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| Indonesia’s Largest Expatriate Readership | 46th Edition | 22 June–5 July 2011 |

“Ramah Tamah”- Getting Along Winner of The Harris Hotel FX Photography Competition. Photographed by Sofyan Effendi.



22 June– 5 July 2011 Jakarta Expat



46th Edition | 22 June–5 July 2011

Editor Angela Richardson Management Edo Frese Sales Dian Mardianingsih Rina Abidin Graphics Donny Rizky LM Frederick Ng Finance Pertiwi Gianto Putri Contributors Bruce Carpenter Mark Hanusz Andy Kindangen Hush Petersen Annette Pipe Angela Richardson Eamonn Sadler Bartele Santema Antony Sutton Alia Soraya Wahid

Dear Readers,


ftentimes in Jakarta we’re so busy with our hectic lives in the concrete jungle and the macet that we don’t notice the non-humans that live amongst us. That’s right, our furry, feathery and scaly friends are everywhere. What most of us don’t know is that there is wildlife on our doorsteps —in north Jakarta lies a mangrove swamp called Muara Angke and animal lovers travel from afar to catch a glimpse of the rare Javan Coucal bird found only here. Turn to Jakarta Wildlife for Sutton’s article about what lives in this swamp. The main ‘animal markets’ in Jakarta are Pasar Pramuka and Pasar Jatinegara and here wild animals are sold illegally. Although it may be tempting to make a trip to these markets to see what’s on offer, I strongly

* Advertise in Jakarta Expat encourage you not to do so. Visitors to these places spur on the illegal animal trade, which organisations such as Jakarta Animal Aid Network and Animal Sanctuary Trust Indonesia have been working so hard to stamp out. Read Petersen’s Interesting Expats to find out how you can volunteer with some ground breaking animal rehabilitation projects, which are only a stone’s throw away from the city. In this edition, the history behind the ‘piggy bank’ is revealed to us by Carpenter and I have the experience of being inside a ‘Birdcage’ in South Jakarta. Intrigued? I hope so. Enjoy this edition and don’t forget to send us your spotted photos like the one below, which came to us from Agus Siahaan. Look who’s come to say hello! ■

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Spotted by Agus Siahaan

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You and Your Pets (page 3) Advantages for Children who Grow up with Animals

Light Entertainment (page 10) Is there Anybody there?

Interesting Expats (page 4) Femke’s Fight for Animal Rights

Jakarta Wildlife (Page 12) It’s a Swamp Out There

Art of the Indies (page 5) The Origins of the Piggy Bank

Expat Observations (page 13) Welcome To London, but Where are the Londoners?

Worthy Causes (page 6) Animal Sanctuary Trust Indonesia

Fashion & Beauty (page 14) Swimwear Trends for The Summer

Personal Tech and Apps (page 7) In Search of Beauty

Global Expatriate News (page 16) Expat Snippets from Around the World

Food & Drink (page 8) The Birdcage Getaways (page 9) A Lavish Hide-Away in the Heart of Seminyak

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Jakarta Expat 22 June–5 July 2011


You and Your Pets

Advantages for Children who Grow up with Animals


t’s a wonderful learning experience for children to grow up with a pet. It can teach children many lessons for life: responsibility, commitment, and love. That is, of course, if children are guided properly by their parents and if parents are role modelling how to be a responsible pet owner. Parents need to know and demonstrate responsible Pet Ownership so their children will learn from them. If you decide to get a pet it should be the whole family’s responsibility, not only your child’s. You cannot expect a child to be fully responsible for another living creature since he/she is also not able to care for him or her self yet either. Do some research first to find out what type of animal fits your family and life-style best. There are many website­­­­­s available that help match a pet to families. If you spend little time at home, maybe a dog won’t be the best pet

for you since they require more interactivity with humans than a smaller animal such as a cat or a rabbit. If you do decide you want to have a dog, check out personalities first. If you are an active family that likes to walk and do outdoor activities, a high energy level dog will suit your family. If you don’t lead such an active life, a smaller dog with a calm personality might suit you better. Are you ready to make a life-time commitment to the animal you are going to bring into your family? Remember, you want to teach your child about responsibilities and commitment which your child will bring with him or her for the rest of their lives. If you give up on your pet for whatever reason, you are basically telling your child that giving up on animals (and even people!) is OK if things are not going smoothly. This is obviously not a positive message you want to teach your child. Be a “hands on” pet owner. It’s you

and your family who want to own a pet, so make sure you and your family are the main caretakers and not your staff. By being a “hands on” pet owner you are bonding with your pet and it’s trusting you for its care. Make sure you guide your children when they are still young and teach them how to be gentle towards animals. Animals are NOT toys! It’s the parent’s responsibility to make sure that both the child and the animal are safe at all times. Rough behaviour should not be allowed. No tail pulling, poking, teasing, throwing, kicking or hitting. Those behaviours are not allowed in schools and shouldn’t be allowed at home. Having a pet will teach your children to be gentle, loving, committed and responsible human being – all skills for a successful life! ■ Source: (Jakarta Animal Aid Network)

22 June– 5 July 2011 Jakarta Expat


Interesting Expats

JAAN volunteers weighing raptor eagles on Kotok Island

Femke den Haas’ world

Femke helping a macaque in Tanjung Priok

One of JAAN’s lucky rescued baby sea turtles

Femke’s Fight for Animal Rights F emke den Haas deserves her own television show. When someone stumbles on baby sea turtles being sold illegally at a local market, Haas is the first person on the scene. When the Forestry Ministry busts a black market orangutan syndicate in Sumatra or there’s a crocodile eating villagers in a remote area in Kalimantan, it’s Haas, one of the original founders of Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN), who’s packing her bags in the middle of the night and boarding a plane. “We go there and we will try and help with the rescue and make sure that those animals end up in a proper rehabilitation centre … then we come back to Jakarta,” says Haas, from inside a sweltering open-air office on the second floor of JAAN headquarters on Jalan Kemang Timor Raya No.17 in South Jakarta. For being one of Indonesia’s preeminent rescue and rehabilitation programmes, JAAN volunteers and employees enjoy Spartan surroundings. Downstairs in the temporary rescue centre and vet clinic of the centre things are far better. The dogs waiting for adoption or cats coming out of anaesthesia following sterilisation surgery enjoy cool air conditioning, while

the humans upstairs tap away on their laptops drafting letters, press releases and fastidiously filling out grant request forms so JAAN can keep its doors open.

Haas, who has been living and working in Indonesia since 2002, decided long ago to put animals first. Whether wrangling pythons tangled in fishing lines outside Sukabumi, West Java, or rescuing white-bellied sea eagles in the Thousand Islands and transferring them to the JAAN rehabilitation centre on Kotok Island. But the Dutch national isn’t alone in her quest. Since JAAN was established in 2008, Haas, along with Natalie Stewart and Karin Franken, the two other founders of JAAN and 16 fulltime employees have enlisted the help of hundreds of volunteers, everyone from local school children to international dolphin activist Richard O’Barry, profiled in the 2009 Academy Awardwinning feature documentary “The Cove,” to help improve the general conditions for wildlife living in captivity, establishing rehabilitation programs for animals, pushing for better regulations and the overall enforcement of those regulations. But JAAN is always looking for more people whose passion for

those with four legs, feathers, fins or flippers mirrors that of the founders.

by Hush Petersen

“We need volunteers,” says Haas. “New faces to help monitor the wildlife trade, which means visiting all those horrific places and not many volunteers are capable of doing it. Long-time JAAN volunteers and employees cannot get to these places anymore. They’re targets. They stick out like sore thumbs.”

is in an awkward position because you can’t just go around and release them back into the wild that easily. So you have to keep the dolphins in captivity until there is a proper rehabilitation centre so we’re working on a facility, which is taking a lot of time and is very intense. The only thing that we want to do is release those dolphins that are kept illegally. From any aspect there is no way to justify a travelling show with dolphins.”

If it had not been for a JAAN volunteer no one would have ever known about the tragic travelling dolphin show, based in Central Java. For over two years now, JAAN has been investigating the dolphin trade in Indonesia, even going so far as to enlist the help of Earth Island and Richard O’Barry.

Meanwhile JAAN volunteers here in Jakarta can help by walking dogs or helping before and after the sterilisation surgery, aiding veterinarians and caring for cats after surgery. Currently there are around 35 dogs and 60 cats ready for adoption. Adoption is free as long as you’re willing to wade through the paperwork.

“We found this circus and they’re making them jump through fire. It’s just ridiculous,” says Haas. “Every show has two dolphins and there are three shows going on currently in Java, six dolphins working full-time and the conditions are so poor. They are taking dolphins from the wild and they’re doing this under the name of rescue. They’re saying ‘Oh, these dolphins were caught in the nets and now they need treatment.’ And these poor dolphins. The Forestry Ministry

“Sometimes people see the questionnaire that we make them fill out and they say ‘Oh, never mind.’ The most important thing for us is that we find a good home. Local volunteers can also help out on Kotok Island, Thousand Islands, home to JAAN’s raptor eagle rehabilitation project. Volunteers can come work-hands on, clean the cages, weigh the birds. Day trips leave Ancol from Harbour number Six every morning at 8am for Rp.

