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HEPATOTOXICANTS AND LIVER PROTECTIVE PLANTS ABSTRACT The 21st century has a paradigm shift from allopathic medicinal system to homeopathic and Ayurvedic medicinal system as it is been proved that the adverse effects or unwanted effects associated with the modern synthetic medicines are more than the herbal medicines. Worldwide acceptance of herbal medicine is increasing day by day and its beneficial effects are focused by scientific researches. The herbs play important role in management of diverse group of diseases ranging from acute fever to cardiac complications. The current review is taken with interest to gather the scientific information of plant which shows the hepatoprotective activity. Various scientific research reveals that these medicinal plant did not shows any acute toxicity even in high doses. The preliminary phytochemical studies show the presence of important secondary metabolites like flavonoids, alkaloids, tannins, rutin and rotenoids. Triterpenoid etc. Chronic hepatic diseases stand as one of the foremost health troubles worldwide, with liver cirrhosis and drug induced liver injury accounting ninth leading cause of death in western and developing countries. Therapies developed along the principles of western medicine are often limited in efficacy, carry the risk of adverse effects, and are often too costly, especially for the de-veloping world. Therefore, treating liver diseases with plant-derived compounds which are accessible and do not require laborious pharmaceutical synthesis seems highly attractive. In this review article, an attempt has been made to compile the reported hepatoprotective plants from India and abroad and may be useful to the health professionals, scientists and scholars working the field of pharmacology and therapeutics to develop evidence-based alternative medicine to cure different kinds of liver diseases in man and animals.

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Herbs Heel Liver.  
Herbs Heel Liver.  

Hebs that heel Liver.