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Content Management System..........................................3


Value Added Services......................................................4 a. Required Value Added Services b. Optional Value Added Services


Search Engine Optimization………………………………..5



Appendix A: Value Added Services........................................7

Al Jbaiha | Karakas Center | Office #509 | P.O Box: 351 Amman 11953 | Jordan | Tel +962 6 250 3040 2 |

1 Introduction Blue Ray for Web Solutions is a newly established Jordanian company, specialized in providing Dynamic Website Solutions to all types of businesses (tourism companies, insurance companies, schools, etc), that strongly see the value in strengthening their business and position in the market place, through having a fully functioning and dynamic website. Blue Ray for Web Solutions’ idea was initiated from the fact that nowadays people are depending more and more on the vast resources that they can obtain online, and the wide variety of services which all lays only a click away. People now can see more the value of virtual spaces, and are moving more towards it. Therefore, Blue Ray for Web Solutions can help in any business sector whether private, governmental or public, to enhance their website so that they can conduct their business through it more effectively and smoothly.

2 Content Management System A Content Management System (CMS) is a system that is being designed in order to facilitate the process of publishing the content of websites. What makes it unique is that it allows the content creators to publish their content without the necessity of having technical background of HMTL or the uploading of files. Like any website visitor, the visitor of a website using Content Management System, has the ability to view all the pages that are published to everyone, and locate the information he’s seeking. A visitor can also enjoy using the different functionalities that are accompanying a Content Management System, such as the search function etc. The site administrator on the other hand, has the full control and privilege over the below functionalities:  The admin can add new content and delete or modify any of the existing content. He can also add new menu items, new sub-menu items, add new content and delete or modify any of the existing content.  Add unlimited number of pages: the system allows the administrator to add unlimited number of pages under any existing level without restriction.  Assign access levels and passwords: The admin is able to provide users with access authorization levels based on the security and policies set by management committee.  Unlimited number of updates: the system allows the administrator to do unlimited number of updates on any existing page with no restriction.

Al Jbaiha | Karakas Center | Office #509 | P.O Box: 351 Amman 11953 | Jordan | Tel +962 6 250 3040 3 |

3 Value Added Services Blue Ray for Web Solutions offers two sets of Valued added Services: A. Required Value Added Services B. Optional Value Added Services A. Required Value Added Services (RVADs) 1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Functionality 2. Site Map 3. Contact Us 4. Tell a Friend 5. Friendly Print 6. Page Bookmarking 7. Website Statistics 8. Website Search B. Optional Value Added Services (OVADs) 1. Votes and Polls 2. Event Calendar 3. Surveys 4. Web Forum 5. Banner Management System (BMS) 6. Login Area 7. News 8. Photo Gallery 9. Video Gallery 10. Newsletter 11. Career Section 12. Download Area 13. Various Themes

Al Jbaiha | Karakas Center | Office #509 | P.O Box: 351 Amman 11953 | Jordan | Tel +962 6 250 3040 4 |

4 Search Engine Optimization Blue Ray for Web Solutions offers as well in addition to dynamic website design and development, the chance to make sure that not only you have a website, but also that this website is visible in search engines, and that is achieved through working on SEO.

SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization, which is the process of employing techniques to improve non-paid (organic) rankings in the results returned from various Internet search engines, such as Google. The higher your website's ranking for specific keywords, the more likely you are to get traffic from visitors who find you by conducting a search using those keywords. Some techniques are specific to a specific search engine, such as Google, Yahoo, MSN Search, etc. Therefore, one of the main SEO activities that we conduct in addition to ensuring that you have a unique design, and content, is the Keyword Search, through which we make sure to chose the best keywords for your website that can result in drawing more visitors to it.

Some of our SEO procedures are mentioned below:  Unique design and content  Ensuring that your website is correctly structured  Keyword search and proper positioning in your website  Listing your website in search engines  Listing your website in directories  Having a site map for your website  Ensure getting relative inbound links  Making sure that you website is continuously running and up to date

Al Jbaiha | Karakas Center | Office #509 | P.O Box: 351 Amman 11953 | Jordan | Tel +962 6 250 3040 5 |

5 References Below are some of our references:

Peking Restaurant:

Eye Tech:



ADCE Group

The Jordanian Company for Manufacturing Special Boots:



Al Jbaiha | Karakas Center | Office #509 | P.O Box: 351 Amman 11953 | Jordan | Tel +962 6 250 3040 6 |

Appendix A: Value Added Services  News Engine This is a specialized section, related to the company’s news. The news in this section appears in the form of headlines, clicking on a headline will take you to the detailed article/news. The news appears in the order of newest to oldest. The news section can fit to only a limited number of headlines, however, this doesn’t mean that the old news is lost rather it’s stored in the archive inside. Each item on the homepage will have a    

News Headline Thumbnail image, if needed Short Brief Date of publish, if needed.

 FAQ. This page displays frequently asked questions and their answers. In this section, users can find answers to almost all their inquiries.

 Votes and Polls

 Photo Gallery The photo gallery is like an image sanctuary. Images here are divided into several categories, based on need. Clicking on a category, you’ll see all the images as thumbs in the form of a table, and the first one is usually selected by default and appears in full size.

 Surveys

Through the Content Management System, website administrators can create and customer polls. The results from those conducted polls will be stored in the archive. The user can only vote once. Once voted, the results will be displayed instead of the poll itself. The user can also access old polls.

