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veryone has their own vision of what the perfect holiday is. Some of us like to lounge on deck chairs, soaking up as much sun and sangria as physically possible (please don’t forget the factor 50!), whilst some of us prefer to push our physical and mental selves by climbing ridiculously high volcanoes for the thrill of being on top of the world and the feeling of having achieved a near impossible feat. The best thing about living in Indonesia is that we are so spoilt for choice within the country for places to travel and beautiful things to see, whether under the sea or above the clouds. I love the diversity and, like everything in life, a balance is always good.

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Diving is becoming a huge hobby for so many, but it isn’t for everyone. If you’re a dive fanatic read on about Wakatobi in Sulawesi which is rumoured to be the finest dive site in the world, and if you suffer from dive-phobia, read Strauss’ story on how you can get your beloved bicycle onto a plane for a cycle tour on Pulau Weh, West of Sumatra, in 13 hilarious steps. We also have a cultural trip with Carpenter as he takes us to meet the virgin dancers of Belu in Timor and if you’re always on the look-out for something unusual, turn to Java Backpacker’s piece on swimming with jellyfish in Lake Kakaban in the Derawan Islands of East Kalimantan. Don’t forget to be safe when you travel and listen to Jenkins’ words of advice on what NOT to do when holidaying in Bali. He’s a wise man. This and so much more – I told you we were spoilt for choice!

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This fortnight’s Spotted Pic was sent to us by Catharine Oprandi who lives in Bali. She calls it “Just the two of us.” Please send your Spotted Pics to so we can share the joy.

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Happy travels, everyone!


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Feature story



ooking for a tropical retreat, but no time to fly to Bali or even further? The Karimunjawa Islands lie in the northern waters of Central Java Province, 120 km north of province capital Semarang. The nearest Javanese town however, is Jepara, from which people usually depart for the islands. It takes a 6-hour ferry trip covering 83 kilometres, but it’s definitely worth it. Renowned for its picturesque beaches and rich biodiversity, it was established as a national marine park by the Indonesian government in 1999 and turned into a marine protected area two years later. The name Karimunjawa can refer to either the cluster of islands or its biggest island, where tourists usually stay in hotels or in the cheaper option, locals’ houses. The second biggest island, separated by only a thin line of water with Karimunjawa on its south, is Kemujan. Together they are surrounded by as many as 25 smaller islets, not all open for recreational visits. The two mentioned before, along with Parang, Nyamuk, and Genting, are the only inhabited islands. Karimunjawa has only recently attracted attention as a tourist destination. Visiting the islands, there are indeed many interesting things one can do and see. This brief introduction will outline some.

The shipwreck may not be as notable as the Titanic or the Andrea Doria, but will still allow for that eerie feeling as you explore it.

Sunan Nyamplungan died and is buried in Karimunjawa. He is the reason why Dewadaru trees and wood, the same material his walking stick was made of, are considered sacred by the local people.

:;<=>?@A;B;.C!;DE!F Visiting a beach in a way is like watching a good horror movie. You don’t want to do it alone, but doing it with too many people will spoil the atmosphere. Karimunjawa beaches are clean and quiet—at least until this article is published. This makes the sunset here even more charming. Tropical breezes and sunshine will touch your skin warmly during the day, making you forget home for a while. The sands are white and the water is glistening. While many beaches are relatively pristine, some are modestly set up for tourists’ visits already. On those of Kecil and Tanjung Gelam Islands, for instance, you can find vendors selling snacks and drinks. Es kelapa muda, i.e. fresh coconut water with syrup and ice, is on tap.


:;<=>?@A;B;2.F@I<:!H=@M.;@J.J=N=@M As a marine park, Karimunjawa’s main feature is its underwater beauty. Around the islands Tengah, Kecil, Menjangan Kecil, and Cemara Besar, you can have a whale of a (snorkelling) time. Karimunjawa is said to have more than 90 species of coral biota, 242 species of ornamental fish, and a number of seaweed and seagrass species, which make the experience amazingly colourful. Another snorkelling spot is Gosong Cemara, not far from Cemara Besar on the west side of Karimunjawa. The diversity of fish, swimming to and fro in the bluish green water, through the colorful decorations of coral reefs makes this spot simply breathtaking. You can find Nemo here, along with his in-laws and distant relatives. Interestingly, there is also a wreck-diving spot around Kemujan Island. A ship from Panama called Indono sank there in 1955.

and are Muslims. This is understandable as geographically the archipelago is closest to the northern areas of Central Java, where Islam is the predominant religion. In fact, the discovery of the islands is explained by the locals through the legend of Sunan Nyamplungan, the son of Sunan Muria. The latter is one of the Wali Sanga, the nine saints who first spread Islam throughout Java. According to the belief, it is Sunan Muria who named the islands “Karimunjawa” (meaning “vaguely visible from Java”) after he saw his deserting son arrive there, from the peak of a mountain in Java.

One of the most exiting activities in Karimunjawa is swimming with sharks at the preservation pools in Menjangan Besar Island. They are ‘tame’ and not that big, but still look scary. You might also run into other animals. Dolphins, turtles, and white-bellied sea eagles are often seen there. The national park is covered in mangrove and tropical forests. It has some endemic plants, one of which is the sacred Dewadaru tree.

K!IKH!.8.D?HL?<!.IG.:;<=>?@A;B; The inhabitants of Karimunjawa are made up of various ethnic groups, such as Javanese, Buginese and Maduranese. They are known to be adept in fishery and agricultural activities. Tourism has created new occupations, though. Many people run restaurants, lodgings, and souvenir shops. The people speak Javanese as well as Bahasa Indonesia,

EIB.LI.M!L.LI. :;<=>?@A;B;.8.BE!<!.LI.FL;O The ferryboat leaving from Jepara is called Muria (named after the Sunan) and costs Rp.30,500 (economy class, about US $3.50) and Rp.79,000 (VIP, about US $8.80) for a ride. Standard hotels like Karimunjawa Inn and Duta Karimunjawa go for about Rp.150,000 (US $17) room rent. More luxurious hotels, such as Dewadaru and Nirvana Resorts, start from Rp.305,000 (US $34) and Rp.425,000 (US $47) respectively for a night. You can also stay in a local’s house, called a ‘home stay’. These houses, such as Mulya Indah and Kalimasada, are set up to provide lodgings that cost from about Rp.60,000 (about US $7) a night for a double-bed room. If you’re not with a tour agency, you’ll need to rent snorkelling gear (about Rp.30,000 or US $3.5) and diving gear (Rp.300,000 or US $33 day). !

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ndonesia offers endless opportunities for fit and healthy bounders of adventure: hiking, diving, mountain climbing, jungle trekking and using squat toilets, which really gets those thighs in shape. Expats and Indonesians of all stripes rave endlessly about their various diving exploits, to my eternal irritation and chagrin. I once attempted to take the PADI dive course you see however, unable to equalise the pressure in my ears during my first 40-minute dive, the pain in my head built up to the point where I feared my cranium was on the verge of imploding. One long migraine headache later I surmised that diving was not for me. Over the past year, however, I have successfully revisited a hobby from my youth, which has proved to be great fun and an awful lot cheaper than diving, with its wetsuits, oxygen tanks, underwater cameras and swish resorts. I’m referring here to bicycle touring. In Jakarta, I’m a utilitarian cyclist, and ride to work every day (unlike the hipster dandies who have taken to plying Jakarta’s streets after dark, dawdling along at a mere walking speed between Circle K and 7Eleven due to their expensive, ultra-lightweight track bikes being unencumbered by the decorative superfluity of brakes). Touring in my leisure time has proved to be a revelation however and I’ve circumnavigated the beautiful islands of Pulau Weh, just off the coast of Aceh, and the far-flung spice island of Ambon over the last year. Getting one’s bike on a plane is easy here in fact, and won’t cost you any extra (except if you fly AirAsia who, God bless them and much as I love them, do tend to nickel and dime their passengers at times). Indonesian airlines such as Lion Air (motto: “We Make People Fly” – “Get on that plane or we’ll shoot you!”) and Batavia Air (motto: “Trust us to fly” – “Tut, tut, what are we like eh? Typical.”) will be only too happy to check your bike in for you as modern machines clock in at well under the 20kg baggage limit. You should first purchase a rack for the rear of your bike and a set of panniers, which should hold everything that you need for a week-long tour (including a spare inner tube, a basic toolkit and several gallons of sun block).

