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Apple Wood Academy Apple wood academy is for children in grades 1-8. It is co-ed. Also children over 5th grade manage their own schedule. It is located in Nescopeck, Pennsylvania.

Our School Mission Our school mission is to give children a fun place where they can learn all the necessary skills for life. We believe that children can only learn while they are having fun or doing handson activities. We also believe that children should not have to go home and do hours of homework, although they should have a limited amount of homework. Our school is for children in grades 1-8.

Our school is co-ed. We decided to make a co-ed school because children need to learn how to interact with the opposite sex. We feel that children will need to know how to interact when they are in the real world.


At Applewood Academy we offer a variety of after school activities. We think that these activities help keep children off the streets and help their bodies physically. The activities we offer include: cheerleading, baseball, softball, basketball, tennis, swimming, track, golf, volleyball, and football. We also offer clubs like the stitchery club, and the home care and cooking club which teaches young girls how to run their home.

A CATHOLIC EDUCATION Our school is a catholic school. We believe that it is important for children to learn and grow in faith because we want our students to learn about God each student is required to attend a religion class each day.


I We think every child that is a catholic should attend catholic school. The main factor stopping people from sending their kids to catholic school is that they can not afford it, because of this we would have a low tuition. The tuition of our school is $500 per year.

Dress Requirements Children in our school are required to were a uniform. We think that if children are not wearing a uniform it can be distracting. Although, we have a variety of different uniforms you Can choose from. For the girls they can choose from a plaid skirt, a plaid skort, or dress pants. For the boys they can choose from shorts, or pants.

The students in Apple wood Academy manage their own schedule and classes. They are required a certain amount of classes for each subject for each semester. Each semester is 2 months long. They are required about 18 classes for each class per semester. If the children do not have the required amount of classes they will receive an email notification telling them how many classes they are missing. If they do not take the required amount of classes they will fail that class. This type of learning is only for children grades 5 and up. Grades 4 and below will have to follow a set schedule made by teachers.

A big problem in a lot of school is students falling behind. In the Apple Wood Academy no student is left behind. If a student is having problems in a certain subject they can go to a one on one tutor to help the catch-up. They can go to these tutors throughout any time of the school day.

We are going to follow Kristy as she completes a day at Apple wood. She wakes up at 8:00am and starts to get dressed for school. She gets a text from Jenna asking what time she is going into school today. She replies “Hi Jenna, I am going in early around 8:30am today because I went in at 11:00am yesterday so I would like to make it early today. She continues getting dressed and ready then grabs her laptop and heads off to school. When she arrives she meets a couple friends in the main study hall and looks through her email seeing that she has a new email from the school. The email is to let her know she has not completed her religion classes for the semester. She then decides that today she is going to go to a religion class then a one on one math tutor because she is having trouble with the new math lesson. Then she will go to science. In science she is going to do some experiments that are hands-on to help her understand the lesson better. Then she goes to the cafeteria to grab a bite to eat the she heads to a ELA class then she goes home. That is Kristy's day at Apple wood


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