200,000 a seat. “We have a raptor rehabilitation centre that houses Brahminy Kites that have been living in captivity or saved from the wildlife trade.” It’s Haas’s role to make sure that after the raptors are rescued and released back into the wild, which includes not only working with the animals but also fighting to protect their habitat, which means recycling, keeping local beaches clean, working with school kids on educational activities explaining why it’s so important to protect nature and the environment and recycling plastics with the local communities. For example, on Karimun Jawa, Central Java and Thousand Islands where JAAN is working hard with the local community to educate the local community about the dangers plastics cause to the local wildlife, such as sea turtles and dolphins. This year with the help of newly recruited volunteers interested in helping improve the lives of Indonesia’s vast wildlife, JAAN hopes to start a dolphin database where volunteers will help spot dolphins, identify them. There is still a lot of data lacking on dolphins in Indonesia. ■ For more info:

Jakarta Expat 22 June–5 July 2011


Art of the Indies

The Origins of the Piggy Bank by Bruce W. Carpenter


n the west the Piggy Bank has long been a timehonoured rite of passage, a whimsical but didactic tool for inculcating children with the benefits of saving. While today many may consider the humble piggy bank a quaint but dated holdover from the Victorian Age, few are aware of its ancient origins and profound symbology. While there are several alternative theories of origin, there is no doubt that the first true piggy banks—terracotta banks in the shape of a pig with a slot in the top for depositing coins—were made in Java in the 14th century! So many of these charming banks have been found in so many sizes that it is clear they were immensely popular at the time. If you want proof, visit the National Museum on Jalan Merdeka where several are on display. In truth the animal depicted is technically not a pig, but the Javanese boar or celeng, a small swayed back black skinned cousin of the European wild boar hunted by Asterix and Obelix. Wild boar are still found in dwindling jungles throughout Indonesia, sadly however, encroachment on their natural habitat has led to a conflict between farmers who view them as pests because of their habit of rooting up planted crops. This and a growing dislike of all things haram has resulted in recent years to a new sport in West Sumatra—huge organised hunts in the highlands catering to successful Jakartan Minangkabau tradesmen visiting their home villages. In search of a day out of gladiatorial-like entertainment, they use enormous packs of dogs to replicate the local equivalent of the politically incorrect English foxhunt. Sadly the end is predictable and cruel—a vicious and bloody battle as scores of dogs shred the boar alive. While the boar always dies, these ferocious when cornered courageous creatures also have their revenge—a high number of canine casualties as well. Considering that many of these specially trained animals cost as much as 30 million a piece, their owners often pay mightily for their vicarious pleasure. Needless to say the meat is never used for making wild boar sausages.

The first true piggy banks—terracotta banks in the shape of a pig with a slot in the top for depositing coins—were made in Java in the 14th century. A domesticated version of the Indonesian wild boar can still be seen in Bali. Although they are being rapidly replaced by European breeds, the fact they are the critical ingredient in Bali’s signature cuisine, babi guling, probably guarantees their survival. The traditional role of the boar in Bali also brings us back to the original subject, the meaning of the piggy bank. As every pig breeder knows, swine produce prodigious litters of piglets on a regular basis. So, too, blessed with huge appetites piglets quickly grow to enormous sizes, eating only leftovers and a variety of foodstuffs of no use to humans. Until today many Balinese households raise swine as a quick and easy, albeit odorous, way to make money leading to a direct connection between pigs and prosperity.

What better form to choose for a clay bank to promote small savings into great wealth. Every great fortune starts with the first penny or in the case of the populace of the Majapahit Empire who made the first piggy banks, kepeng, round Chinese brass coins with square holes that the Balinese still use for making offerings. Like the first piggy banks in Europe, once filled, the only way to open Majapahit celeng banks was to break them open. The huge number of broken examples excavated in the vicinity of Truwulan, the former capital suggest a lot of money was saved and spent perhaps to make down payments on motorcycles. How the piggy bank migrated to Europe is, of course, another story altogether. We can only guess, but there are several possibilities. One is that Oderico de Pordenone, an

A Majapahit piggy bank

Italian Catholic monk who was the first and only westerner to the court of the Majapahit in the 14th century, and a lesser-known contemporary of Marco Polo, brought the idea back with him. The idea may also have travelled to Europe via China and the Silk Route. As art history often teaches

us, visual concepts often migrate far from their point of origin in mysterious ways. The irony, of course, is not only that few know the origins of piggy banks, but also that their place of origin is now the world’s most populated Muslim country. ■


Author and noted Indonesian art expert Bruce W. Carpenter has authored and coauthored more than 16 books and scores of articles on the art, culture and history of Indonesia. His most recent was Antique Javanese Furniture and Folk Art.

22 June– 5 July 2011 Jakarta Expat


Worthy Causes

Animal Sanctuary Trust Indonesia By Annette E. Pipe and Andy S. Kindangen


nimal Sanctuary Trust Indonesia, or Yayasan Alam Satwa Tatar Indonesia (ASTI), was established to address the problem of displaced wild animals in Indonesia, caused by degradation and destruction of natural habitats. Animals are experiencing wholesale loss of habitat and many are forced to endure poaching and trafficking. A number of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centres exist across the country to accommodate these displaced animals, but unfortunately the capacity of these centres is far below the required level, the number of animals in need far outnumbering the space available for their rehabilitation. An additional problem relates to the difficulty of finding safe release sites for these animals after their rehabilitation. ASTI began operation in the latter part of 2008 by adopting all of the animals housed at Pusat Penyelamatan Satwa Gadog, or PPS Gadog, near Bogor in West Java. ASTI takes full responsibility for the care of all the animals on the PPS Gadog site, accepting animals confiscated by the West Java Natural Resources Conservation Department (BKSDA). ASTI also takes in animals surrendered by members of the general public. The animals in ASTI’s care are rehabilitated for release whenever this is possible. For animals deemed to be non-releasable, ASTI provides long-term care. Thus ASTI operates not only as a rescue/rehabilitation/ release organisation for animals responding to rehabilitation (and for whom there is a suitable release location), but also as a sanctuary for the long-term care of non-releasable animals. The ASTI facility is multi-species in recognition of the wide variety of species presently affected by habitat loss and trafficking.

Main Focus of the ASTI Program The main focus of ASTI’s program is the rehabilitation and release of rescued animals. Animals currently under rehabilitation with ASTI include animals from all over Indonesia. Our aim is to return as many animals as possible to their natural habitats. Waiting for return to Sumatra are tigers, siamangs, agile gibbons and one leaf monkeys. Others need to be taken back to Papua (cassowary birds and parrots) and Maluku (cockatoos). Closer to home are Javan animals including peafowls and eagles; these are being prepared for release into appropriate habitats in Java. Proper rehabilitation of animals is essential before they can be released, to make sure that they will be able to survive in the wild. The rehabilitation process is not as easy as it might seem; sometimes animals who have spent a long time in captivity lose the skills necessary for survival, and need to re-learn these skills. Once an animal is deemed ready for release, then a safe release location with adequate food supply must be sought.

Focus on ASTI animals Here are some of the stories of the ASTI animals past and present.

Sumatran Tiger Ziva

him back to Sumatra. Gelagah has already been relocated to the Javan Gibbon Center (JGC) where she will be paired with a male before being released into Gede Pangrango National Park, a natural Javan gibbon habitat. Kada Kada is one of the three cassowary birds with ASTI. Many cassowary birds are captured in Papua and brought to Java for sale or as gifts; we plan for all three cassowaries with ASTI to be returned to Papua.

Desi and Gimin Desi and Gimin are siamangs from Sumatra. After a long time living in separate enclosures, they have been put together to form a pair, in preparation for their anticipated release in Sumatra. These animals need to be released in pairs to increase their chances of survival in the wild.

Learn more about ASTI and our work by visiting us in West Java (check www. animalsanctuarytrustindonesia. org for details).

Staff and Funding

Aceng Aceng is a Javan leopard from Banten province. He was rescued from a deer snare in which he had become caught, and after the proper medical attention and rehabilitation he was ready to be returned to his mountain. His release took place in 2009. Aceng’s rescue, rehabilitation and release were conducted in collaboration with other groups, notably International Animal Rescue (IAR). Ziva and Leony Ziva and Leony are Sumatran tigers; they were confiscated by the government in 2010 from a private home in Jakarta. Ziva and daughter Leony are doing well and we are awaiting all of the

ASTI currently operates with seven full-time staff. These are the Director (volunteer), Deputy Director, Veterinarian, Animal Welfare Manager and three Keepers. All staff with the exception of the volunteer Director are Indonesian citizens, the three keepers being residents of the village adjacent to the sanctuary. One volunteer Veterinarian (also Indonesian) is also currently helping out at ASTI. Our funding is obtained primarily from donations from private individuals and organisations, and also from sales of ASTI merchandise. Donations received are used for animal care (proper nutrition and medical attention) and for site development (enclosure renovation and building). Site development costs are kept as low as possible, thanks to the fact that the ASTI local staff are able to do most of this work themselves. If you would like to help us with our work, please check out our website (www. animalsanctuarytrustindonesia. org) to find out how to make a donation. ■

Points to Remember

ASTI’s Objectives ASTI aims: • To operate a sanctuary where displaced animals can live under conditions as near to natural as possible; the sanctuary is noncommercial and non-exploitive of the animals. • To rehabilitate and release animals whenever possible. • To provide long-term care for non-releasable animals. • To help improve the livelihoods of local people by their involvement in the operation of the sanctuary and other ASTI activities. • To develop an environmental education program for local people and visitors to the sanctuary.

documents necessary to permit their return to Sumatra.

Bronnie and Shela Bronnie and Shela are eagles, Bronnie a changeable hawk-eagle and Shela a crested serpent eagle. Bronnie, received from a bird market, has been having medical attention for her feet (a condition known as bumble-foot). She is under the constant attention of the ASTI medial team and is making a full recovery. Shela has been relocated to Suaka Elang (Raptor Sanctuary) in West Java, for final rehabilitation before being released to Halimun Salak National Park.

Ajoy and Gelagah Ajoy and Gelagah are gibbons, Ajoy an agile gibbon and Gelagah a Javan silvery gibbon. Ajoy was rescued from outside a bag shop in Bogor, and Gelagah was surrendered by a private citizen. Ajoy is waiting for a female agile gibbon with whom to pair him, and we plan eventually to move

• If you see an animal belonging to an endangered species being sold in a market, please do not buy the animal, no matter how much you want to rescue it. The trouble is that if you buy it, the vendor will go straight out and catch another one to replace the one sold. Instead, for animals seen being sold in Jakarta, please contact Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN, info@jakartaanimalaid. com) and for animals in West Java contact ASTI (08161834057 or We will then inform the government about the need to rescue the animal. • It is illegal to keep animals belonging to endangered species as pets. If you have one at home, please contact an animal rescue group such as ASTI or JAAN to arrange for the animal’s surrender.

Andy Kindangen was born in Sukabumi, West Java, and is trained as an Accountant. His appreciation of the rich biodiversity of Indonesia, and his great interest in conservation, led him to his work with ASTI in 2008.

Annette Pipe is an English-born Canadian trained in Environmental Sciences. She has lived and worked in Indonesia since 1994 and established ASTI with Andy Kindangen in 2008.