L0,Q.R+S-.+RT,.+U.)UVVW.;VVUX.T,.+U.1,Y*V. ZU[.+0)U[\0.+0,./UT1V,].^R_,`UQ`*`1V*Q,. 1)U/,Y[),a. #a%C"1B%="A#%F&>/%&$0"%07/%F""0%H"#%0#A$>%&;%="AI#/% E:/#&?1$J%";%1%!2A/F&#B%01K&D%L7&8%&8%#/210&4/2=% 80#1&,70;"#@1#B%1$B%?1$%/4/$%F/%B"$/%@&07"A0% 01>&$,%07/%;#"$0%@7//2%";;D%<"AI22%MA80%$//B%1%8:122% 2/$,07%";%80#&$,%0"%0&/%07/%2&B%";%07/%F""0%B"@$D 7a%+7//2%F&>/%0"%?7/?>N&$%?"A$0/#%@7&2/%9/"92/%9"&$0% 1$B%21A,7%10%="AD 'a%OK921&$%0"%07/%801;;%10%07/%?7/?>N&$%B/8>%0710% ="A%@&87%0"%?7/?>%&$%="A#%&#"$%80//B%1$B%122"@%1% ?"A92/%";%:&$A0/8%;"#%07/&#%F#1&$8%0"%9#"?/88%07&8% ?A#4/F122%0710%="AI4/%07#"@$%07/:D

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3a%+#19%="A#%:1?7&$/%A9%#/1B=%;"#%?7/?>%&$D%G;%="AI#/% 10%P"/>1#$"NQ1001-%07/$%07/%,A=8%10%07/%#"010&$,% 92180&?N@#19%:1?7&$/%@&22%?"4/#%="A#%F&>/%&$%1% #"22%";%>&$>=%?2&$,%;&2:%;"#%59DRS-SSSD%O28/@7/#/-% 1&#9"#0%801;;%@&22%P/22"019/%F&08%";%"2B%?1#BF"1#B% F"K/8%"4/#%="A#%F&>/%;"#%59D'SS-SSSD $a%C/0%07/%1&#%"A0%";%="A#%0=#/8%8"%0710%07/=%B"$I0% /K92"B/%BA#&$,%07/%;2&,70%BA/%0"%07/%2"@%1&#% 9#/88A#/D 4a%.7/?>%="A#%F&>/%&$D%L7/%801;;%@&22%9188%="A#% :1?7&$/%07#"A,7%07/%7"2/%10%07/%/$B%";%07/%?7/?>N &$%?"$4/="#%;"#%="AD

Riding out of a provincial Indonesian airport as you set off on your two-wheeled adventure is a great thrill and many airports here sit bang in the middle of rolling rice paddies and lush, open countryside. Then it’s just you and the open road, and the hills, oh yes, there’ll be hills aplenty alright. Big ones, small ones, inbetween ones, and you’ll end up pushing your trusty bike up a lot of them. There’s always the spectacular views as compensation though, not to mention the chance to burn down the other side with the wind in your hair (if you still have any) and your arse on fire. Around 50km a day is a fair average to aim for, but you may be able to cover much more than this if you have a stout constitution and legs like tree trunks. Good luck out there pedal fans. You may experience an aching posterior after a few days but it beats the bends hands down. !

Jakarta’s premier Gold-Standard serviced recidences Available for daily and monthly stays

T: +62 21 2927 2888




A Cultural Trip

and marched towards us. Their young age and enthusiasm combined with powerful rhythms were as overwhelming as their colourful costumes which included headdresses drenched with silver coins dating back as far as the 17th century.


ike endangered species, magical encounters with pure and unadulterated Indonesian traditional culture have become increasingly rare events in the 21st century. While predictions for long-term survival are dark, miraculous surprises can come when least expected. Arriving under the cover of dusk, the reality of an uneasy new national border set up between Indonesian Timor and Timor Leste came at dawn when the harbour master sent a stern warning to move our ship 200 metres west as we were anchored in “foreign” waters. My apprehensions of a sad tour of Belu, the heartlands of the Tetum people, one of the most incredible traditional cultures were only increased by the cold reception of the local Indonesian authorities who viewed our papers with suspicion apparently unsure how to react to the first luxury tour boat to land tourists in Atapupu, a dreary port surrounded by high fences and barbed wire remnants of a troubled parting of ways. As we headed out into the hills above Atambua, a traditional village and seat of the local government, proud hills, thatched roofs and colourful costumes stunned me. Encouraged, I began to entertain the thought that the strict ban on outsiders had unintentionally created a time warp of sorts that had preserved the culture. My hopes only grew as we wound up to a rocky peak to the walled village of Tuaninu. Stopping before a stone gate, we were greeted by a delegation of proud elders wrapped in ikat cloths and wearing ancient swords with handles in the shape of parrots. Tattooed, brown and wrinkled they exposed betel stained teeth as they chanted the ancient greeting before allowing entry. Suddenly without warning two rows of about 30 girls between 8 and 14 let out a war cry as they beat their hourglass shaped tifa drums furiously

For the next three hours we were delighted by further dances mirroring the ancient and complex history of the people of Belu who straddle both sides of a to them invisible border. Direct descendents of the ancient Austronesians, centuries of contact with the outside world that coveted their sandalwood and ‘yellow gold’ would result in many influences and the influx of silver dollars. In spite of this they would maintain their core beliefs in the ancestors who are still believed to visit the sacred house within the village during ceremonies. After sharing their world the elder ladies, many with tattooed hands gave us the traditional ‘kiss’ by rubbing their noses against ours. Tears were shed as we headed back to the coast. Famed for their textiles and fine carvings the continuing survival of the Belu ways is still unsure as the region rapidly develops and the old ways evaporate. A good example occurred on Sermata in 2009, an extremely isolated island in Southeast Maluku. Two years before our passengers made photos of the locals. Unexpectedly and despite the fact there was no cell phone coverage on the island, the foreigners were besieged by locals eager to make photos of the visitors on their mobile phones. We cannot prevent the inevitable, but so too preserving memory and instilling local people with pride in the traditional culture can forestall the descent of all third world people into an empty generic species dressed in soiled, tattered shorts and tee shirts. Material advancement is of great importance but without culture, art and identity, it leaves only a well-fed shell of human existence. More is needed to nourish the human soul as well as body. !


EA07"#%1$B%$"0/B%G$B"$/8&1$% 1#0%/K9/#0D%!#A?/%+D%.1#9/$0/#% 718%1A07"#/B%1$B%?"N1A07"#/B% :"#/%071$%'*%F"">8%1$B%8?"#/8% ";%1#0&?2/8%"$%07/%1#0-%?A20A#/% 1$B%7&80"#=%";%G$B"$/8&1D% Q&8%:"80%#/?/$0%@18%E$0&UA/% 3141$/8/%VA#$&0A#/%1$B%V"2>%E#0D



Wise Up



!"#$%&'()*+#),,#-,&." Especially around mid-day. This is the

tropics remember, and unless you want to know what it must have been like to be a survivor in Hiroshima, then cover up, use copious quantities of suntan lotion, and, better still, just get out of the sun!

/"#012&3#4*+(5#6(-2#',,7+" It may be cheap but there’s a bigger difference between ethanol and methanol than you might imagine: any cheap spirit containing the latter will almost certainly kill you within two hours after consumption.

8"#9(:+#;+<#,&#)*+#'+(4*"#Unless you take “precautions”! ="#012:+#>*2-+#%&?+1#)*+#2&@-%+&4+" Or you may end up in the ditch.

A"#6+-2+:+#(&B,&+#>*,#,@@+1;#B,%#(&B#;,1)#,@# @2&(&42(-#?+(-2&.;#2&#(&B#@,1C#>*();,+:+1" Bank scam! D"#E:,2?#3(1C(#(&?#?,&F)#;)+5#,&#)*+#,@@+12&.;#2&# )*+#;)1++);G#;2C5-B#>(-3#(1,%&?#)*+C" Although it’s

actually not that bad a thing to do, I always feel guilty if I accidentally step on these mini works of art.

H"#I+)#'2))+&#()#)*+#C,&3+B#@,1+;)" Rabies is unlikely but you may get herpes. Yuck!

J"#K*2-;)#()#(#6(-2&+;+#4+1+C,&BL#?,#&,)#'-2&?# )*+#*(5-+;;#5(1)2425(&);#>2)*#)*+#'12.*)#@-(;*# ())(4*+?#),#B,%1#M23,&#,1#N(&,&"# I hate people who do

this! Buy a proper flash that can be pointed upward or better still crank up the ISO, widen the aperture (to f/1.4 say) and shoot without a flash.

O"#P@#B,%F1+#612)2;*#)*+&#>*()+:+1#B,%#?,L#C(3+# ;%1+#B,%#?,&F)#-,;+#B,%1#5(;;5,1)Q !R"#0,&F)#5(B#)*+#@21;)#5124+#B,%#(1+#,@@+1+?#2&#(# C(13+)#-23+#)*+#,&+#()#$%3(>()2"#As a rule of thumb, the

first price offered by the seller is probably about three times the item’s real value.


W1#0&$%3/$>&$8%?":/8%;#":%O$,21$B%FA0%718%89/$0%:"80%";%7&8%1BA20% 2&;/%1F#"1BD%+1#=%&$4/80"#-%>//$%0#14/2/#D%+#&0/#%128"D



Meet the Expats

Halo Cuny Schuurmans!

The Dutch lady from The Hague who can look after all your travel needs. How long have you been living in Indonesia? 15 years now. We came in 1987 for a holiday and we loved it so much so we decided, also due to family ties, to move here permanently. And how long has Mentari Travel been running? Also 15 years. We recently moved from Sudirman to Jl. Benda because traffic in Sudirman was getting too much. I used to spend three hours a day in the car and now I only spend about an hour and a half in total, which makes a huge difference. What does your travel agency offer? We offer everything, from ticketing and hotels to tours around Indonesia, Myanmar, Indo China and even Australia. We have serious worldwide suppliers so we can book trips for you to anywhere you’d like. Where are your customers mainly from? Our clients are mostly foreigners, expats, both individuals and for companies. We also get many embassies booking through us. Have you been influenced by the online booking market? I’d say a little bit, but not much. Quite often people come and ask us to do everything for them because they don’t want the hassle of booking things themselves. Also foreigners have a problem with making credit card transactions online, so we solve that for them. I still see a bright future in this business for sure.

