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Nevile & Co Commercial Lawyers Australia

Nevile & Co Commercial Lawyers works from Australia and provides best timely legal advices for commercial law, property law, family law and all other laws. Nevile has great team of experienced lawyers so they know every single point of all laws so that they provide legal solutions of all issues related to business laws internationally. Nevile is focused to manage a positive and approachable service to clients. To provide with all solutions and keeping in mind for the mutual understanding we maintain certain defined policies as a part of Service Level Agreement and to do this effectively we need to recognize the nature and scope of your instructions.

About Nevile The Firm Nevile & Co was established in 1971 and has been located at 100 Collins Street Melbourne "at the Paris end" Since 1986. With 7 lawyers and several trainee lawyers the firm is positioned as a boutique provider of legal services. Main motive of Nevile is to provide best legal advices to its clients so that can easily solve their legal issues at affordable prices.

Practice Areas Property law and property development The planning stage of any property developments requires a lot of hard work and perseverance. Property law and property development is an inherently risky business as capital expenditure is often high and liquidity is, by nature of having property as its main asset, extremely low.

Commercial law - Commercial laws are the name given to any legal issues around the area of business and commerce. Commercial Law is made up of many different areas like contracts, tax, employment law etc.

Building disputes - Building disputes between consumers, trades-people in addition to construction companies seem to be a common situation. Most of these faults generally develop on account of poor work, delays in finishing the work, along with obligations that are questioned.

Contractual dispute - Seek legal guidance surrounding this action, whether it is the correct one to take and whether it is a possible route to take. It may be possible to reach an agreeable conclusion via negotiation rather than legal action. This would be the ideal way to deal with Contractual dispute

Foreign investment laws - Officials have been busy restructuring their Foreign investment laws and business laws and there are expected to be more announcements to come in the near future, that will lay a solid foundation for businesses and investors to capitalize on India growth.

Will disputes and probate reseals - Will disputes and probate reseals are aspects of same legal entity to encompass the situation of any dispute as probate reseals act as a legally well written architecture of designing and development.

Property settlement - Property settlement is the process whereby the vendor and the purchaser exchange all the relevant documents and cheque to complete the convincing transaction. The day in which settlement has been organized is commonly known as the settlement day.

Trademarks and copyright - As far as the government the task of protecting your registered property is up to you and your trademark attorneys. Many large businesses hire a team of trademark attorneys to keep an eye on their Trademarks and copyright material for them.

Commercial litigation - Commercial litigation cover all manner of business disputes that a company will face. This might be with the workers or other financial partners. Unlike business laws, which deals with drafting of contracts this branch of law deals with problem solving, and settlement of cases for the good of the business.

Bankruptcy - The point of the bankruptcy discharge is that the creditors can no longer try to make you pay; you can pay anyone you want. You can pay a little to everyone, or pick the ones you want to pay.

Contact Us Nevile & Co Commercial Lawyers Level 11 100, Collins Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000, Australia Tel: +61 3 96644700 Fax: +61 3 96546784 E-mail: Skype: nevileco Website:

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Stuck in issues of Commercial law and seeking for fast solution, we provide best legal advices related to your business and commercial law a...

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