Jakarta Expat 22 June–5 July 2011


Personal Tech and Apps

In Search of Beauty by Mark Hanusz


ocal app development is entering an interesting phase. No longer are apps able to be just functional, they need to look great as well and it’s heartening to see local developers coming up with some truly creative, beautiful and worldclass designs. In this edition I have selected three gorgeous yet very different apps. All are for Apple’s iOS which gives developers powerful tools for making apps that work well and—as you’ll see —look so good you’ll want to lick them. The first app is Tempo Interaktif. It’s far and away the most tasty news app around. It has four sections: News, Photos, Citizen Journalism and Settings. On the news page you can choose from any of the 13 sections then select your story. From there you can send it to Facebook, Twitter or email, follow the topic or add the specific story to Favourites. Yes, all the stories are in Indonesian but they are well written so a simple Google Translate should get over any language issues. I especially like the Photos section, which adds to the design flair by showcasing some really awesome local and international photos. There are quite a few other local news apps like Kompas, The Jakarta Globe and The Jakarta Post, but none come close to the slick design and functionality of Tempo Interaktif. The app is free but is supported by nicelydesigned local ads.

The second app combining form and function is the recentlyreleased First Media EPG (Electronic Program Guide) which will prove indispensable for those who have signed up for their cable TV service. The app does everything you’d expect it to, and does it in a delightful way. You can get an overview of all shows running on the different channels, see what’s on right now, and see detailed scheduled on a per-channel basis. The app loads fast and didn’t crash once during my tests. The page flip animation gets a bit annoying after a minute or two of use, and it would be nice to flag shows and get a reminder before it starts. I am sure First Media is already working on some new features though, so the app should only get better. It’s free as well but only really useful to First Media subscribers.

corridors and stops, and those stops that are equipped with a functioning webcam get a TV-like image displayed on the device. The image refreshes every five seconds and isn’t crystal clear —but good enough to see how crowded the stop is and if you’re lucky you can get a peek at the traffic situation outside as well. Features like automatic routing would be nice and the developers tell me it will be coming in the next major update. ■

Recommended Websites BAWA, The Bali Animal Welfare Association is a not-forprofit organisation registered in Bali, and is dedicated to improving the lives of animals. BAWA’s mission is to relieve suffering and overpopulation by providing medical care, spay and neutering, street-feeding and adoption, and by educating children and adults in animal welfare. Via their website you can make one-off donations, subscribe to become a monthly donator, adopt misplaced dogs, become a volunteer and view employment opportunities with BAWA and live and work with animals in paradise.

The last app is one of the most popular on the Indonesian App Store and has recently undergone a huge overhaul. It’s a navigation app for Jakarta’s TransJakarta Busway. The developer, Equinox Apps, ditched the previous schematic diagram of the system and instead overlaid the precise routes over a map of the city which gives users a never-seenbefore bird’s eye view of the entire network. It uses GPS to show your exact position and you can easily see where the nearest stop (halte) is. It also has a breakdown of all

If you’re an animal lover and want to find out ways of how you can help or get involved with improving their welfare in Indonesia, this website has it all. Updated regularly with the latest, and often times shocking news on animal wellbeing in the country as well as ways of how JAAN are helping, this website will inspire you to get involved. You can adopt a furry friend and read stories of abandoned animals lucky enough to be rescued by Jakarta Animal Aid. You can also sponsor an animal and find out how to become a foster family for neglected cats and dogs. It’s inspiring to see that an organisation like this exists in Indonesia and that their website has so much educational material that aims to make a lasting change in the way that people in Indonesia take care of these creatures, both little and large.


Mark Hanusz is a long-time Jakarta resident and the founder of Equinox Publishing (

22 June– 5 July 2011 Jakarta Expat


Food & Drink

The Birdcage by Angela Richardson


n this city I crave a place to hang out that has an outside area and isn’t inside a giant concrete mall where you need a map to navigate your way around. Turns out, there is such a place in South Jakarta, interestingly named The Birdcage. Don’t let the name fool you – this venue is NOT based on the ’96 drag queen comedy starring Robin Williams. This Birdcage’s concept is to be the opposite of glitzy and feel ‘homely’ and its name came from the local policemen upon obtaining the necessary paperwork to open the establishment – the policeman’s response when told which building they wanted to rent was “Apa? Kandang burung itu?” which roughly translated means “What? That birdcage?” Nestled on the corner of a green tree-lined street in Kebayoran Baru, this spot has three floors; downstairs a café which feels very European and has an outside patio overlooking a not-so-busy Jalan Wijaya, the second floor an airy main restaurant area with wooden floors, exposed red brick walls and floor-to-ceiling glass panel windows and views of the green foliage with large birdcages hanging from them, and the third floor a cozy secret attic open only on the weekends.

The café, renovated just a year ago, is referred to as the Birdcage Parc and is open from 7am daily. The décor of the café c’est trés chic – large hanging black chandeliers over tables with black and white picnic-style tablecloths and a European kitchen counter make this truly a unique spot in this city to enjoy a sweet or savoury pancake or crepe whilst sipping on coffee and watching South Jakarta wake up through the full panel glass windows. That was a mouthful, but so are their pancakes.

Upstairs in the treehouse, we enjoyed a lunch of Baby Spring Chicken atop of grilled courgettes, peppers and baby potatoes. The Birdcage’s menu is simple, yet suffices and is made up of thin crust pizzas, pastas, Aussie Tenderloin Steak, and of course Wagyu Beef (where is this not sold these days?), a devil of a Tasmanian Salmon, and some Indonesian favourites like Oxtail Soup and Nasi Goreng Kampung. Take advantage of their great lunch deal – Pasta and a drink for Rp.50k!

Come for a martini – their Toblerone Martini and Chocolate Strawberry Martini are exclusive to the Birdcage and mustn’t go without a miss. As we were there in the middle of the day and I am a sensible person, I enjoyed a beautiful mocktail named after one of the bartenders’ aliases, Mr. Gepeto – honey dew, cherry and pineapple with a dip of honey – very refreshing. It’s not surprising that this restaurant is

a regular hang-out for Indonesian celebrities, especially on Wednesday nights when they have live acoustic music from 9pm. If you’re in the neighbourhood, don’t want the hassle of going into Kemang and fancy a matchless atmosphere, do try The Birdcage. You’ll come and you’ll stay a while, and then you’ll come again. It’s that snug. ■

ANGELA RICHARDSON Angela is Anglo-Indonesian and has been in Jakarta for a year and a half after twelve in the UK. An active thespian, writer, arts, music and photography enthusiast, she has enough energy to power a small fleet of motor vehicles.

Jakarta Expat 22 June–5 July 2011


Getaways Amadea Resort & Villas

A Lavish HideAway in the Heart of Seminyak The two bedroom villa


et in the bustling thoroughfares of Jalan Laksmana (popularly known as Oberoi or “eat street”), a swathe of calm units called Amadea greets like a refreshing oasis. That said, the rooms, suites and pool villas of Amadea Resort & Villas provide a deserved dose of solace away from the crowds in Seminyak; that is, if you need a quick escape route to a relaxing oasis when you are in desperate need of breathing space! Essential comforts are bestowed for guests to indulge themselves with all modern appliances an exclusive resort is ever worthy of, while the touch of traditional Indonesian elements provide strong supporting details to enrich the whole environment. With things beautifully but simply

The living room in the two bedroom villa

arranged, nothing is over-stated yet everything is there—ready to enjoy. Each of the Amadea's rooms highlights unique, innovative styles, linked by the minimalist philosophy of freedom from excess and spatial inhibitions.

Challenging the separation between the bedroom and bathroom, these rooms incorporate impressive woodwork platforms and glass walls that maximize open space.

The rooms feature a private balcony and a view of the resort’s garden and lap pool. Each is furnished with a king-size bed or Hollywood twin beds, a dressing table, a 32” LCD TV and DVD player, an in-room safe and a fridge. Genuine attention to detail is shown by considerate touches

such as yielding pillows, quality bed linen, bathrobes, slippers, hairdryers and umbrellas. Each en-suite marble-floored bathroom is fitted with a large, walk-in rain shower, a ceramic washbasin on a terrazzo vanity unit, and a secluded WC. The bathrooms are completed with a thoughtful array of amenities.

designer boutiques, restaurants, day spas, beach bars and pulsating nightspots. The reception staff members have very good English and are helpful with directions. Who wouldn’t want to be in the middle of the hustle and bustle in Seminyak yet safely tucked away in a beautiful, secluded compound?

Private swimming pools and gardens are the distinguished characteristics of the villas at Amadea. Set within a sunny, walled courtyard garden, each villa bursts with flowering trees and shrubs. The standalone master bedrooms and the ground floor living rooms boast floor-toceiling folding glass doors that can be closed for air-conditioned comfort or opened up completely to create a semi-alfresco poolside ambience, taking advantage of the resort’s tropical location.

With 86 superior and deluxe rooms, seven suites including two rooftop suites, and seven pool villas of two and four bedrooms, the resort is designed to cater for domestic and international leisure travellers by offering luxurious accommodation at affordable prices.

Nearly everything of interest can be reached on foot from the resort; Amadea is perfect for those who want to be in the heart of the action as it is within walking distance from a vast array of

To celebrate its opening, Amadea Resort & Villas is offering special opening rates and packages to its guests, starting from USD 70 for early booking via www. ■ Amadea Resort & Villas Jl. Laksmana (Oberoi) 55, Seminyak, Bali Phone: +62 361 8478155

22 June– 5 July 2011 Jakarta Expat


Light Entertainment

Is There Anybody There?


