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The process of being mentally stimulate d to do or feel some thing , espe cially to do some thing creative.

A Church Inspiration

Impact Between the lines Visual Effect Structure Dramatic Space


2 Rhythm Inspiration Interior Design... in the air Delta Airlines

Geometrical Pattern Color Balance Order Color Schemes

Color Scheme Inspiration

Pond Water Blue More Blue Another Blue

3 This pond is located in a small town, on a northern island, Japan. The trees standing in the pond are sapless white birch. The blue color of the pond is natural; ingredients from a hot spring are thought to be the cause, the color changes according to the season, weather and time.

This is a video screen

4 A Product Inspiration

Logo + Screen LED Video Logos Design Innovation Movement Brandscreen


Hand-Knitted Playgrounds Inspiration Alternative Materials Design Innovation Flexibility Fabrics & Treads

Spirit Inspiration 20  
Spirit Inspiration 20