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I.E.COLOMBIA TIMES Tuesday, 15th May 2018

Each time we are closer to inaugurating the best school in the municipality of Girardota where 1300 students will have quality education and will be the pioneers in implementing the only day, where young people and children are expected to participate in academic, cultural, sports and recreational.



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rosy future is what is coming for the educational institution Colombia, to have an infrastructure of such magnitude, means a better academic and comprehensive training for students. services where quality prevails, renewed and innovative spaces, sports area, multipurpose rooms, are some of the features with which this work will surprise.

Great illusion generates this event to the educational community and for this reason a survey was made where visualized the expectations that the eleventh grade students generates, the acquisition of the new school and what it means to leave this place behind Next, the results obtained in said survey will be shown, which will define the opinions about what the students of the institution wish or complain about.


we wish we had more classes practical they wish we wish we had a good free space and tranquility we wish we had a better quality in the studio and an improvement of the restaurant we wish we had good spaces where we can develop well academically we wish they changed the learning methodology taking advantage of the spaces we wish we had a sports field

I wish I had Changed its structure I wish I Had changed the quality of the study, his restaurant and the bathrooms that are not so dirty I wish I had changed the students seats and classroom doors I wish I changed the chairs that are very small. I wish I changed learning methodology and have good coexistent I wish I was more creative

I don't regret anything I don't regret anything I wish I hadn't had space so reduced I wish I had had an own space in which to develop physical education I wish I hadn't had afraid I wish I had been used correctly


What are all the things you wish you coul change about the… Student seats and classroom doors 17%

your study quality. his its restaurant structure and the 25% bathroom…


I regret having been that the afraid classes are 15% very boring 22%

you're welcome 5%

I regret not taking its space so advantage of reduced everything 7% they offered Of not having properly an 17% own space in where to develop the physical the desks education 19% 15%

What do you regret about the old school?

What do the students of the I.E Colombia wish for the new school ? swin Student seats and classroom doors 17%

its structureyour study 25% quality. his restaurant and the bathrooms that were…



he construction of the mega-school has generated great expectations among the educational community, this

interview about the future improvements that are being made for the institution and commented: "without a doubt the maximum improvement will be the inauguration of the megacolegio, where students will have more space, a better location it means have more space large and comfortable "; Another novelty will be the implementation of the single day, where young people will be kept away from distractions, because a good quality education requires a comprehensive and comprehensive training.

new infrastructure stop being a dream to become a reality. Quality education will be provided to the students of the institution, with the aim of form professionals honest and entrepreneurs.

To improve the quality of education changes were made in the curriculum, there was a decrease in subjects for the student to concentrate on the basic areas and they are watching at the projects to macrostructure, as can be transposed from the community and academic projection

The academic coordinator Mauricio Lujan he offered us an .



he educational institution presents some problems that affect the community among them is drug addiction and bullying, factors in which daily fall our students and make coexistence more difficult to carry.

PĂŠrez, a teacher of physical education, about the matter and told us that has been a problem quite difficult due to the lack of sports venues within the institution, since they only have two patios that are not suitable for the development of physical, sports and recreational activity. He tells us that there have been difficulties in the resolution and staging of basic study skills, which is why the sporting part has not been developed, and doing it in the institution would generate a lot of risk.

Another drawback that affects the educational community is the expiration of the policy what has generated annoyance in the students, we wanted to know the opinion of Professor Alberto

The most reiterative complaints that have been received are: lack of mobility, overcrowding, the sports practicing and the silence when there is physical activity



n the schools there are several economic problems, among them the best known by all, the expiration of the policy and therefore the cessation of the sports activity of the students. The poor condition of some class classes, those that show cracks and the lack of chairs as well as maintenance are unfavorable conditions daily a must fight teachers. to be able to his class.

their the with the give

We spoke with the comptroller, MarĂ­a Alejandra Sutta, about the economy of

the school and she told us that from time to time students attend the institution with civilian clothes for a price of 500 Colombian pesos, this in order to collect funds for activities such as the day of the teacher. In previous days a "jean day" was held on the occasion of the child's day, this event could not be developed due to insufficient space for recreational activities. On other occasions, these funds have been allocated to the educational community and to the grades eleven in their graduation activities.



n the school there are many students who practice diverse sports among them soccer, taekwondo and karate. We spoke with the student Santiago GĂłmez of the 10th grade1 who has practiced karate since 10 years and tells us that he has a lot of support from part of the institution, both academically and economically because in his discipline he has to pay for his trips, Santiago has been a very perseverant athlete, has had the opportunity to participate in departmental, national and international tournaments. He tells us that he has traveled and known many places in Colombia among them: BogotĂĄ, Manizales, Cali and MonterĂ­a, he has even been to the equator. His most recent achievement was participating in the 28th

South American karate championship in Ecuador. The greatest learning that the sport has left him has been the

discipline since perseverance is important at the time of trainings, the competitions and study, he affirms that knowledge, companionship and traveling is the greatest experience of his life.


Credits: Jaime Andres Saldarriaga Naranjo Juan Esteban CataĂąo Cadavid Juan Esteban Torres Ibarguen 10Âş1