range to play golf. Marcella quickly took to the sport. At the tender age of 14, she became the youngest player to compete during National Sports Week in 2008, and finished as top amateur in the Ladies Asia Golf Tour Indonesian Open two years later. She then moved to the US with her family and enrolled at Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana, California, which is renowned for its successful athletics program. The Bali-raised athlete finally felt like she belonged.


“Growing up, my friends back home [in Indonesia] found my interest in golf weird,” Marcella says. “But when I got to Mater Dei, it was a completely different story.” There she led her school to an undefeated season and won the 2012 Trinity League Championship, even snagging honors as Most Valuable Player (MVP) – twice! After several tournaments with her high school team, Marcella landed her big break. “My current coach found me after a tournament I played in with my high school team. We talked and she offered me a college scholarship,” Marcella, now a student at the University of Oregon, reminisces. Speak! chats with the student athlete to find out more about her life on and off the driving range. What is a regular day for a young athlete like? I usually go to class and head off to practice after. When I get home, I take care of homework then go to bed; it repeats all over again the next day. Is it hard to compete as a young female golfer? There was hardly any competition in

Bali, so I had to go to Jakarta to play. We rarely compete against the boys so that makes it a tad bit easier. Becoming a professional in the sports industry is a competitive business. How do you motivate yourself? I just have to remember that I am doing this for myself. I don’t like to think of golf as my life because I don’t want it to be the center of it all. I know now there is so much more to life: I value the relationships with my family and friends more than anything else. Golf is my passion and I want to be the best at it, but I don’t let it consume me. It feels nice to achieve something so that’s what keeps me going. What has been your proudest achievement in golf so far? Everything I have now is because of golf. Golf has opened up so many doors for me and I am very grateful for that. What would be your advice to young people who dream of becoming an athlete? Never give up, practice when no one

is watching. There is a quote by the great boxing champ Muhammad Ali that always picks me up when I’m feeling down. He said, “I hated every minute of training, but I told myself, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion’.” What are your goals for 2014? To lower my scoring average in golf! [laughs] But most of all, I want to be a better person.

On Par

More on the teen athlete: *Netflix is her life. Marcella loves to catch up on the most exciting on-screen dramas and always does through popular Internet streaming site, Netflix. “I’m so obsessed with The Walking Dead!” *She is a double threat. Not only can Marcella rock the golf course, she can also strike a mean pose in front of the camera. She won the annual Gadis Sampul cover girl competition back in 2009. *She looks up to the best. Her athletic aspirations has her taking notes from golfing greats before her, like Mexican female player Lorena Ochoa and US golfer Tiger Woods. 65



s ts give their two cent Four college studen st times they’ve on the best and wor ol. had this year in scho Luthfan Anshar Lubis

1st semester, School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (STEI), Bandung Institute of Technology

The good: As a freshman, almost everything I experience seems new and exciting. I’ve found a new study method to help me cope with the load of assignments we need to do, been able to make new friends from diverse backgrounds, and I’ve also got involved in a few afterschool activities on campus that I truly enjoy. The bad: Like most students from out of town – I’m originally from Jakarta – I still struggle with living away from my family. How to deal: I think it’s important to set a clear outline of where you are headed and what goals you wish to achieve. Decide what kind of future you would like to have and go in that direction; never choose a major just because the prestige of its university or the bragging rights you earn for passing the school’s tight selection to get in. The point is to know what you’re aiming for and go for it. 66

The good: Of course, going to college means learning textbook stuff in class, but I also learned a lot outside the classroom. It’s important to socialize and make as many friends as possible during your time in college; that’s one of the reasons why I joined the student council. And bad: I’ve had so much fun in college, to a point where I kind of got carried away – I almost got expelled

Prisilla Desfiandi

7th semester, School of Medicine, Yarsi University The good: I’m lucky that, as a medical student, I still have time to do the things I want to do, like play music and futsal with friends. I heard a lot of horror stories about being a med student (lack of sleep, for one), but it really depends on how well you manage your time and how you set your priorities. I’ve also made a ton of friends in the activities I’ve been involved in. The bad: There is still a bit of bad communication between the faculty and students; can you imagine how inconvenient it is to show up for class and suddenly have