hen I was 18 years old I was riding a motorbike through heavy summer holiday traffic in the centre of Gloucester in England with a friend riding pillion behind me. While we were waiting in a long queue of traffic, I looked up absent mindedly towards the clear blue sky above me, and there, perfectly still in the bright sunshine, was a shiny cigar shaped object. I asked my friend if he could see it, but as I did so the traffic moved so I put the bike in gear and moved forward a few feet. When we stopped I looked up again, but the object had disappeared. I asked my friend if he had seen it and he confirmed that he had, then told me that while he was looking at it, the object had suddenly shot off to the right at amazing speed and then completely disappeared. (Cue spooky music...) UFO..? Or optical illusion..? If you are not old enough to remember the Unidentified Flying Object or “UFO” hysteria of the post war years you have most probably heard about it. The “Roswell Incident” in 1947, concerning the alleged crash of an alien space craft in the desert near Roswell in New Mexico, plus later numerous blurry images of cigarshaped objects hovering over various remote parts of the world, and then occasional very shaky moving pictures of mysterious groups of lights flitting about in impossible ways in the night sky, all added up to convince many people that there were highly technologically advanced aliens lurking behind every cloud ready to invade the earth. In my opinion, it is no coincidence that this hysteria began almost immediately after the Second World War. The citizens of earth had just

been convinced beyond any doubt that there were evil creatures ON THE SAME PLANET that would like to conquer and control them, so, at the time, the “bogeyman” from another planet was not as ridiculous a concept as one might imagine. Add to this the amazing technological advancements made during the war, and you can understand why the average man would need little convincing that things beyond his wildest imagination might be possible. There were now machines that could see into the darkest of nights and detect incoming enemy aircraft, flying machines with no propellers and flames coming out of the back that were travelling faster than anyone believed possible, and a single bomb that could wipe out an entire city. Out of this world. Also take into account the fact that the victorious Allies had forcibly recruited most of Hitler’s surviving scientists and engineers to work for them and share their knowledge and research. All these great brains, at the time probably the greatest in the world, were shipped to the US and allowed to continue their work, only now it was for the benefit of the winning side. It is not hard to imagine then, with the threat of Russia and what turned out to be the Cold War approaching, that these German geniuses would have been put to work in the greatest secrecy in the most remote locations, testing new forms of flying machine and all kinds of fiendish new weaponry. When the average man occasionally caught an unexpected glimpse of this amazing and seemingly impossible technology, it is understandable that his mind might leap to conclusions that would require the involvement of unearthly beings.

by Eamonn Sadler

Another technology that came on in leaps and bounds during the war was photography. The crucial need to record and convey clear visual information in war time had made movie and still cameras far more accurate and reliable than they had ever been before, and after the war the companies whose research and development had effectively been paid for by the warring governments could now supply high quality cameras to the man in the street at reasonable prices. Before the war, the art of photography was mostly confined to wealthy explorers and philanthropic documentary makers. After the war it became far more accessible to the general population. So now there were all kinds of new-fangled flying machines and weapons in the skies over remote parts of the US, and thousands of new fangled fancy cameras on the ground in the hands of a paranoid generation. Put the two together, add a dash of money-hungry Hollywood and a pinch of sensation seeking media, and you have UFO hysteria. Then of course take into account the ability of unscrupulous attention seekers to manipulate images and fabricate stories and “personal accounts” and you have the “UFO” as a plausible part of everyday life. Thousands of books were written on the subject and films and TV series proliferated. Some authors went to great lengths to “prove” that aliens were in fact on earth long before us, and some even showed us “evidence” of their existence in remote parts of south America and elsewhere in the world. All in all the whole concept of the “UFO” took on a life of its own, and the term “UFO” itself became a synonym for “alien space ship”, when all it really means is “unidentified

flying object”, literally anything that flies that the observer doesn’t recognise. But is there life on other planets? In 1961, Frank Drake, at the time a radio astronomer at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank, West Virginia and later Founder of SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, put forward the “Drake Equation”. It’s a complicated equation and meaningless to the untrained eye, but Drake says it gives the probable number of planets in our galaxy which harbour intelligent life forms which might be trying to communicate with other planets. When Drake plugged in his estimates of the values for each element of the equation, he came up with the answer ten. TEN planets in our galaxy alone capable of supporting life intelligent enough to be trying to communicate with other planets at any given time. Independent current estimates using the latest figures from NASA and other qualified sources place the number at 2.3. Of course a pessimist could stuff a zero in for one of the assumptive elements of the equation and thereby produce another zero at the end. Some of the learned in these matters even say the equation is purely hypothetical and complete nonsense. Then there is the “Fermi paradox”, which simply stated, argues “If they do exist, then why aren’t we seeing any solid evidence of it?” This is particularly relevant in these modern times, now that tens of millions of snap-happy people all over the world have video and still cameras in their pockets 24 hours a day. How come back in the 50s, 60s and 70s, when there were relatively few cameras around, we regularly saw mysterious grainy images of “UFOs” from all over the world? Now we see hardly any, when we should logically be seeing thousands of high resolution pictures of our alien friends and their craft

every day – if they exist. But then, as one of my favourite expressions goes, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Having said all that, I personally believe there must be life on other planets. But I don’t believe we will ever be lucky enough to connect with it. As far as we know the universe is constantly expanding and therefore effectively goes on forever. So there must surely be other life among all that somewhere. But how far away is it, and will it still exist by the time we get the news? Will we exist by the time the news reaches this far? Will they communicate in a format we can comprehend anyway? How do we know they are not communicating with us right now in a format we can’t understand? Maybe the positions of the stars are telling us something... If you don’t believe that there is life on at least one of the other estimated 50 billion planets in our galaxy, or on one of the estimated 35 trillion planets in the observable universe, (assuming the galaxies in the observable universe each have an average of 350 planets as some people estimate our galaxy to have) then you should be against convicting people of crimes using DNA evidence. The odds are not good enough for you. But if you don’t believe there is life on any of the infinite number of planets that must exist in the entire constantly expanding infinite universe, then you should probably get your head examined. Or maybe I should. There was a great line in the movie Contact which sums up my feelings very well. “If it’s just us, it seems like an awful waste of space.” ■ To find out more about live stand-up comedy in Indonesia please e-mail jakarta@, text or call 0821 1194 3084 or register at

This Edition’s Competition…

Last Edition’s Winner…

Caption Competition Again we had a lot of great entries for the caption competition this month, but the clear winner this month was Donna K. of Cipete. Hilarious. Well done Donna, you and a friend will coming to the Jakarta Comedy Club free of charge next month!

If you need any job interview tips call me


081 199 9603

The greatest actors that never won an Oscar:

Albert Finney Nominated five times The Dresser? No?

Glenn Close Scared me to death in Fatal Attraction... Nothing...

is made possible by

John Malkovich Places in the heart..? Come on...

Peter O’Toole Eight nominations For Lawrence of Arabia? Are you kidding me?

Richard Burton Who’s Araid of Virginia Wolf? Nominated seven times but nooooo....

Arthur Kennedy Great actor… but you’ve never heard of him right? Five nominations…

Jakarta Expat 22 June–5 July 2011


22 June– 5 July 2011 Jakarta Expat


Jakarta Wildlife

It’s a Swamp Out There

Brightly coloured fshing vessels in Muara Angke

by byAntony AntonySutton Sutton


here isn’t a lot of green space left in Jakarta. Perhaps more than people realise, but still very little. What remains is worth preserving, not just because it looks nice and provides a few photo opportunities, but because it can become a vital resource in educating children.

Muara Angke is home to a tiny sliver of mangrove swamp in north Jakarta. It is what Jakarta used to look like before the developers were allowed to do their bit.

Muara Angke is home to a tiny sliver of mangrove swamp in north Jakarta. Hemmed in housing estates and row after row of shophouses, Muara Angke is what Jakarta used to look like before the developers were allowed to do their bit.

the vitality almost in their own backyard. On a recent field trip to Muara Angke the students saw a Jakarta they never knew existed, saw a mess they knew only too well and learnt how we could prevent damaging our environment even further.

Sitting on the west bank of the Angke River the mangrove is perhaps the last area of its kind in our capital city. Unbelievably it is home to some 91 species of bird as well as monkeys, reptiles and amphibians. It is also filthy as the accumulated waste from up river gathers in the creeks and the pools the animals call home.

The day started with Hendra Aquan from JGM giving some background information to the children - information that was probably lost in the excitement of seeing monkeys up close. It was a steep learning curve for these city kids. Watching Discovery Channel is all well and good, but there is nothing like getting out and about, inhaling the smells, seeing the animals and understanding the filth.

It’s probably fair to say not many Jakartan residents are aware of the mangrove on their northern shore. But Muara Angke is famous in the worldwide bird watching community with twitchers, as the very keen among them are known, willing to travel long distances to catch a sight of the extremely rare Javan Coucal which can be found in only a couple of locations on the north coast of Java. Jakarta Green Monster is an NGO that aims to increase kids’ awareness of what’s around them. By taking children along the walkway they point out the species who call this patch of land home. The water and trees are alive with the sounds of animals, especially first thing in the morning as the wildlife awakes from its slumbers and seeks out breakfast. Just a few metres away, Jakartans head for their work places blissfully unaware of the nature on their doorstep. SMP Santa Laurensia is a fairly typical middle class private school from Jakarta’s overspill. Most of the kids live in air conditioned bubbles, blissfully unaware of

Splitting into groups, each led by a JGM volunteer, the kids set about their appointed task. In the manner of school children everywhere, they moaned. It was too hot, nothing to see, boring. The complaints are universal, but gradually, one by one, they got wrapped up in the experience. Whether it was the enthusiasm and knowledge of the volunteers

or whether it was the sheer fact they were out and about in nature they took to their binoculars and cameras and set about recording their day. Seeing startled herons and egrets flee at the sound of 35 teenagers was a highlight for kids who rarely see birds in their natural surroundings. Rarely can a Giant Egret have attracted so much attention when flying on the horizon. Everything was new and the natural inclination of children everywhere to inquire fought and defeated the earlier doubts and complaints. Amid the finger pointing and the yelps of delight was a solitary Australian gentleman with binoculars. He had travelled from Sydney just to spy a Javan Coucal and had little counted on the enthusiasm of dozens of kids to keep the birds well hidden. After a well earned lunch they were taken in a dinghy along the Angke river to see for themselves how the trash so casually discarded upriver effects not just the wildlife but also the fishermen

Cleaning other people’s rubbish is a thankless task and the key lies in education. Working with Jakarta Green Monster the students learnt a lot about the environment and how their actions can impact it. The kids from Santa Laurensia won’t change anything. Not by themselves. As one student said, ‘My brother always throws his rubbish on the floor. When I tell him not to because it looks ugly and damages the environment he says he doesn’t care, he doesn’t live there.’ who live opposite the mangrove. They ‘oohed’ and ‘aahed’ at the tall, elegant birds that lined the riverbank and low branches as they sought their lunch in the dirty waters. Back on dry land there followed a couple of presentations, and then came the fun bit. Kids all round the world love to get dirty and these guys were no exception as they kicked off their shoes and jumped in the still swamp to pick up some of the collected trash. The area covered as a proportion of the whole site was minimal. The trash collected filled several bags but there was still more out there. Much more.

