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By: Jaime Suk


Diane Simone Michelle Halfin


December 31, 1946 Brussels, Belgium


Madrid University, University of Geneva in Switzerland


Paris (Albert Koski), Italy (Angelo Ferreti)


Prince Egon Zu F端rstenberg Barry Diller

DVF Blurs the Line Between Art and Design By: Laurie Brookins

o Nature  Prints o Architectural Detail  Bags o Vegetable Market  Color Palette

f you’re going to “I create something so beautiful and it lives in a closet somewhere, but nobody gets to wear it or see it, what have you created? Nothing.”

Element Iconic Wrap Dress

Target Customer

Product Price Range $298



Product Price Range $398

$545 #35


Product Price Range $196 $195


Dress Size Range Sizes: 0-14 • Petite • Small • Medium • Large

Dominant Fibers/Fabrics

Organic: • Wool • Cotton • Hemp

Where is Merchandise Found?

What Captured My Attention?

DVF’s Influence On Other Designers

Historical Importance

"That wonderful and terribly frightening journey of self-discovery. That process of growth, of being an independent person, of learning who you are and what you want from life, is the real secret of life, happiness and beauty.� –Diane von Furstenberg

Fashion Designer Analysis: Diane von Furstenberg