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Vol. 1 No. 28 I APRIL 27- may 3, 2014

WANDERLUST Bali’s Peak Value INSPIRING MIND Teaching Kids to Lead A LA MODE rings with bling

Her Prime Time singer Anggun C. Sasmi On Turning 40, Family & the Future

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Singing Her Praises I remember the first time I saw Anggun C. Sasmi’s “Snow on the Sahara” video in the late 1990s, and the sense of vicarious pride I felt at her bringing Indonesia to an international audience. It may be easier to do in today’s interconnected and shrinking world, but at the time it was a major step for her to leave the comfort zone of home and seek her fortune abroad. Over the years, I have interviewed her several times, and find her answers thoughtful and interesting, including in today’s cover story, with her perspective on turning 40 (her birthday is on Tuesday) and on being a woman today. I am intrigued by the education approach described in Inspiring Mind that teaches leadership principles to children, including in

remote areas of this nation. Hopefully, it will give them the same chances as their peers in Jakarta and other urban centers. In our travel section, we have another side of Bali – a greener, pristine patch away from all the frenzied development on the island. Hope you enjoy reading this issue, find something of interest and, as always, are inspired to make a change for yourself and others.


Light Bites

Anger Management


Stepping Up

Letting go of the rage that leaves a trail of destroyed relationships.

JPlus Team

Taste is the big thing on your plate with tasty Tapas.

Bruce Emond

mark my words

In the past week, there has been the constant stream of media reports about the alleged sexual molestation at an international school. I take a guarded interest in it, heeding the principle that someone is innocent until proven guilty but with my own empathy toward the child. I was also molested, although for many years I dismissed it as simply a doctor-andpatient game that got carried away. With time, I came to realize that the young man had violated the trust placed in him as a babysitter for me, who was 6. In the way that children tacitly understand about keeping secrets that are shameful and hurtful, I never told anyone about it. But the impact was lasting – I was left confused about my identity and became shy and reticent in my interactions with others. I tried to compensate by winning approval at every opportunity, repressing my feelings with peoplepleasing behavior. Adding to my turmoil was that I also knew that, along with the abuse I had experienced, I was gay. It was another secret I kept until a carelessly placed letter revealed it to my alarmed parents. There followed harangues and asides about “getting back on the straight and narrow” which, I recognize now, stemmed from their fears and concerns for my future. I chose to flee, distancing myself geographically and emotionally, and starting my life alone in self-imposed exile at age 23. It did not solve or salve the issue. Instead, I wore my pain on my sleeve with a deep-seated anger and preference to take everything personally. I joked that I was a hissy fit waiting to happen and that


JPlus April 27, 2014

I had more chips on my shoulder than a Famous Amos chocolate chip cookie, but it was an uneasy rationalization of my fly-off-the-handle behavior. No amount of reassurances or kissing and making it better from friends or partners did the trick. I became an equal opportunity bridge burner, whether displaying seething consternation at the barista not putting my coffee in a mug as requested or suddenly and unceremoniously – FB unfriended, BB contact deleted in the dead of night – shutting friends out of my life. I stuffed down my feelings with candy and cake, the reverse of denying myself food when I was a teenager in my quest to be the perfect boy. My cross to bear was that I was an angry man who was making the world pay for the slights and estrangement of the past. And I would reject you before you could reject me. There were attempts to reconcile my past. I located the person who abused me, now a successful hotelier, through a networking site; my voice strangled with nerves, I spoke with him briefly after all these years. At least I was assured that he was far removed from my life. With my parents, one year became two and eventually many more before we met again, with a flurry of tears and rapprochements and, still, pain lurking beneath. Times had changed, with greater acceptance of “alternative lifestyles”, and my parents, with well-meaning gestures, would try to show me that they loved me, regardless of what had occurred in the past. I instead rued the fact that this 21st century openness had come so much later than my hours of need. And then, recently, I was pulled almost

kicking and screaming into reality. While I waited for an acquaintance at a restaurant, the usual drama ensued as I found fault with service. When the person did arrive, we ordered and all was well until a comment earned my ire. My response, was to lash out, pushing my plate to the side, shifting my chair away from my companion and seriously contemplating storming out (except there was the bill to pay first). Unlike others, confused and alarmed by my outbursts, who have chosen to take the path of least resistance by heading in another direction, he stayed. He refused to be browbeaten into submission. And he listened. “You clearly have some anger issue,” he offered, stating the obvious. “It may be justified. But you have to recognize it and let it go.” It dawned on me – an epiphany moment with no Oprah to be my guiding light – what was behind my irrational behavior all these years. And, yes, I had to let those feelings of rejection and sadness go – for me. The next day, I awoke with what I can only describe as a lightness of my being. I took things in stride and, unconsciously, accepted situations for what they were. I spontaneously apologized to people I encountered who I had wronged. For the first time in years, I ate normally, without binging or starving myself. It’s a start. Experiences in our lives, especially early on, leave lasting impressions. We can be wounded and scarred, but hopefully we can survive despite them. To all victims of abuse, in whatever form, I wish you healing and happiness. + Broto Bennett

Instilling students with the leadership values they need.

Editor Bruce Emond Deputy Editor Willy Wilson Art Director Budhi Hartono Graphic Designer Lody Andrian Marketing & Advertising Sales & Marketing Director Ady P. Pamungkas

Marketing Executives Dewi Damayani





Anggun C. Sasmi Photographer Indra Leonardi - The Leonardi

Credit Due

Julie Estelle’s makeup & hair for the April 20 cover was by Wati of Adi Adrian Salon.

table of friends

Blasts from the Past My First Visits to the Mall.

