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Selecting the Right Stairlift that Suits Your Requirements Selecting the right stair lift that suits your needs and the architectural structure of your home requires very careful consideration as well as considerable time. This article provides information that will help you choose the perfect stair lift from a large number of options. Prepare a List of Features You Are Looking for in Your Stairlift There are a number of factors to consider while making a decision as to what lift to choose from among the different models of stair chair lifts displayed in a store. First it is important to prepare a list of features that you are looking for in residential stair lifts. Purchase home stair lifts that have a good load capacity. It is also very important to consider the flexibility of the system. Consider the features integrated in each model, speed and loading capacity, as these may vary from one model to the other. Check whether the lift operates even during power failures. It is also necessary to consider the durability of the system. Ensure whether the stair chair lift comes with a good warranty. Other Important Factors to Consider Apart from the above, consider the following things before buying stairlifts for your stairway. • • • •

The type of stairway you have Your budget Whether the user’s physical inability is temporary or permanent The safety features provided in the stair lift

When buying stairlifts for your stairway, it is essential to consider the type of stairway, whether straight or curved. If you have a straight stairway that has no curves or landings, then choose a straight stair lift. These types of stairlifts are cheaper. Curved stair lift is the other choice. This lift can be customized for stairs that are curved or have landings. These are generally more expensive.

Consider the extent of the user’s physical disability while selecting home stair lifts. If the injury or disability is temporary then it would be advisable to rent a stairlift. If the condition is permanent whether due to disease, age, or handicap then buying a stair lift would be the better option. Choose stair lifts based on how much you can afford. Buying residential stair lifts from a reputable dealer will help you save money. Check whether the model you plan to buy ensures user safety and comfort. Most of the models are provided with safety options including seatbelt, safety brake, non-skid footrest, obstruction sensors, and much more. Find the Ideal Stairlift Dealer There are so many models of stair lifts available in the market including stair lifts for curved stairs, straight stair lifts, outdoor stair lifts and electric stair lift. Only after careful consideration of the above factors should you choose a stairlift for your house. To get the best deal, contact a number of stairlift suppliers, find out the products they have and compare features, prices and services ensured. Location and Contact Details DAY Elevator and Lift 50 Hempstead Gardens Drive West Hempstead, NY 11552 Phone: (800)758-5438 Email:

Selecting the Right Stairlift that Suits Your Requirements  

Various types of stairlift systems are now available in the industry. Seeking help from stair lift distributors would be ideal to obtain the...

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