But if more schools get involved in this type of activity, if Jakarta Green Monster are able to involve local communities then perhaps slowly but surely an environmental awareness may grow in Jakarta at a grass roots level and the word will spread. ■ For more info visit: Alam Jakarta by Ady Kristianto

ANTONY SUTTON Antony is a freelance writer based in Jakarta. Please send comments and suggestions to

Jakarta Expat 22 June–5 July 2011


Expats Observations

Welcome to London, but Where are the Londoners? by Bartele Santema


had been in Aberdeen once, but never to the rest of the UK and this time, my trip would also be limited to one area only; Kensington in London where I would visit the International Antique Map Fair. Upon arrival in Aberdeen a year earlier, I was greeted by an Indian money changer with a Scottish accent, who cheated me by making me believe that he gave me the best exchange rate for my Euros. He lied. Last week I arrived at Heathrow Airport and I followed the directions to the Piccadilly train line that would bring me straight to South Kensington, not far from where I had booked my hotel. I boarded the train that I thought was the Piccadilly train, and while I seated myself, I thought I better double check so I asked this Indian guy next to me. He was sitting there with his wife and three kids. He shook his head. No, it was not the train to Kensington, he said calmly. Damn! I quickly jumped out of the train again, just before the doors closed. Pfff… That was close, I thought. Through the windows of the leaving tube train, I saw the Indian man putting his bags on my seat. He had a flaw smile on his face. His wife and kids also smiled rather sheepishly at me, while the train moved away, into the dark tunnel…

I decided to take a taxi so I could finally meet a real English lad and broaden my London knowledge. I ignored the first taxi when I noticed that the driver had a kind of turban wrapped around his hair. Don’t get me wrong, I was not discriminating, but I wanted to go to my hotel after the long flight from Asia. One more Indian that could potentially give me wrong directions or use’ funny’ exchange rates, and my trip back to Indonesia would be delayed by a few years. There I stood at the end of an empty dreadful platform. Just before the dark hole of the tunnel, I noticed three cleaners sitting in a corner. The two men and a woman who were having a break, or who were just not so in the mood to do work, looked at me in surprise. “Why you jumped out, brother?” one asked. I explained to him that an Indian guy had informed me that I was in the wrong train. The three of them reacted with broad smiles. “Its the only train leaving from here!” I had just arrived in London for the first time, and in one hour I was already cheated by an Indian, and laughed at by three Africans. Luckily there were more trains and I managed to get to South Kensington. Now I needed to find the hotel. The first person I asked for directions waved me away and said, “No comprende!” The second one, a young woman, responded happily, “I am from Poland! I don’t know anything here!” (It almost sounded like ‘I made it here and now I don’t care about anything anymore!). It wasn’t until the third person, who was from Mexico, that I started to realise I had arrived in one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities in the world. It would probably have been more fruitful to ask for directions in Indonesia, than doing it here in London.

My cabdriver was a Scotsman. I started a conversation, but he was grumpy. He hated the European Union. The euro was a disaster. Polish and Hungarians were taking all the jobs. The Russian were pushing up the property prices. He pointed at Bentleys and Rolls Royces that passed us left and right and remarked “Russian and Arabs” and a few seconds later, “We will never join the Euro!” His voice was resolute, while slamming one hand on the steering wheel. To excuse myself, I carefully explained that I was from Jakarta. “From where!?” From Indonesia. He grumbled something, was quiet for a few seconds, and then started again about the terrible Euro. I tried to lighten the conversation by telling him that this funny model taxi he was driving would do well in Indonesia; it could probably handle a good load of chickens or kroepoek! He did not laugh. Now I became a bit nervous, as I suddenly realised I had no pounds yet. I only had Euros and the metre read six pounds fourty. I folded a ten Euro note about ten times over, and hastily passed it through the window screen before quickly jumping out. The Scot however opened his window and showed me a big smile and a thumbs up - and I thought he didn’t like Euros!

I ignored the Asian doorman who wanted to carry my bag. A Serb checked me in, while a blonde desk officer with a heavy Russian accent handled a complaint from an Arab next to me. The voices were loud, and I was tired. I noticed that the Serb cleric registered me as being from Niger. Yeah, whatever. I needed a drink first and the lobby bar was near. The beer never tasted better. I was the only customer. The PR, a Polish lady as I quickly found out, started promoting the band that would come later in the evening. I said, “I bet they are not from the UK”. “How do you know!?” she reacted in surprise. An older looking barman was in serious discussion with the waiter and I overhead them. The bar man was from Thailand and tried to explain to the young Hungarian waiter that God should have a role in his life. The Hungarian man did not agree. “Look where I am now!” he said. “I escaped Hungary and I have job in a four star hotel in London! God never helped me! God never gave me anything!” Later that evening, just before I went up to my room, I asked the Thai barman to give the Hungarian waiter a ten Euro note. “Ok”, the Thai man said, “but what’s your name if I my ask?” I looked him in the eyes, while coming forward and whispered with a heavy voice, “My name is God…” At least I had my funny moment of the day, even if it cost me a tenner. When I checked out of the hotel, the Thai and the Hungarian where both waving to

me from the other side of the lobby with big smiles. Sometimes it can be so easy to turn a bad day into a good day… But after three days in London, I had still to meet the first real English person and I also did not meet them in the traditional pubs. Most beers on tap were from Ireland, Belgium or any other country of the world and the main food was chicken Masala. The Polish, Albanian, Croatian, Indian and Spanish bar staff that I met during my lonely pub tour had never even heard of the ‘famous’ English pub food I tried to order. They must have thought I was pretty drunk, when I asked for ‘pickled eggs’ and ‘bubble and squeak’. When I was back in the good-ol’ Piccadilly tube train, I was shaking my head when the annoying announcer kept on repeating that I should watch out for the steps between the train and the platform. After the third station, I suddenly realised I had left my mobile phone in the hotel! It was too late to go back. From the airport, I called the hotel, but the Indian operator said he could not confirm immediately if my phone had been found. “What room?” he asked. “Room 245. My name is Bartele and I am from Holland.” The operator was silent. “Hallo?” I asked. Slowly the man started speaking again. “I think you are wrong Sir. Room 245? That’s a man from Niger who lives in Indonesia,” and he hung up. Great folks, these Brits… ■


Bartele has a wide range of business, most notably a number of bars and restaurants under the wing of the Bugils Group. His best-seller ‘Bule Gila’ is a must-read for any expat in Indonesia.

22 June– 5 July 2011 Jakarta Expat


Fashion & Beauty

Swimwear Trends for the Summer by Alia Soraya Wahid


ooray! It’s time to have a holiday! If the beach is where you choose to go to take a break, relax, distress and be recharged, then looking your best while reviving your self is a must. Enjoy the sunlight and get a tan in stylish, sexy swimwear. If you’re planning to buy a new one, there are a wide range of styles and designs so it’s important to choose the one that fits your personal style. The one thing 2011 swimwear designers agree on this year, is to make the swimwear trend democratic. It’s bringing us a wide variety, from strapless, one-piece and bikinis with diverse options of bottom area coverage, from string bottom, moderate coverage with medium side lining to full coverage bottom. The trends also have lots of texture, studs, rhinestones, ruffles, pleating, braiding and sequin appliqués. Let’s have a peek at the latest swimwear trends for 2011:

lots of colour juxtaposition in geometric prints, native American, batik and animal prints simply create a sophisticated look. Ethnic stones, metal appliqué, mini ruffles are also added on the waist side to create a waistline for a slimmer look.

3. Strapless

The strapless bikini is one of the most common styles of swimwear that can be the first choice for women with fuller breasts. This year, strapless swimwears come in a dynamic mix of colors that will showcase your confidence and free-spirited self. Trina Turk and Luli Fama have a wide variety of bright coloured strapless bikinis inspired by abstract colorful paintings, where bright colours clash into one, with braids, ruffles and wrinkles on the upper part of the bikini to add more volume.

1. One-shoulders

Opting for one-shoulder swimwear is a fashionable way to make a statement on the beach. Many big swimwear designers roll it out as its main collection, as it shows a unique, stylish and seductive look on the wearer. Banco-de-Areia carries a gorgeous collection on one-shoulder swimwear in different patterns, from bright colorful floral, pastel earthy colors to plain black with silver studs or stylish-shaped appliqué on the strap. Guaranteed to turn heads!

2. Patterns

Asymmetrical patterns, tribal, ethnic and abstract art are in the colorful presence of the 2011 designer swimwear lines, including Mara Haffman and Caffe. There are many varieties,

4. Lingerie-inspired ruffles and lace

If you are daring and have no fear in showing off your sexy side, lingerie-inspired swimwear is the right style for you. Since the past couple of years, this kind of swimwear has been making a meaningful presence among the fashion lovers. From plain colors to polka dot, see-through material

in some parts, combined with lace, small ribbons and strings surrounding the swimwear, all will add a charming and innocent style to your look that will make you look irresistible.

5. Vintage

The ever-so sophisticated old style look of swimwear, whether it is from the 1940s or 1960s, have always made a significant presence in a different level every year. Vintage designs are not as revealing as other swimwear, yet has always become great inspirations for top fashion designers such as DKNY and Marc Jacobs. Vintage style swimwear exuded sexiness and

style without revealing too much skin so that’s on the dot to balance between mystery and elegance. The vintage swimwear features soft low cuts which reveal just the right amount of leg around the thigh area. The swimwear can come in halter-tops, strapless, ruffles or classic prints, that will make you look fun, stylish and appropriate for the modern world. When opting to buy new swimwear, remember that you have to feel comfortable and confident when wearing it. Don’t need to wait much longer. Know your body type, choose the style that suits you best and look fabulous! ■

ALIA SORAYA WAHID Alia Soraya Wahid is the Business Manager of Borderless Healthcare Group and FlyFreeForHealth, international companies which providemedical tourism and second opinion services. She loves writing, traveling and was also the founder and writer for community mini magazine, HotNews, which was distributed nationally. For comments and suggestions, contact her at

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22 June– 5 July 2011 Jakarta Expat


Global Expatriate News

Expat Snippets from Around the World Malaysia: New Residence Pass Program Launched


alaysia launched a new residence pass program on April 1, 2011 that enables qualified foreign nationals and their dependent family members to live and work in Malaysia on a long-term basis and work for any Malaysian employer without sponsorship. They may also change employers without obtaining a new employment pass. Residence passes are issued for an initial period of five to ten years and may be renewed. Spouses and children under 18 years old are eligible to receive residence passes as derivative beneficiaries. In addition, spouses are eligible for similar benefits as the principal pass holders, including authorization to work for any employer. The new residence pass program is designed to attract and retain highly skilled foreign professionals and individuals whose demonstrated achievements and expertise in their field are likely to benefit Malaysia. The program does not lead to permanent residence or citizenship in Malaysia. (Source: Fragomen)

Canada has topped the expat ratings for ‘quality of life’ experience. This is according to the fourth annual NatWest International Personal Banking (IPB) Quality of Life Index. The majority rated Canada top for of its diverse environment, natural beauty and its resources. For 94% of expats living there, the peaceful nature of the country is a real draw. Canada leads the G7 in terms of the safest place to live and conduct business, with the most fairly administered judicial system. It was the leading performer among the hard-hit G7 developed economies during the global recession, helped by its sound banking system and the fact it avoided the property crash seen in the United States and much of Europe.