@zoyaamirin I have loved shopping for a long as I can remember. And with my not so good spatial abilities these days, even though I was born and raised in Jakarta, I find it hard to remember streets and have trouble looking for addresses unless there is a mall in the area. I vaguely remember accompanying my mom to Sarinah Thamrin as my first mall experience as a child, with all its awesome teddy bears and beautiful dresses, and also buying groceries in Golden Truly supermarket across the street. We also went to Hoya somewhere in the Blok M Area (if Gramedia Matraman bookstore counts as a mall, then that was my real happy hunting ground).  As a junior high school student, I would have after-school softball practice at Senayan, and then head to Blizzard ice cream at Ratu Plaza – my best teenage time. In high school, I came to enjoy eating out and movie dates at the mall, still my favorite dates until today. I enjoyed the opening of Atrium Mall Senen, which is located across from my church, and so it felt like “our” mall for me and my gang. At the same time, Pondok Indah Mall was opening and Plaza Indonesia was in progress. Ah, I’m so ‘80s, huh? It’s OK –it was the best time ever. No smartphone and WiFi; we had real conversations, laughs and hugs, without needing emoticons. High five if you like to keep it real!

@iwetramadhan I grew up in the 1990s, when malls mushroomed in the city. Hehehe. So the malls were my home, and the home of Jakarta’s ABG, teens on the hunt for fun and adventure. It was the MTV era, and Wulan Guritno was the star of the Pondok Indah soap, Indonesia’s answer to Beverly Hills 90210, and the neighborhood was also home to the hippest mall in Jakarta. You had to be there, no matter what, no matter how, or else you would be deserted by your friends. Unfortunately, I could not hang out with my friends every week; there was either no car or no permission from my mom. But I could still catch up with what my friends were doing without me. I read magazines and listened to the radio – and in that way, I knew exactly what was happening down at the mall. :) I guess that is what led to me becoming a radio DJ, because I just have to read and retell stories :)) God granted me the wish to spend more time at the mall, because I worked at Mal Taman Anggrek for six months. Today, I spend most of my time in the mall for serial meetings. As we know, everything will be great in its time:))

@mrshananto The ‘80s! Oh well, I was a kid living in rural Sulawesi. My dad was very strict with money. My clothes were hand-me-downs from cousins who were 10 years older! Ha ha. So in the ‘80s I was still dressing like it was the ‘70s :p Very retro of me. As for the mall, Ratu Plaza was the place for me! I bet some of you guys recall the capsule-like elevators, with the wide glass facing the foyer of the mall. I thought that was grand :) Here are other things I remember from that time. Politics – there were three parties. And Golkar won all the time. President Soeharto was Bapak Pembangunan (the father of development). Transportation mode – I remember reaching Java after two days aboard the Kerinci passenger vessel from Sulawesi. No seasickness at all. My ancestors must have been tough sailors from the Arabian peninsula. Music – I’m musically dead so I cannot comment on this subject. Movies – Back to the Future, everyone! Michael J. Fox was a god! Wait. This week’s topic is a trap. We are declaring to the world how old we really are! LOL

“Ah, I’m so ‘80s, huh? It’s OK –it was the best time ever. No smartphone and WiFi; we had real conversations, laughs and hugs, without needing emoticons.” – ZOYA AMIRIN

@ReneCC When I was growing up, Jakarta had only half or even a quarter of its current population. The morning air was still fresh. Bemo and oplet (public transportation vehicles) were the kings of the road, while becak (pedicabs) roamed freely everywhere else. People used fixed lines and pagers, unless you were extremely rich or your dad was (a portable telephone cost around Rp 25 million, or about Rp 250 million in today’s money). Welcome to the early ‘80s! What else was very new at that time? The MALL. Before they came to town, we went to the rows of shops in Pasar Baru or trade centers in Tanah Abang or Melawai. The mall was something new and exciting. We were a bit confused, but loved the idea of having a huge area that was temperature controlled, with its nice display of products, cuter – though not necessarily more enthusiastic – sales attendants and, most importantly, more than satisfactory toilets. Thanks to malls, people dressed up and developed an appreciation of design, cuisine and quality time. We quickly changed our lifestyle from buying products to simply just chilling out … sort of. We ate at the mall. We met people. We struck deals. And we hung out more frequently. What was the mall like in its infancy? Well, the old ones are still around, although they have been outshone by their younger version. Check out Ratu Plaza, Duta Merlin and Gadjah Mada Plaza. I frequently visited those spots with my parents in learning how to chill out. I learned it well. Today, long a graduate in the art of chillin’ out, I can barely keep up with the new malls that open their doors seemingly every month. Oh, how I wish I could turn back the clock :p

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April 27, 2014



Honey Bunch Candy Land

Simple and sassy, Marc Jacobs’ Honey instantly transports you into a blooming flower garden. You can’t miss its bee-like bottle, complete with wings and stripes, and you may be attracting some of the insects with the multitude of floral scents.

Packaged in a chic bottle with distinct flashes of hot pink and rich gold, Prada’s Candy is a bold and beautiful statement. Candy embodies a confident, brave young woman who is constantly seeking adventure to color her perspective of the world.