Rizky Tarigan

11 semester, Industrial Engineering, Parahyangan Catholic University th

because of my bad GPA! How to deal: College is one of the best places to gain new experiences and make friends. Make sure to enjoy your time in college because it’s not going to last forever (there are tons of responsibilities after graduation!). However, don’t let your studies take a backseat to all the fun. Every action has consequences and you are responsible for your own self.

it canceled without notice? I also don’t like living at a boarding home away from my family. How to deal: When choosing a major, follow your gut; it’s best for you to know what you want and where you want to go. Don’t go on what others say. Just do your research and, once you’ve made your decision, try to stick to it, no matter how hard things might get. In the end, what we become after college depends on how we are as individuals. Everyone can succeed in their own way and a prestigious degree doesn’t warrant success.


5th semester, System Information Management, Bina Nusantara University The good: I like my current major and I can’t wait to pursue a career in this field. This year has taught me so much on working as a team during group assignments, which I think will help me adapt even better in a working environment. I’ve also learned to keep my cool under pressure (college deadlines are insane!). The bad: I chose not to sign up for any extra-curricular activitities on campus, which means I head home immediately after class. It’s not that I wanted to be anti-social, but because of that, I only have a few friends I really hang out with at school. It would be nice if I was more involved and had more friends. How to deal: The important thing to help you cope with college life is to pursue a field you are passionate about so you will be more committed to your studies (like me!). If you haven’t got a clue what you’re interested in, or maybe you’ve decided to switch majors halfway, that’s OK. As the saying goes, better late than never. And it is definitely better to like what you study than hate it. + Hanna Nabila 67



Sky's the


Learn from birthday girl Sagittarius and aim to be the best version of you.




Love: He’s not worth your time.

Love: Fights are healthy. It’ll make your bond stronger.

Love: As the saying goes: carpe diem!

School: Time to get involved; sign up for that club you’ve had your eye on.

School: Don’t be too hard on yourself, take a breather.

(22 November – 21 December)

School: Study your books, not your phone. Friendship: A handful of best friends are better than a thousand regular friends.


(22 December – 20 January)

Friendship: Good advice goes a long way.

(21 January – 19 February)

Friendship: Be upfront about it.


(20 February – 20 March) Love: Lower your expectations. School: Keep up those good grades! Friendship: Treat them how you would like to be treated.


(21 March – 20 April) Love: Honesty may not always be the best policy. School: Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Friendship: Learn to let go.

Taurus (21 April – 21 May)

Love: Be honest: could it time for a break? School: Get creative. Friendship: Sorry, girlfriend, but it’s not always about you.



(23 August – 21 September)

(22 May – 21 June) Love: Someone new is just around the corner.

School: Make use of all your free time. Friendship: Reconnect with old friends – you never know where it could lead.


(22 June – 22 July)

Love: Opposites attract. School: A bad grade doesn’t mark the end of the world. Friendship: Stand up for them in times of need.


(23 July – 22 August)

Love: Be patient. School: Good grades call for a celebration; treat yourself. Friendship: Holding grudges is not pretty.


(22 September – 22 October) Love: Hearing is not the same as listening. School: Time to stop underestimating yourself. Friendship: A heart-to-heart is needed every once in a while.

Scorpio (23 October – 21 November)

Love: Learn to love his flaws – not change them.

Love: There’s no ‘I’ in ‘us’.

School: Hey, stop slacking off!

School: Procrastination is your worst enemy.

Friendship: Time for that overdue sleepover you promised.

