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Running Head: Assignment # 4

Grant Proposal for a school in the Dominican Republic.

Jaime Rondon Alba Simo Maria Morillo Monica Estevez Wendy Leonor

Nova Southeastern University November 20, 2010

Since the rise of computers and other technological advances, many facets of society have transformed dramatically. Technology is already playing huge dividends in politics, journalism, and business.

Education, though, is one area in

which technology has been slowly incorporated into the classroom. Since technology has evolved and bettered society, technology has to be able to help in the teaching process so students can more efficiently learn, acquire knowledge, and apply that knowledge. This proposal outlines ways in which the school can entrench itself in the technological field.

A $20,000 dollar

budget has been set for all of this to help incorporate technology in the school.

This budget will cover the hardware

needed, the software to be installed, staff training, and maintenance of the hardware. Schools need education to be fused with technology.


are certain educational and curricular needs that need to be addressed.

Technology can create problems since it is an open

resource, but with proper management, it can also help students achieve higher levels of exposure for education.

For example, a student needs to find about the physical attributes to a certain insect, he or she would be able to go online and retrieve that information.

There, they can not only

find the information written, but can also view various pictures, videos, diagrams, and interactive presentations on that particular insect.

This is just one case in which the

student would receive more information on the objective than they would have received with just their text book.


example could be the teacher bringing up an interactive lesson in which students must find information within a movie.

If the

teacher had a smart board, the students could view the film while also taking snapshots of the scenes that produce the objective asked for.

These are but just two mere examples of

why students and teachers might need technology. Another need for students is that they need to familiarize themselves with technology.

Society is becoming more and more

twined with what technology offers.

The faster and sooner the

students are shown the possibilities of the technologies around them; they’ll be able to have a leg up on the competitive world. As for curricular needs, technology can create a great way to bring more information into the classroom than was possible before.

Now, instead of searching for information at home and

acting it out, they can take programs and create videos of that

information; they can create websites; they can use cameras and videos to form montages.

The possibilities are endless.


curricular needs are met through many more varied instructional tools that make the classes more dynamic.

It produces ways to

get students to receive and search out more information on topics that are covered in the school curriculum. The main goal of integrating technology into the classroom is to create a wealth of instructional tools that have students execute all of the differing stages of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Another goal of integrating technology into the classroom is to have a cache of information ready for the students that cover and go beyond all of the curricular needs.

The goals and

objectives always need to be general and measurable.

There is

also a way to implement a plan that is to be discussed. An objective to be met is to have four networked computers, along with 4 netbooks for each classroom.

This objective will

allow for more work to be done inside of the classrooms, instead of having to reserve the computer laboratories.

This also

allows for group assignments to contain a smaller amount of students per group or to attend to at least one third of the class for individual assignments. The second objective is to have wireless access for the school building and all surrounding areas.

This will allow for

quick resource for students and teachers to connect to the internet to produce, implement, and evaluate curricular work. Another objective is to have all students have an identification pass which allows them access to the network. The reasoning behind this is to restrict foreign use, but also for monitoring and safety reasons.

By having a personalized

identification pass, students would be logged into the system and their movements tracked to ensure a quality experience for everyone involved. Another objective is to make available a set of twenty personal video recorders. the internet.

Technology is not only computers and

It is also all of the other technologies that can

be connected to computers that have the capabilities to input information into the computer. An important objective is the careful selection of software to introduce into the network and into the hardware.


software is what will allow for students to have a safe, welcoming experience, while also enabling students to more easily integrate themselves into the classroom through the use of technology. A glaring objective is staff development.

The staff

needs to incorporate technology and it is up to the school to

show teachers the possibilities, how to incorporate the technology, and how to evaluate the process.

The staff needs to

know how to use the technology without it being a burden to help enhance student learning. One final objective is to have support personnel that help in hardware maintenance, but also in helping the staff in the use of technology.

The support personnel would also help in

troubleshooting problems. The school has partnerships with the companies that provide the textbooks for the students, such as McGraw Hill Publisher and Sadlier-Oxford. for the computers.

These two text publishers provide software The software provided is programs for

elementary and secondary math, reading comprehension, and vocabulary.

This partnership facilitated students having the

software installed on all of the computers and gave most for free by Sadlier-Oxford, or at a discounted price by McGraw Hill. Below, is a breakdown of how the twenty thousand dollar grant is broken down into the following: Category











$5,000 is given to putting desktops into the


It would start

out by having only two desktop computers, with the rest following in later years and grants.


would cover two different grade levels as a start up Netbooks



beta program. $5,000 is given to putting netbooks into the classroom.

It would start

out by having only two desktop computers, with the rest following in later years and grants.


would cover two different grade levels as a start up Networki





beta program. $3,000 in total is put into the networking for the school would be needed.


wifi hotspot for the school Personal Video



would be erected. $1,000 would be allocated to buying twenty personal


video recorders.


would be useful for projects in which students would be able to capture a live video and insert it Software





into various programs. The software that is used is free internet programs, such as Jing, Issuu, Animoto, along with websites that have premade websites for certain activities.

The programs

would be installed in the new desktop and netbook Technical






computers. $3,200 would be allocated to a technical support staff.

The job of this

staff is to help equipment is set up correctly, statistics and safekeeping, and helping teachers in the use of the programs and equipment.

A couple will

always be available for support inside the classroom to help a teacher in whichever query there Staff


Development and workshop


might be. $1,800 would be allocated for guest speakers and different workshops.


workshops would be the first things given, showing teachers a focus technological skill at each workshop.

They would delve

into a specific piece of hardware, software, or trick that helps in incorporating technology. Guest speakers would be selected and invited to display how to creatively use certain programs to enhance learning.


workshops are rudimentary, while the guest speakers

would be more advanced activities.

Grant Proposal  

A grant proposal for getting technology into the classroom effectively.

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