Contains: Pear, juicy mandarin, orange, peach nectar, apricot, honeysuckle, honey, golden vanilla, smooth woods

Contains: Caramel, musk, vanilla and benzoin


Heaven Scents Waft this way with these memorable fragrances.


Into the Wild Dedicated to men who love taking on the outdoors, Giorgio Armani’s Acqua di Gio Pour Homme brims with elements of the sea, forests and herbs for you to experience. It is proof that you need not forgo sophistication while roughing it. Contains: Marine notes, mandarin, bergamot, neroli, persimmon, rosemary, nasturtium, jasmine, amber, patchouli, cistus.


JPlus April 27, 2014

Best of Puck In the Black Noir by Lacoste summarizes a glorious summer day of sipping coffee on your front porch in one single scent. Elite in a understated manner, Noir is a must-have for yuppies who embrace work, travel and style. Contains: Living Watermelon, French Lavender, Dark Chocolate.

Ralph Lauren’s Polo fragrance for men is a classic gem. Cased in an emerald bottle with a golden cap, this is the final touch for men who want to dress for success. This masculine, suave scent will grab everyone’s attention when you saunter in. Don’t forget to light a cigar. And shine your shoes. Contains: Basil, chamomile, tobacco, patchouli, oakmoss. + Tuscany Leau


Ring A Ding Ding The latest interpretation of Bulgary’s B.zero1 ring is a tribute to the city of Rome.


series of jewelry, watches, accessories and perfumes marks Bulgary’s 130th anniversary. But perhaps the most anticipated piece in this special edition series is B.zero1 Roma, the latest incarnation of the classic ring the Italian luxury jeweler is known for. Launched in 1999, the B.zero1 ring is one of the house’s most iconic pieces. Its sleek, industrial style – an expected design from a heritage European jewelery manufacturer – bears the Tubogas motif and the BVLGARI logo, two hallmarks of the label’s icongraphy. B.zero1’s simplicity is indeed its greatest feature, for it is able to pack heritage, craftmanship and iconic symbols all in one simple, modern design. The design details see the two flat rings clasped around the sleek central loops, each engraved with the imposing gravitas of the BVLGARI double logo. FYI, the BVLGARY font was introduced for the first time in 1934, following the revamping of the house’s flagship store on via Condotti. It was on this occasion that the BVLGARI family decided to adopt the ancient Roman epigraphy incorporating the Latin “V” instead of the Anglicized “U”. So what can you expect from this special anniversary tribute? Four bands of bronzecolored ceramic are encircled by soft pink gold, which evokes the images of sun-drenched Rome. Its circular form brings to mind the circularity of the most representative Roman architectural masterpieces, from the imposing circular grandeur of the ancient Colosseum, Castel Sant’Angelo to the Pantheon. The B.zero1 Rome ring is also specially engraved with both BVLGARI and ROMA. Effortlessly fusing past, present and future, the iconic shape of the ring – the eternal circle – is a perfect metaphor for continuity.


April 27, 2014



Scientifically formulated

A French scientists brings his smarts to treating major skin-care issues.

Words Kindra Cooper


ersonalized skincare meets science with IOMA Paris’ high-technology diagnostic devices. Developed by scientist JeanMichel Karam, holder of more than 50 patents in microelectronics, the skin-care system is founded on evidence-based diagnosis that use lightfiltering probes to reveal imperfections otherwise invisible to the naked eye. The IOMA Sphere™ takes five “photographs” that can detect the commonest skin gripes in less than five minutes, including wrinkles, fine lines, firmness quality, UV damage, pigmentation and clogged pores. The skincare system is now available in Indonesia for the first time at SEIBU Department Store at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town. “We measure 20-25 parameters of your skin and we classify it into the seven major imperfections,” explains Jean-Michel Karam, CEO and founder of IOMA and MEMSCAP, which supplies MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) probes to the aeronautics, telecommunication and medicine industries – the same technology that is used in IOMA diagnostic devices. The Sphere then assigns a score of 1-15 in each of the seven criteria, with one meaning “perfect”. When the scores are totaled, an IOMA skin code is generated and the machine automatically prescribes a course of treatment based on eight high-concentration serums; three targeting hydration, five inciting regeneration. A beauty adviser then administers these serums to the pre-formulated day cream and night cream bases in personalized ratios according to one’s skin diagnosis, from 864 possible combinations.


JPlus April 27, 2014

The bases contain 18 active ingredients, including Vitamin E and neutrazen, a peptide that reduces the reactivity of sensitive skin, hence combating redness. “The brand is transparent because we believe in telling the truth,” says Karam. “We think that true knowledge is the basis of progress. The brand also has a mentoring characteristic because you don’t just do a diagnosis and we give you a product and you’re done forever. We don’t believe there is such a thing.”

Life Lines

Karam underscores that the post-treatment before-and-after evaluation of the skin is integral to the two-and-a-half-month bespoke regimen, because skincare is for life. “In order to take you to the highest skin potential, we need to sit down, assess, personalize your treatment, come back and see the results and move forward,” he says. “The device regenerates your new bespoke formula, which takes into account the previous one and the benefits you already have, takes into account how your life has changed.” Eleven years of R&D were invested in the IOMA Sphere II, says Karam, which involved working with dermatologists and embedding the probes from the IOMA Link. Debuting at the newly opened counter in Jakarta, IOMA’s largest point of sale in the world, is the i-Sphere, the latest incarnation of the Sphere. Embedded into the counter, the Sphere automatically configures itself to the customer, allowing for hands-free, automated diagnosis. Karam’s devices have been designed with “reproducibility”

and “repeatability” in mind, the former meaning a customer can access their personal data from any point of sale in the world, while the latter is a quality control mechanism to guarantee that different devices generate the same results. “You will see more technological pieces coming other than diagnostic devices,” says Karam, hinting at the impending launch of a product that will embed the technology into the bottle itself.

coming ON



Your life and style guide for the week.