What’s the most popular travel destination? It is still Bali, although nowadays more people travel to Lombok and even further eastwards to Flores, which is still unspoiled and very beautiful. Living in Indonesia for 15 years you must have done a fair bit of travelling? Myself and my husband have done a lot of travelling, but we haven’t yet visited Kalimantan. Once we took a 7-day trip by boat to Irian Jaya and spent a week there which was a great experience. You spend the first few days getting accustomed to how sparsely dressed everyone is! I bet! What were the people there like? Very friendly and curious. When we went there in the 80s, people had never seen a white person so they were so intrigued by us. Everyone would ask you for tobacco, not money. The women smoke and work and the men don’t seem to do much at all! And you speak the language now? Yes, I think it’s necessary. We learned from friends, by doing and making mistakes. Once my husband was trying to say, “I want to hang something” and instead said, “I want to hang myself.” It’s easy to make mistakes and the melody of the language is quite difficult to learn. What changes have you noticed over the time you’ve lived here? The traffic has gotten progressively worse, but you get used to it. Back in Holland nothing seems to change, but here there is always something new. It’s changing very fast. Will you ever move back to Holland? We don’t know, although we don’t really feel at home in Holland anymore. We’ve lost touch. We definitely feel that home is here. ! To get in touch with Cuny or to ask for travel advice, email her at

Bonjour Catherine Parent! The French

Canadian dance teacher who’s fanatical about diving.

What do you prefer to be called? Nobody can pronounce my name properly because I’m French Canadian and my name should be pronounced ‘Katerine’ with the rolling ‘r’, but since nobody can say that, most people just call me Cat. So Cat, where were you before Jakarta? I lived in Lebanon and Singapore and I also spent one year in Jakarta previously teaching English. What do you teach and how long have you been here at Jakarta International School? I am the dance teacher and this is my fifth school year, so four years in total at JIS. What kind of dance do you teach? All sorts! Ballet, modern, contemporary, street jazz (or as the kids like to call it, ‘hip hop’) and even swing dancing. Do you enjoy your job? I love it and I love it here at JIS. I mean look around you. What other campus in this city has so much greenery? It is a great campus. I hear you’re also a diving instructor here? Yes, I’ve been teaching diving for 6 years and I certify the students and sometimes their parents. How often do you go on holiday? Any time we have 3 days or more off, I try to leave Jakarta and get back to nature. Occasionally I do the opposite and fly to Singapore to experience the real city feel. Where have the best dives been for you so far in Indonesia?

Hmm... I’d say Raja Ampat, Komodo Island and Wakatobi in Sulawesi for reef diving and the Lembeh Strait in North Sulawesi for muck diving. This is where you don’t see beautiful coral, but you find weird and wonderful creatures like the mimic octopus. Where’s next on the agenda? I’ve got Menjangan Island in North Bali, Ambon and Pulau Weh coming up. Pulau Weh? Where is this? It’s a small active volcanic island to the northwest of Sumatra. The fish species variation here is very rich I’m told, so I’m looking forward to this dive. How do you like to travel? I prefer travelling alone as you tend to be more open to experiencing the culture this way. I find if I’m eating dinner alone in a restaurant, waiters will chat to me and offer me guides or help. I also like to have two aspects to my trips – the cultural and intense side and the diving side where you don’t have to think. It’s a good combination. Should travelling be a relaxing experience? No, travelling isn’t supposed to be relaxing at all. You learn and grow from it, challenging yourself constantly. When you travel you learn what you’re prepared to deal with and what you’re not. It’s very eye-opening. Do you have any tips for travelling in Indonesia? Practice patience and know that whatever you may have planned, be prepared to improvise and go with the flow. Unplanned events tend to be more fun anyway. I’d definitely say that learning the language helps because people respect you more and Indonesians are very forgiving if you make a mistake speaking their language. Also, mention your KITAS when you’re booking hotels because you get a better price – a lot of expats still don’t know this! ! Thanks Cat! If you want to talk to Catherine about diving or dancing, email her at



Kemang Clinic


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Weird & Wonderful



elcome to the beautiful tropical islands in the region of Borneo, Derawan Islands, located on the coastal shelf of East Kalimantan in the Sulawesi Sea. Derawan islands are known as one of the most biodiversity-rich hotspots in the world and have a total area of 1.27 million hectares as a marine conservancy region. There are more than 460 species of coral in Derawan Islands series that ran for more than 100 miles along the coastline of East Kalimantan. Several clusters of coral, such as Moras, latitude, Malalangun, Gasongan, Baliulin and Masimbung are also present in Derawan Islands, and there are many rare reef creatures, such as a species of snails, which can be found in some of these coral islands. Derawan Island is also famous as the habitat of green turtles (Chelonia mydas) which are rare and the largest in Indonesia.  There are more than 870 species of fish, ranging from very small pygmy seahorses into giant manta rays. Varieties in flora and fauna include 347 species of reef fish, 222 species of molluscs (including five types of clams), 27 species of crustaceans, 183 species of coral, seven species of seagrass, hawksbill (Eretmochelys imbricata), dugong (Dugong dugori), fish belebele / Napoleon (Cheilinus undulatus], shell clams (Tridacna sp.), and crab  (Birgus latrd). It makes these islands the most highly diverse hard coral and animal reef in the world, number two after the Raja Ampat Islands in Eastern Indonesia. Another uniqueness found in the archipelago of Derawan islands is found in Lake Kakaban, located in the middle of Kakaban Island. Kakaban is one of the best islands of the archipelago and was nominated as a World Heritage Area. Lake Kakaban is a prehistoric lake era Holosin transition. The extent of approximately 5 km², walled cliffs as high as 50 meters, resulted in sea water being trapped, forming the lake. As an atoll which has the brackish water lagoon in it, Kakaban is rare and only two exist in the world to have similar conditions - Kakaban and the island of Palau in Micronesia. What makes this lake so special are the jellyfish - they have no sting! Unlike the other jellyfish commonly found in the sea that have the ability to spout venom on jellyfish sting glands (nematosit) in lake Kakaban theirs have been reduced and are no longer harmful to humans. Try to swim (and even touch) the jellyfish! This unique species exist only in this lake and the lake of Palau.

TU'!V82L!2WXY2'!QS'5X'Q!8V!"'NNZVXQU!V82WM!XW!TU'! N[\'!8V!\[\[][W![L'^ 1. R007!".==416,- (Aurelia aurita). Kakaban jellyfish which are the largest in size, between 50-40 cm. The body shape is like a bowl of slightly transparent white with clover leaf motif at the end hood. 2. Q)0&&.9!".==416,- (Mastigias papua). Between 10-20 cm, these are the most numerous jellyfish in Lake Kakaban. Their unique spots on their bodies have begun to fade, which turns the hood a reddish colour and even the tentacles are experiencing downsizing. Kakaban Jellyfish spots have different characteristics with a spotted jellyfish in general. 3. ]0(!".==416,- (Tripedalia cystophora). These are the smallest jellyfish, measuring about 0.7 to 1 cm. Although small, in the open sea, Box Jellyfish have one of the deadliest stings, but of course are safe in Kakaban Lake. 4. 2),69.;90<7!I.==416,- (Cassiopea ornata). These are the least unique and even a trademark of Kakaban. They swim upside down with the tentacles at the top. The world has known some dive points around Kakaban, namely Barracuda Point, The Drift, Cabbage Patch, The Wall, Blue Light Cave, The Plateau, Rainbow Run, Diver’s Delight and The North Face. Variations of the dive sites are very interesting for experienced divers. This island ranks as the third highest world-class dive destination and makes this island a dream island for divers.



If you are travelling from Jakarta, just looking for cheap tickets from Jakarta - Balikpapan - Tarakan (estimated 1.7 million return).

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From Tarakan - Derawan (you can rent a speed boat for a 3 hour trip, which is rather expensive at about 3 million IDR for max 6 people).


If it falls in Berau you have to travel to Tanjung Batu about 3 hours with a rented car (800-1 million cost of return), then from Tanjung Batu to Derawan using speedboat 20 minutes (costing around 400,000 IDR return). !

K!L<?F.L!M?E. T/0#A8%L/,A7-%F"#$%&$%31>1#01-%07/% ;&#80%8"$%";%;"A#%?7&2B#/$%&8%4/#=% &$0/#/80/B%&$%"A0B""#%1?0&4&0&/8%8A?7% 18%:"A$01&$%?2&:F&$,%1$B%0#14/22&$,D% G$%1BB&0&"$%0"%@#&0&$,-%97"0",#197=% &8%128"%7&8%7"FF=D%T2/18/%4&8&0%7&8% 0#14/2%F2",%10 @@@DM141F1?>91?>/#DF2",89"0D?":


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Hotels Even the names of the rooms are wow at W. Ours was the Spectacular Ocean View Retreat (there are 158 in total) on the 3rd floor with a view of the ocean and the W gardens below. The retreat is a nice size, with an aquatic green theme, simulating Bali’s surrounding seascape - the white cotton bedcover is hand stitched with leaves, hanging beaded side lamps resemble fishing nets and headboards are made of synthetic leather embossed in green stingray skin. Even though the retreat is modern, there is a vintage feel in the green sofa and matching retro carpet. In the Retreat, everything is thought of - it includes his and hers wardrobes, an extra beauty mirror, threepin wall sockets, a basket which includes a one-use underwater camera and goggles, make-up remover, face wash, Earl Grey and English Breakfast tea and non-instant coffee (I was beside myself!).



