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Mexico combines rich culture AIESEC in ITAM has been and fascinating history that characterized by its optimism, merges with the ongoing aggressiveness, and prosperity, globalization. It has access becoming the biggest local to the Pacific and Atlantic committee in Mexico. Ocean, combining a total of Every year its members 9,000km making it one of the continue to impact lives most touristic countries in the in their communities and world. Mexico has nice and troughout the world. warm weather, unique food, Its excellent performance art, archeological sites with and continuous growth has pyramids, museums, superb positioned AIESEC in ITAM architecture and 21st century as a leader and role model cities, rainy jungles in the within the global network. Southeast and desert in the Northwest, lots of golf courses throughout the country and excellent fishing.



During 2012 AIESEC ITAM reached eighth place in the global ranking. Our committee has consolidated recruitments in the most prestigious universities in Mexico: Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM), Commercial Banking School (EBC), and Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM). With this we are committed to send young people with the training and talent to meet the most demanding practices.

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AIESEC ITAM is well known in the network of having the talent and capacity to send EPs to the whole world and all the regions.

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During 2012 AIESEC ITAM was the top option for ICGDP in MĂŠxico. We have the pleasure to host trainees from 31 different countries. Contributing for our EPs not just the experience of living in one of the biggest cities in the world, also to enjoy diversity.

Social partners:

The opportunity for trainees to do professional work in NGOs. The profiles required are: -Marketing -Business Administration -Information Technologies -Accounting

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Realized Month IGCDP Matched Month IGCDP

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Adar The biggest project in Mexico is a Summer Camp in which 60 trainees gather in MonteSur (just outside Mexico City) in July TN ID Sample: TN-In-MX-IT-2012-1505 Contact:


My Language Buddy

AIESEC IN ITAM Teaching languages to mexican college students also provides a broader mindset as teachers (trainee) and students learn about each other's culture. TN ID Sample: TN-In-MX-IT-2013-1559 Contact:


Private companies fund an NGO so that the trainee can be sustained and work in both; NGO and private company.

Objetivo del Programa


Contribuir al desarrollo social y generar un impacto dentro de la comunidad juvenil mexicana. El programa KAMPS pretende generar un proceso de concientización en los jóvenes, haciéndolos reflexionar sobre el mundo que viven, la responsabilidad que tienen para cambiarlo y el alcance que pueden tener sus decisiones presentes en un futuro. Los jóvenes deben de entender que todo lo que realizan no sólo afecta su entorno inmediato, sino también la de otras personas alrededor del mundo. El programa de KAMPS pretende además hacer que los jóvenes aprendan la importancia del respeto hacia otras personas sin importar sus rasgos culturales, religiosos o de cualquier otra índole.




15,000 experiencias de voluntariado

El Programa de KAMPS está enfocado en que estudiantes universitarios de diversas partes del mundo participen durante periodos de 6 a 12 semanas en actividades dentro de los campamentos. Las actividades de éstos estarán enfocadas principalmente en promover un ambiente de convivencia multicultural entre jóvenes asistentes, miembros del staff del Campamento y entrenados. Dentro de las actividades que realicen ellos tendrán la oportunidad de compartir su cultura, su idioma y podrán generar una experiencia cultural única para los asistentes. Los campamentos se convertirán en aliados de AIESEC en ITAM participando en su programa de Intercambios y obtendrán beneficios que mejorarán sus actividades regulares.


iGIP AIESEC ITAM is committed IGIP. According to the Ranking Analysis Report from 01/01/2012 to 03/03/2013 we are second place in raise. To maintain the service and provide the best experience to the trainees, an area opened at EB to ensure quality trainees to call @ Experience. Pe単oles Fresnillo Segmenta. Mining of non-ferrous World's largest Market research metallic minerals, producer of silver from both qualitative and and development of ore (primary silver) and quantitative customers inorganic chemicals, including silver, bismuth Mexico's second-largest in Consumer, Service gold miner. Looking for and Industrial. and sodium sulfate engineers with bachelor Looking for all kind of Looking for engineers in: chemistry, geology business profiles. in bachelor in: chemistry, geology and and metalurgic metalurgic Urban Science Grupo Segrove: Oi Brasil Performance consulting Portuguese institute: Company dedicated experts in the retail to providing customs Looking for Brazilians brokerage and handling automotive sector. students with bachelor Looking for computer containerized cargo. in education or letters. engineers Always looking for trainees in international business bachelors.



CEED Opportunities for ICX and OGX

XPROS Booklet AIESEC ITAM 2013  

General information about the projects and matching rates from AIESC ITAM

XPROS Booklet AIESEC ITAM 2013  

General information about the projects and matching rates from AIESC ITAM