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Libya Contact Group Underlines Support and Agrees 'Trust Fund' for Rebels Japan police scour nuclear zone for tsunami bodies Confirmed case of death from AH1N1 in Venezuelan central state White iPhone 4 arriving by end of April

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Japan police scour nuclear zone for tsunami bodies Police began searching Thursday for tsunami victims in a 10-kilometre zone around Japan's crippled Fukushima atomic plant where frantic efforts continued to contain a nuclear crisis. Hundreds of police in protective gear for the first time scoured rubble-strewn neighbourhoods near the plant for victims of the giant wave that smashed into Japan's northeast coast more than a month ago. A force of 300 officers was deployed into the no-man's land -pushing closer towards the plant after they started a wider search on April 3 that covered the outer areas of the 20 km exclusion zone.

Confirmed case of death from AH1N1 in Venezuelan central state Former Minister of Health José Félix Oletta said that the AH1N1 virus is not only restricted to Andean Mérida state. Gustavo Villasmil, the Miranda Government Health Director, confirmed on Friday that a resident of Cúa died of AH1N1 virus. Also, four members of the same family are infected with the virus. In a telephone contact, ex Minister of Health José Félix Oletta said that the AH1N1 virus is not only in Andean Mérida state, but has spread over the states of Guárico, Nueva Esparta, Aragua, Miranda and Caracas Metropolitan Area, particularly the municipalities of Baruta, El Hatillo and Libertador, based on the reports at the National Hygiene Institute."We made the epidemiological alert in report 174 of the Network of Scientific Medical Associations of Venezuela two weeks ago with data confirmed by the National Hygiene Institute, by using the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) technique in real time," he said.


Libya Contact Group Underlines Support and Agrees 'Trust Fund' for Rebels The international contact group on Libya that met at a one-day summit Wednesday in the Qatar capital, Doha, has agreed to set up a temporary "trust fund" to help the opposition Transitional National Council in Benghazi.

White iPhone 4 arriving by end of April While the wait persists for an iPhone 5, a new report says the much-delayed white version of the current-generation iPhone 4 will go on sale by the end of the month. Citing three sources familiar with Apple's plans, Bloomberg reports that the company intends to put the white version of the popular handset up for sale "in the next few weeks" for both AT&T and Verizon Wireless customers.Bloomberg also said that Apple does not plan to announce a follow-up to the iPhone 4 at the Worldwide Developers Conference slated for early June, adding additional fuel to rumors that Apple is behind on its usual handset release schedule. Apple promised a white version of the iPhone 4 when it first announced the phone, though the company failed to ship it alongside the black version that's been on sale for the past 10 months. At the time, the company said the alternate color was proving more "challenging to manufacture than we originally expected. "According to Bloomberg's sources, the sizable delay had been attributed, in part, to the white model's paint peeling when it got hot. An analyst report published last month said Apple had changed the film material being used to keep the device laminated, putting the company back on track to ship the phone in April.

Show Business Alex Campos

(born September 10, 1976 in Bogotá, Colombia) is one of the top Christian singers in all of Latin America. He is the lead singer in his group called Misión Vida.[1] He was nominated in the Christian music soloist or group category of the Premios la Gente (Latin Music and Sports Awards) in 2004.

He has eight albums. His first was a live CD recorded in Bogotá, Colombia named Tiempo de La Cruz (Time of the Cross). His second album was a studio record Al Taller del Maestro (To the Master's Work Shop). He made this album to dedicate it to God because Campos believes God healed his throat tumor. His third album was a live version of Al Taller del Maestro recorded in Bogotá, Colombia. His fourth album was a studio record Como un Niño (Like a Child). His fifth album is an unplugged live album recorded in Bogotá, Colombia calledAcustico, El Sonido del Silencio (unplugged, the silences's sound). His sixth has a new album called Cuidare de Ti (I'll take care of you) On July 18, 2007, he and Mision Vida went to Juncos, Puerto Rico to be part of La Mina Music Fest. He participated in Jesus Adrian Romero's new album, Ayer Te Vi... Fue Mas Claro Que La Luna, singing a duo with him, "Razones Pa' Vivir". Alex Campos promotes an organization named Mision Child, for which he plays concerts with the money that is collected in those concerts going to that organization. Alex had a concert in José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum and he became the first Christian singer to sell out all the tickets. There were 12,000 people there. Alex Campos released his seventh album called "Te Puedo Sentir".This Tour has already started a series of concerts that brought him to Denver, Colorado, Elizabeth, New Jersey, McAllen, Texas, Dallas, Texas, and Houston, Texas,. He is currently recording a new cd called "El Lenguage Del Amor"that is being recorded in is own studio called "El Taller" and it is being produced in Bogotá, Colombia and Argentina.