As well as the country’s natural beauty and peaceful reputation, Canada’s healthcare system is well regarded by expats living there rated high by 90%. Furthermore, high standards of education are enjoyed by expats in Canadian schools and universities. Canada has the highest percentage of individuals achieving at least college or university education among the top 50 countries surveyed by the World Competitiveness Yearbook, 2009. Dave Isley, Head of NatWest International Personal Banking comments: “This is the second year Canada has topped the tables of the NatWest IPB Quality of Life Index. Its excellent working conditions, financial security and

peaceful reputation have pushed Canada into this year’s pole position. “As a member of the Commonwealth, Canada offers Britons common values and goals shared with the UK, helping British expats settle into the country and feel at home.” For the majority of expats in Canada, financial security was rated as very good or excellent. Financial assets in Canada are up 6% from last year’s levels. Household finances improved in the fourth quarter of 2010, and net worth is rising to record levels. Household net worth per capita increased to $181,700, representing the highest level on

record. Canadian household net worth grew by 2.2% in the fourth quarter of 2010 to $6.2 trillion. The gain pushed Canadians’ net worth to a new record high, 4.1% above the pre-recession peak seen in the second quarter of 2008 and 14.6% above the recessionary trough seen in the first quarter of 2009. The factors that influence individuals’ decisions on where they pursue their careers are many, but a key factor is the powerful link between earning capacity and the ability to build a nest egg. 74% of respondents claim to have increased disposable income since becoming expats.

European Union: Remaining Work Restrictions to End for Nationals of Eight EU Expansion States Nationals of the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia will be able to work without restrictions anywhere in the European Union (EU) starting May 1, 2011, after Austria, Germany, and the United Kingdom remove the last remaining barriers to their employment. ationals of the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the

Slovak Republic and Slovenia will soon be able to work freely throughout the European Union (EU) after transitional rules that allow established EU member countries to impose labor market restrictions on these nationals expire on April 30, 2011. Labor restrictions on nationals of Bulgaria and Romania, the two newest member statues, continue to be permitted.

When the European Union expanded to add ten countries in 2004, established member countries could limit access to their labor markets by nationals of the expansion countries for a maximum of seven years. EU member states largely declined to place restrictions on nationals of two of the expansion countries, Cyprus and Malta, but several members imposed work permit requirements and

other barriers on nationals of the remaining eight countries. Most member countries have by now opened their labor markets for unrestricted access by nationals of these eight expansion countries, but Austria, Germany, and the United Kingdom continued to impose restrictions. Source: Fragomen

SAUDI ARABIA: Hanwha Wins $1b Order for Saudi Plant Hanwha Engineering & Construction has signed a $1.05 billion deal to build a power station and desalination plant in Saudi Arabia.The builder said it is to establish the plant at Yanbu industrial complex, the biggest of its kind in Saudi Arabia and located on the western side of the country, by 2014 under the deal with Marafiq, a Saudi Arabian power and water utility company. Facilities to be built at the site include three 230 megawatt-steam turbine power generators, three 830-ton boilers and ones for desalination.

Hanwha E&C attributed the deal to the builder having earned credibility for its expertise in engineering, procurement and construction projects from the ordering body. In 2009, the firm won a $750 million power plant contract from Marafiq. Around 60 percent of the construction for the facility has been done and is to be completed by 2012, the builder said. “Marafiq’s deep trust for the Yanbu plant seems to have positively affected this (us winning the

project),” Hanwha E&C CEO Kim Hyun-chung said. “We plan to expand and diversify overseas markets and projects with our outstanding technology and experience we have accumulated in the Middle East.” As a result of the builder’s efforts to expand its presence in the Middle East and northern Africa, Hanwha E&C is currently carrying out five projects in the regions. Most recently, the builder inked a $220 million refinery facility contract with state-run Kuwait National

Petroleum Co. last month. Under the deal, the company will update fire detection and alarm systems at three refinery facilities near Kuwait City, and two office buildings, the company said. In September 2010, the builder won a $203 million order to build a liquefied petroleum gas complex in Kuwait. The contract, issued by the state-owned Kuwait Oil Tanker Co., calls for six LPG storage tanks, pumps, compressor stations and truck loading facilities, as well as three production lines each capable

of filing 1,600 cylinders of 12 kilograms per hour to be built. Hanwha E&C, meanwhile, has also been seeking growth through diversifying its portfolio to photovoltaic power generation and renewable energy. It pledged earlier this year to be among the global top 100 with sales of 5 trillion won ($4.5 billion) and overseas projects worth 7 trillion won by 2015.

DIRECTOR OF EXPLORATION • Emerging Brownfield projects-Jakarta based • Ground level entry of Company development • Attractive Share Incentive Scheme As Director of Exploration you be responsible for the design, implementation and review of all exploration activities, be involved in identifying and reviewing development opportunities and contribute to the companies strategic direction. You will be an experienced, tertiary qualified Geologist with a common sense no nonsense pratical approach, experienced in managing projects at various levels, controlling brownfields exploration, drilling programmes and ultimate project generation. We are seeking an Australian qualified and experienced exploration geologist within Iron Ore and/or Manganese environments. An attractive salary package will be offered commensurate with qualification, skills and experience.

Please forward a resume in confidence to Michael Kiernan Initial enquires welcome on +62 811 9444 898

Jakarta Expat 22 June–5 July 2011


EVENTS Arts and Exhibitions


- Popular Tweets @tempodulu EKONID Summer Party 2011 5 Jul 2011

EKONID Summer Party is one of our special events and great opportunity to expose your brand to all of our Indonesian and German members and friends. Location TBA on RSVP T: 021 315 5276

Photography Little Tokyo Ennichisai 2011

• 2 TIMES LARGER area of the festival

Little Tokyo Ennichisai 2 (2011) presents : 2 DAYS event : • 200 BOOTHS of Japanese (mixed with Jakarta) goodies, food & beverages • 2 STAGES of Japanese (mixed with Jakarta) Modern & Traditional Show

Last year about 10 thousand visitors. This year will be greater!

09 Jul 2011 - 10 Jul 2011

FDG EXPO 2011 The Biggest Promotion, Packaging & Publishing EXPO in South East Asia 21 Jul 2011 - 24 Jul 2011

FGDexpo 2011, which will be held in Jakarta, brings forth the theme of “Empowering Creative Collaboration”. The whole members and stakeholders of FGDforum proudly take part in this collaboration process to let everyone experience by themselves the journey and the atmosphere of solving the existing and emerging problems as ONE Creative Community. Admission IDR 20.000 Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta T: 021 7064 8360 F: 021 7064 0280 www.

Networking BritCham Business & Social Gathering 30 June 2011

Some profits from this event will be donated to assist recovery in the Japanese cities of post-disaster.

25 June - 29 June 2011

Art Exhibition by Italian Artists in Indonesia

Melbourne - The Photographer

1 June - 30 June 2011

“For great photography in Jakarta, come to Melbourne”!

In the framework of the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the Italian Unification The Embassy of Italy and the Italian Institute of Culture invite you to the Exhibition

Location TBA T: 0816 976 707 F: 021 780 3428

Italian artists in Indonesia an initiative promoted by Padiglione Italia at the 54th Venice Biennale


Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Jalan Cokroaminoto 117, Menteng T: 021-3927531

Jakarta Fair 2011

9 June - 10 July 2011 Product Exhibit: Leather Product, Jewellery, Handicrafts, Glassware, Garment, Toys, Furniture, Food, Electronic & Electric Equipment. JIExpo Kemayoran, Arena Pekan Raya Jakarta, Kemayoran T: 021-26645000, 26645131, 26645040, 26645373

The Business & Social Gathering is an excellent opportunity to expand your business networks and for as many members as possible, particularly new members, to get together with the Chairman and other Board Members HSBC Asian 5 in a relaxed atmosphere. BBQ light Nations Rugby Tounament buffet will be served throughout the 22 Jun 2011 - 25 Jun 2011 evening together with a free flow of wine, beer, soft drink, and juice. For more information: As usual lucky draw prizes will be PRUI Office: +62213929027 provided.


Location TBA

Tana Toraja 5 Day Photo Tour & Workshop by Melbourne

Universitas Pelita Harapan Stadium - Karawaci

The Jakarta Comedy Club

23 June 2011 Is proud to present: Tom Rhodes, JJ Whitehead & Anil Desai at Fez Kemang 24 June 2011 at MO Bar (Mandarin Oriental Hotel) Membership R 225,000 Pre-paid*, R 275,000 on the door T: 0811 999603

“Last night I was given an ‘Undangan Pernikahan’ as thick as the Yellow Pages. Think I’ll use it as a door stop.”

22 June– 5 July 2011 Jakarta Expat


For the Macet Mind Across


1. 8. 9. 10. 11. 13. 15. 18. 21. 22. 23. 24.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 12.

Break - fruit dish (7) Non-professional (7) Pirate (7) Caution - threat (7) Hemmed (5) Mostly (2,7) Equivocal (9) Leaves - all square (5) Dual (7) Uniform shoulder-piece (7) Loss of Memory (7) Take a rest (at legth!) (3,4)

14. 15. 16. 17. 19. 20.








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Secret store (5) Dismantle (5) Lodgings providing meals (8,5) Insect (6) Honest (3-4-6) Superior - elder (6) Thrifty - mearge (6) Thing to be beaten - but not as a container! (4) Adjoin (4) Adrift - misguided - lost (6) Noisy disappproval (6) Severe test (6) Ice house (5) The Devil (5)

Answers in the next edition!