 Various Themes

This tool enables you to design and conduct surveys, based on your needs. In addition to, compiling the output of the survey, and providing you with analytical resolutions.

This functionality will enable you to change the appearance and design of your website, based on certain themes that you can chose from.

 E-Newsletter Engine Website visitor can chose to subscribe to receive regular news, newsletters, special offers etc. if they fill a form in the E-Newsletter Engine section. In its database, all contact details of the clients and users is saved. So the admin can chose to either send to everyone in the database or can chose to which emails he would like to send the regular newsletter, news etc.

Al Jbaiha | Karakas Center | Office #509 | P.O Box: 351 Amman 11953 | Jordan | Tel +962 6 250 3040 7 |

 Careers Section Using this section, website visitors can fill in career forms; which are simple questionnaires, asking for personal and contact details. Through this functionality a user can see the available vacancies and apply through submitting his/her CV, which will be saved for further retrieval. The admin have the privilege to add new job vacancies, job description etc.

 Banner Management System The Banner Management System is an engine that is used to showcase the company’s products and services, or as advertising tool to generate financial value to the company by having other company’s post advertisements. The administrator will maintain the banners by updating with new ones, choosing their location, and scheduling their time frame. Banners can be removed from the pages without the need to delete them. They can be kept offline in the database for later use if needed. The administrator can keep track of viewing statistics per banner.

 Web Forum

 Search

This is a section, which enables your clients or people interested in your products and services to post questions of discussion, and it’s a place where you can interact with them and answer their questions

 Event calendar. This functionality is responsible to show all the company’s previous and upcoming events, such as seminars, workshops etc. It’s the admin’s responsibility to maintain the events. Moreover, the admin can create links and connect the users to a form, where they’d be able to register for a particular event

This tool allows website users to search and find any data existing within the website pages and different sections that are in a text format. The tool is usually located on the homepage and can be found on every inner page also. The search results will appear in an inner section, listed according to the relevance, and categorized according to the location in the website found in.

 Site Map The site Map, clearly shows the websites structure and hierarchy, and can give a user a clear idea of what is found in the website. A user can easily navigate to the page he/she needs using the site map. When a new page is being added, an admin doesn’t need to update the Site Map as its being done automatically. The administrator will not need to maintain anything on this section.

Al Jbaiha | Karakas Center | Office #509 | P.O Box: 351 Amman 11953 | Jordan | Tel +962 6 250 3040 8 |

 Downloads Area In this section, there are a number of categories based on the admin’s requirements. Each category has a number of documents that are uploaded there. (The user will need a username and password to download the files). Optional The files can be of .doc, .xls, .pdf, and any other format that we will agree upon. The files uploaded should not exceed 5MB in size.

 Member’s Area This section is there where some services within the website are not being open to the public. So a particular user will need to register through filling and submitting a special form, where he can provide his personal and requested login information. After submission, the user can either be accepted and so registered and sent to him his login information, or in other cases the administrator can be involved to approve the registration request. The member will have authority to access private areas. Members will have different privileges to view sections and material. The admin’s role is related to the approval of a certain user’s registration, and the deletion of an existing one. A member can be deactivated without the need to delete him, thus all information will remain in the database. The setup can also be made to grant a user the ability to choose the username and password, and then an activation link will be automatically sent to the user’s e-mail. The user must click on the link to activate the account and body.

 Contact Us

 Tell a Friend Option

A website use can fill a form in order to contact us, the form includes; 1. 2. 3. 4.

Name E-mail Category (dropdown list) its content: Opinions and reviews.  Suggestions.  Complaints.  Enquiry form.  Comment After submitting the form, an E-mail will be sent to the use with more information, based on his form content

Each section in the website can have the Tell a friend engine implemented. This engine acts as a tool to allow users to share the content of the website with friends and family that might be of interest to them. The engine will have the user fill out their email address and the recipient’s email address, along with a message text box to prompt the recipient of any comments the sender might have.

The administrator shall be able to view the history of the filled forms.

 2 Languages This means that our CMS is supported by two mirror languages; Arabic and English

Al Jbaiha | Karakas Center | Office #509 | P.O Box: 351 Amman 11953 | Jordan | Tel +962 6 250 3040 9 |

Customer Based Functionalities and Services

 Auto Quotation In this section clients will have a web form, which they’ll fill and which will enable them to get price quotes online based on a certain formula, which will be based on the data and prices fed to the CMS

 Data Dynamic Export This functionality enables the system to link with your database and export your client’s information and display it on the website.

 Customer Relationship Management System Is a broadly recognized, widely-implemented strategy for managing and nurturing a company’s internal management and processes as well as its interaction with customers and sales prospects. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes—principally sales related activities, but also those for marketing, customer service, and technical support. The overall goals are to effectively manage the internal structure, operations and processes, find, attract, and win new customers, nurture and retain those the company already has, entice former customers back into the fold, and reduce the costs of marketing and customer service.

 Website Content Translation Based on the clients’ request and needs, we are able to provide you the service of content translation. The Languages that are usually offered are Arabic, English, French, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, and German

 Web File Manager This functionality enables you to upload all the work of your organization on a dedicated area on the website. This enables you to create folders and upload all your work as per their associated folder.

Al Jbaiha | Karakas Center | Office #509 | P.O Box: 351 Amman 11953 | Jordan | Tel +962 6 250 3040 10 |

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