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OCTOBER 2012 Issue 41

INSIDE THIS ISSUE Malakh Zebulun Presents Learning to Let Go After Abuse Seminar ...................... 2 Register for the next EWMPP Programme ............................ 3 Gladys Famoriyo Presents Overcoming Emotional Baggage Conference ................... 4 Women Stepping Out! Nkem (QueenKay) Amagbo ...……5 Relationship Blog; Pray Your Man to the Cross……...…….7 Carried by His Grace, walking in Faith...…………….…….....8 Relationship Telesummit…..9 Empowered Woman The Mentoring Academy……..…….10 Special points of interest  Learning to Let Go After Abuse—Saturday 10th November  Overcoming Emotional Baggage Conference— Saturday 17th November  Winning Women In relationships Telesummit—9th November  Rediscovery and Next Step to Moving Forward Workshop— 25th October


i Ladies .

As we get ready to sport our autumn colours and styles, October the tenth month of the year is here. Where has the year gone? With only 3 months countdown to Christmas, I find myself reflecting on the year so far and whether I’m in line with where God wants me. I may have put down the goals that I want to achieve and believe can still be achieved, but most of all, what’s more important is to consider whether I am right with God? Am I in righteousness? This is what I think of most. We can get so caught up in organising events, setting up projects, doing meetings, playing house, and all the wonderful things that women love to do; but in everything you’re doing, consider whether you are right with God. Are you in line with His Spirit? Are you saved? That’s the most important thing to get right. It has never been as apparent as it is now that there is a call on women to rise up and take their places, be relevant in your homes, your jobs, your communities and environment. God needs you to be in position, take part in preparing His people for the coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ. My message to you in our October issue of EW Newsletter is:

Who is Head in Your Home? The past couple of weeks have seen me wake up very early in the mornings to meet with the Holy Spirit. I have seen changes in me since I’ve made a commitment in offering the first fruits of my day to God. If you have a busy home life like I do, trust me, spending some quiet time in prayer early in the morning when everyone is still asleep is what I describe as ‘sheer bliss’. When I give my first fruits of prayer, praise and worship to God, it puts me in control of my schedule for the rest of the day. Lately, I’ve also added declarations (Deuteronomy 28: 1 – 14); declaration shows God that you know your authority in Christ and what His Words says you are to Him; furthermore, the more you declare the Word of God in your life, the more you develop a deeper level of confidence and trust in God. Continue Reading



Is your past hurts and afflictions suffocating YOUR RIGHT to enjoy a healthy, happy and fulfilled future?

Are you TRAPPED in your memories of your past?

Do you finding yourself REPEATING negative and abusive relationships?

Is holding onto SECRETS OF ABUSE destroying your relationships with others and YOURSELF? WHY ATTEND THIS SEMINAR? Learn how to re-tell your story differently to change your outlook of life Receive invaluable knowledge on how to feed your spirit with positivity and self love Discover your visions and how to work towards these. Find out how to rid yourself of negative patterns and behaviours that are continuously and consistently sabotaging your be successful Embrace support as you begin to face your fears and travel along your self-healing journey. WHEN: 10TH NOVEMBER 2012 10am - 4pm WHERE: Role Models & Mentor Centre 229 All Souls Avenue Willesden NW10 3A

Cost: £27.15 Includes light lunch & Refreshments

Malakh Zebulun

Maurice Ellington

Sandra Jarvis

Enomfon Ntefon

Jacqeline Ani

For further details and information of speakers please visit Malakh Zebulun



egister for the next Empowered Woman Leadership Mentoring for Purpose Programme One of the highlights of being part of the Empowered Woman Leadership Mentoring for Purpose Programme is that you go away on a weekend residential trip. The weekend residential is a wonderful opportunity to get the women away from their routine life as well as from the normal classroom workshops so that they can learn the skills and techniques of the role of a Christian Mentor. We also look at the prophetic and participate in role play. The weekend programme even though can be relaxing, can also be intense with the understanding of your responsibility as a Christian Mentor. Most often, the women on the programme would have started to have an idea of their purpose and mission and what they are really called to do. I really find this period very encouraging and so happy that the experience is always positive.

