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Wheelchair Stair Lifts for the Disabled Climbing up and down the stairs in the house is a major problem for people with disabilities. People with handicap issues need to seek the help of others to move from one floor to another. Designed to provide simple transportation from level to level, wheelchair stair lifts for the disabled ensure better mobility and independence. They improve the lives of the physically challenged, bringing them more freedom and comfort. Also known as vertical platform lifts or vertical lifts, wheelchair stair lifts are widely used in schools, hospitals, shops and offices. They are highly cost-effective compared to elevators and offer speedier movement between different floors of your home or office. Of all the means available to negotiate stairs, the major advantage of wheelchair stair lifts is that these help individuals with limited mobility to travel between floor levels safely and smoothly in a seated position. Other advantages are that these are affordable and easy to install. Wheelchair lifts are available for indoor and outdoor use. The lifts for outdoor use will have features that offer protection against inclement weather. In order to suit the different configurations of stairways like straight, curved and spiral, wheelchair stair lifts are available in a wide range of models such as portable wheelchair lifts, inclined platform lifts, vertical platform lifts, and so on. Features of Wheelchair Stair Lifts • • • • • •

Large ADA-compliant platform Constant pressure on-board controls Non-skid platform Door interlocks Safety brakes Underpan obstruction sensor

• • • •

3 Drive systems: A/C powered belt driven ballscrew, battery powered belt driven ballscrew, battery powered hydraulic Emergency stop button Optional remote controls with key lock to prevent unauthorized access Automatic battery recharging system

Advantages of Wheelchair Stair Lift for the Disabled • • • •

Safe to use Very affordable No remodeling of the existing structure is required Designed with easy-to-use features and controls

For buying wheelchair stair lifts you can depend on renowned dealers. They will help you to select the best model that best fits your specifications and also offer trouble-free installation and maintenance services. It is best to buy products from branded manufacturers to ensure durability and trouble free functioning. Visit the websites of various dealers, compare their service terms, pricing, and other details before deciding on a dealer. Settle for a dealer that is established with many years service. You can also ask somebody who has already purchased a wheelchair lift to recommend a good dealer. DAY Elevator & Lift 50 Hempstead Gardens Drive West Hempstead , NY 11552 Call us: (800)758-5438 E-mail:

Wheelchair Stair Lifts for the Disabled  

Wheelchair lifts help the disabled to negotiate stairs easily without external help. They are economic and convenient options that come with...

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