"$B#"A8D%a07/#%@"#2B2=D% +"@-%@710%1%@712/%";%1% 0&:/D%+/2?":/%0"%+%Q"0/2-% P/:&$=1>-%!12&-%1%921?/%@7/#/% @&87/8%?":/%0#A/D%L7&8%&::/$8/%)% 7/?01#/%#/8"#0%:A80%714/%F//$%$"% :/1$%;/10%0"%B/4/2"9%1$B%&8%"$/%";% 07"8/%921?/8%0710%:1>/8%="A%81=-% IIQA:1$%F/&$,8%1#/%9#/00=%8:1#0-% #/122=DII% The entrance into this playground is dramatic with a capital ‘D’ – a giant W greets you before a long drive in between a water feature on either side, then through gardens which lead to the main building face and an impressive lobby. The main building itself makes me think of a modern coliseum, but instead of overlooking gladiators and wild animals, balconies on the beachside overlook the WET pool, inspired by the form of rice fields and spanning over 1,790 sq. metres where guests lounge, sip cocktails and enjoy life by the waves crashing on Seminyak beach. What more could you want? Wait, it gets better. Service with a capital W is what you get here – it is second to none. Staff are extremely professional and speak very good English, and one of the pool boys sounded like he had been educated at an International school. When checking in, reception staff ask us how we prefer to be called and our replies became our name for the entirety of our stay (I had wished I had said Princess Consuella, but the moment had passed). Our smiley porter asks us how we are, calling us by our first names, takes our bags for us and escorts us to the lifts. As we discovered over our stay, WHATEVER/WHENEVER (really!).

_!L.&%.#&!`!Q)#!]#=6!;!Q.P674#$ "=J!S.&6&.7>.&a!Q.P674#$a!\.%030$#7 M.7)#,#%a!]#=6J bc/!dcB!FDde!BAc <<<J<-0&.=,J:0Pf3#=6,.P674#$

Inside the lift, lights fade in and out, which throws you the first time, but soon becomes a cool little feature. The corridors are all open to the wind and feel slightly barren, but it does add to the grandeur of the place. We pass an astounding 79 Villa Retreats to the right of us below, each with private pool, and you really do feel the vastness of this resort. As our friendly porter escorts us into our room, he turns the Bose surround sound system on and Empire of the Sun welcomes us on the stereo. If this isn’t enough to tell you this is a hip place, I don’t know what is.

The bathroom area, made up of a toilet behind a glass panel door, aquatic green his and hers sinks and a separate opentop wet room with standing shower and slate bathtub is the first thing you see upon entering, which can be slightly awkward if you’re shy or staying with someone unfamiliar. There are however, sliding panels cleverly tucked away that can separate the bedroom from the bathroom area should you require privacy. After checking out the retreat, we throw our bikinis on and hit the pool. Pool boys greet us with, “Hi, how are you?” and offer to carry our towels for us, finding us the perfect spot to lounge. They cater to our every whim, keeping us entertained along the way. From our little spot, I notice that W is not just a hotel, it is a tourist attraction. Every person that comes onto the top deck from the lobby poses for a photograph, and I do mean every single person! As the sun begins to set, the DJ at Woobar spins progressive house and the lights are lit, creating a whole new atmosphere. Electric candles are placed at each table and red lip pillows at the bottom of every lounge chair. A nice touch. The WooBar becomes alive at sunset and into the night. Shaped like a coral reef exposed at low tide, WooBar entices with cool cocktails, hot DJ spins and a sensual interior and exterior. We move our party over and enjoy the famous Seminyak sunset on a rooftop daybed while others do the same on cocktail tables. We continue into the early hours of the morning and by 3am I feel peckish. Of course, ordering room service at this time is no qualm at all, and our room service man is as happy as Larry, even at this ungodly hour. The next day we check out the Away Spa, believe it or not open 24 hours a day. The most beautiful spa I have ever been in for sure, there is also a Blue Room, where we enjoy oxygen through masks for five minutes to revitalise after the night gone by. Where else offers this facility on tap to its guests? There is a stunning hot and cold tub in the classy changing rooms and I understand how some guests come to W just for the Away Spa – it’s out of this world! It’s impossible to fit all of W into one article – I have yet to mention Starfish Bloo, the Pan Asian cuisine restaurant and Fire where the best breakfasts on the island are served. I think the only way to experience this magnificent wonderland is to come and stay within its walls. What a wonderful world it truly is. !

_!L.&%.#&!`!Q)#!]#=6!;!Q.P674#$ 32D%T/0&0/$,/0-%P/:&$=1>-%]/#"F">1$ Y/$9181#-%!12&D%^*\%_*'%Z`_)%'S* @@@D@7"0/28D?":XF12&8/:&$=1>



Personal Tech & Apps

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ravel companies including online travel agencies from all over the world are now working on developing mobile applications that are among the most popular free travel apps available in their respective markets. For Asia, mobile Internet penetration is expected to rise to 42.1 percent of mobile users in the region by 2015, and for many of these users, mobile is the first screen for Internet access. According to the Abacus’ Asia Travel Insights Survey 2011, in terms of transactions, 69 percent of Asian consumers prefer using their mobile device for most payments although that number is much lower in Indonesia due to lack of payment portals/ gateways.

Airlines, Kalstar, Transnusa, and Trigana. Moreover you can directly book your flight and pay for your fare on their website so you do not need to type your date twice. You can also book connected flights with different airlines to well-known cities but also to the unfamiliar cities like Sorong.

Agoda is Asia’s leading and fastest growing online hotel reservation service, focused on securing and providing the lowest available hotel prices in every destination worldwide. Agoda’s reach in the Asia-Pacific region is unmatched, with instant availability at more than 24,000 hotels. And, as part of, Agoda’s connections are global, allowing them to offer the lowest prices at 160,000 hotels worldwide. Available in 37 different languages, Agoda has serviced millions of travellers in its 10-year history and shares the reviews and experiences of hundreds of thousands on its website.

The top 3 in online booking are: Air, Hotel and Car rental. Having the internet is a Godsend for travellers, whether to look for cheap flights, find hotels, read about your destination, what kind of vaccinations are needed - it’s all there and its all free. Some countries even allow you to fill in your visa request online. Having said the above there is still some room for improvement. For example when you are looking for a flight from, let’s say Jakarta to Bali and you use a search engine to find the cheapest flight, be aware that some search engines will not display the cheapest flight, as they do not have any kind of agreement with the airline in question. So they will print what they can find on the web. It means that if you go directly to an airline website you can find a cheaper flight.


(Note: will be online as of the 1st of February 2012) Other great free travel related applications are: XE currency converter

What makes Agoda unique is the pairing of technology and the human touch. They negotiate personally and directly with hotels to ensure the best possible value, and then use the latest technology to deliver these bargains to their customers. And Agoda’s 24/7 multi-lingual customer service means assistance is quick at hand when it really counts. At Agoda, they believe that travel opens minds to new ideas, cultures and ways of thinking. That is why they strive to make travel more accessible to everyone by making it fast, easy and affordable to find great deals on hotels worldwide. They sell globally but price locally, leaving you more time and money to enjoy the journey.

Another irritating thing is that once you have found your airline you need, you need to execute your search again on the dedicated airline site for your final booking, meaning that you need to type in your data again on the dedicated website of the selected airline. Something that’s almost impossible to do is to find a flight from Jakarta to a not well-known city, like Sorong (Irian Jaya) which will be hard to find with the normal search engines. Using one of the popular search engines Expedia, this was my result:

This app is a quick and convenient way to work out exchange rates - and you don’t need to be online to use it! Qype

!!!"$%+-#0,12*&%*,32#"'%( Get the insider info from a huge database of reviews, from where to eat to the best nightlife. Once you have decided where you want to go, you can click on the address and it will show you the exact location on the map! And for sure the apps like Skype or whatsapp which allow you to connect to your love ones back home, for these apps all you need is an internet connection.

No flights were found that matched your request No flights were found between Jakarta, Java, Indonesia (JKT-All Airports) and Sorong, Indonesia (SOQ-Jefman) that matched your request. You may want to change dates, departure times, destinations, or search options. Click the Go Back button below to return and try a different action, or click the Start Again button below to go back to the home page When I was writing this article I had a meeting with the CEO of FlyMyWay, who stated that their search engine will overcome all the problems mentioned above. You will be able to find domestic flights across Indonesia listed in different ways - either searching for the cheapest flight or the most reliable, and/or budget/full service airlines. They will not list only the well known airlines like Garuda, Lion Air, Sriwijaya Air, Merpati, Batavia Air and Mandala, but also the smaller ones like Kartika

If you visit a country outside Indonesia, you had better check the rates first for the use of your internet connection. If you are using your Indonesian sim card, some operators will charge you heavily for their roaming servers or you can just turn it off and use as many Wi-Fi spots as possible. There is an app called “The Wi-Fi Finder” and this app works in over 545,000 locations in 144 countries worldwide. Icons appear on a map with an address. You may be thinking, “Surely you have to be online to use this app?” Fortunately not; you can download an offline WiFi Finder before you travel. !