I have just come back from taking Group 5 on the residential weekend and as usual it was an eye opener for me. This is how some of the women summarised the last weekend retreat: “The residential retreat gave me an insight of the role of a mentor and the fact that I have a certain responsibility of those that I mentor. Also realising that listening is an important skills I must develop as a mentor. Listening enables me discern how to help my mentee”. “At the residential retreat, I understood that trust is an important aspect of my role as a mentor, I must win the trust of those I mentor; furthermore I realised that I need to work on my trust in God because that is where I’m able to reach out to others.”. “Understanding boundaries protects the mentee and the mentor; both parties will appreciate and respect the roles and not to violate it, To register for the next programme starting in the New Year , please register here EWMPP

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LADYS FAMORIYO OF SUCCESS PARTNERS PRESENTS Would you like to exhibit your resources at the Overcoming Emotional Baggage Conference? To find out more, please call T: +44 (0) 0870 750 1969 Or email E:




Every month I look forward to presenting a woman who in spite of the challenges she’s faced, has stepped out to fulfil her purpose. This woman is no exception. Nkem Amagbo known as “QueenKay” caught my heart with her infectious larger than life personality. Like every young woman who falls in love with a wonderful man and the promise of a happily ever after story, unfortunately life took a turn for her when cancer snatched her husband away from her, leaving her to raise 2 beautiful boys. QueenKay, a mother, author and inspirational speaker reminds me of the story of the Widow’s Jar of Oil and her tenacity and fortitude to turn things around successful when she could have easily given up, makes her the extraordinary woman that she is today. Queenkay is a woman who has stepped out! Who is Queenkay? Queenkay is an ordinary young woman who has been through extra-ordinary hardships in life but has refused to be a victim. I see a woman who is writing her future triumphs today and helping others build up themselves along the way What inspired you to write your book – The Reconstruction & Transformation of QueenKay? The number one reason was my late husband’s life and death. Leaving me was like the earth figuratively being moved from under me. The vacuum was so huge, the ditch so deep. As I wrote, I felt as though I was crawling out of quick sand. Being alive and well today is truly a blessing. It is said that the only thing constant in life is change. How has the change in your life reflected the way you see life now? Change threw me off my course. I truly was content being a wife and mother. I had no desire to change. I was immensely content. But I have been forced to evolve, to grow from the pain, to realize that nothing is permanent. To live in the moment and appreciate everything and everyone Continued on page 5




There are women out there who have experienced a It is entitled, "The Unstoppable Woman's Guide to Emobereavement and have allowed it take over their tional Well-being" A guide book to help women who own lives, what advice would you give them? truly want to be unstoppable look past the emotional It's painful, it's sad, it's a wound that seems impossi- obstacles and rise to the challenges life throws at them. ble to heal. I get it, I have lived it and I am still living The most recent collaborative book project is titled, it. I can relate to their pain. Take it one moment at a "Success Guide for The Successful Entrepreneur" a book time. I believe that if God let it happen, he must have that helps new business owners and entrepreneurs to a better design for my life. I live now with the con- excel in business. stant flow of God's love and assurance because I let What keeps you grounded? it in. I can't change what happened, but I can choose My Children keep me grounded. They are so much a part to live life positively and make healthy choices for of my daily existence. Just knowing that I have these myself. two little boys counting on me and relying on me makes If you were given the chance to start all over again, me be more responsible and focused. Also knowing that what would you do differently? they grow so fast and I have only a little time to nurture The only thing I would change is cherishing the pre- them and prepare them for a bright future keeps me cious moments with loved ones more and fighting grounded. less because tomorrow is not promised.

To find out more about Queenkay and how you can purWhat new projects do we hope to see from chase her best selling book The Reconstruction and Transformation of Queenkay, and other publications, QueenKay? please go to So many projects, I have co-written two books since publishing my book. The 2nd book was written with 23 other female authors.

The Mentoring Academy of Empowered Woman Ltd delivers programmes to raise and mentor pioneers to succeed in life. For a list of all programmes on offer please click below




Jacqueline Nwokeji-Ani’s new book Being Single to Be Married—A guide to preparing yourself for a purpose driven marriage has created interesting comments about marriage and the single mature women in the Christian community. In the book, Jacqueline discusses the importance of women focusing on discovering their purpose and not concentrating on finding a man, as it is the man’s responsibility to seek a wife. Instead women should focus on their relationship with Christ and knowing how to use the Person of the Holy Spirit who will bring them to the place where they are found by His Best for them. On the other hand a man who has never experienced God’s Love cannot love a woman the way he ought to. However when the two are focused on discovering purpose, then there will be a greater call for the marriage and that is the beginning of being prepared for a purpose driven marriage. Due to so many enquiries and reviews of the book, Jacqueline is starting a programme called Being Single to Be Married Rendezvous. This will consist of 6 week sessions of rendezvous 3 hours per session to prepare women and men to break down limiting belief systems and false illusions about marriage, eradicating stereotypes, a renewal of the mind-set, identifying the purpose in marriage and bringing a fresh new outlook on how to wait for marriage in purpose.