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Answers from Edition 45


Across : 1. Practical joke 8. Acme 9. Learning 10. Tie the know 12. Recess 14. Agreed 15. Pick pocket 19. Paramour 20. Espy 21. In ones element

23 24

Down : 2. Receiver 3. Crest 4. Illness 5. Again 6. Janitor 7. Kind 16. Cross 17. Cream 18. Main

Classifieds AUTOMOTIVES Eazyrent Car Rental : Address : Pangeran Jayakarta 117 Blok B-44, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia 10730. Phone : 021 624 6895 / 021 600 9080. Fax : 021 624 6901. Website : www. For Sale: Toyota Innova. 14 months old. 20,000 km. Color: Stone Grey. New Condition. Price: 195 Million. Call: 085 587 001 00 For Sale : Automatic Scooter. 1st owner. Piaggio Fly 150cc. 1 Year old. Rp. 25,000,000 (fixed). 081 317 058 000 For Sale : Volvo S80 Sedan. Expatriate-owned since new. Registered January 2008. Just over than 25,000 km. Beautiful condition. Extended warranty contract 5 years from when new. Only serviced by the Volvo Dealer. Only driven by one very careful driver and used by family. This would make a superb second car for the family. Price: Rp. 380 million. Contact: Julie Barker (081 197 5759).

PROPERTY FOR SALE For Sale : Bellagio Residence Luxury 2BR Unit. 84 m2. 2 BR & 2 Bathrooms. 17th Floor. View Mega Kuningan. Rent Price : USD 1,350/ month (minimum 1 year). Negotiable. Sale Price : Rp. 1,350,000,000. Direct Owner : 021 3794 4484 House for Sale : Jl. Sawo, Cipete utara, South Jakarta. House 200+ sq meters. Off street parking. 4 bedrooms (one being master bedroom with walkin-wardrobe and private bathroom). 2 lounge rooms. 1 dining room. 3 bathrooms. 1 office. 1 roof garden. Laundry. Modern western style kitchen. 3 air conditioners. 3 water heaters. Great condition. Contact : Tony (081 731 3481 / English). Yuni (081 905 17842 / Indonesian). E-mail : For Sale : Highway to Elle Bar/ Pub. Friendly atmosphere. Jln. Falatehan, Blok M. Negotiable. Asking Price : Rp. 500,000,000. Direct Owner: 0821 2271 3784

For Sale: 1 Park Residences. Apartment with Prime address at Kebayoran Baru. Strategic location to major shopping malls, schools, hospitals, and Jakarta central business district. Open air private lobby, and attractive return of investment. Feel the comfort and healthy livign in a harmonious living environment. Tower A & B 90% SOLD. Tower C available. For further information please contact ERA TOP: Tito (081 2811 7780). Rini (081 2811 7780). Anton (081 183 4088). Herman (081 868 6155). For Sale: Complete Chocolate Factory. Selmi temepring machine + cover belts (Rp 133 million), warmer 4 bowls (Rp 4 million), electric heater 2 plates (Rp 5.5 million), marble working table 4000x2000 (Rp 17.5 million), kitchen aid (Rp 3.5 million), complete utensils and many different shapes of moulds. Contact: 0819 3287 0786 (Ramesh). Denpasar Timur. Just Open : GRAHA KEBAGUSAN 21!A new luxurious & Comfortable Studio units apartment @ Simatupang.Very close to Arcadia Office Park, adjacent to Graha Simatupang.15 minutes to Kemang and Ampera, less than 10 minutes from High Scope and Cilandak Town Square. Lots and lots of restaurants around the location. Convenience store within walking distance. Allinclusive (Electricity, Hydro and etc.), FULLY FURNISHED, Air Conditioned rooms. Cleaning service by request, 24/7 security guard, lots of parking space. For inquiries, please call 0838-7305-4953 or email: BALI: 9 hectares freehold land for sale, pristine riverfront near center of Ubud with stunning views, once in a lifetime resort development opportunity at half the market value with full village support, 95 juta per are. Email Stacy at shporteus@gmail. com for photos and more information. Beachfront land for sale in Tabanan -Bali: 109 are frontage of 36 metres, over 100 coconut palms. Location Beraban between Tanah Lot and Soka, off the projected sunset road. Visit <

FOR RENT Unique bed and breakfast in the green foothills of Mount Merapi. A beautiful 100-year old Javanese joglo, fully restored to a high standard with original antiques. 3 double bedrooms, big lounge and garden with barbeque. Within easy reach of Borobudur, Prambanan, Kaliurang and Jogja city. Clean air and natural well water. For further details please contact the owner, Mrs. Indah (081 126 8445). Apartment for rent : Essence Dharmawangsa. Jl. Darmawangsa X, Jakarta Selatan. Tower/Floor/View: Eminence / 8 / city view. Size: 65 m2. Bedroom: 2. Bathroom: 1. Condition: Fully furnished—modern minimalist style, mozaic tiles for bathroom and kitchen, air conditioner in each room, sofa-bed, plasma TV 32", DVD player, bedroom set, dining set, kitchen set, large fridge, microwave, water dispenser, washing machine. Facility: Gym, pool, mini supermarket, large and convenient basement car-park, security 24 hours. Additional Info: Nice quiet area, close to private hospital, shopping mall. Rent Charge: US$ 1100 nett/month (negotiable for 6 months or more). Contact Number: 0817161218 (Ibu Sri), 0818490472 (Erfan), 08179110827 (Tia) For Rent : Bellagio Residence—Mega Kuningan.Luxury 2BR + 1 study room.15th Floor.Fully Furnished.Rent Price :USD 1250/Month (Negotiable)Minimum 6 month.Direct Owner : 0816737889 or 081632222711 Office Space for Rent : located in Mega Kuningan. Address: 4th Floor of Kantor Taman E33, Unit A1. Nice corner unit with lift (above the Cazbar). Price: Rp130.000,- /m2. Service charge: Rp2.500.000,-/mth . Payment in advance. Minimum initial lease term is 2 years. For viewing, call to : 08111490400. House for Rent: new, big (400 sqm), minimalis style in Taman Giri Loka, BSD-City : three level, bright, empty, green + safe surrounding, 9 rooms full air con, 5 bathrooms (1 with whirlpool), dining + familiy room, TV room, kitchen and maid´s kitchen fully furnished, maids area, storage room, parquet floor (second level), single garage + car port, covered entrance area with pond, pool with whirlpool

+gazebo+changing room, large roof terrace with nice view, 4 balconies with flower pots, 10.600 VA (can be increased), 2 telephone lines, separate internet-line, solar water heater, front yard+pool area+balconies with fine lightning, for long term rent directly from owner, ready for occupancy: August 1, 2011 attractive price SMS: 0813 10986085. If there are any questions about this ad, please contact me by e-mail. (Andreas Thiergen)

planning the daily operation of F&B stock keeping. To provide the management with accurate figures of the food and beverage costs though routine daily, weekly and monthly reporting and to recommend, and help implement, a set of corrective measures for the goods movements process. Female, minimum of 3 years experience in a similar position, minimal passive English, Bachelor degree in a relevant field, excellent computer skills.

For lease: Apartment Pavilion Junior Penthouse in CBD area. 222 sqm net area. 4 bedrooms/3baths + 1maidroom/1bath. Separate entry for main/maid area. Spacious living room, dining room. Master bedroom with walk-in closet. Semi/Fully Furnished option. 5* facilities: lap pool, 3-tennis courts, 2-squash courts, life-fitness equipped gym, aerobics room, whirlpool, sauna, massage rooms. Table-tennis, pool-table. Children playground. European/Japanes/ Indonesian fine dining @ GF. Across Citywalk mall and Intercontinental Hotel. Contact Andre @ 0816807778

Graphic Designer Male/female Fresh graduate of D3/SI Graphic Design. Ability to work independently. key word are enthusiasm, flexibility, self motivation, self discipline, and pro activeness. Attention to detail, English literate, reading, written and oral Some knowledge in printing process, supplies and pricing CSS and HT ML/ Photography knowledge is a plus.

House for rent : Bona Vista Residence tw hos. 140 sqm 2 storey house, 2 bedrm 3 bathrm kitchen set laundry rm garage for 1 car carport 1 car, close to SIS at Bona /lebak bulus. Prefer single/ married w/o child.Usd 1350x24 month in advance contact 0812 100 93 26 lani 4BR & pool in house Pondok Indah, near JIS & PIM. Rent: $4,000/ month, call ian: 0858.111.777.28 (www.

JOBS A South Jakarta based Expat managed F&B business has job vacancies for the following positions: Bar Operations Manager Duties include supervising all aspects of daily bar operations. Candidates must speak passable English and be able to manage a team. Min 2 years experience in same position, Indonesian, presentable Female, 25 35 years old. F&B Cost Controller Responsible for supervising &

Interested? Please send an application and full CV, outlining why you feel you are the right person for any of the above positions to : astaria.widiati@ (Put your position applied on the subject email). Only short listed candidates will be notified. Looking for vacancy / job opportunity: Professional driver, experience in serving expatriate, good English. Please contact Sulivan 99334878 or 087883470978 Aaltje Bakery—producer of the Strooopwafel in Indonesia currently needs a professional to fill the position of : OPERATIONAL MANAGER— Jakarta Based Jobs Qualifications : • Male • Min. D3 degree in any major, preferably in hospitality management. • Having minimum of 2 years experience in Managerial Level especially in business such as food and beverage / hospitality industry • Target and Customer Satisfaction Oriented • Able to communicate with many respectful parties. • Excellent communication and presentation skills • Excellent Marketing and business development skills

Jakarta Expat 22 June–5 July 2011


Classifieds • Mastering in marketing operational. • Having experience in food industry, (prefer in Bakery) • Should be highly motivated and self driven with strong analytical and conceptual thinking • Strong leadership, decision making, and interpersonal skill. • Able to work and perform under pressure. Please send your resume within 2 weeks to: or contact us directly on following number: 08111490400

Major Indonesian thermal coal producer is inviting applications from qualified individuals for the following position, based in Jakarta (open to expats): MANAGER, MARKET RESEARCH (Code: MRSC) Job Description: • Support sales & marketing activities • Conduct research & analysis for coal supply & demand, including coal flow analysis, with a focus on subbituminous thermal coal • Monitoring, analysis, & forecasting of international seaborne thermal coal market • Competitive analysis through monitoring, analyzing, and projecting mine production, infrastructure, & cost competiveness of coal producers in all key supply regions • Monitor, analyst & forecast freight market. • Prepare updates of market activities and developments • Monitor & identify new developments in the coal industry such as new technologies in coal processing, electricity generation, and other applications Requirements: • Min. Bachelor Degree in a relevant discipline. • Min. 8 years experienced in the coal industry • A thorough understanding of the global thermal coal market. • A clear and confident communicator • Highly organized, detailed oriented, and proactive • An experienced analyst and report writer • Proficient in Microsoft Office • Work location : Jakarta (Indonesia) Interested candidates may send their application letter and CV to: Please include the position code in your email subject. Applications close on June 16th , 2011. Only short listed candidates will be notified.