Alexander the Great

Liquid Assets

“Fast fashion” retailer H&M announced its collaboration with designer Alexander Wang at the Coachella Music Festival in Palm Springs, California. Known for his edgy and androgynous looks, the American fashion designer and creative director of Balenciaga will put his stamp on accessories as well as men and women’s clothing for the Swedish brand, which previously collaborated with French designer Isabel Marant. The special collection debuts in stores on Nov. 6, 2014.

Two sleek, new Acer smartphones have hit the market: the Liquid E3 and Liquid Z4. The Liquid E3 is a photo-taking powerhouse with a 13 megapixel camera and frontfacing 2MP camera equipped with an LED flash to tempt even those who are averse to taking selfies. The Liquid Z4 is excellent for media consumption, with speakers on the front of the phone that are amplified with DTS sound technology.

Pandora’s Rocks Gift the leading lady in your life a beautiful necklace, earrings or bracelet with a dainty charm or three from Pandora. Continuing the pastel pink trend from the fall/winter catwalks, the Pink Rose Garden series perpetuates soft feminity with a pink enamel rose petal charm on shining silver adorning rings, ear studs and bracelets. Also available in pale pink is the limited edition sterling silver bangle with a sparkling pavé-set cubic zirconia heart. Restate your love with a beautiful eternity ring set with muted pink, purple or white cubic zirconia stones for a Mother’s Day she won’t forget. + Kindra Cooper


Luxury Villa

Aura Glow Your route to achieving glowing, pearlescent skin may just be found with the twice-daily application of SK-II’s Cellumination Aura Essence, formulated with Soft Aura White Cocktail and PiteraTM. Just two drops daubed on the face morning and night before moisturizer elicits brighter skin after one week of regular use; and after use of one bottle, skin tone is visibly more even.

PARADISE FOUND Starting from Indonesian Rupiah 2,700,000*, your stay at The Oberoi, Lombok includes accommodation for two guests in a Luxury Pavilion Garden View, daily breakfast and afternoon tea at Tea Bale, return airport transfers, complimentary wireless internet access, local horse & cart excursion to nearby market village, use of putting green, sea kayaks and wind surfing, use of snorkeling equipment and mountain bikes and daily fresh fruits. Additionally, guest staying in a Villa category can enjoy one complimentary boat trip to Gili island for snorkeling and picnic lunch.

*Offer is valid until 30th June, 2014. 21% taxes extra. Minimum of 2 paid nights stay required to avail the offer. Applicable to resident of Indonesia and KITAS holders.

The Indonesian island of Lombok presents a picture of serenity with its white sand beaches, shimmering turquoise waters and dense green forest. An enchanting journey through the winding mountain roads descends into the paradise resort of The Oberoi. Located on Medana Beach, the resort is a secluded cluster of villas and pavilions set amidst lush tropical gardens. The island is a magnificent destination for the travelers seeking undiscovered culture and nature.

Sunset at Jetty Medana Beach, Tanjung 83352 North Lombok, NTB, Indonesia Telephone : +62 370 6138444 Facsimile : +62 370 6132496 Email: Website:



Photo: JP/R. Berto Wedhatama

I 8

JPlus April 27, 2014

Back in Jakarta for a 2011 concert.

t is early morning in Paris, and Anggun C. Sasmi is at home, with her daughter Kirana sound asleep nearby. The Indonesian-born singer is catching some precious time with the six-year-old (her father is the French writer Cyril Montana) between crossing the Channel to London, where she is writing her next album with, in her words, several “heavyweight” writers. She admits that managing family commitments between her singing and TV talent show engagements is challenging but “painfully doable”, just like working moms the world over. She believes communication is key, and Skypes with her daughter when she is on the road. “I know what she studied, what she ate at school and which pajamas she wore. If anything, I actually bother her with my Skype calls! She knows that she’s my most important person in the world and that I love her endlessly. As long as she knows that, she’s fine,” she says. On April 29, Anggun turns 40, an alternately dreaded or celebrated birthday for many but one that she seems to regard nonchalantly. “It sure is an excuse to have a big party,” she jokes. “I’ll be surrounded with my loved ones. Lots

Photo: Indra Leonardi - The Leonardi

cover story

Singer Anggun C. Sasmi marks a fresh chapter in her life with new projects in the works. Words Bruce Emond

of nice food, beautiful wines, laughter and good music. Maybe I’ll dance until the wee hours. Who knows?” She acknowledges that entering one’s fifth decade of life is a “big deal” for some, but to her it’s truly about how you feel, whatever age you are. She refers to the French actress Anouk Aimée, now an octogenarian, who remains beautiful and vibrant. “I guess the number doesn’t actually define who you are as a person. There are 20 year olds who look and feel way older than their years; it depends on the life that you have, probably, and choices you make,” she says. “If you are a beautiful person inside out, people don’t see your age but they see you.” In taking stock of this new “coming of age”, it’s more important to be a positive force for the people who matter. “Now that I have a very happy and healthy 6 year old in my life, I know that I have to take good care of my inner self, and even more than the outer aspect. My daughter deserves a loving, positive, well balanced and happy mother. Although I don’t believe in ‘happiness’ – I know that we only get fragments of it in life and that’s why it’s essential to recognize those moments when they happen.” Women of her generation, she says, are no longer frightened by the number of candles on their birthday cake.