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ray Your Man to the Cross

The BSTBM Rendezvous is set to start soon, please indicate your interest by emailing Contact the Organiser on the eventbrite link below BSTBMRENDEZVOUS

This 6 part rendezvous series will seek to help you do the following

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

To discover your wholeness in Christ To pursue your purpose in Christ To discover your purpose in Christ To understand your position of authority as a woman To identify a man of integrity To prepare you in purpose Understanding the principles of a purpose driven marriage




What does it mean to be carried by God’s grace? To me it means being able to know that on your own, you can’t do it, to relinquish all human power and ability to the most high when you know that no human being can save you from the depths of despair you find yourself. How do you walk by faith? I suppose faith can be defined as believing what you cannot see, but knowing it will come to pass and working towards it. If God is carrying you and your eyes are closed and you are trusting Him that when you open your eyes, He will lead you to an even better destination than you could have ever imagined. When do you know to give it all up and let God direct your path? For most people, it is when they hit rock bottom. For me my rock bottom came in November 2007. I lost the love of my life and father of my children to cancer. Ever held someone in your arms as they took their last breath? Ever see them take their final breath? Ever feel the presence of your loved one depart from this earth, never to be seen again? I guess I am in a unique club but it is one that I would never have signed up for. Losing my husband was the most painful experience I had ever been part of. When I analyze that singular moment, I sincerely know that God is truly the end all and be all for me. I know that we are more than flesh and blood that we have a spirit craving to be fed and nurtured. I know that when my time is up, I will not have any regrets and I will love deeply and passionately as long as I am alive. I made a decision that day. I was not going to live like a zombie. I was going to live for my boys and to inspire them, to empower them and to make sure that they didn’t go through life feeling like victims. I never thought for a second that what I was speaking into my being was impossible. I simply believed. There were things that happened following that day that were simply beyond my scope or grasp. I definitely know what God’s grace feels like. I didn’t earn it, I didn’t dial it in, I didn’t deserve all I got, but I got help and support even from the most unlikely sources. I had to have taken a daily doze of faith from somewhere. I had to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that my boys and I would make it. When I look at my life today, I am amazed at how much God has blessed me. If I hadn’t lost my husband, I couldn’t have penned my first book. I couldn’t have met and inspired all these people in so many far places even on social networks. Continued on page 8




In a way, it is a huge sacrifice and I wouldn’t call what I am experiencing now a reward but unlimited and unquantifiable blessings. Every day, I tap into that faith that has led me thus far and will lead me even further. Where are you now? What are you doing? Have you read so many books to help you, gone to countless seminars that haven’t changed your situation? Have you prayed and prayed and prayed and nothing happened? Don’t give up now. Just believe and work every day as though you are already living in purpose. Ask God to open your eyes to count the blessings that you receive daily, even the minutest of them. Ask him for a daily doze of faith. All you need is just enough faith to get you through the day. God bless you immensely, Queenkay



Preparing Yourself for Marriage in the 21st Century

Join Enomfon Ntefon (Winning Relationships Ltd) & Jacqueline Ani (Empowered Woman Ltd) to the Winning Woman In Relationship Telesummit to unravel the mysteries behind marriage! As you know those days of assumption are over...we cannot afford to anyway. That is why we are ready to empower women to develop personal & relationship skills to go with confidence into marriage & win...all the way.

To find out more and how to register to attend this telesummit from the comfort of your own homes please go to WINNING WOMEN RELATIONSHIPS 9

This workshop will empower you to rediscover your unique self, identify your hidden abilities and how to use them and connect you to people who can help you build on what you’ve learnt Session Topics Who Are You? Embracing Your Real Story Problem Solving In Everyday Life—Being Resilient Rebuilding Your Life Through a Change Discovering Hidden Abilities What’s In Your Community—Start with what you have from where you are. Venue:– Downham Library Meeting Room BR1 5EP Date: 25th October 2012 and every Thursday for 5 weeks from 8th November. 2hours a week and totally free to you.


acqueline Ani hosts The Book Review on Blog Talk Radio.

The Book Review Show features reviews on various books and discussions that empower people to live a purposeful life. The Book Review Show is a aired monthly. To be informed of future shows, please go to The Book Review Show or Previous Shows




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Our Purpose—to empower women to empower nations. When a woman is empowered she becomes a wealth of wisdom to those connected to her in every area of her life. Our Mission—we deliver various programmes that will empower women from one level of life to the next level. Our Passion—to see women liberated and wealthy in spirit, soul and body.

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EW Newsletter Issue 41  

Monthly newsletter for for Empowered Woman Ltd

EW Newsletter Issue 41  

Monthly newsletter for for Empowered Woman Ltd