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Use Disc Diffuser for Efficient Waste Water Treatment Diffusers are widely made use of in the sewage water treatment and waste water treatment process in industries and other places. While purchasing fine bubble diffusers, you have plenty of options to consider, in order to access the desired result. These diffusers are accessible in varied shapes that consist of discs, square, tubes and rectangular panels. These diffusers are made of various types of materials that encompass elastomers such as EPDM and porous materials such as Aluminum Oxide, Porcelain and HDPE. If you are thinking of purchasing tube diffusers, you need to keep in mind some aspects to make sure that the purpose of your buying the diffuser is fulfilled. You can find varied kinds of diffusers online and there are books in the market that give exhaustive information on the features of different media used in varied types of diffusers. Selecting between tube, panel and disc diffuser There exists a lot of controversy over the qualities of different kinds of diffusers. The producers of diffusers, market an array of diffusers, but they try to promote one diffuser model than the other types of diffusers. The main reason attributed for this is the high profit margin that makes them to focus on one variety rather than other types of diffusers. Various tests conducted during the last few years on the efficiency of different types of diffusers indicated a lot of results for these diffusers. Due to the technological advancement, improvements in the efficiency of the diffusers have been made in order to upgrade the quality of the product. How bubble diffusers work It is very essential to understand the functioning of the diffusers, before you choose one for your purpose. You must note that as far as the panel diffusers are concerned, if you have a tank that is very deeper, the efficiency of the diffuser will be less and vice versa. Hence the panel diffuser functions efficiently in a shallow tankonly. Further, the panel diffusers are very costly and hence you can prefer the tube diffusers to panel diffusers. In addition, the tube type diffuser has more oxygen efficiency than the bubble type diffusers. The bubble diffusers are made use of for aerating wastewater and lessen the pollution. The objective is to mitigate the amount of residue sludge, which relies on the amount of solids produced and various other conditions. These fine bubble diffusers are put to use in aerobic digestion, mainly in bigger scale wastewater treatment. A bubble diffuser is usually made in different forms like a disc diffuser or a tube type diffuser. These diffusers are manufactured using porous ceramic plastic, or from perforated membranes produced from Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM)

rubber. A standard bubble diameter of 0.9 mm or even less are feasible these days through making use of special polyurethane (PUR) or latest EPDM membranes. In short, the process involves usage of air to accelerate bacterial growth that in turn consumes waste materials in the waste water plant, like phosphorus and nitrogen. These bacteria very quickly consume organic matter and transform it into safe carbon dioxide. Moreover, the oxygen when mixed with the sewage facilitates the bacteria to generate enzymes which break down the waste material in the treatment plant which stay in clarifier or get filtered by membranes.

Use Disc Diffuser for Efficient Waste Water Treatment  

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