cover story

Show Stoppers

Anggun will be back in Jakarta next month for the live broadcasts of SCTV’s Indonesia’s Got Talent, where she appears as a judge and brings cred as an Indonesian artist who has succeeded in making a name internationally. The show follows her stint on The X Factor Indonesia in 2013, and some may be wondering why she chose a talent variety show instead of her bread-and-butter of singing programs. For one, she says, her fellow jury members won her over. The foursome has clicked and become fast friends. She calls man of many artistic talents Jay Subiyakto “brilliant, a no-nonsense human being” and singer Ari Lasso a gentle and endearing soul. Rounding out the

ANGGUN Essentials If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be? If I only could delay my father’s passing. What are you proudest of? That my daughter knows the meaning of a homeless person, an orphan, a gay guy and that she says “thank you”, “please” and “sorry” when necessary.  Describe the 21-year-old Anggun who left Indonesia. And what would be your advice to her 19 years on.   I was proud, willing and scared. I would tell her to breathe

Photos: Christian Kretschmar, JP/Jerry Adiguna, JP/R. Berto Wedhatama

“Women in our 40s know what we want, we’ve been through a lot so we don’t settle. We are the ‘Sex and the City’ generation, the career women. We’re the ones who don’t need a man for financial stability, social acknowledgment or status, but somehow still secretly believe in With Jay Subiyakto Prince Charming,” she says. taping the show. “I am that woman, I am in full charge of my life. And I don’t believe that beauty secrets can be found in creams or plastic surgery, but in the attitude, aura and confidence of a person. I didn’t like my 20s at all; I much prefer my mid 30s and my actual self. Beauty really is the reflection of your inner self.” Maturing also brings greater awareness of the importance of giving back, a social consciousness that the goodwill ambassador for the UN Food and Agriculture Organization has said was nurtured by growing up in a developing nation like Indonesia. “The more I advance in life, the more I feel the need to do something. Apart from my ongoing commitment as the Goodwill Ambassador for FAO, there are other activities I do personally for people in need in my area in Montmartre,” she says. “I think when you dream of doing something globally you should also try do that locally.”

Where do you expect to be in 5 years from now? I think I’m becoming short sighted, and not in the ophthalmological way. I can’t see that far anymore. I hope that I’ll still be writing songs that I find interesting, that I can actually see the places I travel to and that my then 11-year-old daughter doesn’t give me too much of a hard time. If I have that, I’ll be fine. That’s a good plan, right?  

“I don’t believe in ‘happiness’ – I know we only get fragments of it in life and that’s why it’s essential to recognize those moments when they happen.” panel is TV and radio host Indy Barends, who, Anggun blurts out, is one of a kind. “She is phenomenal, hilarious! That woman is the Energizer bunny, her brain works nonstop!” Signing on to the show also appealed to her because it showed her another side of the entertainment business – and of herself to the public. “I figured that we’re there to judge all kinds of performances that we think are entertaining and deserve to be performed on stage. And that covers every single type of entertainment. It’s broader than a music-only talent show and, to be honest, it’s really nice to be a spectator for once and to get my emotion speaks for itself,” she says. “People see me crying during performances that

are extremely moving, laughing hard with all my teeth showing, getting stressed out by some fakir performances or all kinds of my bleh reactions as well.” After “Talent”, she will return to writing her album – “I’m very slow in this process – and in June she will also launch what she will only describe as “a very personal, non-musical but super feminine project”. Anggun says she is glad to have always been busy in her career, including now with the talent shows as the music industry changes amid digital sharing sites. “Now that the music business is weaker, the opportunities to branch out are broader. But I am careful with what I won’t do.” She has always been brave enough to try something different, starting when she left her successful career

as a “lady rocker” at age 21 in the 1990s for London and, eventually, Paris, starting from scratch. Over time, she gained a following in Europe (the US is a harder market to crack), and the French have also embraced her as an adopted daughter of the Republique. A naturalized French citizen, she represented her adopted homeland in the Europe-wide Eurovision Song Contest in 2012. Anggun still bristles at feeling that some Indonesians will never forgive her for becoming a French citizen. But she has embraced the privilege of being different – she is a foreigner wherever she goes, she says – and all she represents. “There is a beauty in being a stranger – wherever I go I am the ambassador of my country of origin. People are always so curious about Indonesia and so very surprised about what they learn about the nation. So I always try to tell them what’s need to be told; it’s a great country with endless possibilities, but we are a young country compared to others, so trials and errors are inevitable.” France and the Indonesia of today each provides her with special qualities. “France gives me a beautiful language to speak, interesting point of views, an ‘un esprit de critic’ which is totally the French way of thinking in being skeptical, an ability to speak up, an honesty to be discontent, a love for wine, Serge Gainsbourg songs and Boris Vian’s books,” she says. “Indonesia of 2014 so far has given me new faces of friendship, the hunger to read in Indonesian again and the innocence to believe there is still good in people.” So does either place feel more like home today? “Of course, home is where the heart is. My home is wherever my loved ones are.”