A?;@.Ma.H!OF@!<%% 3A1$%bD%C/=8$/#%%2&4/8%1$B% @"#>8%&$%31>1#01%;"#%"4/#%'S% =/1#8%1$B%;"A$B/#%";%\%BFD:"F&% @@@D\BF1#?"B/8"2A0&"$8D?":%%

Go Travel Indonesia is a website about the wonderfully diverse country that is Indonesia. Two British men originally dreamt up the idea of creating a travel website; Rob & Glenn, in a small coffee shop in Plaza Indonesia two years ago. Their objective was to give an unbiased view of what this great country has to offer the unsuspecting tourist. They were somewhat frustrated at the lack of quality sites that only covered certain areas of Indonesia. Go Travel Indonesia has information relating to most destinations searched for in Indonesia. The site gives detailed information on destinations from as far flung as Raja Ampat in Papua to the beloved capital that is Jakarta. Go Travel Indonesia will try its best to give you the information that is needed on how to get there and the best places to visit in the area. Plus an insight into what you can see, experience and do in the local region. All the information is provided for free and is supported with photos and maps. They are continuously striving to make the site better and are always adding new content. If you have any questions ranging from the best cycling routes around Jakarta to the best hidden villas in Flores you will find the answers at Go Travel Indonesia. Rob & Glenn are both avid cyclists and you will find recent bike trips they have undertaken across the archipelago posted on the site with great stories and captivating photos. Join the Go Travel Indonesia Facebook fan page: gotravelindonesia/387397525816 Follow Go Travel Indonesia on Twitter:



Food & Drink

and sausages include a sumptuous Grilled Chorizo as well as a real home recipe Swiss Chicken Cheese Sausage.


ocated on top of a cave, literally, Pop’s Tasty Grill is a brand-spanking new island vibe hangout with a mouthwatering menu in the up and coming area of Petitenget, Seminyak. From the street, you notice bamboo stairs heading up to a grand and very high slanted bamboo thatched roof, and when you ascend, you have 360 degree open views of the surrounding Seminyak area, and you’re hit with an influx of bamboo; chairs, tables, benches, bar, stools, bathroom, all bamboo. It’s time to chill, island style…


KU1S-.L*-+Z.M)RVV "#=#7!S.&6&.7>.&a!EAA( \.%030$#7a!]#=6 AeBddDEDFAdc

Meat lovers need not look elsewhere. What makes Pop’s menu special is the fact that their whole menu is 80% cooked on an Argentinian style charcoal grill. Pop’s use only the finest grain-fed beef from New Zealand and Australia and flavours are influenced by the freshest ingredients from all around the world. Steaks include a Margaret River Wagyu Tenderloin, a Grade A New South Wales Tenderloin

Don’t let the name fool you, this place also serves non-meat dishes suitable for veggies or those watching their waistline. On the menu are a selection of delicious unique salads including the Baby Spinach salad with Apple Caramelized Walnuts and the Peppery Rocket with Parmesan Strawberry Balsamic Vinegar. If you’re not in the mood for heavy food, try something from their Sandwich menu: a Fish Cake Burger with Red Paprika Alioli or a Smoked Salmon Focaccia with Spring Onion Grain Mustard are a couple of the tasty treats on offer. Yum, yum, yum! If you’re not hungry, this is also a great place just to hang out, either at the bar or around the lazy bench tables. Pop’s serve Chuhae aka Happy Juice, which is a Korean rice liquor mixed with fresh juices and lots of ice, and also Bintang draught, which is very rare in case you didn’t know, not to mention delightful cocktails and sumptuous wines at reasonable prices. The atmosphere in this place is so laid back, and the music non-commercial, making this the ideal place to spend hours

chatting away with old friends. If you make it into the wee hours of the morning, why not enter The Cave downstairs and get your groove on to funky hip-hop whilst downing the occasional Flaming B52 shot? If only we could clone Pop’s Tasty Grill, pick it up and move it to Jakarta, somewhere where a breeze blows through, bringing the smell of rice padis with it instead of river sewage. Next time you are in Seminyak, take a gander up the bamboo stairs and prepare to truly satisfy your hunger and stay a while where not a care in the world exists… !



Light Entertainment

412*&5.4#(6%%71,&.#*&.42$ (;!'#P077!Q#9=.%


or me, travelling is as much about the journey as the destination. One of the things I enjoy most “en route” is watching other travellers. It amazes me how easily some people get confused. I can’t remember how many times I’ve seen people show their boarding passes to Flight Attendants in the aisle seeking guidance as to the whereabouts of their seats. “Excuse me... 34A please?” If I were the Flight Attendant I would be tempted to say “It’s in row 34, right behind row 33, and seat A is right next to seat B. If you get lost, look at the frickin’ pictures on the overhead lockers.” If the person doesn’t speak English or is blind I understand, but then I have to wonder how they got that far on their own – and if they are on the right plane.

Then there are the unfortunate inexperienced flyers who are completely bamboozled by the cunning and fiendishly clever design of the folding toilet door. They try to slide it, then pull it, then they finally push and fall into the toilet as the door gives way. Hilarious, especially when they get bamboozled again trying to get out and need to be rescued by a Flight Attendant. And what could it possibly mean when that little rectangle on the door turns red and has the universally recognised “no entry” sign on it? Surprisingly, it does not mean “push harder”. There is one thing that really annoys me about flying though. At check in, we all sweat like drug smugglers when we put

Last Edition’s Winner…

our bags on the scales, hoping we won’t incur exorbitant excess baggage charges. But what about heavy passengers? I was once in a check in queue behind a huge Japanese sumo wrestler, who was easily two metres tall and 150kgs. After he waddled away with his boarding pass, I stepped up to the desk for my turn, hoping the girl had seated him somewhere near the centre of the aircraft so we wouldn’t fly round in circles. I put my bag on the scale, waited anxiously, then groaned when the digits stopped at just over 25kgs. After completing what seemed to be a very complicated calculation, the girl behind the desk told me I would have to pay US$100 for the five kilos over the economy class allowance. I looked at her in

disbelief, then at thesumo wrestler who was still visible nearby, apparently taking a rest on a step on the way to immigration and maintaining his physique with a cheeseburger. The girl knew what I was thinking. “You can take some stuff out of the bag if you like” she said, keen to avoid the argument she knew I was tempted to make. And it’s a reasonable argument. People are free to make whatever life choices they wish, but to be fair there really should be a total weight allowance for passengers and bags combined, calculated according to a medically determined maximum weight for height such as the generally accepted Body Mass Index. This way, petite 40kg ladies would not

L"%;&$B%"A0%:"#/%1F"A0%2&4/% 801$BNA9%?":/B=%&$%G$B"$/8&1% 92/18/%/N:1&2% M1>1#01c07/?":/B=?2AFD18&1% 0/K0%"#%?122%S)\'%''(Z%_S)Z% "#%#/,&80/#%10% @@@D07/?":/B=?2AFD18&1%

This Edition’s Competition…

E:6"='-$$ E'16)"="='-

“Don’t look now Clyde, but there’s a really weird looking animal behind you..”

be subsidising sumo wrestlers. Either that or everyone gets 50kgs to even things up. In fact, there are some airlines already forcing large passengers to buy two seats, but I guess that’s more about space than weight. Would an Airbus A380 with normal cargo and 500 sumo wrestlers plus baggage onboard actually fly? Or would the tires burst? Anyone? !


L7&8%@18%1$%A$A8A12%?190&"$%?":9/0&0&"$%1$B% @/%71B%8":/%4/#=%&:1,&$10&4/%1$8@/#8-%FA0% E:1$B1%QD%V#":%W/$0/$,%@&$8%@&07%07&8%4/#=% A$A8A12%1$8@/#D%P//%="A%$/K0%0&:/%10%07/% ?":/B=%?2AF%@&07%1%;#&/$B%E:1$B1[ POdY%<ae5%OdL5<%!<%LOfL%Lag%




1 Playtime for mice! (4,3,3,2,4) 9 Greek poet (5) 10 Reminder that death is inevitable (7,4) 11 See 10 (4) 12 Helter-skelter (4-4) 14 Stoat in winter (6) 15 Stringed instrument (6) 18 Treatment of the hands (8) 20 See 1 (4) 22 Topic (7) 23 One of twelve in court (5) 24 Twig-shaped nibbles (6,6)


2 Monotonous ? ordinary (7) 3 Police informer (4) 4 Small village (6) 5 Shrub with showy flowers (8) 6 Trace (of colour) (5) 7 Police HQ (8,4) 8 Works for small orchestra (7,5) 13 Garment (not to be twisted!) (8) 16 One preferring pop to classical (7) 17 "An honourable man" (6) 19 Honourable ? aristocratic (5) 21 Slightly open (4)







8 9



12 13



{ Answers in the next edition! }


17 18


20 21




*Answers for Edition 55 Across:

Sock it to me 7. Clerical 8. Thaw 9. Drew 10. Ascribe 12. Entertainer 14. Specify 16. Agog 19. Dour 20. Upheaval 21. Fuddyduddy

Down: Solid 2. Current 3. Inch 4. Talisman 5. Meter 6. Camber 11. Profound 12. Employ 13. Niggard 15. Corfu 17. Gravy 18. Shed



Under the Sea better and best spots! We kept finding stunning walls covered with hard and soft corals, home to lots of colourful fish, graceful sea turtles and smaller rays, various eels, varieties of nudibranchs, several kinds of pygmy seahorses, and shiny sea snakes to excite every one of us! The huge sea fans were in abundance, so were sponges and crinoids. I personally felt like diving in a ‘fish stew’, as they were not your everyday schools of fish anymore. Frogfish, barracudas, snappers, lionfish, sweetlips, boxfish, ghost pipefish, angelfish, leaf scorpionfish, several kinds of anemone fish, jacks, cuttlefish, crocodilefish, batfish… and as far as I was concerned, the list didn’t stop there. Furthermore, gazillion kinds of other little and miniature floating things that were hard to miss, and easy to find.

