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Residential Elevators: Enhance the Ambience and Luxury in Residences Besides making life in high rise buildings much easier for people with mobility issues, present-day residential elevators come with many premium features to enhance the ambience and luxury of residences. Home elevators can be installed in both renovated and newly constructed buildings and come in models to cater to various user needs. Many Stylish Elevator Models Each home is unique and therefore elevator selection will depend upon the personal tastes and living requirements of homeowners. Leading manufacturers offer elegant models that can be customized to match your interior décor. Some reliable and user-friendly models include the Infinity, Eclipse, and Telecab from Savaria, Destiny Gearless, Destiny Hydraulic, Lev II, and Rise from ThyssenKrupp Access, and the Renaissance and Panorama from Federal Elevator. Having a stylish elevator in a multi-storied house can add great value to it as well as provide members safe and comfortable floor-to-floor. Savaria’s Infinity comes with a range of custom options for construction configuration and fixtures to blend with your interior. Its high efficiency hydraulic drive system guarantees a comfortable drive. Opting for slim doors can enhance style and convenience. The Destiny Hydraulic from ThyssenKrupp Access offer excellent loading capacity and ensures smooth floor to floor transportation. The choices for cab finish, ceiling and hand rails can add luxury to your residence. The features that can be founded in branded models of home elevators are • • • •

Emergency battery lowering and car lights Uninterrupted battery back up Automatic push button controls Whisper-soft operation

• •

Gentle start and stop Fully automatic operation

Models that do not require a machine room can save space. Some elevators are suitable for new construction as well as remodeling projects. Most come with safety features such as lockable control panel, interlocks, manual emergency lowering button, emergency alarm, in-use indicator lights on hall station, slake rope safety system and emergency battery back-up for cab lighting and lowering. Choosing a Dealer While residential elevators enhance the ambience and luxury of residences, it is important to ensure that they are kept in perfect working condition. Always purchase your system from reliable elevator suppliers that can ensure: • • • •

Professional installation Maintenance program including periodic scheduled check-ups Replacement or repair of parts when needed 24-hours emergency service to keep your device running safely at all times

In addition to this, if you have a budget constraint, you can also go for a recertified product that has been refurbished to meet the original manufacture specifications by factory-trained experts. Location and Contact Details DAY Elevator and Lift 50 Hempstead Gardens Drive West Hempstead, NY 11552 Phone: (800)758-5438 Email:

Residential Elevators: Enhance the Ambience and Luxury in Residences  

The elevator selection will depend upon personal taste and living requirements of homeowner. Residential elevators incorporated with technic...

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