April 27, 2014


wander LUST


Mighty Exploring Bali’s real rainforest on Mount Batukaru. Words Electra Gillies/ JakPost.Travel


he forests covering Bali, though often referred to as “rainforests”, are actually lowland monsoonal forests. In the central area of Bali lies Batukaru Forest, a deeply peaceful and mystical primary rainforest. Located near the majestic Agung Batukaru volaco, this thick rainforest is a wonderful place to spend a few hours or days immersed in nature. Agung Batukaru volcano, better known as Mt. Batukaru, is the second highest peak in Bali. But somehow it is a little less popular with climbers than other mountains. To reach Mt. Batukaru, you have to pass through the dense and mysterious forest to get there. Experience a rainforest trek, climb a volcano or stay


JPlus April 27, 2014

a night and see the stars shine brighter than anywhere else in Bali. This is a haven for birdwatchers and anyone interested in the flora and fauna of the island. It is still a serene and largely undiscovered area, a combination of nature, culture and stunning scenery. Even if you are not planning on the climb, the area is still fantastic for spending a few days to explore the lush and verdant interior of Bali. This forest is protected as it is home to a myriad of species. It is a primary forest that has evolved from the unique micro-climate of fertile volcanic soil from the now-extinct Mt. Batukaru, along with a high level of rainfall and an elevated altitude that mean the forest has flourished. It is the ideal home for a rich array of flora and fauna, including the luwak -- a member of the civet genus,

which is more infamous in Sumatra for kopi luwak (civet coffee). It is also known as “civet poo” coffee, as the animal ingests the coffee beans before passing them out, after which they are roasted. The forest is also home to plenty of huge trees, including mahogany, cacao trees, vanilla, coffee and some primeval looking palm ferns. This type of forest is more synonymous with Java and islands further west, like Kalimantan and Sumatra. It is an ideal place to explore for those who would like a tropical rainforest experience but do not have time to travel beyond Bali. Anyone with a moderate fitness level can discover the low-lying areas; a normal trek through the forest will take around three hours. At the other end of the scale, visitors can try a strenuous climb to the top of Mt.

wander LUST Batukaru and experience sweeping views across Bali. An early start before an entire day’s hiking is required to reach the summit and return. Amid the forest also lies Pura Batukaru, a Hindu temple of some significance, as being one of Bali’s directional temples. It has a seven-tiered meru, or thatched temple roof, signifying its importance, with twelve being the highest number of tiers possible. It is a sacred mountain sanctuary and royal temple of the Tabanan dynasty that was established in the 11th century by Empu Kuturan, a great Hindu sage who established six main temples on the island of Bali. The temple can be reached by road or, the more magical way, with a trek through the rice fields. Experienced guides from the area can be found or, if you would like to support an ecotourism initiative, you can use a guide from the Sarinbuana Trekking Guides Association (STGA). Sarinbuana Eco Lodge, which set up the guides association, is a good option if you plan to stay the night. By taking a trek, you are supporting ecoincome in the local community, which encourages eco-tourism as a form of income rather than the exploitation of the ecosystem – US$25 is donated from every trek you undertake. The guides are knowledgeable about their local landscape and will show you cacao, coffee and vanilla growing wild, as well as a plethora of birds, butterflies and other inhabitants of the forest. It is a worthy project that not only supports local conservation but also community projects in the nearby villages (They can also guide you on cultural tours to the temple or up to the summit of the volcano). If experiencing the rainforest with a little more luxury sounds more appealing, then the Waka Land Cruise experience will take you through the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Jatiluwih Rice Terraces to the

Even if you do not plan to climb, the area is fantastic for spending a few days to explore the lush and verdant interior. heart of the Batukaru Forest for a trek, temple visit and a traditional lunch in their restaurant. This tour is a comfortable and intimate way to experience not only the Batukaru area but also a drive through the rice terraces and scenery of rural Bali. Prices start from US$35 per person for the tours. If you are on honeymoon or feel like a little privacy, the tours can be tailor-made to your need. This is an area that is still very much overlooked on the main tours of the island, so you will be pretty much alone with your guide. Immersing yourself in the forest will awaken you to the number of species that actually inhabit and thrive in Bali. However, many species are slowly being driven into smaller enclaves due to the rapid development of the island, which is causing the loss of their habitats. It is therefore important to protect these natural areas as well as to support them financially by visiting. It is here the benefits of nature tourism are fully realized. Photos by Electra Gillies and Sarinbuana Eco Lodge for JakPost.Travel


April 27, 2014



Tantalizing Tapas Words & Photos Theodora Hurustiati


apas – eating an assortment of small dishes of food – is growing in popularity around the world. In its country of origin, Spain, many bars have their own specialities. These are two classic dishes you would likely to find in tapas bars or restaurants. They will be suffice for two to three diners.

Patatas bravas (spicy potatoes) 500 g potatoes 200 ml tomato pulp 1 clove of garlic 1 shallot or 1/4 onion Cayenne chili pepper powder, to taste 1 teaspoon Jerez/ balsamic/apple vinegar 3 tablespoons of olive oil Salt Vegetable oil, for frying • Heat olive oil in a pan to sweat the shallot and the garlic until they’re translucent. Add the tomato pulp, vinegar, salt and cayenne pepper. Substitute with regular chili powder if you can’t find it. • Cook the sauce over a low heat until it’s reduced and slightly thickened. • Meanwhile, peel and cut the potatoes into 3-centimeter cubes. Immerse them in cold water to wash off some of the starch. Drain and pat them dry with a kitchen towel. • Heat sufficient oil and deep-fry the potatoes until they’re golden outside and tender inside. • Place them on a kitchen cloth to absorb the excess oil. Salt and serve hot, and top with spicy tomato sauce.