SERVICES GI Konsulting : Corporate & Foreign Investment Consultant Reg. of PMA, Rep. Off, Local PT, Visas, Work Permit, Tax, Notarial. We offer a very competitive package within your budget. Please call: 021 798 1868 / 021 798 1884. Fax : 021 798 1888. Direct Call : Suparnyo ( 081 619 40195). E-mail : gaharu_indonesia@indo. Professional photographer for company event, family photo, prewedding & wedding photo. Please contact : 0817 796 911 / 021 987 1009 NISCOMM Design Studio. Multidisciplinary graphic design boutique focused on delivering creative solutions in print and web

design. Logo & identity, stationery design (letterhead, envelope, business card), restaurant menu, brochures/ posters, web design. Contact: Web: The cheapest outlet furniture factory shop only at Cheap delivery every week to Jakarta. Learn Mandarin : With Native Chinese Teacher . Please Call : 0897 8143-855 If you sometimes wish for a good and resposible travel agent.Handling every customers with fully hearted, and trustworthy. handling FIT and also provide the group tour for corporate,family .Give us change to proof it, check our weside : www. or you may ctc our travel consultant at no: 021-5210877 ,email Wins Travel for your best travel partner GREEN VILLAGE : Build your sustainable dream home near Ubud and Seminyak within walking distance to the world famous Green School. Email stacy@greenvillagebali. com. Private Math Tutor For Elementary and Junior High Students. Please contact Dyaning at 0818678923 or 02198029713 Experience tutoring students of: STB-ACS (International) Jakarta Sekolah Global Mandiri. Springfield International Curriculum School Sekolah Pelita Harapan Bukit Sentul Jubilee School Jakarta Podiatrist (Foot specialist) fully legal in Jakarta for all foot, leg and back problems. International standard assessment and treatments including computer designed and manufactured Orthotics with lifetime guarantee. Make an appointment now. Aaron Walker, Chiropractic Indonesia, Pacific Place Mall, Tel: 021 5797 3633 Early Childhood educators needed for the coming new school year! Established preschool in Jakarta Selatan has vacancies for nursery/ kindergarten/music/drama teachers. Email for immediate response! Summer Home Tutorial Program. Tuition n Reg Fee Disc up to 30%! All Subjects. All Grades. Call Ms.Yasmin 08111988887 Provide tutorial Maths for Primary students of grade 4 to grade 6, and Lower Secondary students of grade 7 and 8, English for Lower and Upper Secondary students, TOEFL Prep, BAHASA INDONESIA for Expatriates at your place in South Jakarta Area. Please contact: Ms. Tika at 081 183 6501 or e-mail: For all your translation and localization needs, multilanguage pairs by certified translators, please contact 021-70883259, email: info@

OTHERS For Sale : Advanced 3D real-time ProTee Golf Simulator. State of the Art Practice Facility for Beginner or Advanced Golfers. Swing, Posture. Address & Alignment : 081 317 058 000 For Sale : Bakery Equipment Sinmag Baguette Moulder (Rp 25 million), Sinmag Dough Sheeter (Rp 17 million), Loaf Bread Peeling machine (Rp 8.1million), Sinmag Final Proofer (Rp 13.5million) and many kind of moulds. Contact: 0819 3287 0786 (Ramesh). Denpasar Timur. For Sale: Bakery Equipment Gas Heated Baking Oven two deck with Steam Ching Hsing (Rp 30.5 million), Sinmag Final Proofer 2 Doors (Rp 23.5 million) and Gas Rotary Rack Oven Ching Hsing (Rp 89 million). Contact: 0819 3287 0786 (Ramesh). Denpasar Timur. For Sale : Pastry Equipment Planetary Mixer 40ltr 3 Speed (Rp 15 million), Planetary Mini Mixer 8ltr 3 Speed (Rp 4.6 million), Upright Chillers 670x810—3units (Rp 9.6 million/ unit), Upright Freezers 670x810 – 2units (Rp 11 million/unit), Undercounter Chillers 150cm—3units (Rp 5.6 million/unit), Marble Working Table 3000x2000 (Rp 12.8 million) and complete utensils. Contact: 0819 3287 0786 (Ramesh). Denpasar Timur. For Sale : Kitchen Equipment Oven with 4 gas burner Imperial 610x733x914 (Rp 9.8 million), Standing stove 4 burner 80x75x95 (Rp 6.7 million), Gas Stock Pot 60x65x40 (Rp 1.9 million), Upright Chiller 4 doors 130x200 (Rp 10.7 million), pots & pans and complete utensils. Contact : 0819 3287 0786 (Ramesh). Denpasar Timur. For Sale : Laundry Equipment Washing machine Electrolux 8kg— 2units (Rp 6.8 million/unit), Electric Dryer machine (Rp 3.5 million), Gas operated Steam Iron (Rp 3.7 million), Laundry Bag Hollow —2units (Rp 750,000/unit). Contact: 0819 3287 0786 (Ramesh). Denpasar Timur. For Sale : Artificial Flowers Cuckoo Plant (Rp 175,000), Azalea Pink Plant (Rp 220,000), Tulip Flower (Rp 265,000), Amaryllis in Pot (Rp 145,000) and Vienna Vase Silver (Rp 180,000). Contact 0819 3287 0786 (Ramesh). Denpasar Timur. For Sale : Auto Liquid Packaging Machine Brand Hualian. Model: DXDY-100BNII, Size: (L 1002 x W 860 x H 2000mm), packing cap: 20-100ml and product cap: 30–70 bags/min at (Rp 32 million). Contact: 0819 3287 0786 (Ramesh). Denpasar Timur. For Sale : Horizontal Automatic Pillow Packaging Machine Brand: Soontrue, Model: ZW-300E, Size: (L 4000 x W 950 x H 1600mm), packing size scope: L 110–220mm x W 30– 140mm X H 5–55mm, speed: 35–180 bags/min and film width: 80-300mm at (Rp 77 million). Contact: 0819 3287 0786 (Ramesh). Denpasar Timur. Wanted: pinball machine. Must be in a good condition. please contact: Faget (081 2108 0183).

MEDICAL EVACUATION HEALTH & LIFE INSURANCE Let us diagnose your needs Contact Dr. Neil Weston, Mobile: +62 811 985 496, Office: 021-5220990 Email:

Conservation and art restoration Mondecor Art Gallery. JAD District Grand Indonesia East Mall LG#33, Jl MH Thamrin No 1, Jakarta 10310. Tel 021 6299661/ 021 99236537 Fax 021 6250900 email

For Sale : Brand new Sterling silver jewelery box decorated with 9 gem stones(Garnets). Rp 6 million. Mikimoto hand bag (21cm x 13cm) designed with 7 Mikimoto pearls. Rp 3 million. Phone: 085810565556. (Permata Hijau). For Sale : Vintage Fountain Pens. Parker (Vacumatics, Duofolds, Parker 51’s). Sheaffer, Conway Stewart and more. Contact Paul at datukmusic@ Reputed International perfumes at guaranteed lowest price at your door step. Jean Patou—Sira Des Indies. Paris Hilton—Just Me, Filter. Versace —Pour Homme eau De Toilette. Issey Miyake—L’Eau D’Issey. Kenzo — Flower, Wintage. Devidoff—ECHO EDT. Versace cosmetics. Contact : Mya (0818 0899 5976) For Sale : Stamp-collection consisting out of 21 album. Collection, starts in 1921 but having stamps from 1850 onwards. Further info on countries involved available. Phone Dessy Hp 95798972 or Eko 60917643. For Sale: never worn CARTIER platinum, diamonds, engagement ring. 1,55 carat. Please call: 08159744200 for price. For Sale: Brand new / Never worn Black leather patent, Christian Louboutin pump. Lady Lynch 120 (size 38,5). Patent Calf. Rp. 6.000.000 - please call 08159744200 Leaving Jakarta 1 x Modena Chest Freezer 205 litre with basket, grey colour with stainless steel colour lid. Still under manufacturer warranty 101x57x84 cm. Cost 2.600.000, sell for 1.400.000. 1 x water dispenser hot & cold, stainless steel colour. Cost

1.100.000, sell 600.000. 2 x Black executive adjustable office chairs cost 2.200.000 each, sell 1.200.000 each. Condition as new for all items. Also assorted large potted palms Susanne (021) 71796330 or sms 081399204570 All stock -50% during June and July. Tribal Art, Classic Java (Majapahit Et al), Textiles, Silver, Weapons, Old Photos, Paintings, Old Beads, Erotica and much more. Also gemstones and contemporary jewelry. Dharma Mulia Galleries, Jl. Ciputat Raya 50, Ciputat, Tangerang. Email: dmulia@cbn., Tel: 7492850, 0811824302. Open 7 days, 9–5 Furniture for Sale—Reasonable Prices! Phone Liz: 0813 85479005. View photos: ( photos/62741703@N05/?saved=1) Available Now! 6 Drawer Teak chest of drawers (800,000 Rupiah), Very large carved Teak TV and display unit (4,500,000), Large Vinotti Free Standing Teak Mirror 2mx1m ( 2,000,000), Teak TV/Buffet Cabinet (1,000,000), Teak Single 4 Poster Bed (2,000,000), Teak Display Unit with 6 drawers 1.6mx1.5m (1,200,000), Small Teak Coffee Table (Klots) 90x90cm (2,000,000), Beige 3 seater sofa x2 (Very good condition) (2,500,000 each), 2 Iron Orchid Stands + 22 orchids (500,000), Dark Pink Mosquito net–single bed (100,000), TV (suitable for for Jaga) (400,000), Hot/cold Water dispenser (200,000) Exhibition of works by painters from Indonesia and around the world, remarkable contemporary jewelry and gemstones of Indonesia. Wisma Indonesia, Wisma Subud, jln Fatmawati 52, June 18–22,9 am–6 pm.

Post your classified ads for free to: Next deadline : 29 June 2011

22 June– 5 July 2011 Jakarta Expat


Jakarta Expat 46 Edition  
Jakarta Expat 46 Edition  

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