M6g67>! _#$#&036 ?;$R#+%..7!QJ


hat a great idea – if only I had thought of it: take a trip to paradise, stay in a cozy bed, get around by boat, snorkel and dive everyday like there’s no tomorrow, and look for some interactions with the locals; not too much, but definitely more meaningful. That was the plan.

So. A few weeks ago in early October, I went on a vacation with a group of friends and their children (we were aged 5 to 48 years old) to Wakatobi. Wakatobi is an acronym of the four main Tukang Besi Islands – WAngi-Wangi, KAledupa, TOmia, and BInongko. It’s an archipelago located in one of the most biodiverse marine hotspots on earth. In 1996 the Indonesian government designated Wakatobi as the Wakatobi Marine Conservation Area. In 2002 the Wakatobi National Park was established to cover an area of 1,390,000 hectares, and since 2005 UNESCO has been listing this park as a tentative World Heritage Site. Rumour has it that Jacques Cousteau was satisfied enough to claim this area as possibly the finest dive site in the world. There are some truths in it; the world has about 850 coral species, some 750 of them are found in Wakatobi. Compare that to 50

species in the Caribbean Islands and 300 species in the Red Sea. Getting to Wakatobi was quite difficult. With the remote location at the bottom corner of Southeast Sulawesi Province in Central Indonesia and high seas during wet seasons, for many years the limited infrastructure into Wakatobi had allowed visitors to enjoy this paradise in plenty of peace and solitude, far from prowling tourists. Things are slowly changing ever since the Wakatobi government opened a regional airport in 2009. Currently the Wakatobi Airport on Wangi-Wangi Island is serviced by daily Express Air flights from the city of Makassar in South Sulawesi, which is a hub for several domestic airlines and also serves a few direct international flights. If travelling in a group, opt for a group check-in, as Express Air has a limited baggage allowance of 10kg per person. Then… what about the dive gear? Excess baggage is charged between Rp.25,000-40,000/kg extra. (Ouch!) For more scenic routes and those not in any hurry, there are boats and ferries from the cities of Kendari, Bau-Bau and a few other small ports around. These ‘leisure’ options take anything from 4 hours to 2.5 days before arriving in any of the Wakatobi passenger seaports!

Unlike my previous trips to Wakatobi where I had to stay in modest hostels for lack of better options on WangiWangi Island, this time I checked into the recently opened Patuno Beach Resort. What we experienced there as a group exceeded our expectations, from the moment their friendly staff came to pick us up at the airport, until the last day of our stay. Our daily buffets consisted of local dishes filled with fresh seafood, or varieties of western offerings. The Resort has Standard Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, and Executive Suites. Our group was booked in all three types of rooms, and we were satisfied with our personal choices. If their rooms rates (between Rp.500,000 to 1,500,000/night) are a bit steep for the budget, the hostels and “losmens” in ‘downtown’ Wanci – the capital of Wakatobi Regency – offer rooms between Rp.100,000 to 250,000/night. Words of caution: you get what you pay for! Our vacation started and ended with playing on the beach, or in the sea. There were 18 of us on this trip. Everyday using two boats, we would venture off to one island or another, looking for good dive spots and slowly enjoying the rides. Some days we did two dives, others were three. We discovered that there weren’t really good dive spots, but there were only

For the younger children and the non-diving adults, they too enjoyed snorkelling in the crystal clear blue water, and the diversity of coral and fish even in shallower depth. Again, with the help of the friendly staff from Patuno Beach Resort, we also managed to enjoy various lunches and snacks on secluded white sandy beaches, soft and breezy wind, under the coconut trees. Fine dining

à la tropical paradise, and we never had to repeat any settings! The nice surprise we had one morning on the way to finding a different dive spot, was spotting hundreds of wild dolphins. Bottlenose for sure, and some seemed to be melonhead dolphins! What feasts for the eyes! Realising how important Wakatobi National Park is for not only Indonesia but also the world, our group also decided to connect with some of the local Middle and High School students. One morning we went out to clean up a beach of waste and garbage, and another afternoon we worked together to pick up trash around a historic public bath cave. These collaborations also allowed the local students to practice speaking English with the teens in our group. While in another outing to a sea gypsy village, our multi-national children had the chance to learn from the local children on how to manoeuvre their traditional dugout canoes. Priceless! Beyond the blue skies and seas, Wakatobi also offers rich cultures such as local dances, hand-woven cloths, and traditional wet markets full of colours. And I will be back. !

>;?<!!@.Fa G$%7/#%9#/4&"A8%2&;/%W1A#//$%80AB&/B% O?"$":&?8%1$B%G$0/#$10&"$12% !A8&$/88D%L7/$%87/%,#/@%"A0%";% FA8&$/88%://0&$,8D%O4/#%8&$?/%87/% 718%B"$/%:1$=%"07/#%07&$,8%&$% 2&;/-%1F"A0%0"%,&4/%A9%8":/%A8/2/88% 1?0&4&0&/8%1$B%71F&08-%FA0%@&22%$/4/#% UA&0%0#14/22&$,D%O4/$%&;%&0%718%0"%F/% "$%1%87"/80#&$,%FAB,/0D%d/4/#D%V"#% :"#/%&$;"#:10&"$%"$%0#14/22&$,%0"% 1$B%&$0"%+1>10"F&-%,&4/%7/#%1%0#=g% :$8&:1c7"0:1&2D?":


Business & Networking


Bazaar & Shopping

JAKARTA FASHION WEEK 2011 Jakarta, Sat, 12 Nov 2011 - Fri, 18 Nov 2011 ICCC BIZTRO NETWORKING COCKTAIL NOVEMBER 2011 Thu/ 17 Nov 2011 Location: TBA on RSVP (probably FX) The ICCC brings Canadian and Indonesian business together for a night of networking and fun. Catch up with friends and business acquaintances over food and drinks. Everyone welcome.

7 Days of 25,000 Spectators and 900 Global Media together with Jakarta Fashion Week will cutivate the fashion industry expertise to achieve a true succes domestically & globally. Phone : +62215266666; or * Rani Ext. 3276 * Rubinni Ext. 3042 Email:

Sponsor: Santa Fe Relocation Services Contribution: * ICCC, Calindo & CWA Members : Rp 150,000/person * Non-Member: Rp 250,000/person Membership forms available at the door Membership Period February April 1st to March 31st. * Individual Membership (Rp 500.000,-/year) * Corporate Membership (Rp 5.000.000,-/year) RSVP : Email:


KEMANG SUNDAY MARKET Sunday November 13 · 11:00am - 7:30pm Jalan Kemang Raya 16A, Jakarta, 12160 Kemang Sunday Market is back for the second time! Bring the family and friends for a fun outdoor activities. This time the theme is manggo market! Coffee, drinks, games, shopping, entertainment and many moree..... This event will be held twice a month

INDONESIA SEA GAMES 2011 November 11, 2011 - November 22, 2011

BigDaddy Live Concerts are delighted to announce the SIR ELTON HERCULES JOHN live concert in Jakarta. Elton will be joined by his long time band Davey Jonston, Nigel Olsson, Robert Birch, Jeffrey Bullard and John Mahon for his “Greatest Hits Tour”. This time round, joining him will be his four backing singers Rose Stone (Sly and The Family Stone), Lisa Banks, Ta Ta Vega and Alice Witherspoon.


Indonesia is set to host the 2011 SEA Games in the SEA Games Federation Council Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand 6 September 2006. This year is the fourth time for Indonesia to be host country for Southeast Asian countries sports festival after in SEA Games X 1979, SEA Games XV 1987, dan SEA Games XIX 1997 with 542 gold medals to be competed through 44 sports.

ELTON JOHN AND BAND: GREATEST HITS TOUR Thu/ 17 Nov 2011. Start Time: 8:30pm Location: Sentul Interntiona convention Center (SICC)

Info :


Location: In two host cities, Palembang (Jaka Baring Sports Complex and Gelora Sriwijaya Palembang) and Jakarta (Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK))


INDONESIA INTERNATIONAL FANTASTIC FILM FESTIVAL Wed, 16 Nov 2011 - Mon, 21 Nov 2011 Location: Blitzmegaplex INAFFF is a film festival designed to satisfy movie fans that are into genre/ fantastic films. Fantastic Films are terms known for genre movies such as horror, thriller, sci-fi, fantasy, anime, action/martial art and cult films!


NOVOTEL YOGYAKARTA WELCOMES A NEW GENERAL MANAGER, JESSICA UEKERMANN. Prior to her appointment at Novotel Yogyakarta, Jessica Uekerman has managed two other properties in Asia in the last three years; Ibis Arcadia Jakarta and Mercure Hue Herbera, Vietnam. According to Jessica, she is very happy to have the opportunity to be assigned to such a historically unique city like Yogyakarta to manage the 200 room hotel. She also says that she is very enthusiastic to start her assignment at Novotel Yogyakarta and looks forward to creating special promotions and programs to cater the extensive guests’ needs.




