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How Vaastu Consulting Services is useful for your Dream Home Our world is made up of five basic elements or ‘pancha maha bhoota’, namely earth, water, air, fire and space. There is a constant interaction and flow of energy between these five elements. The energies in our living and work spaces have a direct impact on the quality of our lives. The ancient science of Vaastu Shastra deals with harmonizing all the five elements and helps us to create positive, well-balanced spaces that foster productivity, good health, spiritual well being, happiness, success and prosperity. Needless to say, Vaastu Shastra plays an important role in architecture. Basic rules of Vaastu Shastra, such as the use of open spaces, the positioning of doors and windows, the location of rooms, the direction of the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, etc., are all important aspects that need to be considered while designing and constructing a living or work space.

If followed properly, these rules help to attract positive energy and eradicate all negativity from our home or place of work. As a renowned consultant offering expert Vaastu consulting services in India, Jai Madaan recommends simple and practical solutions to balance the five elements at your home or office, thus helping you leverage their positive effects and attract goodness, well being and good fortune. Whether you are planning on a new construction or thinking about refurbishing your apartment or office as per Vaastu rules, she can help you make the most accurate decisions to make your living or work area warm, welcoming, comfortable and positive. Does your home have a Vaastu flaw? Is there a door or a window in your office that is obstructing the free flow of positive energy? Seek Jai Madaan to make your apartment Vaastu compliant and see the positive results they bring to you and your loved ones – personally or professionally. From improving health to fostering better relationships between partners and from increasing your bank balance to opening up new avenues of growth and prosperity – with Vaastu consulting you can truly achieve a healthier, happier life. Apart from being an expert Vaastu consultant and ranking amongst the very best motivational speakers in India, Jyotish Acahrya Jai Madaan is also a renowned relationship counselor in India. Her simple, practical and economical advices are actively sought by individuals, corporate executives, businessmen and celebrities alike. Her empathetic approach and right guidance has helped hundreds to strengthen their bonds with their partners and live more effectively. To know more about her services or to book an appointment, please visit her website

How vaastu consulting services is useful for your dream home  

The ancient science of Vaastu Shastra deals with harmonizing all the five elements and helps us to create positive, well-balanced spaces tha...