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The school day Learning Agreement Time. From 8.55 - 9.15 am parents/carers are invited in to class to read with their child or look through their learning agreements to see what learning they can achieve that day. 3xKRM Reading Sessions - We introduced a robust and rigorous phonics and reading system 2 years ago which has been extremely successful in raising reading levels - in many cases, significantly above the expected reading level for their age. This is taught three times a day as a whole class session. We will invite parents/carers in for a workshop on this and other ways to support your child with reading at home soon into the new academic year. Negotiated Learning - In Reception the curriculum is presented as a range of teacher-designed activities and child initiated learning. Teachers plan for a range of activities during the week, which are laid out and presented to children as learning provocations. Provocations include things such as: little books to entice children to write; matching one to one activities to develop number skills; small world activities to develop language skills etc. There will also be lots of child-initiated learning, where children self select resources or use resources that have been set out indifferent ways to enhance their learning. Staff within the class interact with children to help them describe what they are learning and help the child understand their learning journey. The staff have a very clear framework of expectations for each child and an excellent knowledge of how best to support and extend them. The learning a child does in the home corner about sharing, taking turns and positive social interactions is as valuable as the time they spend learning how to form their letters and writing sentences. Where possible, we also include child-led provocations such as when a child has brought in an item from home that stimulates some sort of learning response. In order to provide as broad a curriculum as possible, there is ʻfree flowʼ learning in Reception. This means that, apart from whole class sessions, children will be able to move freely between the classroom and the outside area. This allows the children to experience learning with many different children, thus extending their friendship groups as well as allowing them to access different learning experiences. Children will be developing the same writing skills e.g. using initial letter sounds and leaving finger spaces but will be applying those in a context that interests them. Each child is expected to complete the objectives listed on their

Links to the Church The school enjoys its links with Christ Church, Brixton Road. The Vicar there, Reverend Tim Jeffreys, is our chair of governors and an active member of the school community. He takes collective worship at school once a week and hosts schoolʼs harvest, Christmas, Easter and end of year services at the church.

Christ Church Church of England Primary School

Family Engagement We have a strong commitment to family engagement as we believe that our children are best supported when we work together in partnership with parents & carers. We invite parents/carers to share in their childʼs learning through keeping up-to-date with posts on the class blog, attending learning agreement time, volunteering to join the class on educational visits, attending regular school events such as workshops about aspects of their childʼs learning and International Afternoon. We know communication is key, so to make sure youʼre always up to date with your childʼs learning and progress, weʼll send a bi-annual report home and invite you to a parentʼs evening twice a year.

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Learning Agreement during the Negotiated Learning session throughout the week. During some afternoon Negotiated Learning sessions, we have whole class RE lessons, whole class circle time and whole class music lessons on different days of the week.

Christ Church Church of England Primary School The village school in the city. Small is beautiful so they say. Here at Christ Church small isnʼt just beautiful itʼs one of the reasons behind our most successful SATs results ever and progress figures that put us into the top 5% of schools, not just in Lambeth, but in the country!! The secret to our success is just how well we know our children. Here at Christ Church CE Primary School we care about each individual child because we know each individual child. We know their cares and concerns, their happiness and interests. That is how we tailor their education and get better progress from them than almost any primary school in the country. We look forward to your child joining our community so we can help them make the most of school life and achieve their potential. Dr. Neil Hopkin Executive Head Teacher

Starting in Reception

School Uniform

Starting school is a big deal so we aim to make this as calm a time for your child as possible. The more we know about your child the faster we can help them to settle. We stagger the start of the school year meaning that the children come in to class in small groups. This usually takes up to two weeks before all children attend full time.

Children are  expected  to  wear  school  uniform  everyday.     School  uniform  consists  of:    

We understand that this can be difficult for working parents/carers but ask that you support us in this as this process ensures your child receives the support they need to transition into Reception. School will send you a timetable detailing your childʼs start date and attendance pattern when you have filled in the enrolment forms and brought in the required paperwork to support your childʼs enrolment. You will also be given a meeting time to meet with the class staff on the first day of term, (for children who attended Christ Church Nursery), or a home visit date (for children totally new to Christ Church).


•A plain  white/light  blue  shirt •A  navy  blue  jumper •A  navy  blue  skirt  /  dress •Black  shoes  Boys •A  plain  white/light  blue  shirt •A  navy  blue  jumper •Grey  /  navy  blue  trousers •Black  shoes

ODen, during  the  school  day  and  week,  the  children   will  be  involved  in  a  lesson  where  they  may  get  messy   (art,  mud  kitchen,  Forest  School,  Art  Academy  etc.).     We  endeavor  to  make  sure  your  children  are   appropriately  protected  either  with  art  aprons,   waterproofs  or  other  coveralls  but  someJmes  the   children  will  get  paint  or  other  non-­‐harmful   substances  on  their  clothes.    If  you  are  worried  about   their  school  uniform  being  dirJed,  please  give  your   child  a  set  of  old  clothes  to  have  in  school  which  class   staff  will  help  them  get  changed  into  before  taking   part  in  a  messy  acJvity.    School  also  asks    that  each   child  brings  a  pair  of  wellies  into  school  to  wear  when   it’s  raining  or  muddy  outside.    These  can  be  leD  in  the   RecepJon  classroom.

Reception Brochure  

Brochure for prospective new entrants to CCB