– Global Management Services, one of Asia’s leading investment advisory firms, recognises the importance of helping clients grow their capital in all market conditons by offering diverse asset classes. Diversification means reducing risk by investing in a variety of different assets. Diversified portfolios should include investment property as part of their allocation. The question is where can I buy commercial property with potential profits? By dealing directly with GMS as an investor you can participate in some of the best investment opportunities worldwide. One such example is the Stella Capital Real Estate Opportunity Fund - an investment strategy that specialises in American Commercial Properties primarily in California with a focus on the San Francisco Bay area, and Los Angeles. t 4UFMMB$BQJUBMJTB64SFHVMBUFEJOWFTUNFOU firm based in San Francisco. Their specialist investment management team builds value by acquiring a portfolio of undervalued office and industrial properties. t 5IFTFQSPQFSUJFTGFBUVSFVOSFBMJ[FEQPUFOUJBM on which the Fund can immediately capitalize, through a combination of selective capital improvements, re-tenanting and operational improvements. t 5IF'VOEIBTUIFBCJMJUZUPNBLFiHPPECVZTw through expeditious and thorough property due diligence, sharp decision-making and quickly closing on an all-cash basis.

t "GUFSBMJNJUFEIPMEJOHQFSJPE UIF'VOE will liquidate each property at the highest possible value. The goal is to achieve an annualized return to the Fund in excess of 20%.

At GMS we believe that the Stella Capital Real Estate Opportunity Fund is a compelling investment opportunity. GMS will be holding a seminar in the Dharmawangsa Hotel on the 16th of November at 7 p.m. The keynote speaker will be John Marshall from Stella Capital. John will explain this exceptional investment opportunity further and reveal exactly how well the fund has performed. This event is by invitation only and is strictly limited to accredited investors. If you would like to attend, and have the abilty to invest immediately if you like the opportunity, please e-mail or call +6221 5203574. Please also let us know if you can’t attend, but would like to know more about Stella Capital, or if you would like to benefit from expert, impartial, professional advice regarding savings, investments or insurance. We will be happy to arrange for a meeting with one of our fully trained advisors. Our commitment is to always provide the best advice to meet our client’s needs, and not our own.




Toyota Rush S 2010 Automatic, Black. Perfect condition, full Toyota service history, one careful owner. Easy to drive and maintain, 44,000 km on clock. Price: 180 million rupiah Available now and can be viewed in Cilandak. Contact John on 0811 9501455

Kijang For Sale (New Price) 2004 Kijang Kapsul LGX automatic; 123,000 kilometers; regularly serviced; good mechanical condition; newer tires and battery; never been in an accident. Rp. 125 million. Located in Cijantung/Pasar Rebo, Jakarta Timur. I am in Cilandak every week day, so I can bring the car to CITOS for viewing. or 081318269180 WANTED – RELIABLE MOTOR BIKE. I am looking for a reliable Motor Bike for periodic use. Reputable brand such as Honda, Yamaha etc a must. New or second hand would be considered. If you know of any available please contact me and forward images + price to Urgent: Animal Sanctuary Trust Indonesia (ASTI) is looking for a vehicle (light truck, 4-wheel drive preferred) for transporting wild animals during rescue and release operations. Please contact ASTI (Annette at 08161834057 or annette. if you have such a vehicle you might like to sell to us at a special rate for charities. Check www. to find out what we do.

PROPERTY FOR SALE For Sale : Beachfront /Mountain view land for sale in Pelabuhan Ratu / West Java : 6,5 ha , good for investment/ private use. Contact : +62 811140510 Unique Office Space For Sale! FUTURE BENEFICIAL HIGH RISE OFFICE INVESTMENT! Last premium pieces: 135 to 1105 sqm. Contact Immediately: 081210626892.


Apartment for rent: Elegant, newly furnished 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom in Senayan Residence. New building with all amenities: gym, pool,tennis, convenience store. 0813 1101 4567 Town House for Rent in West Jakarta location in Kedoya area, newly furnished 3 bedroom+, facilities: pool, clubhouse, children playground, jogging track, 24 hour security,access toll,hospital, CBD area start from USD 2300/mo 1 year min. For photo and details, please refer to www., 08164850834 email: For rent: Cliff-top luxury Bali villa with private tennis court and river views. Located only 25 minutes away from Seminyak and 10 minutes from Tanah Lot temple, Villa Dukuh sleeps up to 8 guests at prices from US$345$700/night (including tax and service), depending on numbers and season. We are one of the few villas in Bali with a private tennis court—and ours is at the base of our own 30-meter cliff. Enjoy our 15-meter infinity swimming pool, outdoor teak gazebos, mahogany billiard table, and video and book libraries. A variety of spa services are available in-house, and you can stay in touch with our laptop and wireless internet. You will be looked after by our six full-time staff—including our chef. Use of our car and driver, laundry, and a la carte breakfast are complimentary. For more information, please visit our website: FOR RENT IN BALI. Shops in the center of Semyniak 4 meters X 12 meters parking car, ideal for office, showroom, wholesale etc... all permits are certified. Telp: 081236520332 - 081338648034 Gandaria City apartment for rent 3 BR + 1 Maid Room. Brand new, full furnished. Rent charge USD 1900/ month. Please check or call 08999112502 4 Rent: A new apartment fully furnished 2 BR, 25th floor, view Jl. Mas Mansyur and swimming pool. 100 mtrs from Bundaran HI, closed by Seibu/ Grand & Plaza indonesia, Bakmi GM, Supermarket on ground floor. Hot water, TV, Laundry, Stove, etc are new, just bring on it your bag. Gym, Swimming Pool, Tennis court, Whirlpool are ready. Rp. 7 million/ month (nego) include Maintenance fee. Water & Electricity are excluded. Buzz me 08161630323 or aussie_, Please no Agent.

Land for sale - 8000 hectare - location: Serang. Certificates available. Access from the toll road. License to build housing complex, factory etc. Price per m2 65,000 RP. Contact: Amalia 081317722271 For sale villa in strategic location in Kerobokan, 10 min to beach, land size 300 m2, building size 237m2, 2 luxury bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, swimming pool and garden, price Rp. 2.7 billion rupiah.

For Sale Office spaces in a building at Thamrin, start from 66 m2. price Rp. 16 mill/m2, free overtime, Parking space in front of the unit. Musa 021-98386777

FOR RENT IN BALI: Nice restaurant in Batavia style with large terrace; spacious 260 m2 all together. In trendy area of Seminyak. Have a look at google: Jln Plawa, from Jln Legian 40 m on the right side, just in front of a Balinese temple. For more information please call: 0818 55 34 13 Or email at:

House for Rent @ Jl Pondok Hijau, Pondok Indah: Land area 546sqm, Building area 450sqm (2 floors), 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms+1 powder room, living room, family room, dining room, kitchen, service area, swimming pool with gazebo, garage for 2 cars, carport for 2 cars, electricity 10,600 watt, PABX system (2 lines). For more info, contact Ibu Susanto (0818)0818-7808 or email

Cilandak timur ,Jl. Bakti Kav. 22, KKO . Superb tropical &quiet house,6 bedrooms,4 bathrooms,full basement with 3 servants rooms+baths,large luxurious garden and big pool + gazebo & bbq. Very close to Cilandak Commercial Estate. Owner: 0816834710 - 08161873891

Brand new private villas complex for holiday rental in Bali. Book our 2 en suite bedrooms private pool villa in Canggu Berawa (400meters away from Berawa beach). Villa facility: Free entrance and usage the facilities in Canggu Club, daily villa shuttle, free WI-FI, etc. Price starting from USD 250/Night include breakfast for 4 pax. Further info, booking and reservation - Email: Phone: 0361.8445130 For rent in bali. Shops in the center of Seminyak, 4 meters X 12 meters, car parking, ideal for office, showroom, wholesale etc... all permits are certified tel : 081236520332 - 081338648034 or e-mail to: Kemang Village apartments primary n ready units, available 2 bedrooms up to penthouses. private lift or non private lifts. facilities: SPH schools, mall- shops, entertainment, great landscapes, magnificent country club. Please call +62 85921806545 for viewing by appointments.

Looking for a Villa in Bali? Book our newly built villa in Sanur (near Batu Jimbar Cafe). Price: 360 USD/day. A single bedroom only is 100 USD/day. For more info, email wybe.

JOBS LOOKING FOR WORK Excellent Driver Available After 15th Nov 11. We are leaving Jakarta and have to let our driver go. Pak Agus is an excellent driver. He has been working with us for about 2.5 years. He knows Jakarta very well and he is completely reliable. I trust him with my children. Pak Agus does not speak English but he does understand little. Please call him directly for interviews. HP: 6285883395745. I am happy to answer questions as well and can be contacted via email: I am looking for a job in finance and other related area ,but welcome other opportunity like Personal Assistant, or in hospitality area. My educational background is accounting and have experiences in Accounting ,monthly Tax, and Finance for about 10 years .I also attend Toastmaster Club to develop communication and writing skills.I can operate MS Office like Excel,Word, and Power Point. You can contact me at Having around 16 years experience as: a customer service, logistic, exportimport, export marketing, secretary and public relation. Fast and accurate typing, good English. Available any time. Call to: 021 99506004 Highly recommended language tutor. Ibu Restiany is fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and English, and

thoroughly experienced in teaching both languages. She understands how language is learned, and knows how to encourage her students to maximize their language capabilities. She is also insightful, kind, creative in her teaching techniques, and a joy to talk to. Highly recommended! If you’d like any further information, contact me, Kristin Leo (HP 0821-11-931544, or Ibu Restiany directly (HP 0819-0581-8418,

VACANCIES We are looking for a professional nanny. We prefer that she lives in, but will consider live out. Please if you know any good candidates, Contact Lana 08118403306 or

