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Story #1       The  Phoenix  Fire  Department  battled  a  fire  today  after  a  paper  recycling   caught  fire  in  Downtown  Phoenix,  there  were  no  significant  injuries.       Bio  Pappel  International  recycling  plant  caught  fire  around  3  p.m.  and  the   Fire  Department  battled  wind  gusts  up  to  40  mph.  1,300  gallons  of  water  per  minute   was  poured  on  the  fire  by  units  of  the  Phoenix  Fire  Department  and  other   surrounding  cities.  The  fire  was  put  out  by  5:45  that  night.         Central  Arizona  Shelter  Services,  located  just  north  of  the  fire,  was  prepared   to  evacuate  if  the  winds  shifted  their  way,  but  this  did  not  happen.       “If  the  wind  changes,  I  am  going  to  have  to  get  people  out  of  here,”  Mark   Holleran,  said,  the  director  of  the  shelter.           The  cause  of  the  fire  is  still  under  investigation  according  to  Phoenix  Fire   Capt.  Tony  Mure.         Story  #2       A  45-­‐year-­‐old  man  was  found  dead  in  the  Bio  Pappel  International  recycling   plant  Tuesday  after  the  building  caught  fire  in  Downtown  Phoenix.         The  body  of  Peter  McGurkee  was  found  charred  after  he  entered  the  building   to  take  a  nap  on  a  stack  of  papers  at  the  recycling  plant.  He  was  an  out-­‐of-­‐work   carpenter  according  to  Capt.  Tony  Mure  of  the  Phoenix  Fire  Department.           Mark  Holleran,  director  of  the  Central  Arizona  Shelter  Services,  said   McGurkee  tried  to  get  a  bed  at  the  shelter,  but  there  was  no  room.  “The  bad   economy  fills  our  shelter  every  night,”  Holleran  said.  “We  have  been  begging  the  city   to  give  us  more  money…Maybe  they’ll  listen  to  us  now.”         Randy  Miller,  an  out-­‐of-­‐work  construction  worker,  was  watching  the  fire.   “It’s  just  another  disaster-­‐I  have  seen  plenty,”  Miller  said.         Larry  Miller,  Arizona  Fire  Inspector,  said  that  this  is  the  third  fire  at  the  plant   in  two  years.  Miller  warned  the  plant  to  make  changes  two  weeks  ago.       Owner  of  Bio  Pappel  International,  Peter  Allen,  said  he  was  deeply  saddened   to  hear  about  the  death  of  the  man.  Signs  were  posted  around  the  building  warning   people  not  to  trespass.  “This  fire  has  our  full  attention,”  Allen  said.  “We  recently   made  major  safety  improvements  to  our  plant  and  don’t  know  how  this  could   happen.”      

The fire  started  at  about  3  p.m.  on  Tuesday  and  black  clouds  could  be  seen   over  Downtown  Phoenix.  The  Phoenix  Fire  Department  battled  flames  and  40  mph   winds  until  5:45  that  night.  Fire  units  from  Phoenix  and  surrounding  cities  had  a   difficult  time  surrounding  the  fire  on  all  sides  due  to  the  wind.       The  Central  Arizona  Shelter  Services  just  north  of  the  fire  were  prepared  to   evacuate  if  the  winds  shifted  their  way.  Fortunately,  the  building  did  not  have  to   evacuate.       The  cause  of  the  fire  is  still  under  investigation.                

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