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Carlos Coti Segundo B Clave 8

Introduction  This

portafolio has…

 The

first unit page

 The

maya content

 What  The

i learned of the maya content

aztec content

 What

i learned of the aztec content

 Mexico  What

i learned of mexico

About me…  My  Im

name is Carlos Coti Bosarreyes

14 years old


have a dog named Daisy


like the pizza

 My

favorite color is green

 My

goal is win all the classes

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favorite class is…

The first unit ď‚ž This

is the first time that i learned social class in english and i like it very much. This unit we learned many things, the maya, the aztec and the inca civilization, and we also learned about Mexico.

My performance was very good, i like very much all the activities that we do in class like have a friend and a the partner of the unit, this is good to be related with all our classmate and practice our english.

The maya content

What i learned‌  In

the maya content i learn many things that i didnt know like the cities, the rulers, the geogrphy, the classic age, the social structure, the religion, the achievements and the declain of the maya civilization. We do many activities in class and in our notebook that help us to know more about the maya civilization.

The Aztecs Content

What i learned‌  In

the aztec content i learned a new civilization and diferent culture of other country, its very similar of the maya civilization. I learned who conquers the aztec empire, the religion, the achievements and many other things.

The assesment help me to study for the quizes and to review all the information that i learn.

The Incas content

What i learned‌  What

i learned about the incas is that the people were more pacific than the other civilizations that we learned and that the government help them and protected the general welfare of all the empire. I learned about the religion, the social divisions and achievements.


What i learned‌ 

About mexico i learned that is a beautiful country with many kinds of weather and climates. I learned that in mexico were many importants civilizations like the olmec, the maya and the aztec. I learned the colonial mexico and the independence. I also learned how is mexico today, the government, the economy and how is the central, northern and southern mexico.

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