• • • • •

Gambas al ajillo (garlic prawns) 500 g prawns, peel and devein 2 cloves of garlic 3 dried chili peppers Pimentón de la Vera (Spanish smoked paprika), to taste Extra virgin olive oil Salt • Thinly slice the garlic and cut the dried chili peppers into rounds. Feel free to use the fresh ones. • Place them into the clay ramekins along with enough olive oil to cover their base. Arrange on a baking tray for easier and safer transfer. • Bake them in the oven at 180°C for about five minutes, just until the oil is hot and the garlic is golden. Take them out carefully. Divide the prawns into the hot ramekins. Add salt and put them back into the oven for another 5 to10 minutes until the prawns are cooked. Don’t overcook; they’re ready as soon as the color changes into bright orange. Otherwise they will become hard and rubbery. Spoon some of the chili oil on the bottom onto the prawns for a glossier finish. The easier way of cooking these garlic prawns is to just stir-fry them in a pan, and then transfer them into warm clay ramekins. Serve hot with a generous sprinkle of smoked paprika

Taking the Plate The culture of “ir de tapear” – going to tapas – originated in Andalucía, a stunning region in southern Spain. There it was customary for bars to cover the glasses of their costumers with an edible lid, such as a piece of bread and a slice of ham, to prevent flies or sand from entering. The word lid or cover is “tapa” in Spanish, hence the word now refers also to a small meal eaten while having a few drinks.


JPlus April 27, 2014

Jakarta-born chef Theodora Hurustiati, an 11-year resident of Udine, Italy, was the runner-up in the TV cooking program La Scuola – Cucina di Classe (The School: Classy Cooking) in 2011.


In the

Driver’s Seat

Blue Bird Group celebrates Kartini Day with a can-do spirit.


lue Bird Group Holding president director Noni S. A. Purnomo took the wheel in serving the leading taxi group’s customers on Kartini Day on April 21. The celebration of the birthdate of national heroine and advocate of women’s education RA Kartini, held on the theme “Aku Perempuan, Aku Bisa!” (I’m a Woman, Yes, I Can!), included the participation of all the firm’s women drivers. “This is our way of showing our empathy with them by becoming a taxi driver, in order to understand the good and bad of being a woman driver,” Noni said. “Frankly, the women drivers tell me there are more positive experiences on the job, and I wanted to see it for myself.” Noni was not the only person showing her can-do spirit;

other managers, especially female ones, did the taxi rounds. Everybody was in luck on the day; passengers served by female drivers were entitled to receive a voucher worth Rp 50,000, while drivers received vouchers for 7-11 convenience stores. Blue Bird Group itself is a long upheld symbol of the corporate success of women in Indonesia. It was founded by Noni’s grandmother, the late Mutiara Siti Fatimah Djokosoetono SH, 42 years ago with a fleet of 25 taxis. Today,

with diversified businesses in various sectors, it employs more than 40,000 people and serves more than 8.5 million passengers monthly in cities nationwide, including Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Medan and Padang. “My late grandmother would say that occasionally there were those who looked down on Blue Bird Group because she was a woman. But that was actually the motivation for her to prove that women could play a role in the transportation world that was notoriously tough and dominated by men,” Noni says.

talk of the TOWN

Pasar Senggol, Summarecon Mal Bekasi

Luke Mangan Dinner, Salt Grill Celebrity chef Luke Mangan, famed for being the man behind the success of Salt Grill restaurant, made a return trip to Jakarta on April 17. From the restaurant’s lofty perch in ALTITUDE at The Plaza, the amiable Mangan greeted eager diners before serving them an assortment of delicious dishes, accompanied by fine wines.

Foodies can enjoy their very own brush with culinary paradise at Pasar Senggol at The Downtown Walk at Summarecon Mal. A total of 119 tenants will be serving a staggering 614 types of dishes. There will be plenty of traditional fun and games for the family, as well as a World of Lanterns display of animated characters that comes all the way from Sichuan, China. The event continues until May 11.


April 27, 2014


inspiring MIND


the Way A ground-breaking education system promises to help children find their personal leadership potential. Words Kindra Cooper

S Indri Gautama

Muriel Summers


JPlus April 27, 2014

tudents of leadership aren’t typically waist height and still memorizing the alphabet. But at Tunas Mulia kindergarten in one of the most remote, poorest villages in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, four and fiveyear-olds practice the same tenets taught to Fortune 500 executives: “Be proactive”, “Understand before you seek to be understood” and “Think win-win”. Doesn’t this do away with a carefree childhood and letting children be children? “It’s about how to [teach] a little boy or girl how to live their lives and know their life purpose,” responds Indri Gautama, who owns Tunas Mulia and is striving to promote this system, originating in a public elementary school in backwater North Carolina, in schools here. “Those are the formative years in the brain of a child – especially from birth to 5 years old. That’s where we want to focus.” Not every child is primed to out-earn Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg or out-strategize Steve Jobs. Instead, the lessons extracted from managerial tome The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by American author and motivational speaker Stephen Covey, and adapted for children in The Leader in Me, teach youngsters selfleadership above all. With it come interpersonal skills, self-respect and self-direction that apply even in the household. “So the first three habits are to pursue private victory. The last three, public victory. The transformation happens from the inside,” explains Indri. Indri’s journey of educational discovery began after she received Covey’s book as a gift from a student. She traveled to the North Carolina school whose stunning turnaround from underperformance and imminent shutdown had inspired it. The principal of A.B. Combs Elementary, Muriel Summers, had seven days to pull off a miracle due to lack of funding for the school. Summers interviewed every member of the waning student body and teaching staff to determine a successful strategy. It turned out that parents and teachers shared the same goal.