Friendship: Stop the instant messaging and make time for a day out. 69


Photos: Felicita


? u o y e r e w e r e h w

Permata Bank and BERANI 2013 Kidpreneur Awards

The main atrium of EX Plaza Indonesia was lined with booths selling various items from snacks to stationery, run by 15 groups of young entrepreneurs aged 10-14 years old. The bazaar showcased this year’s Permata Bank and BERANI Kidpreneur Awards, which aims to encourage children to manage their money in a creative way – not just saving up, but finding a way they can grow their savings. National Commission for Child Protection consultative council chairman Seto Mulyadi and Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Minister Linda Amalia Sari Gumelar were among the VIP guests in attendance. When: Nov. 1, 2013 Where: EX Plaza Indonesia, Central Jakarta

Speak! English Writing Workshop

Speak! paid a visit to SMA Al-Izhar Pondok Labu to share some knowhow on speaking and writing in proper English, also touching on the subject of how to turn out a good article. The workshop closed with a little trivia giveaway (Speak! freebies, anyone?) and a group exercise so the students could put their newfound knowledge to the test. Where: SMA Al-Izhar Pondok Labu When: Oct. 24, 2013.


Fall Out Boy “Save Rock and Roll Tour” Concert

After a four-year hiatus, American rock band Fall Out Boy turned on the heat once again in Jakarta. The concert had fans rocking to more than 18 original songs, new material (“My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light ‘Em Up)”) as well as some Fall Out Boy classics (“Sugar We’re Going Down”, “Dance, Dance”) were heard. Band members Patrick Stump (vocal/guitar), Pete Wentz (Bass), Andy Hurley (drums) and Joe Trohman (guitar) gave a simple yet vibrant performance, with Patrick and Pete getting up close and personal with a few lucky fans. The show was part of the band’s “Save Rock and Roll” world.

USAID Awards Scholarships to Indonesian Scholars The US Agency for International Development (USAID) awarded 31 young Indonesians scholarships to earn graduate degrees in Indonesia and the U.S. The scholarships came as a part of the USAID’s Program to Extend Scholarships to Achieve Sustainable Impacts (PRESTASI), aiming to present Indonesian minorities with an opportunity to study abroad. The recipients

Where: Skenoo Exhibition Hall, Gandaria City When: Oct. 19, 2013

were chosen from out of 840 applicants and will be pursuing master’s degrees in fields such as Economics, Environment, and Health and Education. Where: The US Embassy, Central Jakarta When: Nov. 6, 2013

“I realize that the Prestasi program was made for minorities, like women, and those who may not be very fluent in English, so this scholarship is a chance for me to pursue a higher education.” Merly Nuasizta Klaas, scholar from East Nusa Tenggara


COM munity


he University of Indonesia’s student radio club, known as Radio Telekomunikasi Cipta (or RTC UI FM for short), has grown since it began in 1995. The club, which broadcasts over public frequency 107.9 FM, is run by university students (including some alumni) from all majors. The club’s success has even earned it additional broadcasting equipment to support its activities. The radio station focuses on education issues amid a playlist of contemporary hits. RTC UI has two divisions: “on air” and “off air”. “On air” covers all the fun broadcasting stuff, with club members in this division claiming such titles as announcer, producer, music director and creative staff. Broadcasts run from Monday to Saturday, from 7 a.m. until midnight. Programs aired include original shows by RTC UI FM, such as Morning Blast, Sound Session and Late Nite Show. Not only do the broadcasts entertain students who are going


about their hectic day on campus, they also offer participants a good place to polish up their speaking skills. Ezra Hashfi, one of the student announcers, can attest to this. “I joined RTC UI FM to develop as a person and master the art of public speaking,” he says. “I’ve learned how to communicate better with a crowd of people and have made plenty of new friends in the process.” Club members learn the wide set of skills needed to run a radio station. Some members that have graduated have even been lucky enough to test the knowledge they gained from the club in the workplace. One of those is RTC UI alumnus Vania Damayanti, who now works as a media relations officer for Kompas TV. “As a music director during my

time at RTC UI, I learned a lot of things, like how to create a good playlist and hit the right target market with my song choices,” she says. “Not only did it expand my musical know-how, it definitely increased my network too, which has been helpful for my job today.” The club’s off-air activities are handled by the radio’s event organizer, marketing and technical team. This year, their most exciting event was a broadcasting seminar and workshop titled Radioventure 2013. The two-day event in early November hosted a panel of familiar guest speakers, such as Geronimo FM announcer Anda Agustien and Trax FM announcer Radhini. + Hanna Nabila

Listen In Wanna hear how the kids from RTC UI FM do it? Stream their broadcast here!

