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The following are selected works from the series, Stitchings. This series depicts spaces I have lived in as I have moved within Canada and throughout the world from 2009 to the present. It is an ongoing, yet fragmented depiction of time as a whole and throughout it’s stages. The images are cut, manipulated through a creation process that aims to cultivate sculpted space and a manipulation of form. Each quilted photograph provides a broader view of the space, but more importantly allows for its reconstruction. The viewer is invited to explore a time in the artist’s life. Despite its two-dimensional nature, the multiple angles and viewpoints allow for a greater context.

T I T L E : 7 2 D A I LY A V E N U E , L I V I N G R O O M M AT E R I A L : 159 PHOTOGRAPHS SIZE: 30”X26” APRIL 2009 38

Architectural Portfolio  
Architectural Portfolio