I am looking for a live-out cook with experience in Indian cooking. We live in Dharmawangsa residence. Please contact me at 7232992 or sms at 085214965320. Thanks. We live at Cilandak area and looking for a nanny! Daily duties: prepare breakfast lunch and dinner for my little gal, she is 19month old!Take my daughter to school from Monday till Friday! General house cleaning jobs.It’s a live in position, salary 2--2.5million Let me know if someone interested:08111336079

SERVICES “If you need some one to take care of or build IT infrastructure for your office or residence just call us at +628129253766 or email fajar@munificent-indonesia. com. We specialize on Data Center, Microsoft Product (database, email, etc), networking infrastructure, Web based application, GPS Tracking system for your cars, room automation” Kebayoran Baru & Kemang houses for selling and renting. Please sms /call 085921806545. Pre-Ballet class for kids 2-5 years old. Thursday 4pm. Sanggar Kemang v. Jl. Kemang Barat 19. Tel: 71791734. HP 0815 8540 0338

When you need a rent car with driver for only rp 350/10 hours (Indonesian prices for Foreigners) weekdays,email to: for reservation. Semi private classes: Pilates, Body Form, & Belly Dance.Sanggar Kemang 5, Jl Kemang Barat No 19, Jakarta Selatan. Tel: 71791734 HP 081585400338 Yoga in touch with nature- the one and only place in Jakarta. Jl Kemang Barat No 19 Jakarta Selatan Tel 71791734 HP: 081585400338. e-mail:

Need Indonesia-English private teacher and translator. Please contact Devi on 085888743849. Available only on weekend and after office hours. Buitenzorg Rent Car. English speaking driver, reliable secure driving service. Hasan email: A full time Bahasa Indonesia instructor has some openings for expats interested to have Bahasa Indonesia lessons. Please call 08121037466.

We are new online store for Original Sanca Snake Skin Clutch Best quality from Jambi-Made in Jakarta, Indonesia Made by order take 3-5 days work depend on the availability of the material. You can choose your own colour too – please check the colour … special design by WONGSTER. So what are you waiting for - come check out our product here at! For sale: few batak hand woven “ulos”, want to see picture, Contact: +62 81 797 55 729 Medical evacuation health & life insurance. Let us diagnose your needs. Contact Paul Beale, mobile: +62 816 137 0663, office: 021-5220990 Email: Ceramic Classes for Adults and Youth Handbuilding and wheelthrowing: Focus on developing basic skills so you can create real pieces that you can use. You will learn the basics of slab building, pinch pots, and coil building methods. You will also learn how to center, and make bowls, vases, and mugs, and trim and glaze, on the electric and kickwheel. Classes are open to beginning and continuing students and are taught in English and Indonesian. Location is in private home in Pondok Indah. Saturday Classes only: 10:00 – 12:00 OR 13:0015:00. To register or request more info, please call Sharon at 0811906636 or email:

Need somewhere interesting to visit at weekends? Entertaining visitors from overseas? Come to Animal Sanctuary Trust Indonesia (ASTI) near Bogor to see rehabilitation of endangered animal species in action. Check www.animalsanctuarytrustindonesia. org for details, and contact Annette ( ; 08161834057) to make your booking. Available in Jakarta for private discourse on: Spirituality, philosophy, metaphysics. Clear out confusion in your life. Discover answers. Start living in truth, a wholesome life. email for appointment:

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Independent business consultant 081 88 555 88 / (021) 928 777 63



DV*--RbR,Yin Bali)--“kerja sama” or commission basis. Must have good traffic and/or contacts. We are the best. Please contact: 0811824302.


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Animal paintings: Order a painting of your cat or dog, or any other animal, painted by an accomplished artist. Contact Barbara (081399393943, for further information. Sample painting (handpainted T-shirt) shown. (image to your mail) Royal Javanese artefact’s and old photo collection. Over 400 photos including Sultans, dancers, the Dutch etc. Small, medium, large; some in frames and some with Javanese inscriptions. There are also paintings, jewelry, crystal and other “kraton” objects—Hamengkubuwono (Yogya), Pakubuwono and Mangkunegara (Surakarta). Serious only to:

On sale: Ceramics and paintings. See attachments. My cellphone no. is 08129054627 You are all invited !! Aromatherapy for your Home Essential Oil, Room Freshner, Linen Spray, Potpourri etc. GIOVANNI Home. Jl. Mandar XII Blok DE1 No.8 Sektor 3A Bintaro Jaya, Jakarta Selatan 12330. Ph. 021 7357761. Get Free Essential Oil worth Rp. 25,000 / visitor Jakarta viking welcomes players from all over the globe. As well being a football clup, we offer a social base for our player, most of who come from outside indonesia and we find that our differences in background give us a strong sense of unity. For the coming season 2011/12 we have a team for 11 a-side playing in jakarta international football league (jifl). The club´s home pitch is in south jakarta (cibutat area). We will practice there every saturday at 15:00 hours unless we play matches in jakarta area. For more information, please contact our head coach jan gramm; grammjv@yahoo.Dk or peter teglbjerg; pett@flsmidth.Com See you at the pitch For Sale: Leica Elmarit-R 24mm f/2.8 wide angle lens. Very mint condition, smooth blades, no fungus, no scratches, no paint chips. 100% working echanical. A collector’s item! Contact Kurt @ 08787869-3535. Repco Sierra Mens Bike - 1 million. 59cm mountain bike. 18 speed. Fitted with slick tires. Used but in reasonable working condition. Please email for photos. Please email, sms or call Sally on 08118702027 if you are interested in any of these.

FOR SALE 5-month male maltese puppy “Jacko”. US-bred, vaccinated, potty trained, cute & adorable. Price Rp7mio. Contact 0815 8426 3380. “To sell red fabric chaise longue with storage in footstool - Rp 800,000. Hardly used foldable 4-step ladder (small) - Rp 100,000. Old-fashioned lead crystal decanter + 5 lead crystal liqueur glasses (set) - Rp 200,000. Hardly used 2009/2010 Jakarta road directory with CD - Rp 80,000. Two new fully studded silver coloured crystal bangles (small 6cm in diameter, 3cm thick) - suitable for formal wear - Rp 250,000 each. Interested contact 081381143545. Raine” 4 Pedigree Labrador puppies for sale. One yellow boy, two black boys and a black girl. Born 15th September. Very healthy, full vaccines and registration papers. 5 million rupiah each. Location Bali but we can have them flown to Jakarta. Warning – these will grow into very large Labradors, their father was an import from Germany and is a giant so you need a big garden. Contact Adrian on 081314112815. For Sale:beautiful and original batik bedspreads with matching pillow cases. K-size set:400,000.Q-size et:300,000. S-size set:200,000. We also make to order. phone: Desi HP:08128295914

Antiques and jewelry—an important source in Jakarta and Bali is looking for new potential upmarket outlets in the Kemang or Menteng area (or

Jakarta Memory Game by Werkgroep ‘72. Charity Organization.Price IDR 100.000. 40 colorful pictures of Jakarta For sale: JICC or contact Amazing happy GOCHI juice healthy drink (from goji himalyan berry) for immune system, anti aging n healing process, quality of sleep, improve bowel regularity, etc..AFFORDABLE price!!! Drink NOW or never:-) Please sms / call: +62 812 87791198 Us kids golf club set. Ultralight. Size: Blue, for kids 42” to 48” tall (107 cm to 122cm). Set includes: putter, pitching wedge, sand wedge, iron 6, fairway driver 3 (wood) Stand bag. Hand: right handers. Good condition. RP$ 500,000. If interested, pls call or sms: 0816911230 Christmas is near, need great beautiful gifts? Available for sale, coffee tables, table-lamps made from petrified wood, bookmarks, bookends. For viewing please contact by appointment 62-811140510 Two cats looking for homes - preferably to two homes, KC would enjoy a quiet life whereas Louie is still very much full of energy! Also, we are selling the following items: Round teak table and 5 chairs rp 1.000.000. Bamboo and cane couch, very comfortable rp200.000. Recycled pine dining chairs x 4, rp200.000/each. Water dispenser, has ice-cold and boiling hot settings, about a year old rp350.000. 2006 Vesper Motor scooter: Rp 5.500.000. Liz: 081213389684 or Large black/green jade pendant - carving of 2 mandarin ducks with red beaded necklace. When you hold it up against light it is dark green = 180 000 rp2) dangling sterling silver ornate necklace with macachites, great for balls and evening events. (Bought in singapore for 150 sgd) = 200 000 rp3) beautiful red coral chinese snuff bottle with full of carvings of lotus and heron = 180 000 rp4) box of 8 novels (as it where is)- dan brown, stephanie meyer, scott westerfield = 120 000 rp 5) 4) sony cybershot dsc tx1 (gold) with box, 10.2 Mega pixels, open warranty, all manuals, all disks still intact. Still in a great condition. Will throw in a free sony camera case. = 1 200 000 Rphttp://www.Imaging-resource.Com/ prods/dsctx1/dsctx1a.Htm 6) 3 x brand new iphone 4 cases ( 2 black silicon skins and 1 pink, clear impact case ). Sold in emax for about 50k to 100k each = 50k for all 3 cases 7) 9 x woven rattan beer / soft drink holders- very unique, great for pool side parties. Brand new, unused = 60, 000 rp 8) ceramic water dispenser = 50 000 rp pictures can be provided on request items for sale - call/ sms leslie 0811132449 or email leslie@ marinehse.Com Full day painting workshop on friday 21 november in kemang at colourful art studio 9am - 4pm a creative easy fun day with mixed medium fully equipped studio - no materials needed beginners welcome for more info please contact Madeleine Eve -

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