Show Business Fireproof Kirk Cameron has been working in the faith-based film market in recent years. Fireproof, is a story of a firefighter challenged to have faith in his failing marriage. So it is sort of that fire is a metaphor for marriage right? Kirk Cameron: "It is. In the movie the word fireproof is used a couple of times from one firefighter to another, specifically talking about marriage. What he says is, 'Look when something is fireproof, it doesn’t mean that fire is never going to come to it. It is that when fire comes you are going to be able to withstand the heat,' and that is the idea behind fireproof and the marriage analogy. It is not about whether or not flames are going to come to your marriage, it is about when they come can you stand the heat are you going to be able to with stand it and out last it. Unfortunately many people today, most people today don’t, and firefighters actually have a divorce rate of around 75% so it is really high but relevant for everybody." Any time something has an inspirational message or a faith-based place it is coming from, it is treated differently out here. Is it an uphill battle? Kirk Cameron: "I think what makes a movie cheesy is not whether it has an inspiring message or a faith based message – it's if it's just not well done. I’m guilty of being in movies that were a bit cheesy in the past, but I really like this movie, Fireproof, because it's not a $100 million budget, these are guys who know how to tell a story really well in a way that hits home with the average person and they do it without a tremendous amount of resources." "They had over a thousand volunteers with this movie that pitched in to make it what it is. They had so much community support for the movie that they had fire trucks, they were donating trucks, people were donating houses, they were donating wings of hospitals and entire freight train lines and saying, 'How many trains and cars do you need and where do you want it to show up?' They didn’t have to pay for any of this because the people there felt that they were part of something bigger than themselves, that was going to reach to more people than they could individually about a subject that they believe is vitally important and that is a marriage and love and it all seems to be hemorrhaging in our culture today." How do you tell a story that’s about saving a marriage? Kirk Cameron: " This movie starts 10 years after the honeymoon is over and what do you do when there is no fire left? There is no heat, there is no spark, there is no love, it is more characterized by anger and bitterness and wrath. All of those things you don’t want, maybe the same things you see in your parents marriage or in your friends’ marriages and you go, 'I don’t want that.' Well, what then? Do you bail and look for a new husband or a new wife? Do you determine that marriage isn’t at all what it is cracked up to be? Or you can turn around and say, 'Wait a minute. Maybe I’ve got the whole wrong idea about what this marriage thing is. Do I really understand what love is? Can a couple who seems to have lost it get it back again? Fire it back up to the point where they would still say ‘I do’ all over again.' I find the movie very, very inspirational."



Health & Beauty Heart Diseases and Foods Coronary heart disease is the most common of all heart diseases. It is characterized by blockage in the coronary arteries that result in reduction of blood flows to the heart muscle, depriving it of vital oxygen. The clogging of coronary artery, known as arteriosclerosis, begins with fatty streaks in and under the layer of cells, that line artery walls. Gradually, the streaks are transformed into plaques-fatty scar tissue that bulges into the artery opening, partly choking off blood flow. If the clot becomes large enough, it can block blood flow, suffocating large patches of cardiac muscle, an event known as a heart attack or angina. Or if a blood vessel to the brain closes off or ruptures, it will result in a stroke. While the exact causes of coronary heart disease are imperfectly understood, certain major risk factors have been identified, including genes, gender, diet, and lifestyle - smoking, exercise, and stress. Scientific evidence indicates that diet is vital to whether your arteries clog or your heart gives out. Stopping the progression of artery disease in the first place with your diet is foremost in warding off heart attacks and strokes. Even if you already had heart problems, including a heart attack, changing your diet now may prevent future cardiac problems and even halt or reverse arterial damage, helping restore arteries to health. Foods with anti-heart disease activity can: Block platelet aggregation (clotting) Reduce blood vessel constriction Increase blood flow Lower fibrinogen (clotting factor) Increase fibrinolytic (clot-dissolving) activity Block cell damage from oxygen free radicals Lower triglycerides Raise good HDL cholesterol Makes cell membranes more flexible Lower blood pressure However, wrong food choice may do just the opposite of the above.

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11 Easy-to-Copy Natural Makeup and Hair Looks. Word to the beauty-wise: There is a significant difference between celebrities looking natural, as nature intended (i.e. how they look when caught by the paparazzo while pumping gas) and celebrities looking natural, as Hollywood intended (i.e. walking the red carpet with perfectly tousled hair looking fresh-faced, glowing and gorgeous). And the difference is, well, makeup and strategically styled hair. Skip to see 11 easy-to-copy natural makeup and hairstyles now. In case you weren't aware of the above, we're sorry on more than one level. If you were already aware ‌ good for you. Either way, lusting after the latter (radiant natural makeup and low maintenance hairstyles that look effortlessly chic) is some thing we all do. And while achieving the ever-elusive natural no-makeup makeup look seen on celebs takes a bit more effort than rolling out of bed, it does take a heck of a lot less time and effort than a smoky eye or perfecting bold red lips when done correctly. It can also make you look just as stunningly gorgeous -- perhaps even more so. Because after all, you are the star here, not some heavy eyeshadow or highly-contoured cheekbone. It's you that the world wants to see. With that said, we went to celebrity hairstylist Patrick Melville and celebrity makeup artist Stephanie Flor to get easy tips on how to recreate the natural makeup and hairstyles seen on the following celebs: Naomi Watts, Anna Kendrick, Uma Thurman, Blake Lively, Heidi Klum, Kristen Bell, Kerry Washington, Angie Harmon, Rosario Dawson, Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba. Now see 10 simple ways to copy the most natural makeup and hairstyles now.


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