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CONTENTS 01 D E S I G N P R O J E C T S Housing Material People and Place Skill Upgradation Centre

02 T E C H N I C A L D E T A I L S Toilet Drawings Door Wall section

04 M A N U A L S K I L L S - H A N D S O N Brick Arches Bamboo truss Paper Tubes

03 M A T E R I A L E X P L O R A T I O N S Rammed Earth (Wall section) Brick (Wall section) Steel(Wall section)

05 C O L L A B O R A T I V E P R O G R A M S Ahmedabad Heritage League (Old City) Beyond Facades (Jaipur)


Renaissance Period

07 SKILLS Sketches

HOUSING Studio 5 (Dariyapur, Ahmedabad) The program of the studio was to design a housing for 120 units, serving to Single Occupant, Four occupants and Six Occupants in the Urban Context of Ahmedabad. The intend was to serve a housing which was ‘co-existent’,‘co-dependent’ and ‘co-housing’ .My project was developed from the observations from and around the site, depending and relating to it’s context. The project aimed at achieving spill over spaces at both individual units and the site as whole. Giving opportunity to the units to respond to the central spill over spaces. Each individual block responds to the ground, such that various different activities could be conducted on all the sides of the block. Creating an overall and an individual coexisting space.

Site Model of Dariyapur (Group Work)

Unit Plans for 6, 4, 1 Occupants

(One and Six Occupants)

Cluster Plans Site Section

Concept sketch - Showing gathering spaces, balconies

FIRST FLOOR PLAN (Four and Six occupants)

North - West Direction of the Site

MATERIAL Studio 4 (Opp CEE Building, Ahmedabad) The studio programme aimed at designing a kindergarten and primary school. I started of by understanding basic circulation, planning, methods related to a school programme, by taking ‘St.Xaviers Loyola’ as my case study. The main content of my design was to give it a level of permeability, in terms of interaction, activities and circulation. The building consisted of administration, classrooms, library and arts and craft room. The design aimed at achieving balance between open, semi open and closed spaces. This spaces all together would give opportunities to different activities to which children respond.

Part Model of St Xaviers Loyola (Group Work)

Experiencial Sketches


Site Section

Model showing Interior Spaces of school

PEOPLE AND PLACE Studio 3 (Shilaj, Ahmedabad) The studio aimed at designing a Community Center in Shilaj, Ahmedabad. We studied the Shilaj Village, in terms of it community, living ways, culture and other different aspects. This lead us to understanding and finalizing the kind of Community Center we want to provide to the village. The programme was designed by each of us, on our understanding to the rural context. My programme aimed at a Community center which was accessible, in terms of uses and in respect to sociability. The spaces designed in the Community Center, responded greatly to the context of the site, the contours and the lake.

Site Model of Shilaj (Group Work)

FIRST FLOOR PLAN Sketch describes the relation between two spaces (Gruh udhyog and Cafeteria)


South Direction

SKILL UPGRADATION CENTRE Studio 2 (Bir, Himachal Pradesh) The project was based in a village settling near Bir, Himachal Pradesh. In order to understand the site context we had done extensive documentation of two villages on the Site, Dhanadi and Badi. We were to design a skill up gradation center in order to enrich the local/existing craft, building technologies, etc. involving the neighboring communities and to expose the potential in a global scenario. The learning center is designed to be open and accessible for the local people as well as other explorers. The main intend of the design was to give opportunities to the activities on the outside as well, so spill over spaces were attached to each individual activity.

Site Model of Bir, himachal Pradesh (Group Work-RSP)

Elevation (Measure draw in Bir)

Front Elevation Ground Floor Plan Site Section

East Elevation


Gandhi Ashram-Toilet Details Group Work Acropolis (PVR)-Toilet Details Group Work

Wooden Window (Art Deco)

Wall Section


Group Work


(Jetvana House, Maharashtra by Sameep Padora)

Group Work

LIC HOUSING By B V Doshi (Bimanagar, Ahmedabad)

Group Work


(BRTS Workshop ,Odhav , Ahmedabad)

Group Work



The workshop aimed at understanding what ‘Heritage’ meant in different concepts to the city of Ahmedabad. Different exercises were carried out to understand ‘What is heritage?’ in different perspectives. The Old Walled City of Ahmedabad was studied throughly in terms of it’s Urban Planning, to understand how the city organically grew, how the houseforms were designed in respect to time and weather etc. Extensive mapping documentation was done during the course of the workshop, to understand the city in terms of street divisions, buildforms, drainage systems, parking and photography. From the data collected, we analyzed the information and gave individual proposals for projects in the city.

Heights ofthe Buildings

Water Flow of city

BEYOND FACADES (Jaipur) The workshop aimed at understanding what ‘Altered Space’ meant. Different exercises carried out to understand ‘Altered Space’ in different perspective. It was studied throughly in terms of it’s Urban Planning, to understand how the city organically grew, how the houseforms were designed in respect to its planning and by comparing traditional buildings to semi traditional and modern buildings. Extensive mapping documentation was done during the course of workshop, to understand the city in terms of street divisions, builtforms, type of building, material of building, altered spaces in the buildings etc. Then we choose five haveli’s and we measure drew and we tried to figure out that which all buildings are traditional and which are non traditional, and how many alteration are done.

Plan of Jaipur City

Chowk - Modi Khana

Plans and Sections of Altered spaces of the haveli, this pink colour highlighted is the spaces altered like in this they have added washroom, and in some other case their is added room or they might have done partition wall in between two houses or rooms.

HISTORY PALAZZO STROZZI by Simone del Pollaiolo, Florence, Italy. This was a case study in which we have to do a sectional model of it and, we learnt about Renaissance period like what type of material they used, how is ornamentation done, how are the columns made and even arches etc.

Structural grids in Plan

Structural grids in Section

Central Grids in Plan

Central Grids in Section


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