Illustration: Felicita Goentoro

At this time of year, freshmen at the University of Indonesia start looking for a club to join, and plenty are keen to be part of radio station RTC UI FM.

School Stats

SMA LABSCHOOL KEBAYORAN Sky Avenue 2013 SMA Labschool Kebayoran students hosted the 8th annual art event on the theme of “The New World of Psychedelia”. The day-long event boasted nonstop performances from the school’s talented students, not to mention top-name artists including Raisa and Marcell. Aside from good music, there was also plenty of tasty food, cool clothing booths and game prizes for great fun for everyone. “This is the first time Sky Avenue has been held in a venue this big. I’m excited to see everyone from our school perform, it’s definitely the biggest and coolest stage we’ve had in years!” Divia, 17, SMA Labschool

When Oct. 12, 2013. Where STC Senayan

NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE NUANSA 2013: Dance of the Earth More than 1,200 guests filled the University Cultural Centre (UCC) Hall at National University of Singapore (NUS) for an evening devoted to Balinese culture in the university’s biggest student production to date. Against an authentic backdrop of Balinese décor, there was the creative interpretation of Oka Rusmini’s novel Dance of the Earth. The story tells of Luh Sekar, a Balinese girl from the lowest rung of the island’s caste system. When Oct. 6, 2013 The students hoped to convey their belief that culture and its Where University Cultural Centre Hall, NUS people can shape one another.


When Nov. 1, 2013 Where Multipurpose Hall, Binus International School Simprug

International Literacy Festival 2013 Binus International School’s celebration of literature came to life once again this year. The “Egyptian mythology”-themed festival had students show up as their favorite character of fiction, with art acts from students and teachers alike in the spotlight. Students also competed in a variety of interesting competitions, such as photography, essay writing, and, of course, best dressed. The yearly event aims to instill reading culture among today’s generation and increase the appreciation of literature. 73



A Different


Annisa Dea is an 18-year-old student at Harvey Mudd College in California. She talks to Suka Junin about an alternative for students looking to explore their options.

Why did you choose this particular school? I’ve always known I want to do something in the technical field – either physics, engineering or chemistry – but I was never truly sure what to take. Harvey Mudd College is a perfect fit for me because it’s a science liberal arts college, which means students aren’t allowed to declare a major until the end of the freshman year at the earliest. This is perfect for people like me who are still unsure about what subject they want to study. 74

How is this type of college course beneficial for students? I picked this course because I want to be exposed to a lot of different options, rather than restrict myself to a major early on. There’s just so much that we haven’t covered in high school. So I really like this option of exploring because I personally came out of high school not really knowing what I wanted to do.

people all over the world, it’s nice to have friends from back home. Then it’s nice to just have conversations about martabak and Bakmi GM, and speaking in Indonesian sometimes will reduce the homesickness. My school also has an international student resource center, which does an amazing job of making sure we feel at home here, whether it’s a matter of fitting in or finding a job.

Did you experience any culture shock? I don’t feel that culture shock has affected me that much but there are the little things. I find the diet to be extremely different; I do miss my fair share of rice. The pace of life is much faster here, compared to the laidback atmosphere of Indonesia. Then there’s the sun setting at 9 p.m. during the summer, which is just weird.

Have you joined any extracurricular activities at school? I’m trying out archery and quidditch, which are both something new. It’s definitely an important part of university life and you get to meet people with shared interests. It’s also the perfect time to start doing things you thought it was too late for and never had a chance to try before. The university community is generally an all-accepting group and they take in any level of experience, so always keep your eye out for interesting activities.

As a Jakartan, how do you cope with the differences? While it’s good to mingle with



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