inspiring MIND “They wanted the same things that business leaders wanted,” Summers said at a recent The Leader in Me seminar at The Kuningan Place in Jakarta, involving 1,000 principals from Jakarta private and public schools. “They wanted their children to belong well with others, they wanted them to be good problem solvers and have a strong work ethic. They wanted them to be able to prioritize what was important and be selfdirected.” Summers decided to attend a leadership seminar given by Covey for business executives. During his talk, an impassioned Summers impulsively ran to the stage and begged of Covey, “Sir, you don’t know me. But do you think your system can be implemented with children? I’m talking about children who are four and five years old.” Covey accepted the challenged, and adapted his book. The rest truly is remarkable educational history. Today, A.B. Combs consistently wins accolades for its scholastic performance, including National Magnet Elementary School and the Blue Ribbon Award, and attracts school principals from all over the world as a model for the 7 Habits system.

Aiming High

In an A.B. Combs art class, students paint portraits of themselves gracing the cover of Time and articulate why they might be chosen. In gym, they set personal fitness goals, while in science and math they “synergize” (the sixth of Covey’s 7 Habits) by working in problem-solving

“If children know how to lead their lives, they know how to lead their families ... They carry life skills wherever they are.”

teams of two to four. “It’s true that 67 percent of the work that is done in a schoolhouse can be done by the children. So letting go of your power to empower children to lead creates a culture of leadership where everyone is given an opportunity to give the gifts that they have been born with,” says Summers, emphasizing the “loving” environment that is created by students learning to respect one another as part of leadership mindset. “Leadership is a communication language. That’s what they learn,” Indri says of her experience with meeting A.B. Combs students. “They know how carry themselves well and communicate eye-to-eye. And my mind went to my country, the president, the house of congress, the mayor and the governor [who have all] graduated from local schools. We are submitting to laws made by people who

ALL WELL & GOOD The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, Bali has opened its doors to the public for the global launch of the Westin Well-being Movement, a campaign designed to enhance the well-being of guests and associates around the world. This year-long initiative, US$15 million campaign will introduce a string of innovative partnerships and programs across Westin’s six brand pillars: Sleep Well, Eat Well, Move Well, Feel Well, Work Well and Play Well. One of 200 Westin Hotels & Resorts participating in the program, the hotel invited guests, associates and consumers to experience the brand’s signature well-being programs from March 21-28. A major sales blitz was carried out to communicate details about the Westin Well-being Movement to key clients. This involved associates visiting local agents dressed in sports wear by New Balance and Heavenly Waffle Weave Bathrobes to convey the message that the resort taking wellness to the next level. Also during the week, every associate had the opportunity to stay overnight at the resort and sleep on a Westin Heavenly® Bed that features 8 unique layers of comfort. They enjoyed SuperFoodsRx® meals and participated in a number of inspiring activities including a session of Yogic Stretching for a health-enhancing start to the day. This incentive was to heighten overall

are full of corruption.” Indri approached the Education Ministry for support. Conventionalizing the 7 Habits, which, as an approach to teaching and learning does not interfere with national curriculum, will transform the nation’s future, she hopes. “If children know how to lead their lives, they know how to lead their families. If they know how to lead their families they know how to lead the community, and society, and they can lead the country,” she said. “They carry life skills wherever they are. Whether they become a mother, a father, a doctor or a satpam (security guard) they know how to lead themselves.” Jakarta deputy governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama said the initiative would prepare the workforce for an economic and demographic boom in 2025. “The future of Indonesia is in the hands of its teachers,” he said at the event. Indri’s foundation, Yayasan Tunas Mulia, works with the Dunamis Education Society which is licensed by the Franklin Covey Foundation and has already helped several schools in Indonesia, such as PSKD Mandiri (now a model school for The Leader in Me in the Asia-Pacific), An-Nisa Islamic school and the Bandung Institute of Technology, to implement the program. Five more schools will be selected and sponsored by the Tunas Mulia Foundation to undergo training from the Franklin Covey Foundation. “This is my burden,” Indri says. “Can we prepare a generation of future leaders who know how to carry themselves, how to lead their lives?”

understanding of the brand initiatives that are directly related to wellness. On March 28, an uplifting exhibition was hosted in front of Bali Collection lifestyle complex from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Interactive displays were set up to introduce the six brand pillars wellness.


A of Monolog byFirst Happy The Monolog Sukarno’s WifeSalma by Happy Salma

‘Perempuan di tepi sejarah’ Teater Jakarta, Taman Ismail Marzuki I May 10, 2014 8 p.m. Playwright Ahda Imran I Director Wawan Sofwan I Actor Happy Salma Gamelan Mustika Inggit I UPI Bandung Music Choir I Studio Titik Dua Contemporary Dance

Ticket prices Platinum: Rp1,000,000 • Gold: Rp 500,000 • Silver: Rp 300,000 Info: The Jakarta Post: 0812 1953 3519

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Jplus april 27'14

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